The Powerful Prayer To The Called Deceased Correa

The Powerful Prayer To The Called Deceased Correa

La Difunta Correa is considered one of the women who have the greatest impact on people. Especially in Argentina, she is culturally rich for the country. And not only has she remained there, but her story and her miracles have spread to other countries, this is due to the veneration that is given to her, through the deceased prayer strap that spreads like gunpowder.

deceased prayer strap

Deolinda Correa is the short name of the late Correa. She is given so much tribute because of her faith in changing situations, in the love she had for her son and her husband. She that she did everything unthinkable to take care of her son and find her husband on a journey that not everyone would dare to do. Her family came first for this woman. That is why the deceased prayer strap is dedicated to protect your loved ones.

In the following prayers it is important that after you perform them, you pray at least three Hail Marys. There is no person in this world who is the most suitable, one who knows how blessed the family is and the unlimited love that a mother has for her child. And everything that has to happen so that on his way and upbringing he is blessed with the most prosperous. This is the following sentence:

Oh miraculous and dear late leash. You who are so pious and blessed. That you protect the one who comes to you. Guardian of the breath of life that enters our lungs. As well as our earthly body. You who protect those who implore you when they are in need. No one else knows this word more than you, who suffered so much and went through so much, until our almighty lord called you to his side. For you to be in his heavenly kingdom.

I find myself kneeling before your benevolence. All of us, your followers or faithful are in the same position as me. Because we know we will be heard. I ask you with total confidence in you, my lady, that please our pleas with our needs be met.

Protect us from any evil that comes our way. Take us out with your blessed hands from this valley full of hardships. From the wiles of the dark lord, satan. From his voice that he simply seeks to lure us into miseries. And that he also seeks to corrupt our mind that can’t take any more abuse, the heart that can break with another touch and our body that no longer has the strength to be able to get up again. Help us dear late leash.

Oh mother. Protect us and protect us. The same way you did with your little baby. While your dear late Correa was alive, you adored him with all your being. You bet that love that only a mother can achieve. And with your mercy and kindness you gave him the tools to keep him alive. There is no one to compare with your actions, with your deep and eternal love for your son. You who had nothing to give him and in spite of that you managed in the depths of your body to give him. Giving him breast milk from your breast while you are dead.

Blessed mother and full of light. She comes for us in front of the almighty lord, who is God. Do not forget your faithful who implore you with so much faith. Who are in states of need. Please don’t forget about us.

Eternal God you are in heaven, in your heavenly kingdom. Christ your home is in my heart. Our virgin Mary inside our souls. You late leash is found in pieces all over my body. I ask you for everything I need. I know you will listen to me only because my love for you has no end, therefore it has no limits. Amen.

Deceased prayer strap for the difficult paths

Deceased strap, pious and humble. Oh dear lady, guardian of everyone who is without hope or love. That every day they are in states of misery, where all the time their eyes fill with tears, they cannot stop crying. And the suffering is not equated with words.

I ask you to intercede for us before our Lord Jesus Christ. So that between the two of them they grant me the clemency that I need so much. I (Please enter your full name) implore you to listen to my prayers and prayers, my pleas that you are so hopeful of being fulfilled. (Please enter your request)

Take care of me from those paths that become more difficult with each turn and that no matter how much you see them, you can’t find a way out. I implore you to destroy every obstacle in my divine path given by our almighty lord, god. Amen.

History of the late strap

There are many loose ends in this woman’s story. There is also nothing certain about her history. The only thing that is known about her is what people say, by word of mouth. And if we can be sure of one thing, it is that most stories retain some truth in their words or in each line of it.

That despite whether it is true or not, they leave you with some teaching, motivation to improve or even to have faith in what they seek to convey. And as we know, faith can move mountains or the most suspicious thoughts in our minds. This is the version that most have and that some claim may be the true one, written by Chertudi and Newbery in 1978.

It all starts with a close-knit family. The husband (Clemente, Leandro, Baudilio, Esculapio or Brian Nahuel Bustos, the original name of this character is not known. Due to his birth certificate, which is in very poor condition and that is why it cannot be accurately identified husband’s name). The famous deceased strap, whose original name was María Dalinda Antonia Correa and the son that this couple had in common.

The tragedy begins when the husband is involuntarily enlisted in the army. Where he has to fight in the civil war that took place between the Unitarians and the Federals, during the years 1814 to 1880, in Argentina, but there is no exact date when these actions occurred.

