Candle Reading: Meaning of the flames

There is a large number of people who, using certain devices, manage to glimpse various events of the past, present and future, such as letters, tobacco, and snails, among others. Today you can learn how candle reading is done, an art that few know how to interpret.

We have added a video at the end of the article, with the text is shown here in the form of a 34-chapter course, to make it more comfortable to learn this noble art of reading candles and interpret their meaning.

How to read a candle 

Although many people may see candle reading as something banal and meaningless, this, according to connoisseurs, is an art that very few masters, not only because mastering it is not so easy and takes time to learn, but also because it requires a lot of intuition to be able to be successful in the interpretation of the flames.

One of the characteristics that make reading candles so difficult is that it can be done through the smoke, the flame, the wick, the sounds it produces when it is lit; and the form that the wax takes when it melts, and the form that forms in the base when it is completely extinguished.

If you are one of those people who is interested in learning how to read candles, you are in the right place, since with us you can learn everything you need to be able to interpret it effectively.

General considerations

Before learning all about candle reading and its effective interpretation, you should keep in mind the following considerations

This is a divination and interpretation technique that anyone can learn, which gives those who practice it, a direct answer, or an idea of ​​what may be happening. So keep in mind that when you light a candle, both the flame and the smoke, wax, wick and sound will provide you with a response.

When it comes to spells and rituals, all the elements that we have just mentioned are considered indicative of the success that you may have when lighting and burning your candle to proceed with the candle reading.

If you carry out a ritual to cut witchcraft, make a mooring or request money or love, you must keep in mind that the number of candles you use in it will give you the results; on this will depend whether your spell is fast or slow, effective or simply does not work, because this technique can also be fallible

It is possible that you perform a ritual or spell at this time, and due to certain conditions such as the time or the astral opposition among many, they do not allow you to succeed; however, the next day he tries again, and he does. It may also be the case that on the first attempt you manage to get the interpretation you require to obtain the information you are looking for.

Candles have their own language

When you start reading candles, you must keep in mind that they have their own language, that is, you must learn how to interpret each of their elements.

  • How wax drips, and the way it does it
  • If the smoke is dense or clear, or if on the contrary the candle does not give off anything
  • How the flame behaves, if it is moving, if it is elongated or has another shape, the colors
  • What sound does the candle make once you light it, if it crackles, pops or is just silent
  • Wick may form knots, carbon, thin out and split
  • The residue that forms the wax once the candle is extinguished, creates various forms that you must interpret or decipher as if it were any symbol.

The first thing you should do is pay special attention to the evolution of the flame, how it moves or dances, if its size grows and decreases, and if it produces sparks considered unusual, a change in color or an emanation of heat that does not correspond with the size of the sail.

Then you should relax and ask your question or request out loud or in your mind, but either way, be as concise as possible, in order to get as definite an answer as possible.

Keep in mind that the candle reading will be composed of flame, smoke, and wax, and all the elements that arise from it, such as crackles, spirals, and shapes, which are the clues to obtain the answer you are looking for.

On certain occasions, it is possible to interpret through yes or no the questions asked, with the simplest method for these cases; you just have to place a yes on the right side of your candle, and in the same way do it on the left side with a no. You must be very aware of the fall of the wax, because, towards the side where it drains, it will be your responsibility.

How to read a candle and interpret it correctly

With all the advice you have received so far, you already have the basic knowledge to dive into the enigmatic candle reading; however, you must take into account certain rules in order to perform an effective interpretation when you light your candle to perform a spell or request ritual.

In the event that you are preparing a ritual with your candles to break or nullify a witchcraft or any other curse, you must always keep in mind that whoever prepared it for you must be prepared to combat their actions, and thus avoid that you can break his spell.

For this reason, it is very possible that you will not be able to perform the candle reading successfully on the first attempt, and it is even possible that it will take you a couple of days and several candles to achieve it, since your enemy is putting opposition. However, with your perseverance you can do it, and you will notice when the flame of your candle stops expelling thick soot, and it begins to burn more cleanly.

the candle goes out

When you are doing a candle reading and it goes out, this is a bad sign, since it means that someone, perhaps a powerful enemy or rival, is working against you, so that your spell or petition ritual does not work. effect. To the extent that the candle goes out faster, the more powerful its contender is, that is, the stronger the obstacle. It is always much more difficult when the candle goes out at the beginning of your ritual, because it means that your contestant is on guard.

When the candle is blown out in the middle of your ritual or nearing completion, you are more likely to be able to complete it successfully.

When this happens, you can use the same candle, lighting it again, but you should not exceed three times, since it is better to change it, or abandon the ritual. Other experts in this matter, prefer to discard the candle once it goes out, since they consider that this action completely annuls the ritual; so it is better to start again with another candle

When the candle goes out, it is sending you a negative signal, no matter what ritual you are performing, or with what intention you have lit it; this should be interpreted as a bad sign.

If, for example, you are performing this ritual to cleanse yourself, this means that at that moment you are full of great negative energy.

