The Prayer of the Meek Little Lamb to Conquer

The Prayer of the Meek Little Lamb to Conquer

The following article will deal with everything related to the original Meek Little Lamb Prayer , which has functions that are a little out of the ordinary but at the same time are somewhat interesting, such as dominating, taming, making your sentimental problems end and attracting people. .

Prayer of the Meek Little Lamb

The Prayers of the Meek Little Lamb, are really striking for their devotees, for the things that these prayers can perform, where the ones that stand out the most or rather the ones that are most used are the prayer of the meek little lamb to dominate , tame and attract people, since that we as human beings are always in search of peace and tranquility everywhere, especially when we have a love relationship or courtship, or when we simply have some kind of problem with a person, and we remain as enemies, this prayer will remove them from our presence, just as we could also choose the option of totally dominating them.

Unfortunately, there is no record of how and when it began to be implemented, the only thing that is known to date is that it is an ancient and miraculous prayer that is capable of achieving the desired effect towards the person who is addressed to him. lives up to its name. The figure of this little Lamb that we usually see in majestic altars transmits us internal peace and security, both for ourselves and towards our fellow men.

The Meek Little Lamb or Lamb of God?

Most people associate the Meek Little Lamb with the Lamb of God, and they are not entirely wrong with it since the little lamb was the animal that Our God Jesus used to cleanse all the sins in the world. for this same reason is that the prayer of the meek little lamb is an act of faith which is based on the sacred scriptures. Although he is represented in an animal form, we must not forget that this is only the holy image that we ourselves gave him.

Reference has been made to the Lamb of God on numerous occasions, but they appear repeatedly in the gospels, mainly in John’s. Where it is mentioned that this meek little lamb had the purpose of removing all that type of stain or sin from the world, for this reason it represents the docile nature of the animal.

The phrase “This is the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world” was made known by John himself in his apocrypha, which was very popular and recognized for those times, although on the other hand, in readings referring to the Apocalypse , it is said that a sacrificed lamb appears, which has a figure very similar to a lion. Although his most recognized image, with which everyone currently represents him, is the little lamb where he wears a halo over his head which symbolizes holiness, while he is seen holding a cross that symbolizes the great sacrifice he made for the salvation of humanity and, in the same way, in the background a flag of a completely white color is seen as a symbol of peace.

This beautiful and powerful religious figure is well known for being a very calm and docile animal, where it is very essential and of vital importance in the Christian world, so much so that its faithful believers make the use of rituals and/or the prayer of the meek little lamb to totally neutralize his ferocious enemies.

According to biblical readings, it was born in Bethlehem, and that at the time of being sacrificed, the little animal did not make any complaints or struggle, which is why it was called the meek little lamb. This animal has enough nobility to be subdued by his master in the humble sense of course. It is worth mentioning that the prayer of the meek little lamb or Lamb of God is infinitely implemented and obligatory during the Holy Mass, just at the moment when the parishioners are granted the embrace of peace.

Another reason why the animal can be associated with Our God Jesus, is the Pesach festival, organized by Jews, with the sole and cruel purpose of sacrificing lambs, according to them to cleanse the world of all stains of sin, coincidentally this ceremony coincided at the same time in Easter with the passion and death of Jesus Christ.

All this is spoken of in a more explained and specific way in (John 19:14) since in that particular episode it is mentioned “At Easter, many lambs were sacrificed at the same time that Jesus suffered on the cross on Mount Calvary ». Meanwhile in the reading of (Genesis 22:8) it says “God will provide, my son, because through the Lamb of God, many souls will be saved and thus remove all the sin that surrounds the promised land”, with this he wanted to refer because Jesus is the lamb, because he shows submission entirely, without sin or stain that would be a dishonor to the church or its faithful believers.

Prayer of the Meek Little Lamb, What is it for?

The Prayer of the Meek Little Lamb can do multiple things, it depends on how you use it since it is used to dominate, tame, bend or tie up any person you deem convenient, it should be noted that this prayer is generally united with the effective power of the saint death, thus forming an extraordinary fusion capable of responding with impressive speed to the requests that are asked of it.

It must be made clear that said prayer has unimaginable power, so it must be done with total discretion and discipline, since if the prayer is dissected to the wrong person, it can bring great problems and serious consequences for the speaker, although this does not It happens frequently, there are very few cases where this happens, because the people qualified to raise prayers of this type have sufficient reasons to do so.