There was a group of soldiers who were not necessarily from a faction as such since they were mostly irregular formations and without permits from high officials. That they were going to the town of Tama and had to pass through the province of La Rioja, that is where the family of the deceased strap lived.

At that time they took the husband by force with them to San Juan, which was where they had their headquarters. This act made Dalinda waste away, as she could not be alone without her loving husband who was the one who took care of her and her newborn baby. All these emotions of losing your husband unfairly, being very emotional because you just gave birth, and finding yourself helpless. Depression and anguish would not leave anyone in peace.

But what he did is that he plucked up courage, gathered his things and those of his baby, which were few. And she went immediately in search of her husband to take him home. Do whatever it takes to get it back.

She is characterized by a red dress because at the moment her husband is taken away, she goes looking for him with that dress of that color. People ask why she did such a sudden act, but it should be noted that the sheriff of the town where they lived did not leave her alone, he harassed her violently and without the protection of her husband, nothing would have hurt her and her baby.

He undertook his journey to recover his loved one, directly to San Juan. It was not an easy task but something that helped her was the footprints left by the military. All with the hope that she could arrive in time before her husband was sent to war and be a united family, just as they were before they took him away. He had little food with her because he hadn’t expected her road to be so long and arduous. She had faith that she would be able to find her husband before she got to San Juan, so that’s why she didn’t take much food with her.

What she had was a piece of bread, a very small part of meat, and some bottles of water with her. The road she passed through was deserted, that’s why the water was running out quickly, it was not only for her but also for her baby. That they both needed to hydrate, she to be able to breastfeed him, because everything she did or the little that was left was for her baby.

Quickly the water and supplies he brought with him ran out. At this point Deolinda feared for her child’s well-being, because of the blazing sun they were in. So she put her newborn baby on her chest and left him there covered with a blanket to cover him from the sun or the cold at night. But all the things that happened to him like; hunger, thirst, worry, anxiety, and physical exhaustion took their toll. For which he died very close to his destiny, in the city of Caucete.

Even though she knew she was close to death’s door, all she wanted was for her son to be safe. That is why before her death, she implored God that her son would have a chance in this life, that he would take care of her since she knew that she could not.

According to this story, God did intervene for the care of the little baby. Miraculously, the carters Jesús Nicolás Orihuela, Rosauro Ávila and Tomás Nicolás Romero, who were dedicated to transporting merchandise by mules or horses, found the body of the deceased strap just one day after her death, fortunately they were making their transport on that route, that day, as they found a helpless baby suckling at Deolinda’s breast, which they were impressed with that sight.

The drivers seemed to know Deolinda. Due to the fact that they were originally from a town called Malazan, which is very close to where the late Correa lived, which was the town of La Roja. Just as they knew who that girl was, they buried her in Vallecito, a town near San Juan. That place was filled with people who, hearing her story, gathered to spread love and were shocked by the courage of her actions.

They say that the boy was very well when they found him, so they decided to take him back to Deolinda’s hometown, La Roja. Although unfortunately on the road for some reason, the newborn baby began to get sick, they did everything in their power so that the baby could live. But unfortunately he passed away on the way. So they returned in sorrow for the events and buried him in the tomb of his mother, the deceased strap, in Vallecito.

The diffusion of the prayers or the late prayer strap , began thanks to the fact that some carters, the merchandise of cows that they brought with them, had been lost and could not find them anywhere. In that while searching they pass by the place where Deolinda was buried. They begged her through prayers to help them in the suddenness of her cattle. And miraculously the drivers found it, thanks to her. From here the veneration of her arises for more than 200 years, the cult of her is still maintained and she does nothing more than go up.

It is not yet known what really happened to the husband or what his fate was. Some say that it is quite likely that he died at the hands of the military who took him away against his will. Others, that he died in the war. As long as they have faith or hope, they believe that he will return safely to his place of origin.

miracles he has performed

There is no doubt that this lady has granted many miracles, and that these are spread in such a way that she manages to gather more and more followers and believers to her. These miracles fulfilled only by her for the people who come from her, are what make her worthy of the cult and the sanctuary that she has in her name.

Flavio Zeballos

One of the first miracles granted by the late belt was to a man named Flavio Zeballos who was passing through the town of La Roja solely for the purpose of buying bulls. On that occasion he had at his disposal more than four hundred bulls. And while he was on his way back to his home, he happened to pass by where the deceased leash was buried. Nearby, there is a stream named Honda.