In the event that you are performing the ritual to find out about your destiny in love and finances, and your candle goes out, this is really bad news, and not so much for the future, but because your immediate present, he now it is full of negative energy that opposes the possibility of obtaining a favorable future. In this case, it is advisable that you first carry out a thorough energetic cleaning, so that you can be successful in the ritual that you wish to carry out for love and finances.

In any case, you have the right to choose if you want to continue with the same candle once it goes out, however, we advise you not to do so. It is better for you to use a new candle, and also add elements such as stones or herbs that can strengthen it, and pray while you are doing your ritual.

the candle falls

If it is bad enough that the candle goes out during the reading, that it falls is even worse.

In this case, the need to discard it is imperative, and once you choose another candle, you need to use herbs, stones, images, and everything within your reach to reinforce the ritual you are doing, because negative energies are extremely strong, and can kill your spell or request.

Whenever a candle reading is done and it falls, this means that it is a very bad sign, and if its flame remains lit, it can cause a fire in a very short time. If it stays on when it falls, it means that the damage is not so serious, however, it is best to discard it completely.

Regardless of the reason you are taking a candlestick reading, whenever the candlestick falls it is negative; even more so when it comes to cleaning, breaking, unlocking or uncrossing work, since when the sail falls this means that an antagonistic force does not want it to take effect, and therefore is working against it to destroy its ritual.

If this happens to you, we advise you to discard not only the candle, but also all the elements that you are using to perform the ritual. Be it stones, vessels, images, herbs, tobacco, coins, and whatever else you are using, you must discard them to start a new ritual; and before starting it, it is better to carry out an energetic cleaning, to first get rid of all negative charge, and guarantee success.

How to read a candle that burns too fast?

Perhaps you can think when doing the candle reading, that if it burns cleanly, without the presence of soot, carbon, or an annoying smoke, as if it wanted to burn quickly, this may be an indication that things are going to go to order. of mouth; Well, you may be a little right, if they are going to turn out the way you want, but your joy will not last for long, since you will indeed achieve success, but it will be very short.

This type of reading is very favorable for when you require a prompt response regardless of how long it lasts, as is the case in games of chance, where what you really want is to hit the number you are playing.

In general terms, when the candle burns quickly, this means that it is on the right track; however, if it is too fast, it means that what you are requesting you will get but you will not enjoy it for a long time.

So that you can understand it better, we give you the example of a job, or if you want to separate a person, or get someone’s love; It is possible that you can perform the spell through candle reading, but when the candle burns quickly, it is more than feasible that you will achieve what you set out to do, but this will not be for a long time. You may get the job, but in a very short time you will need to look for another one. And in such a way it happens with all the rituals where the candle is consumed quickly.

In another order of ideas, if you light several candles for different people or reasons, the rapid burning of one of them will be a faithful indication, that is, it will tell you who is the person you are looking to discard, or what reason more effort is needed to improve it.

Also, the reading of candles that burn quickly is ideal to know things of the present, past and future; where using three of these elements, each of them represents a time; on the left the past, the central one is the present, and on the right the future.

A pentagram can also be made to read candles, where the closest is the past, the central one is the present, and the farthest is the future; taking into account that the one that is consumed the fastest of the three, will mainly indicate the problem.

For some experts in this matter, it is a good sign that the candle burns quickly in the reading, although it also shows a negative part. This is the case with breaking spells, where this indicates that the ritual being performed is quickly taking effect.

However, it can also indicate that the ritual that is being carried out requires a lot of effort, or that it is presenting opposition, so the candle burns quickly, and it is very feasible that several must be used to achieve its goal.

As you have seen, when you read candles and they burn quickly, this does not always mean that it is totally good or bad; That is why it is advisable to carry out this ritual with other actions, such as paying attention to the shape that the wax takes when it melts, how it expels the smoke, if it crackles or not, and how the wick burns, that is, if it produces charcoal or stay clean. All this must be taken into account when the burn occurs quickly, in order to obtain an accurate interpretation of the candle reading.

How to read a candle that burns too slowly?

When you get a candle reading without problems, that is, no soot, no carbon, and no crackling, you can think that things are going well; but if it occurs very slowly, this means that more conviction is required to perform the ritual, or that the person performing it lacks power.

According to other people knowledgeable in the matter, this may also indicate that the spell is somewhat opposed, so what is being requested will take a little longer to achieve or obtain

In general, it is preferable that during the reading of candles they remain lit for a long time, than that they are consumed immediately; since the longer the candle takes to burn out, the more energy is being worked on so that what is being requested with the ritual has a greater effect.

You should always take into account the size of the candle, to know if it is being consumed as it should be. If you use a candle that lasts 4 hours for example, it should be consumed in that period of time. If it is consumed in two, this means that the process was very fast, and you already know what this means. If instead it takes 6 hours to consume, this is also too slow for the purpose of your ritual.

A slow burn is always a concern, because no matter what the reason for the candle reading, as long as it burns slowly, the message it sends is negative.

Although in certain cases when a candle burns slowly it can be a good sign, when the slowness exceeds what is expected, you cannot obtain favorable results in any of the spells or requests that you make with it.

If you are performing a ritual to improve your financial situation, to find love, or to reconcile couples or friends, whenever in the candle reading they show a dim flame and slow consumption, this will be an indicator of opposition to what is desired, either due to lack of character of the performer, or because the entity to which you applied does not agree with your request.

