Prayer to stop drinking and eliminate vice

Prayer to stop drinking and eliminate vice

Today you will know the Prayer to stop drinking , if you are in this article you have taken the most important step of your life, since you accept that you want to stop a bad habit or that someone you care about stops drinking. In this article we will teach you the glorious Prayer to Stop Drinking and you will learn about the great power of being heard to achieve your goal, you will be surprised.

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How to stop drinking

Drinking can become a vice that if not stopped in time, can lead your life and unknowingly become a being manipulated by forces far from God. When people start drinking and say they do it socially, but every day they get the friend or the reason to drink alcohol, you or that person you observe, with that type of behavior, may be influenced by drinking and losing control of his life.

Most people who consume alcohol can have problems that affect family life, their social relationship in general, the health of the alcoholic, their work and more. If you are aware that you have an alcohol problem and feel overwhelmed, tired or afraid that everything will go wrong because of drinking, then it is time for you to approach your faith, because from your faith everything can change for the better. .

If you are the person directly involved in the drinking problem and you are reading this article, it is the best news we have, because if you are looking for help it is because you recognize that you have a problem and you want to solve it, that is the beginning of the solution to the problem.

You also have an enormous strength that is your faith, if you believe, you get it, from here we want to help you talk to your God in the best way, we have prepared some powerful prayers especially for those who want to quit the habit of drinking and go back to be healthy and happy. Pray with faith and see how powerful prayers to stop drinking can be. Accept our help.

prayer to stop drinking

There is no love like that of a mother, after the love of Our Creator Father, if you feel devotion to the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus, then you can pray her powerful prayer to stop drinking. The intercessory power of the virgin will help him achieve her goal. Pray with great faith, that your mind be focused on the request and your heart honestly ask for the intervention of the Virgin.

Oh Hail Queen, Mother of Mercy, life and sweet hope of our salvation! Today I find myself before you on my knees, to beg your mercy and intercede for me, to help me get out of this immense valley of tears.

You who advocate for us, that your merciful eyes returned to us, and after this exile, show us Jesus, blessed fruit of your womb, «oh merciful, oh merciful sweet and always Virgin Mary. She pray for us Holy Mother of God, that we may be worthy of the promise of Christ ». Amen .

It is important that you know that you are not alone and that we fully understand the ordeal you are going through and the desire to stop drinking urgently and definitively. If you feel that the vice of drinking is destroying your life, it has alienated you from your family, you should approach God and stop drinking, prevent your life from going down a ravine from which you cannot return. Here is a miraculous prayer that will help you in your faith.

Prayer for Saint Onofre to stop drinking.

“Saint Onofre, you who free all people from all plagues and all vices, today I ask Saint Onofre to put your hands on me and fill me with the necessary strength to stop drinking. You who are capable of undoing minds and thoughts, put your hands on me and take away all the temptations and people that push me to stay on this path of drinking, that the only thing that has done is spoil my life. San Onofre, free me from all alcoholic beverages that destroy me inside and out.

Take away from me that uncontrollable temptation, that I find nothing in my path that pushes me towards it. I beg you to listen to my pleas, I am praying this prayer to stop drinking and I do it with a lot of faith, with a lot of strength inside me, as the first step of admitting that I have a drinking problem and with your help I will take the last step to leave the vice, accompany me on the path dear San Onofre.

Saint Onofre blessed with your powerful and unique help, I know that I will achieve it, I need your help to overcome this situation that hurts me physically and spiritually, I need your help to gain strength and to be stronger than the terrible vice of beverage. May the vice leave me, Amen! “

Prayer for husband or wife to stop drinking

There are times when it is not we directly who have the alcohol problem, but a family member or loved one. If that is your case, you are obliged to help him and we can do it by praying for that person. The first step is to get him to accept that he has an alcohol problem, because in most cases, people do not accept that addiction is controlling their lives and deteriorating their family and social relationships.

That is why the first step is to pray that he accepts that he has a problem with alcohol intake and then pray to strengthen him so that he can leave that terrible vice. We know that this is a situation that generates a lot of suffering and that drags down family members, it is possible that some disengage and try to continue their lives without being affected, which is really not true.

However, wives are generally directly affected and the consequences we know can be terrible, so we leave below the prayer to stop drinking, especially addressed to husbands who have this problem.

This is one of the most common cases, but if your situation is the other way around, that your wife is the one with alcohol problems, the prayer can be used in the same way, pray it with great faith and hope so that it will be heard.

Prayer for the husband or wife to stop drinking.

Jesus, for the devotion of your holy wounds, bowing on my knees I ask you for the cure and liberation of people who are submerged in alcohol. Jesus, in the devotion of your Holy Wounds, by your precious Blood shed on the Redemptive Cross, which gave us the opportunity of eternal life, I ask you to please restore the life of the people who have been trapped by the vice of alcoholism. I pray for everyone and I ask especially for (say the name of your husband or wife with faith).

Beloved Jesus for your holy wounds, free from the chains of alcohol all those who have moved away from your path and have not recognized evil, they are prisoners of alcohol and their weakness does not allow them to realize it, that’s why I ask you my Lord that you open their eyes, that you allow them to see that they are trapped by that vice that is already a disease in them, without this initial step, beloved Father, it is very difficult for them to get out of it.

Jesus for your holy wounds, for the merits of your passion, remove all the records that exist in your mind that have promoted alcoholism in these people, erase all inherited genetic information or all that mistaken or misunderstood family formation.