So he set up a proper place to camp just for that night. And with respect to the bulls, he created a type of fence with materials that he had available to him at that time, around his bulls so that none of them could get out. The next morning great is his surprise when he realizes that all his bulls had disappeared without a trace.

He didn’t know where they might have gone or where he could find them. At least Mr. Zeballos was not alone on this journey, but rather he came with some of his workers so as not to have to do everything alone. That is why they all dedicated that day, the workers and Mr. Zeballos, to finding all the bulls. They thought that it would not be so difficult since there were many, but they did not imagine that they would not be able to obtain them.

Mr. Zeballos realizing the situation that was being generated and that nothing had appeared yet. He set out to find the place where the deceased leash rested. And when he got it, he prayed to her for a long time, asking her to help him with the bulls, that if he got them, he was going to do the unthinkable to build a burial place that was fully equipped and suitable for her. So that what was left of her earthly body would rest better.

They stayed in that place for another day to continue the search but it was useless. So they decided that tomorrow would be another day to continue looking and because Mr. Zeballos had hope that his request through the deceased prayer strap , for some reason, would be heard. They got up early in the same place where they had slept before and this time they were pleasantly surprised to see that all the bulls were in the place where he had left them.

So when he returned to his hometown, which was in San Juan. All the money he had was used to build a very good grave where she was buried, with the help of several of his workers who were also there witnessing the great miracle that day, they achieved their goal by leaving her a good place to rest. his rests.

There are many discrepancies regarding this miracle because most do not really know if it was the first or not. Since in the original story or the best known of all, those who found the body of the deceased strap who were some carters, were the ones who created a very suitable tomb for her.


He also says that there were some travelers who were walking along that route, who encountered a very strong storm, which blocked their way and they could not continue from where they were. And it was even so strong, that their lives were at risk.

They realized that they were in the place where Deolinda’s grave was and they begged her to help them, to stop the storm, if she could do it, they would place a large cross in her honor and for her miracle at the beginning of where she rested. They were glad to see that the storm faded immediately and thanks to her rescue, she did what she had to do.

Adriana Iturrieta

Iturrieta, was another of the people blessed to receive the miracles of the Deceased Correa. This woman was six months pregnant and she had to go to the hospital as an emergency because he was about to get out of her baby. She was very desperate and her newborn did not have a high chance of being alive. She had to spend a lot of time in the hospital and he is an incubated baby.

After spending months in the hospital, for which she forms a bond with the nurses who treated her, one of them told her to go to the late prayer strap , so that she and her son would leave the hospital totally safe and sound. Adriana followed the advice of the nurse and after a few weeks she and her son were completely fine. Just like her.

But he had to give her something in return. Adriana began to pray by lighting a red candle for the dress that the late Correa was wearing when she died. And she told him that; Since they were better, she and her son were going to visit the sanctuary in Vallecito.

After she and her daughter were discharged. They dedicated themselves to going to visit her shrine as long as they had at her disposal, because she was very grateful to her. This not only happened with her newborn, but she set out to have two more children with the help of the Deceased Correa. Adriana had a problem to be able to have children in her womb, that she could not have the child in her womb for more than 6 months.

He had this same problem with all his children. Although with the third it was the most difficult. Since it happened exactly what had happened with the other children that he had. At six months he had it and they had to put it in the incubator. For more than three months he was in the hospital but what differentiated him from the others is that he did not stop crying for a second. Another nurse told her to send him to see a spiritualist.

As always the advice of the nurses helped her in the recovery process, she listened to him and went to the spiritualist. Only when she saw the baby did she ask Adriana what she had done, since it seemed that the child around her had a promise to keep, so he was not calm and cried constantly. She was surprised and told him that due to time constraints she had not come to keep her promise. The spiritualist told her to do her best to take her baby to the shrine, so she should stop crying.

Adriana, just by taking her son to the sanctuary, was able to stop her crying, which was worrying at the time, but she stopped there, allowing the baby to be calm and without any discomfort. She realized that she had to immediately fulfill her promise to the deceased leash, so they would have no more suffering. Thanks to this, Adriana’s devotion is strong and whoever says otherwise tells her story and the miracles that the late leash granted her.