In the event that the ritual that you are performing is for a mooring, or to unlock a situation, such as for a person to put aside a vice, if the flame in the candle reading is very weak and burns very slowly , this means that what you are doing is against the person’s will, so you are presenting resistance to the work being done. If this is your case, it is best to give it up, because no matter how much you want it and try hard, it will not work.

Likewise, if the ritual you are performing is to ask for work, money or love, and your candle burns very slowly, the reading is indicating that there are serious difficulties in achieving it; and that other actions must be carried out to reinforce your ritual, such as new spells of dispossession and cleaning of negative charges, and the help of stones, herbs, images and other elements that you consider relevant to this case.

You should always keep in mind that when reading candles the other elements of the candle, if it burns in an unusual way, the shape that the wax takes when it melts, also the shape of the flame and if it produces sparks or crackles, the smoke and the heat that she gives off; because all these signs are going to indicate to you if there are other people working so that you do not succeed in your ritual, or if you really should not go ahead with it.

The colors of the candles, days and moons

Always keep in mind that candles have different colors, and this is because each of them has a purpose or purpose. For this reason, you must take special care in choosing the color that you require for each ritual that you intend to carry out, and know which are the indicated days and the lunar phase that can favor the success that you are looking for.

The wax in the reading of the candles

As we have seen so far, wax is a fundamental element in candle reading, since both the way it drips, and the forms it adopts when it melts, offer people a number of clues to know what it is. you are wondering, or to indicate whether or not what you want to achieve through a spell or ritual is feasible.

The 2 methods used to read candle wax

There are two fundamental methods in candle reading, which allow us to discern what this process is indicating to us. The way you perform your ritual will exponentially influence the results you want to achieve.

Wax pouring method

One of the ways of reading candles is the method of pouring their wax, this consists of taking one of them lit, and once it has enough wax accumulated in its flame, it is poured into a glass container containing cold water. .

Upon contact with water, the hardened wax creates a series of bubbles and shapes that can be read as clearly as a person reading a cup of coffee, or a tea leaf, or a cigarette. and tobacco.

The images that are formed allow the person who performs the candle reading to interpret their meaning, in order to answer their questions. It is very possible that you can see how waterfalls, churches, books, children, tree leaves, a face, a cross, a horse, the sea, and many others are formed that refer to what you are asking.

Method of lighting and letting the candle burn

This, in addition to being the most conventional, is also the most used by those who read candles, and by all those who perform magical rituals with their use.

In this type of methodology, instead of pouring the wax into a container, the way in which it is consumed must be observed very carefully; how it drips when the flame melts it, to which side it is distributed more, the design that is formed while it slides, and the shape that is made in the bottom that contains it, since all of these are the ones that are going to give it the signs and symbols that you must interpret, to find the answer you are looking for.

How to read a candle in the wax messages

The reading of candles through their wax is one of the best known and used in this medium, and as we mentioned before, both the flame, the smoke, and the wick are indicators that we cannot go unnoticed, since everything It forms a set that by observing it carefully and analyzing it deeply, helps us to achieve success in its interpretation.

It is important to highlight that there are infinite signs, forms and signals that candle reading can offer you, not only because of the melted wax, but also because of the smoke and the flame that can give another infinity of clues that enrich the interpretation of the same. .

You should also be aware that there are certain rules that you must know in order to perform an effective candle reading, since the most important thing in this procedure is your intuition, your ability to interpret, and the basic knowledge of the wishes of the person you are reading. who is performing the ritual or spell.

We must start from the premise that once you perform the candle reading and it burns evenly and cleanly, you can be completely sure that your ritual will be successful.

You must be attentive to the way in which the candle wax accumulates and piles up in the form of tears, and in what cardinal point it does so; since the best place for this to happen is in the south

In the same way, you should observe the wax that comes off the candle and is deposited on the plate or container that contains it, taking into account the cardinal point where it is deposited more

When many tears are produced from the dripping of the wax, this indicates that there is a force that opposes your wishes, it is possible that someone does not want you to break or unlock a spell, or achieve what you have proposed. Keep in mind that if the tears descend from the south it is less serious than if it does so from the west, which is why we urge you to be very aware of it.

The way in which the wax drips and the remains it produces are very important to be able to interpret a message in candle reading. In many cases, the images that are formed are symmetrical and very easy to interpret, so much so that just by looking at them superficially, you can already get an idea of ​​what they mean.

When the signals are not so clear, because the images are not well defined, it costs a little more to read, however with a little experience it can be achieved.

According to experts in this matter, the less wax left at the end is much better; however, we do not intend to say that if wax remains, it is a bad sign or a bad sign, since the wax will always provide you with a lot of useful information for your purposes.

When your candle is in a glass or paper container, it is a very good sign that it does not leave marks on it.

In the event that you are using a conical candle in your ritual, its success will depend on the amount of wax that it drips, the more quantity, the better chances of obtaining what you are requesting. A very clear example of this is when a ritual is performed to improve a person’s finances; The more wax is dripped on the coins or other objects that you are using as a complement, this is an indication that the energies are flowing positively, and that it is very feasible that you will obtain the expected gains and much more.