For those who resort to this prayer of the meek little lamb , who faithfully believe that it will be the solution to all their problems and obtain a miracle from them, they must have much more than faith to achieve the proposed success.

How is the Prayer of the Meek Little Lamb done?

To correctly carry out the Prayer of the Meek Little Lamb , first of all, an altar with flowers and rue should be erected, which is a very exotic type of flower that is well known for its various uses in the spiritual world, it is said that It is the protective plant par excellence, capable of eliminating and removing all harmful energy from their homes.

The room or place where said prayer and/or ritual will be carried out should be a spacious place, with good air circulation and dark, the only thing that can illuminate the room will be the candles, the devotees do not give much importance to the color of these, so they end up choosing the ones they have on hand, although it is recommended that they preferably be white. When everything is in optimal conditions, you can continue to pray, which must be both clear and legible.

Rituals of the Meek Little Lamb

As is known, the Prayer of the Meek Little Lamb is incredibly powerful, so much so that it is capable of doing things that we believe impossible and unimaginable, since it can allow itself to perform mooring rituals either to attract or drive away a person, in the same way with the ritual you will be able to ward off enemies that are both lethal and difficult to fight with the naked eye, this miraculous but at the same time powerful prayer has no limits because thanks to it you will completely dominate those uncomfortable and tough enemies, who only bring you bad vibes, they get in the way in your love relationship or simply has a conflict or altercation with you.

As its name indicates, the Meek Little Lamb has taming or dominating functions over its rivals, but no matter how powerful it is, it is still necessary to aim and have the following materials that will be required for the ritual.

Materials to perform the ritual

  • A candle, if it is white better.
  • A table, in order to place all the utensils to implement in the ritual of the meek little lamb.
  • A photograph or portrait of the person you want to dominate (MANDATORY), since without it it would not be possible to carry out the ceremony, and all our efforts would be in vain.
  • Some rue leaves, as it is a plant that lends itself to this ritual.

Steps to follow to carry out the ritual

  • The first step that must be carried out will be to light the candle, so that it is later offered on the Altar that will be on the counter.
  • The second step will be to place the portrait or photo of the person who is going to be dominated through the ritual, which should remain just to the left of the white candle.
  • Finally, in the third step, a portion of the rough plant will be placed in front of the photo and then repeat the prayer of the meek little lamb:

» Oh Almighty God, under your protection I take refuge, in the name of the great Virgin Mary and her blessed son Jesus, I conjure (Here is the full name of the person portrayed) to bend his will completely. Make him approach me on his knees begging for love and mercy in front of my humanity. Turn him/her into a meek lamb, so that he/she obeys me in everything I command»

“Let him come to me begging for love, clemency, compassion. Let me please in everything you suggest and order. He dominates his strong will, comparable to the strength of an indomitable colt. May all your bad energies become blessings for me, while I am dominated under this great ritual. May his will always be at my disposal. So be it”.

  • When the Prayer is concluded, the photograph should be hit with branches of the rue, so that later it is kept in a strategic place.
  • Finally the candle is extinguished, and thus the ritual is finished.

Prayer for the Loved One

This Prayer refers to the loved one as a couple, so when you perform the Prayer of the Meek Little Lamb for the loved one , you will be able to bend that being you love so much, only if he/she has been a little indifferent to you, or in some cases rebellious. Next we will present you the Prayer to dominate said love. Although if what you are looking for is a Prayer to recover that love that you believe is already impossible for him to return, the is an excellent option for you.

«Oh Meek Little Lamb, supreme creature that showed submission at all times when you were sacrificed by the Jews, on this occasion I invoke you to tie the heart of (Name of the person) so that he always remains by my side, without the need to be unfaithful to me. . That his eyes do not see other eyes, that his mouth does not kiss other lips, that his hands do not touch another body, that his desires are always towards me ».

«Please return (Name of person) as a meek lamb to my life, as once the lost sheep returned to the blessed flock. Bend his soul so that he never separates from me, breaks into his proud heart so that he values ​​my feelings more. O my little lamb, soothe his being, return him to me. I wish to manipulate him/her to comply with my every whim».

«Oh creature, I aspire that (Name of the person)  dedicate himself full time to me, without more distractions that take him away from my life. I conjure you, so that your love never ceases to be mine. Love me, wish me, that in all your mind there is always me, to remind you every day that you love me. I conjure you for being ungrateful, through the meek little lamb you will never leave me again.

