Prayer for Money and Abundance from Archangel Uriel

Prayer for Money and Abundance from Archangel Uriel

Prayer to Archangel Uriel : More than a prayer, Archangel Uriel allows us to connect directly with prosperity, abundance and any spiritual grace that we want at a given moment. In this article you will learn everything you need to know about this Archangel and how to ask him to obtain even what you think is impossible.

Prayer to Archangel Uriel

Prayer to Archangel Uriel is a prayer dedicated to this wonderful archangel, where each prayer has an intention, for example, there are prayers for Archangel Uriel for prosperity, abundance or money, as well as thanks for favors received.

In this article we will learn everything related to this archangel, who he is, how we can invoke him, how he can help us, what is his relationship with God the Father and each prayer to Archangel Uriel to improve our life and economy.

Before entering into prayer to Archangel Uriel , let’s start at the beginning, who is this Archangel Uriel? This archangel is recognized many times as a Seraphim as well, a flame of God, a divine presence, among other “spiritual” denominations, to put it in some way.

Archangel Uriel is known as the Archangel of wisdom, he is the one who helps us understand problems from a different perspective and offers us light in the midst of darkness and uncertainty.

Uriel is the leader of the archangels and with his divine flame spreads around the world the famous “great truth” and wisdom to all those who invoke his presence and help.

When we recite the prayer to Archangel Uriel , we not only invoke him, but also the truth, our inner strength, the resistance and the courage to come out victorious in any circumstance. It represents the red ray or ruby ​​color.

For those who cannot see him, we share that his name Uriel means “the fire of God” and he has a long, beautiful and bright orange, red or gold dress, just the colors that represent that divine fire, and that also symbolize its main qualities: spiritual enlightenment, destruction of all evil or enemies, and transformation from the spirit and consciousness.

Before making any prayer to Archangel Uriel , it is important to invoke and request his presence. How? Asking our Father, Almighty God to wrap us in the holy flame of the ruby-red archangel Uriel and cover us with his blessings, providence and grace.

Then, if we then proceed to make our prayer to the corresponding Archangel Uriel and request wisdom, peace, understanding, prosperity, money, abundance or any other favor that we require from him, always bearing in mind that his invocation must be from, by and for the light.

A well-recited prayer to Archangel Uriel :

Archangel Uriel, allow me to stop being economically dependent and achieve freedom not only in my finances but in my life, my time and my passion. I have not the slightest doubt that my Father loves me and he always wants the best for me, therefore, I ask you to intercede for me.

My Father always helps those who are humble with him, serve him and believe in his word, life, works and resurrection. From this moment, in this here and now, I decree economic freedom for myself and free myself from all energy, thought or feeling that anchors me to lack, need and dependence.

From today, I decree that I am a blessed person, with great fortune, independent, successful, I believe so and I decree it because I know it and it is what I deserve.

With this prayer to Archangel Uriel I ask that you grant me these favors to this humble servant of God and that you allow me to obtain the material goods and the wisdom that I require and deserve.

for prosperity

Before making this prayer to Archangel Uriel we must find a place in our house that is quiet, where we can quiet our thoughts and mind and connect with the presence of Archangel Uriel.

After this brief introduction, we share this powerful prayer to Archangel Uriel for prosperity:

I am light, I am peace, I am perfect abundance and I deserve all the happiness and joy of this world. I deserve to stop being dependent on others and understand that I am abundance, fullness, wisdom and I can materialize my dreams and projects with the help of God the Father and the intervention of my beloved Archangel to whom I dedicate this prayer to Archangel Uriel .

Thank you God the Father for loving me in the way that only you know how to do it. I ask you to guide me on the path of light and allow me to free myself from each of these economic ties that prevent my perfect relationship with abundance, prosperity and the circulation of money as energy that flows in my life.

I am perfect abundance. I am Wealth in Peace. I am Light. I deserve to be loved. I deserve to be happy. I deserve to be financially free. I know that God loves me, that the Angels love me and that the Light Guides love me.

Today begins my Freedom from economic ties. May Archangel Uriel fill me with gifts from God in the Material and in Wisdom. Also, I take advantage of this prayer to Archangel Uriel for every time he unfairly judges someone for the amount of money he had.

Father God, I want to ask your forgiveness for my prejudices towards opulence, wealth or for every time you sent me a job opportunity and I missed it, rejecting abundance and prosperity.

Today and from now on I promise to put in your hands my shortcomings, my limiting thoughts and my relationship with abundance and prosperity, because I know that God always transforms my regrets into blessings and peace, for me and mine.

Beloved Father, with this prayer to Archangel Uriel , allow your love to flood my heart and your divine power to help me heal from my soul to my mind, my body and every vein and cell in me.

Beloved Uriel, today I open my heart to you so that you surround me with your light and with your divine flame and eliminate from my mind all those negative thoughts, that rage, the anger that I feel and that prevent me from moving forward and that you transform each one of them into positive thoughts, joy and success.

You well know that I am not a bad person nor do I act with bad intentions, I simply seek peace, be better every day, learn new things and share with others what I have and what I am.

Father, with this prayer to Archangel Uriel I want to express that everything in my life materializes according to your will, I remain at your disposal, as your humble servant. I thank you for everything you give me and for this new life from now on.

You can recite this prayer to Archangel Uriel daily, and even on several occasions a day if you wish. Whenever you ask with faith, love and devotion, to the father, to his angels or archangels, they will listen to you and will be willing to help you.