It is necessary that while performing the candle reading you are attentive to the changes that may occur in it, because it is possible that cracks or gutters appear on its surface, which may be associated with a magical force, but also with the emotions that They can overwhelm you at any given time. For this reason, it is advisable that you perform an energy cleansing ritual prior to the reading, to prevent your emotions from overcoming you and spoiling the spell.

It should be noted that these changes are not a reason to think that the ritual cannot work, it is just that sometimes our desire to achieve success can speed up the process, and this is something that should not be done, but let the candle comply with your work naturally and in your time.

It is important to keep in mind once the entire candle has been extinguished, it is to check the remains of wax to verify that there are no pieces of candle, accumulations, or lines that may indicate important information for your ritual.

It is very possible that you can distinguish faces or human forms, and even, you can easily identify animal figures and other forms; however, there are times when it seems that the lines are very blurred and it is difficult to define anything, so we recommend that you do not give up, but look for other perspectives. If the candle is on a plate, it’s a good idea to rotate it to another angle, and you may be able to see an image you didn’t notice before.

What you must keep in mind and prevent it from happening is to influence the flow of the candle when you are doing your reading. For this reason you have to try not to move it while it is consumed, but to leave it still in the container. If for some reason the wax is melting in a way that you don’t like, you have to be patient and start over.

If for some reason you do the process again and notice that the wax is taking the same shape, then this means that this is not the way to go, or that there is a much better plan for your way, and you just have to investigate better. What is it about.

When you do a candle reading and it burns unusually, i.e. producing a lot of soot and black smoke, muddying the color of the melting wax, this is definitely a bad sign. In this specific case, the spell must be stopped, since this is a clear indication that it will not work. It may be that what you are requesting does not suit you, or it is not the time to receive the requested blessing.

In the event that you are performing a candle reading and the candle melts a lot during the process, it is essential that you take this into account, since it is possible that this action forms different forms that will allow you to interpret the message more clearly. clarity.

A very clear example of this situation is when a ritual for love is performed; If the melted wax leans more towards the woman, this means that she is the most interested or in love with her. However, this will depend substantially on the color that you are using in the spell, but always in couple matters, the melted candle that leans more towards one of the people, means that it is she who desires more, who loves more, or who it is the most dangerous.

In the event that it is a couple spell and a green candle is being used, towards whom the melted wax is tilted, it will indicate that it is of the two who desire greater financial well-being; in the same way if it is a red candle, then it is this person who wants more passion or is more passionate than the other; and if it is a pink candle, then this means that the person with the greatest amount of wax is the one who feels more fellowship and support and friendship than the other.

If you use a light blue candle, the person who receives the greatest amount of melted wax is the one who maintains peace and balance in the couple; But if you perform a love spell for a couple with a white candle, the person who receives the most melted wax will be the one who contributes the most to the relationship.

Another thing you should keep in mind when reading candles for a love spell is that if the wax flows from one candle to another, this will indicate who of both people is going towards the other, or has more interest. in which a love relationship works.

There are times when the wax from the candle representing the woman melts and drips onto the candle representing the man. It also usually happens in the opposite way, although the most positive thing is that both waxes melt and flow together in the same direction, because this shows that this will be the relationship of both.

  • Whenever the melted wax of one candle is directed towards the other, this means that one of the people shows more love, interest, support, honesty or friendship, than the other; however, it should be noted
  • When the will is very accumulated in a disorderly way on the other candle, this can be a sign of drowning, overprotection, and dependence. But if, on the contrary, the wax is symmetrically organized, this means that one is the column of the other, its faithful support on which it can be sustained.
  • In the event that the wax forms a circle in the other candle, this means possession, that is, it is possible that it limits its movements, and intends to submit the will of the other.
  • You must be very attentive, because when the wax surrounds the candle but the wax of this moves in the opposite direction, this unfortunately indicates that although the person is offering you his sincere love and unconditional support, he has his own interests and is not willing to share them with her.

A clear example of candle reading in this case is when a spell with green candles is performed to obtain financial stability or get a good job that brings great benefits; although the wax of the candle that represents the woman surrounds the candle of the man, but at the same time deviates in the opposite direction, this means that although she supports her partner to improve his economy, she also aspires to fulfill her own concerns and needs.

In certain and certain cases, the people who carry out the candle reading try to manipulate the rite by manipulating the candle so that it gives them the result they need. This is a valid way of making things happen as the person wishes. However, when it comes to knowing the destiny of a person, it is best to let the candle burn itself naturally, that is, without influence, since this is the only way you have to know if what says the reading is correct.

In the case in which the candle forms many drops of wax that instead of falling remain attached to the candle in the form of stalactites, this indicates that there is great resistance to abandoning the past, that is, that the person refuses to the opportunity to let go of a love, a person, or everything that ties you to your past, a secret, a pain, and everything that you cannot let go of because it is deeply rooted in you.