«Lord Jesus, who by pronouncing your sacred name implies a supreme force, kind son of God who was crucified by order of Pilate to save the entire world from its sins, you are power and you are divine light that illuminates me forever. Under the intercession of the meek little lamb, I beg you to attract my love again (Name of the person) , because without him/her I feel a great emptiness in my life».
“Tame him like San Marcos de León dominated the dragon and tamed the ferocious lion. Be my strength at all times so that I return to my repentant and humiliated side. Amen”.

Prayer for Love

The Prayer for love or better known as the Prayer of the Meek Little Lamb to Dominate and Tie , will allow you to ask for that love that is distancing itself from you, in addition to taking care of it, preserving it or as its own name already indicated to tie it, only the devotees with a lot of responsibility and temper, will be able to perform said Prayer since not everyone can do it correctly. 

«Oh my meek lamb, noble creature of good feelings who fell silent at the time of being sacrificed at Easter, on this day I come to implore the arrival of a true love, who knows how to value my feelings, my way of being and my heart. Pleases in my life with the entrance of that soul mate that lights the spark of my love, which apparently suffers from a prolonged lethargy.

“Almighty God, who forever blesses the lamb and his entire flock, make love come into my life. Change all my moments of loneliness for a pleasant company, so that it is always with me both in my good days and in bad, in illness, in my successes, in my failures and all those stages that are celebrated more when you are with the person you love.

«Generous meek little lamb, who were given in sacrifice simultaneously when Christ suffered on the cross on Mount Calvary. In the name of that ordeal that I live daily, I implore you that my love (Name of the person) return to my side. I have suffered that abandonment in the worst way, my heart has been saddened in such a way that it does not want to know about other loves, but about him / her that has marked me for life.

“Come back, come back, come back to me sorry for having broken up with this relationship. Calm down his pride and make him understand that only with me will he be happy. O lamb of God, submissive animal. Make that submission pierce his heart, to dominate him (a) so that he never leaves me again. Return him to my life meek as a lamb, never to let him escape like a capricious beast. Amen”.

«Oh dear meek lamb, I agree on this opportunity kneeling in front of your powerful and warm picture with the firmness of conjuring (Name of the person) , because he has been unfaithful to me and committed baseness in the name of my love. I beg you to fail in your relationship attempt. Intercede so that it is present in your mind and in your thoughts. That his new courtship fails in such a way that he has to return on his knees in front of me.

«Under the meek lamb I conjure you, in the meek lamb I cling, by the great submissive lamb I tie you, so that you are not happy with your lover, for playing with my love that was always honest and without reservations. Oh sacred lamb, may all loving purposes come crashing down, for having played with what I felt for him/her. Amen”.

Prayer to Dominate Enemies

The Meek Little Lamb , not only serves to dominate a platonic love and/or partner, since this one has among its powers, the most outstanding of all, to dominate all kinds of enemies, from the calmest enemy to the most threatening that exists in your life just by praying the meek little lamb prayer to dominate enemies , although if instead of dominating them, you simply want to keep them away, the following prayer can help you with it. «O Jesus Christ, the winner, who suffered the worst humiliations on the cross for the salvation of all of us, your sinful children. You who exemplify the goodness and nobility of the meek little lamb, I ask you on this very special occasion to defeat (Name of person) since I cannot do it on my own. May he stand in front of me humiliated and begging for forgiveness for all the offenses committed under my name.

«Lamb of God, who has managed to suppress in part, all the sin that covers the world, dominates all my enemies, from the most defenseless to the strongest, because they all seek to hurt me with their wickedness. Dominate each one of their hearts, so that they do not fulfill their purposes, that in their minds there is only the possibility of coming before me on their knees to humiliate them».

“Just as Saint Lazarus managed to defeat death thanks to the work of prayer that Our Lord Jesus established in the crypt, that under his power and that of the meek lamb you defeat my adversaries until they come repentant under my humanity to whip them.”

«Two needles here, three ties there, from this moment I want to tie you up, so that you comply with my will and thus be able to humiliate you as the most powerful enemy I have. I want to end up with you just like you wanted to strike me down, with your intrigues, insults and discord. For the offenses, jealousies, persecutions and lawsuits that you have wanted to seek without having any need.

“Bring with me his humanity, so I can bask in an enemy begging for mercy. O meek lamb, completely bind the minds of my enemies, so that their wickedness does not fulfill its objective. May the hand of justice also intercede, so that none of these evildoers get away with it.

«Blessed meek little lamb, I beg you to keep me away from all the temptations of the devil, which are personified in each of my enemies. Deliver me from the vices that they try to offer me to fall into sin. Keep away the gossip they spread to slander my image in front of my loved ones. Drive away third parties who seek to break my relationship, because with their discord they only seek mistrust and quarrels.

