Angel of abundance: history and powerful prayer

Angel of abundance: history and powerful prayer

The Angel of Abundance is a wonderful spiritual option to which we can direct our requests to improve our prosperity. If you do not know about the Angel of Abundance, we invite you to learn about this beautiful presence and its powerful force of good.

Angel of Abundance

The Angel of Abundance is also known as the Angel of Prosperity, it is the beautiful deity to whom requests for well-being and success can be made, to accompany our finances, investments, and businesses and help us direct the paths of prosperity our life. The Angel of abundance is presented as the path full of prosperity, it is the reward of all efforts, so it appears in our lives to offer its help and accompaniment.

It gives us the wisdom to plan our economy, as well as helps us identify new opportunities. The Angel of abundance, is the help of all, because he has no distinction when what is requested is done with faith and honesty, he is the one who helps energy flow in a positive way, which makes money and prosperity flow freely.

Ways to Connect with the Angel of Abundance

There are different ways to connect with this wonderful energy such as the Angel of abundance, one is from the religious and the other is from the energetic, with both options the results are wonderful and very positive.

We can start by telling you about the activation of the energy that is directed towards abundance and prosperity, which is the energy by which the Angel of abundance is made up, allowing good fortune to come into our lives, through his loving presence.

The first thing that must be done is to get in tune with this beautiful energy, our mind, body and spirit must vibrate at the same level, so that it allows us to synchronize with the energy of this wonderful being of light. To do this, we must perform a simple meditation that allows us to put aside worries, so that our anxiety levels drop to the minimum possible and stop being an obstacle between the energy of the Angel of abundance and us.

When we are at a high level of energy vibration, that we feel that we are calm, that daily worries have vanished, then we make the request to the Angel of abundance and request his accompaniment, to improve our prosperity, always thanking him in advance for his quick and timely response.

Use of affirmations

Another way to connect with the Angel of abundance and his magical energy is through the use of affirmations. When we as people capable of making our thoughts tangible, through the use of our mind and directing our positive energy towards affirmations, which are accompanied by the pure energy of the Angel of abundance, we can achieve listening and the realization of requests, because we are giving it strength and we are showing interest in the need for the expected response.

To do this we must activate the powerful energy of abundance, attracting money and well-being to us, so that this flows to us naturally. We must be constant, honest and committed to our request. To make the affirmations we must be at a high energy level, for this it is advisable to perform relaxation exercises.

Take a comfortable position with your back straight and take deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling through your nose, quiet your thoughts, focus on thoughts of abundance. You must be convinced that you deserve everything you are requesting from the Angel of abundance, you are surrounded by love, health, well-being and you are grateful for it.

Praying helps us achieve levels of inner peace, it is therefore advisable to make a prayer addressed to God the Father asking for the intervention and help of the Angel of abundance. Think that the burdens are not ours and if they are too heavy, let us hand them over to God, prayer is free, hand over your burdens, ask for his help, protection and intervention of the Angel of abundance. Here is a simple and beautiful prayer to help you:

Oh my Almighty God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, who better than you to know my needs, I give them to you, my Lord, convinced of obtaining your answer, I requested that you allow the intervention of your servant, the Angel of Abundance, so that with your magical energy helps in the requests, that everything flows. I thank you. Amen

After this beautiful and simple prayer, with our raised hearts and our energy in full conjugation to our requests and affirmations. The first thing we must affirm is that we have the right to be prosperous, have money and well-being. Here are some of the affirmations that you must repeat with full conviction in order for the energy of abundance to be activated.

Abundance is part of my gifts; I declare myself abundantly; All abundance comes to me. I see myself in abundance; I am the Son of a Powerful King who will never live in poverty; Abundance is part of my life; I am infinite abundance; I see all the opportunities; I am creative, I am happy; I have wonderful gifts; I live in harmony; I enjoy what I do; abundance accompanies me wherever I go; I can enjoy the money; the Angel of abundance always accompanies me.

Use of Prayer

Prayer has always been one of the most effective mechanisms to connect with our guardian angels, with our beings of light and of course with our Creator Father. Thus, prayer is another way that we can make contact with the Angel of abundance and be able to obtain the benefit of prosperity from him.

We must remember that to pray we must do it from the purest and most honest of our hearts, we cannot pray thinking about the thousands of problems we have, we must seek a space that allows us that spiritual connection, which is what will really make us be heard. Our requests must be sincere, so that the Angel of abundance recognizes them and responds. Here is a beautiful prayer for the angel of abundance.

Beautiful and loving Angel of abundance, knowing your great power, we ask you to please grant us the requests for abundance that we need so that our lives are lighter, you who have the gift of delivering flows of your riches, look towards us and give us of your abundance and wealth.

Strengthen our faith and hope and through your great power and wisdom shower us with abundance in love, in thought, in sweetness, in kindness, in generosity, we not only ask for riches in money, we ask for wealth in our spirit and trust in that you will grant our requests. Pour out on us your horn full of riches, of all kinds, let our homes be flooded with food, precious stones, money, but also with happiness and joy.

With the fervor of the prayer that we dedicate to you today, we want you to be the vehicle for you to give us wisdom, security in decisions and prosperity, give us abundance, as children of God we will know how to use it well. We thank you beautiful Angel of abundance for everything received so far and everything we will receive. Amen

Thanks to the Angel of Abundance

Nothing gives more strength to the requests made either using the energetic channel or the loving channel of prayer, to obtain the expected response than gratitude. Regardless of who we address and what we request, we must be grateful, gratitude shows the nobility and humility of our hearts, so our requests are attended to more promptly, because we are recognized as loving and grateful children of God and the Universe.

We must thank God for allowing us to receive the help of his servant the Angel of abundance. We must give thanks for everything we have up to the moment of our request and thank the Angel of abundance for his attention to our requests. We can make a prayer of thanks that arises spontaneously, those are the best because they are honest and heartfelt. In case it becomes a bit difficult for us, here is a prayer of thanks to the Angel of abundance.

Angel of abundance, be loving and powerful, Thank you for listening to me, Thank you for being attentive to my needs and requests, your presence in my life is abundance, it is prosperity, it is happiness and love. Thank you for being prepared to respond to God’s mandate as his faithful servant. 

Thank you for loving his children, Thank you for coming to me. Thank you for strengthening me. Thanks to you I live in abundance and I can enjoy it. I am grateful to live in perfect harmony, peace and gratitude for your guidance and accompaniment always.

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