However, you must be aware of this, since depending on the form that these small drops of wax take, this indicates that it may be something intrinsic to the person who is performing the candle reading; instead of being a spell or job that someone set up to prevent him from leaving a love and this keeps him tied to his past, without the possibility of finding a new love, job, or whatever he is looking for.

In this specific case, the drops of wax are filled with new droplets that are superimposed on them, giving the candle a messy and messy appearance; this is what indicates to the person who interprets the candle reading that it is an external factor that does not allow him to continue, that is, a mooring job.

It is very important to pay close attention to these indicators, because they are the ones that will allow you to correctly interpret the message; In this way, you may be able to determine what kind of ritual you should do to cleanse the person of negative charges, unblock their path, and release any ties that they may have mounted.

Read a candle by its immediate wax

As its name indicates, the immediate wax is the one that melts and moves as the candle is consumed. This must be clean, smooth, soft, and translucent to be able to glimpse, as clearly as possible, the desires and pretensions of the person; In addition, it can give you clues about your past, and the possibility of achieving success with its reading and interpretation.

If, on the other hand, the wax does not have this appearance, but its lines are not very precise, and the wax piles up creating opaque knots, then the influence of the past is negative; so it is not difficult to rule out that there are people interested in keeping the person tied to their past so that they do not prosper.

This type of reading also tells you that the person being worked on has bad feelings, or that they are possessive, bitter, dishonest, with multiple difficulties in relating to other people, and that their economic and sentimental situation is not the best. suitable as desired.

The best thing that can happen to a person who is doing a candle reading is that it burns as neatly as possible, that is, that its wax does not form knots or puddles, its wick does not create soot or carbon, and that it consume in the established time, not too fast, but not too slow either.

When the readings happen in this way, you can be sure that there will be no complications, no obstacles that could damage your ritual, but that everything will turn out perfectly.

What does the wax tell us?

As we have already seen from the beginning of this article, the wax that melts when doing a candle reading, and adheres to their faces, are important indicators that allow people to achieve a good interpretation, but this should not be done. taken lightly, but has to be done the right way.

On certain occasions we can find that the wax adopts the shape of tears but rather rounded, and for this reason many have the mistaken idea that the candle is crying because what is being perceived is bad news; but this is just a misunderstanding of card reading. Although we cannot deny that this is not the best of signs, these do not always have to mean tears, since it can be an obstacle or complications that may arise in order to achieve what is desired.

This will be defined mainly by the observation of all the components of the candle in the reading, and the form that the wax takes when it has been completely consumed, since if it does not leave another type of trace, this means that the situation is not so adverse, and therefore it can be overcome in the short or long term.

It is very important to keep in mind all the indicators that candle reading offers us, in order to correctly interpret the messages that this process gives us. You must also have a broad mind and the ability to discern, because depending on the spell you are performing, the image that may be formed in the wax must be given the proper interpretation.

This means that if you are performing a ritual to find out how your health is and a coffin appears, this is definitely a bad sign; but if the ritual on the other hand is to bind and subdue an enemy, then the interpretation changes radically.

There’s a bug on my candle!

Naturally, when you light a candle, its flame can attract all kinds of insects; This, like images, can be negative or positive, depending on the interpretation you give it.

Always keep in mind that it is not only the insect that approaches the flame, but you also have to take into account the way your wax melts, the direction it takes, if the flame is high or low, or if it crackles. , the intensity of heat it produces, and the smoke that is released from it. All these elements will allow you to make a good interpretation of your reading.

When we light two candles

When reading candles we must be attentive to all the elements that provide us with clues to obtain a good interpretation, so when we light two candles, one of them will always represent the female figure, and the other the male, if it is of a couple spell.

In this specific case, one of the candles will always stand out over the other, it may be brighter, or its flame may be much stronger, and this is usually an indication that we should pay close attention to.

If it is individual candles that behave in the same way during the reading and burning of the candles, this means that both people like each other or have feelings towards each other. However, it is the task of the person performing the ritual to discover what kind of feeling it is, since as it can be love, it can also be hate, anger, repulsion, or any other adverse feeling.

It is very important to keep in mind that in candle reading there is no logic, but you have to use your intuition and interpretation.

When the flame of the candle crackles or sputters, this means that your ritual is presenting some type of energetic interference, which may be due to the lack of character of the person who is performing the spell, or by some enemy who does not want you to this is carried out.

In the event that the flame weakens or goes out for no apparent reason, you have to be very alert, since this can only indicate that great difficulties are ahead, or that you are in danger of death. In this case it is advisable to immediately discard the candle you are using, and start over with a new one.

If the candle goes out and you do not want to light it again for any reason, be prepared because until that moment the beings you invoked to perform your spell accompanied you in the ritual. This means that the most difficult moment is over, and they leave the easiest part for you to handle on your own.

If the candle cries, this means that what you are requesting will be granted, but after going through various difficulties that will delay your response.

When the flame leans to the right in your candle reading, it means that the things you are asking for in the future will turn out to be positive. But when it leans to the left you should pay attention, because this symbolizes that the unresolved problems of the past can hinder the present and future of the person.

In the event that you light a candle for your ritual, and it shines excessively, it is time to rejoice, because this is indicating that success is assured.