«That all the evil that they wish me, I do not wait for it to be returned to them, but to be multiplied in blessings for my cause. Let them know that their evil will make the final judgment against them implacable. Meek little lamb of my life, forgive all the falsehoods of my opponents. If anyone approaches with bad intentions, keep them away from my life forever. That his evil deeds do not interfere with me day by day ».

“Oh gracious lamb, I hope you will listen to every request suggested in these humble prayers, and thus live rejoicing in the kingdom of heaven. Amen”.

Prayer for the Boss

If you want to improve the relationship with that of your work boss, the prayer of the meek little lamb for the boss is perfect for you since it will make the work relationship flow, harmonize, you could even request that your superior be more docile with you, and at the same time the bonds are strengthened (for your own benefit). Although you could also make your boss value more your efforts and talents that you have made, since these same ones are sometimes a little unfair, to the point of abusing his authority and / or superiority.

«Almighty God, creator of everything seen and created on earth, father of visible objects and invisible souls, may the following prayer be heard in favor of the meek little lamb. Oh sacred lamb, soften the heart of my boss, tame his character to better cope with a work environment suitable for performing my duties with diligence».

“I hope the workload is not heavy with the attitudes of my boss, oh meek lamb, help him to be more warm and attentive to his employees. Tame it like Saint Mark did with the ferocious lion that wanted to attack it. Let him know that to be a good boss, you don’t have to be overbearing or arrogant. Help me, oh lamb of God, purifier of sins, not to abandon my job in the face of so much harassment and workplace abuse.

Prayer to Dominate a Man

Relationships are never simple and/or easy, since there will always be some kind of conflict or inconvenience. With the prayer of the meek little lamb to dominate a man you will be able to tame your partner so that you can have peace and tranquility at home and thus finally have a stable and happy marriage, although through this prayer women can also tie up a man that catches their attention or interests, likes or even loves.

Oh meek, gentle, calm and powerful lamb, I feel frustrated not having the man I love by my side. On this very special day, I request your power to bind (Name of the man you want to dominate)  who has let me down in every way. Make him return to me totally humiliated by the offense he did me, until he begs forgiveness and I forgive him ».

«You more than anyone know, because in the name of God we swear that love, that I love him. That is why I long to keep him in my life forever. Oh lamb, I tie it up, I dominate it, I tame it. I want to completely have his will to handle it as I please, just as he played with me. Amen”.

The following video explains in more detail the steps to follow before making this prayer, in order to obtain better results.

Prayer of the Meek Little Lamb Santa Muerte

Both the Santa Muerte and the Meek Corderito have immense power, so when the 2 come together they are able to completely dominate, tame and placate a person, drawing them back to you. It is worth mentioning for young inexperienced devotees that most of these rituals or prayers are very powerful, so the speaker who is performing said ritual or prayer must act responsibly and not implement these powers without reason, since the consequences to that could be serious.

«Oh Most Holy Death and meek little lamb, two spectacular powers that I invoke on this occasion, because I need a supreme force to help me in this very particular case. I wish to enjoy the pleasures granted by its virtues, genuine and wonderful holy insignia. Grant me every favor that I try to request, in the name of Almighty God together with the Holy Trinity, whose powers are divided into three beautiful representations».

«Oh holy death of mine, submissive lamb of my soul, do not throw on deaf ears the request to conjure (Name of the person)  so that he does not live a single moment of tranquility, torment him(her), drown him(her) in dark thoughts and dark. Mortify gives one of his days, so that he always has me present in his thoughts. May he not be able to eat well, may he not be able to sleep comfortably, because I will always be in his mind and I want him to return meek as a lamb».

«Oh majestic death, that with your powerful scythe you have conquered thousands of followers, like the meek lamb given as a sacrifice to satisfy the Jews in their festivals, I invoke you in this opportunity so that you can dominate both the body and the soul. spirit of (Name of person)  , because you will not have a moment of peace until you come to me begging for forgiveness and mercy.

«I want to see you in front of me and on your knees, kissing the ground I walk on. When I pierce the needle in this candle, your will will be at my mercy. You will be docile as the lamb and I will submit to you in any decision I make with you. In the same way that the needle acts piercing it, I will also be present in your mind as a constant pang that will make you remember me forever. Your ingratitude will be reduced through this spell.”

