Powerful prayer to attract a man with the mind.

Powerful prayer to attract a man with the mind

One of the situations that causes us the most emotional instability, without a doubt, is the breakup with our loved one. Or the moments in which we require a company, with which to share our life, our moments, both good and bad. So if you are looking for a partner, here is a prayer to attract a man, which will be infallible.

Prayer to attract a man with the mind

The moment in which love is involved in our lives. And that we have the desire to be able to enjoy the company of someone special in it, we usually end up exhausting all those resources, which we can have at hand. So that we can get what we want so much.

So, if until now you have tried everything you thought was possible, and even with all that you have not managed to obtain the beneficial result you want. Then the time has come for you to take the test, with the prayer to attract a man that you can follow below.

It should be noted that, in relation to mental powers, they are resources that are not highly valued by people. And this is because they still do not have the knowledge of the benefits that they can obtain, and that they can give to people who use them in the correct way, for example, the prayer to attract a man loveually .

Thus, the prayer to attract a man where the mind is involved, is one of the prayers in which maximum concentration is required, since it is essential in order to obtain everything that is desired. It is also essential that it be requested with the greatest faith that can be printed at the moment in which the prayer is recited to attract a man.

Prayer for the Love of a Couple 

In order for the greatest benefit to be achieved, regarding the prayer to attract a man, which you will find later. The recommendation is made that it be practiced, keeping in mind and in thought the person you want to exercise the attraction for as long as it is being practiced. It also works as a prayer to attract a married man and as a prayer to attract the man you like.


Listen here and now to these words that I am going to proclaim to you right now. OH, man of my life (Say name), now he himself leaves everything he is doing so that you come quickly into my hands. He proceeds to free your mind of any type of thought, and forget all that person who is not me, And put me in your priorities.

So, by the time I finish this sentence, you will see yourself conjured and you will only want to follow me. Likewise you will only want to love me, love me and accompany me, only me from now on and forever. This is how it is done, that your mind will be dominated by mine and you will not be able to leave me anymore.

Likewise, with these words I make the proclamation with the power that I have in my mind, so that they bring you to me, and so that we are together. Being in tune in a permanent way. So knock on my door now in the next few hours, and do it with the faithful knowledge that what you are going to do is what you want to do. Amen.

Prayer to attract a man with thought

We are now going to review another alternative, keeping in mind, as has already been said, that it is necessary to place all the energies and concentration on the man of desires. In order for the effect to reach him directly, it goes without saying that it is required, as always, to have the greatest faith, that what is being requested is a fact already fulfilled.

Oh You (say name) who here and now are away from me, in such a naive way. Now you are going to listen to these words that I am addressing to you, and come and find me this instant.

Being that you are going to feel in your chest, in your soul and your heart the birth of a great desire to be attracted to my body. Also for my spirit and my personality. He himself will be fiery and intensely sincere.

Likewise, may all those women who are not yours be erased from your mind. Because your destiny is marked, and our future is by being side by side. For what I proclaim you mine, with the words that I am mentioning and your mind now will only think of looking for me, of being with me.

So it is that in the instant that I finish pronouncing these words, what is your spirit will become part of mine. And there will be no space inside your mind where my closest memory is not. Amen

Prayer to dominate a man with the mind

In case you want to take the matter a little higher, and see what your mind is capable of, then the following prayer to attract a man is especially for you, who want to completely dominate that man you want. , and it is through a prayer to attract a man fast.

May what you think materialize instantly, from your actions my beloved of my heart. And that the word be acted out immediately, that you only say what I want you to say. Likewise, whatever my mind thinks what you do in seconds.

Also that you only look at who I want you to look at, and of course that you come when you always do, and also when I need you the most. Therefore, my mind will become the engine that will help our machinery work together.

And that every moment of your free time gives you an infinite need to run into my arms as soon as possible. Therefore, these words will reach your ear and settle deep within you, the moment you finish saying them. So it is that this faith that I am putting in them, is going to bear fruit that here and now I hope, I also want it and I am needing it. Amen.

Prayer to make a man fall in love with the mind

So that you can take advantage of a prayer to attract a man that I like or any other prayer to attract a man, it will always be achieved through the power of faith. So let’s put faith, and let’s see a short prayer to fall in love with the person you love so much in an easy way.


Here and now I decree, that these words that are being moved through my mind, reach you, you who are the man of my soul. So that you fall madly in love with this one who is reciting them to you.

So the clamor of your chest is lit by a great feeling, which must be perpetual, sincere, elevated, tender and affectionate, towards me and for me, at all times. And may you have no rest from the flame of passion, until such time as you can see and adore me in person.

That you do not find a single minute, without me not being around inside your thoughts. And everything else goes to the background. Be this in your life here and now and hereafter. Take my words then, it is to you that I am dedicating them, with my deepest love.

Prayer to seduce a man with the mind

Now this simple and very powerful prayer is presented, with which it will be possible to complement the previous ones, in order to obtain better results.


Only through the power of my mind you will be mine, and only with what I think every day you will do what is said by me. Only with the words that I recite will you then be dominated. And only you are going to execute everything that I concoct and say with my words.

So there will be nothing that I cannot achieve, when all my faith and hope is placed in it. Therefore, I concentrate my thoughts on everything that I say and that it will always come true sooner rather than later. Amen.

Do these sentences work?

It will be in this way that you can attract a man, no matter how difficult it is. Taking into account that the prayer to attract a man that has been chosen, you will have a better chance of being done quickly with two main factors.

Being the one that has the most power is that of faith, and then it will be the persistence with which it is done, taking into account that the more times it is recited, the more power and strength it will be given.

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