Flame that looks like a spiral

It is possible that when reading candles, its flame takes the form of a spiral, this means that what you are requesting has been achieved by your guardian angel or any other being to whom you are asking for your favor, and carried by him to the cosmos. In case you are not requesting anything, but you asked a specific question, then this flame indicates that it is a resounding yes.

The crackling or crackling of the flame can mean in this case that chaos is approaching; but the soft chirp of it means that pure energy surrounds you so it is the right time to ask all your questions.

When a flame goes out and lights up again, this means that it has the protection of the spirits, and although the candle goes out due to any dangerous situation, they are attentive to provide its protection, and that is why they light it again.

The flame in candle reading

As we have mentioned throughout this article, when reading candles you should pay special attention to the flame, because it can provide you with enough clues to make a good interpretation of the message.

  •  A strong, bright and vigorous flame means your strength can achieve many things, and the request you have made in your ritual is very likely to have a positive result.
  • The weak flame, on the other hand, means that your ritual does not have the necessary strength to be carried out, either because you do not have the conviction that is required, or because the opposition of the enemies is much stronger than yours. In the event that you decide to continue with this ritual, you may be able to achieve what you are looking for, but the results will be very slow.
  • If you want to know that the behavior of the flame of your candle is not unusual, it is advisable that when you perform your ritual you light others that do not participate in it but serve as lighting, so you can check that the movement of your candle is not caused by the breeze or other mundane event
  • When the candle flame dances, it is always a good sign, it can bounce and even form a spiral, indicating that the spell being performed is well received by the person, that is to say that it is working. All this is positive for the ritual, as long as you do not drastically change the size of the flame.
  • There are times when the flame gets bigger and then shrinks almost to the point of going out, which means that someone is resisting. For example, when you are performing a binding spell, it is very possible that the person is performing a ritual to prevent this from happening, for this reason the flame of your candle warns you, so that you take your forecasts
  • On the other hand, when the ritual is for yourself, for example for health or money, it is possible that the resistance is due to your lack of strength to perform it, or because you need to have more faith in yourself.
  • The important thing is that you keep in mind that every time the flame behaves in a high-sounding way in candle reading, this will mean resistance or opposition.
  • In the event that two or more candles with the names of certain people are being used, the flame will indicate anything that you wish to consult; you just have to be aware of where it leans, and pay close attention to the behavior of the other elements, such as wax, smoke and wick
  • In the same way, if you name an individual in relation to the other candles, their flame can reveal many things to you. For example, if the flame of the person leans towards one of the others, it may mean that this is the person you are most attracted to. But if, on the other hand, the flame moves away from one of the candles, this means that you want to run away from that person, that you require protection, or that you simply do not want to have any contact with them.
  • If your candle burns from time to time clean and from time to time with soot and other dirt, this is an indication that there are hidden problems, or things that are not very well distinguished. Someone may want to mislead you into thinking that things are going well, but in reality they are not. In his ritual this is translated as if he seems to have achieved success, but the truth is otherwise.
  • In the event that the flame of your reading turns rainbow, this is a very good sign, just as she glimpses a little purple, or with a white or golden halo. All of these colors indicate that your ritual is very likely to be successful.
  • When the flame turns yellowish, this is a very bad sign, since it means two things, one that you are not quite sure what you are doing, and the other that if you succeed in your ritual, it is possible it takes a long time to get it. In this case, it is advisable to give up this ritual, and start another one when you are more prepared.

The Smoke in the reading of the candles

Another element that we must take into account when reading candles is the smoke, its shape and color are indicators that will allow you to better interpret the message.

  • When the candle produces a lot of smoke, it is said to smoke, and if it smokes intensely but burns neatly, this means that problems are going to arise. Things may not go well, so it’s best to give up the ritual.
  • It is very important, as is done with the flame, to check that there are no air currents that cause the smoke to move, because it is part of the language, and a bad signal will give us an erroneous interpretation.
  • If the smoke takes a northerly direction, this means that there is a physical presence manifesting itself, meaning that not only is the candle reading you are doing enough, but you must also do your part to get the desired results.
  • When the movement of the smoke is towards the east, it is something mental that manifests itself, in this case you must have the ability to dominate your thoughts because this is a very important factor for the success of your ritual.
  • If the direction is towards the west, you have to pay attention, because this means that there is a powerful magical intervention, you may be involving your emotions in the spell, and this is not good. It’s best to take some time and try again later.
  • The best result of a candle reading happens when the smoke is in a southerly direction, of course this will depend on the other signals that the candle gives us, but in general, it is very likely that you will obtain excellent results.
  • If the candle in your reading smokes heavily at first but then burns clean, this is a sign that someone, some enemy, is working against your ritual; so things may not go well at first, but then they will get better over time. Keep in mind that the darker the smoke is, the stronger the opposition you are having; although it can not always come from a person, but this can be of an economic, labor nature, among others
  • At other times the opposite happens, the candle burns cleanly, but eventually begins to smoke; this indicates the same result as the previous one, that is, that at first things will go smoothly, but little by little they will get more complicated. In the case of a love ritual, this is a bad sign, because it is possible that the person will fall in love, but it will not be for long.

