Prayer to Saint Simon for love and money

Today we invite you to meet Saint Simon and his miraculous Prayer to Saint Simon, we will show you his prayers for love and money and how to pray to Simon for other situations in which you need his help, find out, here .

At the end of the article we have added a video including the story of San Simón and the different prayers that we include.

Prayer to Saint Simon

Before beginning the prayer to Saint Simon, we must invoke his presence, so that he is attentive to our request, which is why it is essential to call his attention saying: Brother Saint Simon, Brother Saint Simon, please listen to me.

This first prayer to Saint Simon that we are going to show you is a miraculous prayer in which a very broad request is made, it asks Saint Simon for the solution of material and spiritual problems. In a personal way you can make particular requests through this prayer to Saint Simon.


You who are the inexhaustible source of wonderful goodness, you beloved Saint Simon who knows the sufferings of humanity, today full of faith I come to you, hoping to demand your holy protection.

Bowing before you and with my heart in my hands, I acknowledge all my sins and I take responsibility for the consequences and damages that have occurred, I never had the intention of doing so much evil, perhaps I do not deserve your holy favors, but since I know that you are the protector of humans, that’s why I come first to ask your forgiveness for my sins and at the same time implore your look of mercy for this humble Christian.

Begging you with all my soul not to ignore my pleas, because by invoking your holy name I place all my sufferings in your hands, hoping to achieve with your wonderful power the solution to my problems, both material and spiritual.

ooh!! Saint Simon today I ask you, I invoke you with all the faith I have in your miraculous prayer that you use your great power, you are a kind, miraculous saint who always listens to his people, I will always be your faithful devotee because I believe without hesitation in your great Power, I beg you and I hope from the mountains of Zunil, grant me what I ask of you today. Amen

History of Saint Simon

San Simón, is a popular saint and venerated by the Guatemalan people, but he is especially venerated by migrants, the faithful always indicate that San Simón fulfills the requests if they are requested with faith. The temple where the image of this saint is located, is full of plaques and signs that show gratitude from the faithful who have received some kind of miracle, many of them are related to the economy, health and also love. reciprocated.

The temple is located in San Andrés Itzapa, Chimaltenango, approximately 60 km west of the Guatemalan capital. He is usually found surrounded by liquor bottles, large flower arrangements and his hand holding money, they are humble offerings from his faithful devotees.

Most of the faithful who visit the place are from Guatemala, but many people from abroad also come, especially from neighboring countries, especially the faithful who venerate Saint Simon gather every October 28, because it is the date when the This revered saint’s festival is a fair-type festival in which it is animated with music and fireworks. Where does the veneration of San Simón come from, apparently it is the product of the conciliation between Mayan and Christian beliefs.

The adoration is believed to begin at the beginning of the 20th century, after the intention of burning an image of Judas, which was later transformed into Saint Simon. The veneration of San Simón began to become very popular in 1976, after the destruction caused by a strong earthquake in the country. The Guatemalan people always refer to San Simón as a spirit of nobility, as a figure of great authority.

San Simón is idealized through a figure of a seated man, who has a black suit and wears a hat, in his right hand he has a stick similar to the one carried by the rulers in Guatemala at the time of their investiture, and it represents authority and power. The devotion of this town towards San Simón is based on the fact that he is a saint very close to the town.

In other towns they do not adore an image like the one we have just described, but rather San Simón is represented with a handkerchief, whose face is a mask made of wood, which has a mouth through which he can be fed and smoked. The spirit of Saint Simon is also venerated with a red rose.

For some religions it is seen as a pagan festival, however, its believers do not identify it as a spirit, nor as sorcery, the diversity of ways in which Saint Simon is worshipped, it has no rules, it is free worship, that is why there is people who love him smoking or drinking, it’s like talking to a friend.

The protection offered by Saint Simon is so great and strong that those people who want to harm a devotee of Saint Simon will return the damage three times more than desired. Now that we know a little more about this miraculous saint, we are going to learn about other prayers to Saint Simon.

Prayer to Saint Simon for Love.

This Prayer to Saint Simon can also be made for difficult cases.

Brother Saint Simon, Brother Saint Simon listen to me. Today I come before you, with all my respect, my humility and my affection Saint Simon, I invoke you. I beg you to come, listen to me and grant me what my heart so desires. I come to you to ask you to help me because I believe and I am sure of your strength and your power, for this reason, here today I find myself prostrate before your feet, to ask you, to beg you, to implore you to bring to my side (name the Person Loved).

Remove with your power and your strength, every barrier, every obstacle that is preventing (name the Beloved Person) from coming to my side. Saint Simon, spirit of good, miraculous saint, remove all the barriers so that there are no remorse, shame, sorrow or illness that interferes between (name the loved one) and me (you must say his or her name), let me from this moment leave and forget definitely another woman who has and returns surrendered and humiliated at my feet.

May your thoughts, your kindness, kindness and above all your love be exclusively for me. I know that you will listen to me and grant my requests and therefore I prostrate myself at your feet to beg you that my beloved (name of the Beloved Person) return to me immediately. I humbly offer you this prayer and this candle. Please accept it, listen to me, do not forsake me, because I firmly believe in your strength and power.

I humbly can only offer you (whatever you want is offered) please accept it, I give it from my heart. I trust and I am sure that I have been heard and that very soon you will grant me what I sincerely ask of you today. I thank you immensely for your help and I am willing to fulfill what I have offered you because I know that you will definitely grant me what I ask of you.

Spirit, body and soul of (name the Beloved Person) you come to me at (say his/her Name) without fail or delay (say the day and date) to completely and definitively reconcile with me and by the strength and power of Saint Simon . Thank you Saint Simon for granting me what my heart desires so much.

Prayer to Saint Simon for Love and Money

To perform this prayer, devotees recommend lighting a white candle. Do not forget to name Saint Simon to have his attention to the request that he is going to make for love and money. It is recommended to concentrate on the prayer to Saint Simon and say it with great faith.

O mighty Saint Simon! I who am a faithful believer in your miraculous powers, today I find myself before you on my knees to ask your spirit to help me, to guide me, to protect me in all my actions and free me from danger if necessary.

If it is in love, you will stop the man I love, if it is in business, may he always be productive and never fall because your spirit will not allow any evil or envy to be stronger than you, if it is an enemy, it is you who has to defeat him, if they are hidden enemies, make them leave as soon as he names you.

Oh powerful Saint Simon, I offer you with humility (make the offering), if you get me out of any danger I find myself in, help Saint Simon so that the money yields and I can honor the debts that I have not yet been able to cancel. Brother Saint Simon listen to my call, Brother Saint Simon you never leave us abandoned, may all difficulties disappear, may love always flourish, beloved Saint Simon, you who are present everywhere, today that I ask for your help and your protection do not leave. Amen.

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