For money and abundance

Prayer to Archangel Uriel , on this occasion, these lines will also be addressed to this wonderful archangel, although the intention is different, this prayer will aim to improve and change our relationship with money, how we perceive it and abundance.

This prayer for money and abundance is extremely effective for those people who feel that they cannot find a way out or a solution to their financial problems, and therefore they are sad and desperate. Uriel, is the archangel of manifestation, he is loving and his intervention always results in abundance and prosperity for our lives.

Loving Uriel, grant me the wisdom to understand that money is nothing more than a means, an energy, the natural consequence of my service and my love for others, and that as a child of God he always provides for me. .

I ask you to listen to my prayer and help me attract love, wisdom and peace to my life, please show me the path I must follow, find the way out, recover my energy, my prosperity, my abundance that I so much require and deserve and that I will not use selfishly or boastfully.

Oh, Uriel, manifestation of everything material, I give you permission to enter my life, my heart and my soul, allow me to find an answer and a way out, illuminate me with your light and pray to my Father to pour out his grace and blessings about me and my family.

Thank you, beloved Uriel, because you always listen to me and help me, because only God and you know that my heart is noble and sincere and that my intentions are good, so I offer this prayer to you with all my faith, love, devotion and gratitude.

for the impossible

This prayer to Archangel Uriel to grant us the “impossible”, that is, attract money, prosperity. Abundance and love to our lives.

More than a prayer, in reality, it is a meditation of twenty-one (21) consecutive days in which we will go in one way or another consciously or unconsciously receiving the audio messages and “reconfiguring” our brain.

Believe it or not, the unconscious often perceives messages that we do not consciously perceive or go unnoticed, that is why, what happens with a slogan or a song for example, that we suddenly remember or hum and do not understand how we learned it.

This is how, for 21 days, we will reprogram our brain through these messages that will be recorded in our unconscious and will allow us to change our paradigms, limiting beliefs and others about money, abundance and prosperity, which translates into a new lifestyle.

Of course, this does not mean that after twenty-one days we will be millionaires, simply, we will begin to have a different vision and therefore economic problems will no longer recur and when we go through a bad patch we know how to deal with it in the best way.

Invocation to Archangel Uriel to connect with Universal Prosperity

To connect with Archangel Uriel, we must allow ourselves to invoke his presence for at least twenty-one days. Why this period of time? Because we will allow ourselves to connect with abundance, with prosperity, with love and money, so that it can flow naturally, as it is: energy.

Beloved Archangel Uriel, in this here and at this time, I invoke your divine presence, that flame of God and your wonderful light, I ask you to wrap me in your flame and transform me, renew me and allow me to flow naturally with abundance. and prosperity.

As children of God, we deserve to be abundant, that’s why I ask you Father, that everyone who turns to you or prays this prayer to Archangel Uriel , allow him to change his life, his finances and grant them goods, health, peace and everything. whatever they require to enjoy a harmonious and happy life.

Abundance Provision Decree

By the power and divine authority of the presence of God the Father Almighty in me (I Am) I invoke here and now the beloved Archangel Uriel, the powerful flame of God to provide me and my family with abundance, love and peace. .

To you, Uriel, who leads the angels and archangels of God the Father, who grants blessings and has the administrative power for all humanity, illuminate our path and allow us to be abundant and prosperous in each of the aspects of our lives (x3 )

Today, I (name and surname) decree that the ministering flame of my beloved Uriel shelters me and each member of my family, shelters my home, my businesses, my peace and everything I do and am, so that every business is successful and all harmonious, peaceful and pleasant relationship.

Beloved Uriel, fill our lives with blessings, wisdom, happiness, abundance and prosperity. O messenger of God, manifest yourself before me and allow my abundance to remain always active and constantly multiplying.

Prayer of thanks to Archangel Uriel

Beloved Archangel Uriel, just as I always ask you, today I want to offer you this prayer to thank you for everything you always give me through your infinite power and the provision of our Father.

Thank you, beloved Archangel Uriel, for always helping me, listening to me and giving me new lights, a greater understanding of myself, my problems and the world. Whenever I look for you, clarity immediately comes into my life and every moment of my days.

Every time I pray in your name and invoke your presence, I know that my days will be filled with new and better opportunities and circumstances that will allow me to attract abundance and prosperity that I require and deserve.

With your divine ruby ​​ray everything in my life is perfect, prosperous and successful. Thank you, thank you, thank you, beloved Uriel.

Prayer of thanks to God

My beloved Father, Almighty and eternal God, to you, who never abandons me, today I want to thank you for loving me in the way that only you know how to do it and for providing me with daily bread.

Father, who more than you is behind every achievement and success in my life and in my business, therefore, I cannot stop praising, loving and glorifying you. You are my example to follow, my inspiration, and for that, I give you my life and everything that I am and I thank you every day of my life.

Thank you Father, for giving me life, my children, my wife, my friends, family. Thank you, for allowing me to breathe, to be alive, healthy. Thank you, because thanks to you I can be happy and enjoy a life where abundance, peace, prosperity, love and everything beautiful in this life is never lacking.

I thank you, because every day you inspire me to be better, to serve others, to talk about you and how you have transformed my life, my heart and my soul, thank you beloved Father, therefore, even though I am a sinner you always love me and you welcome me with open arms.

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