The sound and noises in candle reading

This is another thing to keep in mind during candle reading, as your candle may make strange noises, or burn out in deep silence.

  • While you perform the reading, your candle makes a soft sound with a very faint and intermittent noise, this means that you have pure thoughts, so your ritual does not present any type of opposition.
  • When this sound is soft but constant, this is represented as an authority figure commanding your ritual that the spell you are preparing is successful.
  • If, on the other hand, the sound is strong but inconstant, this means that there is opposition to the ritual, but it is slowly breaking down.
  • In case the sound is strong and constant, this means that the opposition is powerful, and there are also discussions and disagreements that can affect the outcome of your ritual.
  • When the reading candle is very noisy, this is interpreted by experts in this matter, as the presence of the dead and spirits trying to cross the threshold, that is, trying to communicate with the person. If your ritual is a request, it is better that you wait for the help that these entities are offering you.

The wick or wick in candle reading

In the event that the wick is too small, it will go out without meaning anything special. In the same way, if it is very thick, it will burn with soot or carbon, because it is its nature and not because anything is indicated. Keeping this in mind, you will be able to make a better interpretation of the signals that she throws at you.

  • The shorter the wick is when the candle burns out, the shorter the response time of your ritual
  • If the resulting wick is very long, then the waiting time will be longer
  • In the event that knots or coals are produced, this indicates that there is strong opposition that is difficult to remove, that is, what you are looking for will cost you a little work. If the coal were to extinguish the candle, it is better to give up this attempt, and try later with a new candle.
  • Other people give a positive meaning to the knots, because they believe that they represent the destruction of the opposition, so when the coal falls, in the same way the enemy falls.
  • If during the reading the wick of your candle breaks in two, this is a very good omen, because it forms soul mates that allow you to obtain a good interpretation.
  • This is a very good sign when a glass container contains the candle, since the amount of smoke smudges it, thus allowing a better reading.

Although it is not very common to find wick remains and coals with black spots after the candle is consumed, this can happen. In this case, if they are concentrated in the center of the wick, this means that there are hidden problems that you have not yet been able to glimpse; and this is because someone with a lot of power is working stealthily, so that he does not succeed in his ritual.

You might also get some good results through your spell, but it won’t last.

If, on the other hand, the black spots are stained towards the edges of the container, this means that the problems are more serious than you thought, this can negatively influence the reading of candles, and hinder the result of it. In the event that you are working on a person, these spots may indicate that your spell has become strongly entrenched, and whoever wishes to break it will have a hard time.

In the event that you are doing a job to earn money, get the love of a person, or a better job, the dark spots indicate that your panorama to achieve success becomes full of obstacles, so you have to make a lot of effort. more to achieve it, or desist from this attempt, to try another time.

These black spots do not always represent bad news, as there are times when hearts, angels, airplanes, a smile, and even a friendly face can form, which translates into a good omen for your ritual.

For example, when a heart-shaped spot appears, this can indicate to the person doing the candle reading that despite the many difficulties that a relationship may present, at the end of the road it is love that will triumph.

Strange behavior in candles

There are certain behaviors that you should be aware of because they are always indicative that something is happening while you are doing the candlestick reading. This can be positive or negative, so you are required to keep an eye out for any changes.

  • If suddenly your candle is blackened by soot, this means that someone is thinking badly of you; but if it accumulates at the bottom, this tells you that the results will wait
  • When a drop of wax inexplicably flies away, it means that you are going to receive a gift.
  • In the event that the flame sparkles in the air, this indicates that your angel or the entity you invoked will put someone in your path to help you fulfill your wishes; but it is very possible that you suffer a little before seeing the results.
  • If the layers of wax remain until the wick is consumed, this is a sure sign that you will have problems in the near future.
  • When the candle in your reading bursts, it indicates that you need to put your plans aside, because there is imminent danger.
  • That the smoke that is released from the candle comes towards you is a very good sign, since this means that you will have results very soon.
  • If the flame makes hissing and other noises, it is because spirits, angels or the dead want to communicate with you. When this happens to you, you should be aware of your dreams, because it is very likely that they will try to communicate with you through them.
  • In the event that you are performing a protection ritual and the candle crackles, this means that someone you know has very bad intentions towards you.

In the extreme case that a candle explodes, it has three meanings

  1. It is possible for the candle to explode when doing work against a person, and she has strong protection
  2. It may also be that the candle is protecting you from bad intentions when you are doing a candle reading.
  3. If you notice that each candle that you light explodes, then you should be very careful because this is an unequivocal sign of witchcraft and black magic.

How to read glass or wrapper candles

On various occasions, glass containers and other wrappers are used to hold the candle while the reading is taking place; this is usually very effective, because they provide them with new clues to facilitate a better interpretation of the message.

When the candle reading is done and it is inside a glass container, all the wax that remains in the bottom without burning represents issues that you have pending to resolve. For example, if it is a healing ritual, it is very possible that despite having healed the person, something remains that can make them sick again.

In the event that the ritual is for love or reconciliation, this residue means that the person is going to return, but has no intention of giving himself completely due to the issues that were pending between them.