«Mighty Holy Death, which together with the meek little lamb, fill your devotees with emotion for possessing infinite taming powers, on your behalf I wish to submit (Name of the person) so that he is at my mercy and fulfills my will, dominating yours entirely. You won’t have a single minute of peace until you come back to me meek and docile. I want to dominate all areas of his life, until he sees him completely hypnotized under his glorious names ».

“That he come back to me, that he adore me, that he only fulfill my will so that nothing and no one else monopolizes his thoughts. So be it”.

«Oh most holy death, powerful queen of all darkness, whose powers manage to transcend until they mediate with the meek little lamb that was sacrificed at Easter and resurrection times. I request your protection and help at all times, so that you do not throw on board the following request that I have come to make. Intercede in the mind of (Name of the person)  so that he only thinks of me and his dedicated time is exclusively for me.

“Interrupt her sleep if she wants to sleep, so that she only falls asleep when she’s next to me. May peace vanish completely, so that calm can only be obtained when you share your moments with me. I want to make his body my temple, my refuge, my home and his mind my own mind. Fulfill each one of these prayers to the measure, oh queen of the supernatural, my holy death, great meek little lamb. Amen”.

Prayer to Overcome a Person

You have an enemy and/or rival who always defeats you in almost everything, or you simply want to overcome a person so that you achieve something that both of you seek in common, you only have to recite the following little Prayer of the Meek Little Lamb for 7 days, and you will see how it is will achieve the effect you want.

 “Today I conjure the forces of power

And of destiny, so that (name of the person)

Be defeated in my presence.

May I always pass over him and arrive

Before with alacrity to the goal. May these words materialize immediately
By the light
Of the forces that follow me».

Prayer of the Meek Little Lamb to Bind, Tame, Dominate

You want to solve your sentimental problems, you want to save your marital relationship, you are looking for a way to achieve an impossible love, you want to know what to do to make that person who left you come back to you, you do not know how to sweeten character, or renew attitudes and feelings of someone towards you and that they give you all their unconditional love, this and more you can do with this very powerful and miraculous prayer, but keep in mind that when doing it you do not harm third parties. Ask with all your heart and be the meek little lamb to act for your benefit and help you get what you want to be with who you consider to be your soul mate.

«Oh meek little lamb, meek little lamb of God,
you who are the best protection for those who suffer for love,
the sweet consolation of those who cry for love,
in these moments that I feel disconsolate-or
and I need your support and convenient help
come as soon as possible Please give me what I ask for”.

“I conjure you…….
(name of the person you want to tame)
in the name of Jesus, Mary and Joseph».

«With these words I conjure you again …….
so that you come to me as a meek lamb
and full of love, fidelity and attention towards me,
a creature of God ……. I require you
so that you only think of me and do it full of love».

“Me ……. (your name) I conjure you my man (or woman),
so that you return to me meek and loving
so that you return to my side and never want to leave».

“In the name of the domain spirit,
I……. I strongly dominate your five senses,
your judgment, your thought, and your will:
so that you ……. remain perfectly dominated-a,
remain meek-at my feet and totally tied-up to me,
both in the present and in the future».

«That when I ……. see him (or her) ……. see me with love
That when I……. hear him (or her) ……. he listen to me carefully.
When I……. look at him (or her) ……. look at me passionately.
When I ……. touch him (or her) ……. touch me with ardor.
And when I ……. sigh he (or she) ,,,,,,, sigh from the heart».

«So his five senses, his mind, feeling and heart,
will be tied to me forever in the same love,
in the same feeling and in the same thought,
in the same heart the person I love ……
and I ……. we will be united today and always, tomorrow and the day after,
nothing and no one will interfere in our relationship
no one and nothing will bother us in our union
or achieve, no matter how hard I try, that we separate again,
for the meek little lamb, for the meek little lamb of God,
our love will be strengthened, our lives will come together again».

«By God I ask it and by nature itself I require it,
with deep and unwavering faith
I know that my request will soon be fulfilled».

When you finish this Prayer, pray five Our Fathers, a Hail Mary and a Glory Be. You must repeat the prayer for nine days in a row, similar to a novena, do not forget that at the time of doing it you must place all your trust, hope and, above all, believing deep inside that you are going to get what you have asked for. If you wish, you can light a red and white bicolor candle every day, if you do not have these colors, you can choose to light a red one one day and a white one the next. It is mandatory to put a new candle every day, in the event that there are remains of the old one, they can be thrown in the trash, since said candle has already made the call function that we wanted to make.

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