Prayer for good dying: soon, quickly and in peace

It is important to know the Prayer to Die Well and Soon since it allows us to help our loved one at the time of his departure, that is why in this article we will teach him how to perform it correctly so that he is heard and obtains the benefit to help. Eternal rest.

Prayer to die soon

It is always very painful to have to let go of a loved one and even a person we do not know, physical separation always generates pain and sadness in us. But it is important to know that we must strengthen ourselves and help the person who is in that situation of such emotional and spiritual vulnerability. In the development of the article we will address the issue, but we leave the Prayer to Die Soon below.

Oh! Glorious Almighty God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, please allow beloved father that (name the person), help Heavenly Father so that he can die with dignity, allow the time he remains here to be very short and that his farewell be happy, so that it reaches your arms to enjoy eternal rest.

Beloved Father, I pray that you forgive all his sins, if he has misused the life you gave him, allow him to finish it well, that he does not suffer more and that his brief departure also makes his loved ones suffer less.

Take him into your arms and bless him Lord, if your desire and mandate is that he leave us, then let him die because it is his desire to join his Father and Creator. I commend into your hands the spirit of (name person), intercede so that he reaches the glory of being among the dead and enjoying eternal life, do not abandon him at the time of his death. Amen

How to help in the game

When a person is on their deathbed, it is very important that we, as companions of their last moments in this earthly life, be aware that they are leaving for eternal life, without pain, without human suffering, life in the one that will be reunited with loved ones, who left before them and who will also be received by our Heavenly Father, therefore, in that image of a beautiful eternal life, full of light, love and happiness, we must strengthen ourselves, to accompany the fears that person may feel.

That is why we must let them go with expressions of love, gratitude and forgiveness, with soft words and beautiful prayers. Our heart grieves is inevitable, but we must recognize her beautiful passage through our life, of our immense love, bring beautiful memories, kiss her hands, her forehead let her know that she is not alone.

We must accept with great resignation the departure of a loved one, no one has said that it is something easy, but we must be humble and if it is the decision of the Highest, we can only accept it and ask that their suffering and fears be few.

In these moments we must remain calm and transmit peace and tranquillity to the person we are accompanying to leave, so we recommend praying to stay calm, each one can pray their own prayer, but here is one, we hope to be helpful.

Prayer to help us have peace of mind.

Blessed God, our Father, in this moment of great sadness before you I bow down, so that I ask you to make me a person with an unshakable faith, on it to overcome my afflictions, because I know that you will receive my loved one in your arms. You are the light, the lap and my consolation, I ask you, beloved Father, to give me peace, pour out your love on me to erase the sadness that overwhelms me, for the departure of (name the person).

Help me not to fall into despair, I need to be strong to help my loved one on this path, make me strong, put only comforting words on my lips, bring to my memory the most beautiful memories, take away my affliction and make me strong, not to break me down and give him the security he needs in his last moments. Amen.

It is important, at this time to strengthen ourselves in the spirit of detachment, we must strengthen the thought that nothing and no one belongs to us, reinforce this thought at times when we know that the death of our loved one is inevitable, whether due to illness or because he or she is old. advanced.

It is human not to want this loved one to leave our side, but refusing to accept a reality hurts us more, so we must assume an attitude of acceptance. After having received the tranquility that we have just asked for in our prayer, it will be much easier to transform our suffering and accept his will.

Our faith must be strong and live with the hope of eternal life, of our encounter with that person who is leaving our physical world today, because we will meet in the house of God the Father. To continue helping our loved one, we must pray for his departure, so we leave below a second prayer to die soon.

Second Prayer to Die Soon

Merciful Christ, you who shed your blood on the Cross to erase our sins, you who showed us your immense love, you who in each of the words you said on your way as a man in this world, only filled us with blessings, I ask please for the forgiveness of the sins of (say the name of the person), if he committed them, I know that he is a humble servant of yours, I was a witness of it, in his actions.

No one better than you, you know that he is very close to seeing you, you know that he is sorry for each of the sins committed, please Lord, listen to my pleas or Merciful Father, do not allow agonies, just give him the joy of being received soon in your arms, receive him in the kingdom of heaven and give him the peace of eternal life. Amen.

