Respect for women in everyday life: Importance

I respect women , a very controversial issue and a struggle for many years by and for the female gender to demand their rights and feel free at all times and fight all kinds of abuse. If you are a Father or a Mother, this article interests you, and if you are young, you will have valuable information at hand that will allow you to understand the importance of women, their role in the home and in raising children, as well as their role and importance in society.

respect for women

Respect for women , this should not be an altruistic act, nor believe that by respecting a woman you are doing her a favor, it is a right that women have as free and wonderful individuals, who play an extremely important role within society. family, in the workplace and in society in general.

Respect for women is not about feeling like gods for being compassionate and treating an “inferior being” well, the weaker sex, as many men, young and old, express.

The fight to raise awareness about respect for women has not been easy, it has been constant, difficult, where millions of women have had to continue raising their voices, for those who are no longer here, for those who did not know how escape their abusers and sadly have lost their lives in the process.

Of course, respect for women , like many other things, is a rather cultural issue, it is a repeated behavior of others, it is something that is learned or not from a young age and that over the years is acquired as one’s own. .

Respect for women should be a topic that is discussed at home since we are small and respect for women is instilled, but also respect for men, because both are important and play a role in society.

For a real change to be generated in society, the father and the mother are the ones who can generate an important influence on the boys and girls, so that they become good men and women, and also develop great respect for women . .

The gospels show us infinite episodes where Jesus shows us with his example that every woman must be respected, and not only that, but also that her dignity and rights must be defended.

Every time religion or society unfairly punishes or singles out women, Jesus shows us that we must love, respect, value and care for them.

Some examples of these women who are named in the Holy Bible and who have also played an important role:

The Virgin Mary, who responsibly assumed being his mother and mother of all men and creatures on earth. God respects her by asking her permission to work through her and fulfill her will.

Elizabeth, the mother of Saint John the Baptist, to whom she announces that her womb is blessed, as is the baby she is expecting.

Ana, the prophetic woman, who welcomed the baby Jesus in her arms and announced that the messiah that everyone had heard had been born, the savior of men had been born.

The mother-in-law of his disciple Pedro. When Jesus found out that she was sick, he did not hesitate for a second to heal her and restore her well-being.

The sinful woman, that woman that everyone pointed out for being “of the people”, but that Jesus defended and gave her back her dignity. Instead of pointing her out like everyone else, he instead freed her from her sins by expressing to her that she loved her very much.

The daughter of Jairus, a young woman who was very weak and sick because she did not eat and Jesus healed her, probably from what is believed to have been a serious case of anorexia.

Mary Magdalene, from whose body he had expelled seven demons.

And the list can go on, with many examples where Jesus shows us with his example that women were, are and continue to be important, in history, in his life and in society.

It was a woman who gave him life, it was a woman who taught him to pray, it was a woman who taught him to love God, to pray with faith and to be obedient.

When a woman is rejected and abandoned by others for suffering from an illness, Jesus restores her health and dignity, living well; when a woman is despised for being poor, Jesus exhibits her as a model of generosity, an example of this, when a poor woman, she offered Jesus all the money she had of hers.

While men rejected women because they were forbidden to interact with them in public even if they were their wives, Jesus made a difference and dared to treat them as equals.

Examples of them, the sisters Mary and Martha or the Samaritan woman who was found at the well, who was also amazed because Jesus told her everything he had done, but also because he treated her being a man and also a Jew, that is, Jesus broke all the rules of the time.

Faced with the abandonment of women, Jesus was compassionate and merciful and did not allow that widowed woman to lose her only son, so he restored her life and relieved her pain.

In a society where women were not taken into account, treated and, furthermore, they occupied the last place, Jesus places them in the first place, by appearing in front of Mary Magdalene, a woman of the “bad life” and expressing to her that he had risen and communicate it to his disciples.

Women are the ones who raise children, help instill solid values, which together with the Father and the reinforcement of the school make their children good men and women, respectful, loving, helpful and willing to love their neighbor just as the Father has entrusted it to us.

Prejudice from home

Respect for women or the lack thereof is born from the home and there is no greater proof of this than the feeling of women that they should like it, they should be good, they should have as their sole purpose in life to live for their husbands, according to his will, raise children and forget about them.

All learning starts at home and this is no exception. Women, since they are girls, are conditioned and made to think that they are “inferior” to men, that they must be perfect, flirtatious, that they must act in a certain way because otherwise, it is frowned upon by society.

When a woman wants to express herself, give her opinion, make decisions, she goes through a strong process between what she has been told all her life that she is or should be, what her posture should be, her role, her tone and even her actions (submission) and between what she thinks she is, or knows she is, but doesn’t know how to express it, since she has lived her whole life limited and repressing her feelings, ideas and opinions.

Girls are constantly expressed in different ways that they are inferior to boys, that they have less strength, less intelligence, that they must be obedient because the man is always right, and a thousand other things, which in reality are nothing more than myths.

Women are just as or even more capable than men of achieving anything, as long as they put their mind to it, and yes, they may have less physical strength, but they have a unique and magical strength, the strength to give life, of raising children and of giving oneself body and soul.