Lord Jesus through your Holy Wounds, through your precious Blood Christ, cleanse them from alcoholism; sanctify them in your love; regenerate in your mercy, the life of these people, especially that of my husband. Jesus through your holy wounds, fill them with the Holy Spirit, in such a way that they feel motivated, strong in their will and capable of overcoming the temptation of alcohol.

Do not allow my Lord that your sons and daughters be defeated and humiliated by drink, with your guidance, your love and mercy, I am sure that they will be relocated in life. With the certainty that we are being heard and with the hope of the beginning of the prompt healing of the people for whom we have asked you, my Lord, we also ask you for the liberation of the traumas of the relatives, erase that history marked by deep pain and allow May love, happiness, harmony be reborn and fear and sadness disappear.

Jesus, by your holy wounds, restore the life and family of alcoholics. Jesus, by your holy wounds, restore the life and family of alcoholics. Jesus, by your holy wounds, restore the life and family of alcoholics. Amen “.

Prayer to stop drinking and smoking.

In most cases, alcoholism is accompanied by the vice of cigarettes, which adds another risk factor to the life of the person who has indulged in alcohol. People who have alcohol problems and also smoke, increase the chances of suffering from heart and respiratory diseases, which puts their lives in a precarious health situation, which can affect them for the rest of their lives, even after they have stopped drinking. drinking alcohol and quitting smoking, the damage can be irreversible.

But the miraculous hand of God our Lord who can do everything, reward his strength to leave a life that does not exalt him, his great mercy does not allow him to abandon his children, even if they have abandoned him.

We are sure that you are making an attempt to leave both vices and that is why you are doing this reading, so we recommend that you strengthen yourself in the love you feel for your family, who are directly affected by the wrong decisions you have made for yourself. life. Know that there is time to correct them and that it is never too late to rectify and ask for the help of the Most High who always has his eyes on his children, but sometimes free will gets in the way of his plans, however, there is prayer, the word that brings us closer and allows us to ask for your help. let’s pray

Prayer to stop drinking.

Saint Augustine, Bishop of Santa Monica, you who had a very hectic youth and became the path of good, teach me to avoid evil and want good. Help me Saint Augustine blessed to leave the vice, make me hate alcohol and tobacco.

I tell you from my heart that I really want to leave the bad habits of drinking and smoking forever, it is my desire to become a healthy, balanced person, without vices. Protect me Saint Augustine, make me despise alcohol and tobacco from the depths of my being, today that I find myself before you begging for you to help me leave these vices, I recognize that they are the work of demons. Blessed Saint Augustine, please protect me, give me strength, protect me, help me and make me a good person without vices. Amen!

prayer to stop drinking

You may feel that you can’t handle this alcohol problem because you can’t find the reason or source that motivates you to drink. That is why, if you are determined to give up alcohol for the good of yourself and your family, you should start by identifying the reasons that motivate you to drink alcohol.

You must find out what those reasons are, identify them, assume them in order to combat them, there are various causes that have been identified through studies of alcoholism cases and genetic propensity is one of them, sometimes we blame ourselves for something and in reality It is not our fault directly, but it is the fact of knowing that something is wrong and not stopping doing it.

There are also individual characteristics and one of the most common is to be influenced by the social environment, these are some of the factors that can drive people to drink. You should seek to find out what are the factors that encourage them to drink and ask God for help through prayer, to guide them to seek therapeutic help if necessary, ask him to strengthen you in your decision and in your faith. Here is a beautiful prayer to stop drinking:

Prayer to stop drinking, to leave the vice of alcohol.

Deliver me, oh merciful and merciful God, from all the vices that can harm my life. Keep me away from all practices that are an obstacle to having true spiritual and physical growth. Release the ties that keep me tied to a life of vices, please remove all possibility that the demons tempt me, keep them away from me, I know that they disguise themselves as problems, anxiety, loneliness, false friends, they are clever and want to deceive me, but I I know that I have you Lord or Father Jesus Christ, to remove from my path any obstacle that prevents me from growing in faith.

Pour your Father’s blessings on our history, I just want to be a slave to your Divine Providence. Oh merciful Father, you who take care of me, you who protect me, please do not abandon me, I am weak, vulnerable and I need your protection my beloved Father. When you see that they come for me, that they want to corrupt me with their deceptive proposals, cover me with your protective mantle and give me the shield of truth and victory so that our spiritual and physical enemies are confused.

Make me aware that vices only take me away from good, from love, from happiness, they take me away from you Lord, they take me away from your loving light. Grant me my Lord the discernment to know what is good and worthy in this life. I am sure that I count on your protective hand and I promise that by becoming a testimony of your miraculous love and returning to the path of your path, I will be able to help those who find themselves slaves to vices, to bring them back to the truth of God. Amen

Prayer allows us to gain the necessary strength to combat the urge to drink, it helps us feel at peace in the company of the Lord and this keeps us from feeling the need to drink alcohol or thinking about alcohol. In addition, prayer helps us to have temperance to keep us away from vice and not fall back on it. That is why we must make prayer our refuge, we must pray with faith that we will be heard, we must ask them to keep away from us everything that brings us closer to drinking.

The changes will come to your life and they will be for the better, you will be able to notice it in yourself, in your appearance, in the way you see life, in your relationship with family and true friends. Every time you feel weak, vulnerable, talk to God, repeat the prayers that we give you in this article and you will stay away from alcohol and vices. Nobody has said that it will be easy but we assure you that it is the way and you will be able to achieve it.

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