Jorge Aguero and Magdalena Avila

Magdalena Ávila and her husband Jorge Agüero, are also part of being the lucky ones to obtain the blessings of the Deceased Correa. They are originally from La Roja. And they dedicated themselves to spreading the miracle of it. Her parents had a little daughter, while she was sleeping, as her bed was very high, she inadvertently fell from it, hitting her head hard. This caused a very large crack in her skull. She almost died.

But thank you that her parents were praying to the deceased leash so that she would recover and be a big girl without any problems, in this way she would not have episodes that affected her body or mind. Some time later the doctors checked her to see how her condition was. And they only found a totally healthy girl.

They decided to go to the sanctuary of the late Correa in Vallecito, to pay her the veneration that they feel so much. They went up and with them they took several pots with water. Just to let her know that they were grateful for everything she had done to keep her daughter healthy. Thanks to this, their daughter became a follower of the deceased leash.

The miracles of the late leash are many. They are even more than what is expected, but the bravery of her actions cannot be overlooked. This meant that after her death, she was a blessed being with a strong power to bless others. To clear her path, to get what they were looking for, healing the people we truly love. All in exchange for you seeing her or doing something in return, that is good. There is no denying that she is protective of her devotees and protects the one who has just come to her. Simply miraculous.

Sanctuary of the Deceased Correa in Vallecito San Juan

This sanctuary is attributed to her because it was in that same place where she died near the city of Caucete, in western Argentina, trying to find her husband and was buried there. This place is preferred by those people who are her followers and her faithful who always come to her for her needs. It should be noted that it was in Vallecito that the late Correa granted someone a miracle.

Despite the fact that she has been venerated for many years, the sanctuary that she deserves began to be built for the deceased strap at the beginning of the 20th century. Before they started the project, she already had a huge cross at the top of her tomb where it is located. To get there you have to take a national route, which is 141.

They built a chapel in this place, for the honor of having the Deceased Correa and thanks to the fact that many people are devout, this area became small chapels around the largest one. Where each one left her gifts or presents so that she had the divine and adored vibe, as well as the hope that she transmits to everyone who seeks her.

It can be seen in most of the existing chapels that there is only one, which stands out from the rest. That preserves in it, a huge monument dedicated to the late belt. But not only for this is that it is considered special, since in this chapel rests the sacred remains of this woman. It is not known if the remains of her child are also found with her. Since the tomb has never been opened.

Many consider that their son could have survived, that he grew up in a highly developed way and that his mother’s close relatives raised him, but in truth, nobody knows what happened to him. Since they have never discovered a birth certificate with the name of the baby or any document indicating if he died.

The only thing he does know is that there are a variety of versions, at least more than ten, where they affirm that he could have survived such conditions. It will simply never be known since his grave is considered blessed.

Mostly it is the people who spend their time on the roads driving like; truck drivers, bus drivers or chauffeurs are the ones who pay him the most tribute. Because she is in charge of clearing the paths they travel on or showing them which one to choose.

People often carry many bottles of water so that the lady will not be thirsty in the same way that she was thirsty in the quest she undertook to get her husband. To those who also come to her because they lost something and she is the only one who can return it to you. Because she knows the hopelessness when you lose things you hold dear.

This sanctuary is never closed and less so for people who are looking for the miracles of the deceased strap. During Holy Week is when the most devotees go to the sanctuary, they can reach more than 250,000 people and sometimes more than a million. Which makes it extremely important during these dates.

The story of the late strap crosses borders

It’s no surprise that the story of the late leash has spread. This has her explanation, as she is a person who has achieved so much in such a short time, granting miracles and who has managed to cultivate love in the hearts of the people of Argentina. It is not surprising that this has happened.

In Chile it is already a fact that the late strap is of the utmost importance to praise or commemorate. She does not have an altar or sanctuary in that country yet, but people already place her image on the roads, trying to leave flowers, umbrellas and even bottles of water for her story.

This may result in it spreading to other countries as people taking trips may ask for it and when they return home they will be looking for the late strap to be around in their time of need.

It should be noted that it has become culturally rich for the people of Argentina and Chile. They have songs dedicated to her and the most recognized group that stands out for commemorating her is Los Manseros Santiagueños. Movies have been made in her honor. In the year 1975 by Hugo Reynaldo Mattar, tells the story of this wonderful woman who through her actions became pious, kind and miraculous. This woman is an example of family love and pursuing what you most desire.

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