Something that we must understand is that women and men are very different, however, respect for women should always prevail over everything. As human beings, we are intelligent and capable beings, with differences that make us unique beings, beyond our gender, age, condition or skills.

In order to avoid these macho beliefs, which are also completely wrong, it is important to educate women to respect them , both as individuals and as important beings in the family, in society and for themselves.

Let’s educate from self-love, so that women understand that they are not what others express about them, but that they can be everything they create of themselves and that their body is not worth the kilos, how much makeup they wear, but what what makes them valuable is their essence, what they are, from within.

Why should women be judged so harshly? That is, men are not required in the same way, instead, women are judged by their physical appearance, and this has greater weight than even intelligence or skills, does this make any sense?

Women do not seek to be or feel superior to men, they simply want to be respected and valued for who they are, for their abilities and not for how small their waist is or the rest of their physical attributes.

Respect for women , is it too much to ask? It is not about dominating, but about feeling equal and capable, to stop believing that they are inferior or that they must defend their rights tooth and nail. Enough of so much abuse, of believing that women are less or are not capable of making important decisions.

Women just want to be heard and there is no better way to do it than educating from home, so that our children, regardless of gender, understand that we are all important and that the roles that society imposes on us should not be a rule.

For example, why can’t a man raise children, be good at cooking, and do housework? Is it perhaps these responsibilities and roles that should be assumed only by a woman? The answer is No, this is completely absurd.


As we have mentioned before, respect for women is born and develops from the home, with the family, however, there is also an additional factor such as work where women are exposed and denigrated in many cases, not taken into account or less paid despite doing the same work as a man.

Next, we will explain each of these factors and how they influence our lives beyond gender, age and our status as “equals”.

In family and home

An annoyance expressed by many women (whether or not they are mothers) is that their husbands and children in most cases do not value all the work and effort that they silently carry out day after day at home, without complaints or reproaches of any kind and also without any remuneration.

For many men and children, the fact that their wives and mothers keep the house clean, the children fed and well dressed, everything in order is something normal, something they must do because they are women and that is what they are for, when in reality, all we should collaborate in these responsibilities and value the efforts of wives and mothers.

Many men do not understand that all these chores are not an easy task, and that, furthermore, it is even stronger than a job, because there are no breaks, it is eating while taking care of the children, or trying to put on half makeup while going to the worked.

It is important then to raise in equality, where both participate actively and share responsibilities and these values, instill them in children, demonstrate by example the meaning of respect for women .

At work

Every day, women continue to add spaces, make decisions and assume greater leadership, and the labor field is a space that they have not stopped conquering, however, due to their gender, they are sometimes less valued, paid and even targeted for harassment. .

It is no secret to anyone that a successful woman can be a blow to her masculine ego, when in reality, a woman wants nothing more than to improve herself, both personally and professionally.

Being a woman in careers where the male gender has great influence is not easy, however, it is not impossible, as long as you are willing to constantly grow and learn, not even the sky is the limit.

A woman should not be questioned or feel pressured to study a “career according to her gender”, she can perfectly be an engineer, architect, or any other she wants, and more importantly, she should not be the target of abuse, sexual innuendos or no other type, just for the fact of being a woman.

Keys to encourage adolescents to respect women

Next, we will briefly explain some tips that parents can put into practice to raise young people with great respect for the female gender.

The role of the family

The family plays an extremely important role since this is the basis of society. Children do not know of bad intentions or discrimination, gender differences or roles, so it is our responsibility as parents to ensure that our children feel important, each one based on what they are and the skills they possess, regardless of whether they are children. or girl

The woman: much more than a body

Women are much more than a body, they are beautiful, special beings who deserve to be treated with love and not valued or abused in any way.

Educating from equality, respect and love towards the other is not only a fundamental right of our childhood, but it is also a tool that will allow us to help eradicate violence in the not too distant future.

A woman can dress however she wants

A woman can dress however she wants and that does not mean that she deserves to be disrespected in any possible way.

Dressing according to your taste is not expressing any type of desire, provocation or any other message that can be misunderstood, it is simply expressing your taste, period.

Don’t get obsessed with exerting control over her

This control thing is a fairly delicate and extensive topic, about which a lot can be expressed, especially because it is at this point that control begins, which little by little is transformed into emotional violence, distancing from the family, until it reaches physical violence. and even tragedies.

Women are and should be free, independent beings, who treat, dress and express themselves in their own way, without restrictions, limitations or controls of any kind, so to you young man who reads us, do not be obsessed with your girl, let her be and express yourself freely.

no means no

Probably one of the most clichéd phrases of respect for women , however, we should never force a woman to do things she does not want, respect must always prevail.

Request professional help

If you consider that no matter how much advice you receive, articles you read, this seems to overwhelm you and you feel obsessed or need to control others, you cannot avoid being disrespectful, then perhaps it is best to seek professional help to guide you in the best way in that matter. process and you can enjoy a good life as a couple.

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