Because we are human we can feel that we cannot handle this immense test that the Lord has given us, but we must know that there is no test that the Lord imposes on us that we are not capable of overcoming. However, we can support each other with other friends and family, if we feel that we are not being strong enough to provide words of love, keep them calm and at peace.

If this case arises we can ask for help to leave the room and strengthen ourselves in prayer, another strategy that we can assume is to make a beautiful group prayer, let us remember that when we unite our faith, our prayers are heard with force. Let’s gather our family and friends and all with a serene and calm voice let’s pray the following prayer.

Third Prayer to die soon

Oh my good Jesus, son of God the Father Almighty, You who know what the pain and suffering of men is, you who gave your life for us, we ask you for the soul of (say the name of the person), to be is dying and soon begins the path to meet you. You who have decided that it is time and that you have fulfilled your mission among us, do not allow him to suffer more and give him a good death.

We make this call to you my Lord, because you are merciful, because you forgive the sin of the world and he is repentant, have compassion on his soul and allow him eternal rest. Oh God the Father, you who are in heaven, listen to your Son and allow his suffering to be short, before you we come so that you accept the soul of (say the name of the person), we sincerely ask for the forgiveness of his sins, that you have pity on his soul, we ask for consolation from the sorrowful. Beloved Father, we are calm because we know that you will receive it in your hands and it will rest in eternal life. Amen.

At the moment of agony, the soul of the person is in the strongest of the spiritual battles, this battle becomes heavier if the person has not been a practitioner, on the contrary if he has been a person close to God, it is a longing to meet God, but there is always sadness because we leave loved ones on the way.

Meeting Jesus must be a path full of prayers and peace, to avoid any doubt, any distraction that diverts our gaze from the path that leads us to the eternal dwelling, it must be full of peace and prayer. It is not healthy at all to take an attitude of retention and permanence, because that does not help the person who must depart in healthy peace, pain is inevitable, but we must not anguish the spirit of our loved one, we must strengthen ourselves in love precisely to help him leave in peace.

We must become good listeners and pay attention to every word and let them know that we hear them and are attentive to their requests. We cannot forget that we are in the middle of a battle. God has enemies who will do everything possible to snatch a soul from him and we must be very attentive to his presence, it is possible that our loved one begins to say things with anger, resentment, wants to cling to this life.

In this case we must first know that his words are not directed at us, we cannot be afraid and we must face evil, to do so we must pray strongly. Here is another prayer to die soon and help guide our loved one’s path to God.

Fourth prayer for the good to die.

Almighty God, I ask you to help me fight this battle that is taking place at this moment, help me to win it for you, O beloved Heavenly Father, merciful and merciful Father, you know better than anyone about this pain, your love for us he resists your call, but there are also dark forces that want his soul.

I appeal to your great mercy so that you forgive the sins of your son (say the name of the person), have mercy on his soul, please listen to my pleas. My Lord, he has no other desire than to enter your kingdom to rest in peace. Do not allow his soul to take the wrong path and he can enjoy eternal life. Amen.

Our pleas will be heard because God the Father always listens to his children, at the moment that our loved one is in his last minutes of life, to reach his encounter with God, we must help him depart and wish him the most beautiful of journeys.

It is one of the most difficult moments, the moment of the departure of our family member, our friend, the person for whom we have been praying is approaching, sadness overwhelms us but our mission is not over yet. We must remind her to follow the path to heaven, we must remind her not to fear, that God the Father awaits her, remind her that her mission is accomplished and she did it very well, that we are proud to have had you, that your work and your actions are in each of us.

Don’t stop telling him that Jesus awaits him in heaven with Mary with his arms open, tell him to hug you tightly, to go with the peace of mind of knowing you well, that you love him. We must not be afraid to say goodbye to our loved ones, we are being guided by God, we must pray for their eternal rest.

Almighty God, we ask on our knees that you receive in your arms the soul of (we say the name of the person), who is our loved one that we are saying goodbye to deliver him to your call. Please beloved >Father welcome her into your kingdom and allow her to walk by your side.

We know that with you there is no longer suffering or pain and that for us is the greatest consolation. Guide him Father towards eternal rest, we ask you or merciful God to pour out your blessings on (we say the name of the person). Amen

In this way we can help our loved one to meet our Father God, these are very difficult moments, because we are overwhelmed with the sadness of having to say goodbye, but we must help him to die well and make his way, a path of light and love, to eternal life.

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