If it is a ritual to cause mortal harm to a person, this indicates that it will indeed cause great harm, but it will not take their life.

When the recent ones crack or break, it does not mean that this is always a bad sign, although a break is not a positive sign, it does not mean that it is so bad either.

In the event that you perform a ritual to improve the economic situation of a person, or your own, a broken container is a very bad sign. But if the spell is to break habits, for example, this is excellent news, because it means that it is already done.

People very often request rituals to separate people or cause love breakups, when the candle container breaks in these cases, this means that the breakup will indeed occur, and it is very likely that it will occur violently.

If you perform a candle reading and it is contained in a glass where you can see leaks due to drops of wax, this means that there will be bloodshed and tears. This may be due to an accident, surgery, or a crime.

Other knowledgeable and less fatalistic people maintain that this may also mean that what you are requesting in the ritual may cost you blood, sweat and tears; that is to say, that to achieve it will cost a great effort.

On certain occasions the rupture of a container is neutral, this means that it is taken as a warning not to go ahead with what is planned. For example, if you are asking in your ritual if it is feasible to buy a house or a vehicle, and the glass breaks, this tells you that you should not do it because it is not convenient for you.

On the other hand, there are times when you want to break away from harmful situations, and in these cases specifically, broken glass is an excellent sign, as it means that your spell has worked.

For example, if you want to cancel a lease because you want to move to another place, if your candle holder breaks during the reading, this will indicate that your spell will have the result you are hoping for, and the contract will be closed. without effect.

If, on the other hand, you are casting a spell for a couple to end their relationship, the fact that the container containing your candle breaks is indicative that the job is assured, and that sooner rather than later, this will happen.

It is necessary for you to keep in mind that, in addition to the rupture of the container, there are other details that you must keep in mind and pay attention to the details that can provide you with a better interpretation of the message.

Ritual Candle Reading

Most of the rituals that are practiced at the request of third parties, normally have to do with love; either to obtain it, or to separate couples. In these cases, it is normal to use several candles with different colors and characteristics that, when lit, can offer various clues that will allow you to interpret the message that they want to convey.

When the flame of these candles is bright and strong, it is a good sign because it indicates that what you are requesting will be granted, so it is very likely that your ritual will have the expected success.

Sometimes when the candle reading is done, the person can observe an unstable behavior of the flame; this means that he is facing a threat, so caution is required, and if possible not to go ahead with the ritual.

It is possible that you find yourself with candles that radiate a powerful flame, but that suddenly diminishes, and this is a sign that you will indeed achieve your purpose, but this will be ephemeral, that is, it will last very little.

You should always keep in mind that your intuition is the most important thing in candle reading, and of course be attentive to all the signals that the candle gives you. In many cases you can be successful in your rituals, but there is a chance that something may interfere with it; the important thing is to have the ability to detect it in time, and the intelligence to desist from it when it is necessary to do so.

Reading of Protection Candles

Unfortunately, there are many people with a bad heart, who do not care about harming their neighbor and have no qualms about causing harm to anyone; but for this there is the reading of protection candles, which allows you to stay alert and prevent negative charges from enemies.

If when you do the candle reading you notice that the flame behaves in strange ways, that is, that it makes circular or erratic movements, and crackles incessantly, this is an unequivocal sign that people are putting up resistance so that it does not succeed in your ritual, or in the worst case, you are sending negative charges to generate damage.

In the event that the flames produce sparks or crackling, this indicates that a moment of sadness is near that can be caused by deception, disappointment or betrayal. This happens when a ritual is performed to know the feelings of a person who is considered transparent.

There are times when people do candle reading to send someone a message; if the flame turns bluish, this indicates that this person is receiving the message

Candle Reading for Health, Money and Love

When a candle reading is done to ask for love, health and money, the color and behavior of the flame must be taken into account, since if it turns white, this translates as something positive, since it means that the energies that have been invoked are present during the ritual, to intercede and favor the request of the person who performs it.

It is a very good sign that the candles burn for the indicated time, that is, that they are consumed neither too quickly nor too slowly, but at the right time. When the candle lasts the estimated time, you can think that the ritual will be successful, but other factors must always be taken into account that allow you to obtain a correct interpretation.

When reading candles that are inside a container, the best thing that can happen is that there is no wax left after the entire candle has been consumed.

If you are doing a candle reading to improve your financial situation, it is a good sign if the wax spills and runs down the coins, as this is a sign that your request has been granted and positive energy is working to provide you with money needed to increase your economy.

As you have been able to verify throughout this article, candle reading is an art that involves an integration of elements that together offer clues that allow a correct interpretation of the message to be obtained.

The message that candle reading throws is one of the most forceful that can be obtained in this type of rituals, but in order to have a good interpretation of them, it is necessary to cultivate the habit of doing so, to acquire the necessary experience that allows you to achieve a good interpretation of the message.

The various images that are formed with the wax, the dance of its flame, and the direction and shape of the smoke, as well as its heat, are all part of a set that must be taken into account in order to have a good appreciation and interpretation of the message. . However, you need to keep in mind that you always put your intuition and knowledge of people’s emotions and behavior into practice, as this will allow you to be more objective when deciphering the message.

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