Prayer to the Restless Spirit

Prayer to the Restless Spirit: What is it and what is it for?

In the next article to show, everything related to the powerful Prayer to the Restless Spirit will be explained and taught in the clearest and most precise way , such as what it is, what function it fulfills, and what is the correct way to perform said prayer so that the results are as you request them and are both to your liking and satisfaction.

Restless Spirit Prayer

The  original restless spirit prayer or also known as the prayer of the spirit of despair, will help you release, attract or upset a person who is trying to hurt you. It is very important that you know that whenever you have some kind of problem or threat, this may be the prayer that can help you get rid of all kinds of blocks that overwhelm you. Some people call it the meek lamb prayer. If you wish, you can complement this Prayer, and thus obtain better results together with the

The Restless Spirit Prayer is incredibly useful for those desperate moments in which we need extreme help, while at the same time it has enough power to free us from someone who has the bad intention of harming us either physically or psychologically, although in some cases it can be both ways.

This prayer will also allow us to completely dominate and tame a loved one, even if he is not present in our life as he was before, since such a person could have moved away or is already very distant from you, since it is a prayer so strong that You can even manage to drive away that harmful person while in turn you will be doing the same damage that they have tried to do to you or even worse, so that in this way you will not have a single moment of peace again, in case you want to win back your failed love, you will be capable of that and more because you could even make him come begging and be surrendered at your feet.

Prayer of the Restless Spirit to Dominate a Man

Do you want to dominate your partner or bring him back to your side but you don’t know how to do it? With this prayer you will be able to fulfill your objective of taming, dominating and getting that man who has been distant and/or indifferent to you to come back without any kind of explanation, you will only have to perform this prayer with all your faith and trust so that when you least Wait, you’ll have that man at your feet.

«In the name of our Father God at this moment I invoke you Restless Spirit. I conjure you and ask you to help me dominate (say the name of your partner), so that he does not feel calm and so that his judgment, thought and will despair for me.

I offer this powerful prayer to you Restless Spirit to despair for love to the Guardian Angel of (say the name of your partner) for the most holy day he was born, for the day he was baptized and for the day he must die .
Grant me Restless Spirit, that he cannot sleep, eat, drink, think, be or live in peace until he surrenders at my feet and his thoughts are only for me.

Grant me an Uneasy Spirit, that he humiliates himself begging for my love, that he feels desperation and interest in seeing me, in wanting me and in wanting to have me. May he come humble, repentant and with the greatest desire to lengthen me, caress me, please me and kiss me with the utmost passion.

«Grant me Restless Spirit, that his return be meek and pleading, that he feel that I am his owner completely and that in his heart there is no room for more than my love.
Come to me Restless Spirit, I call on you at this time so that all the senses of (say the name of your partner) bow down to me. Dominate him to my will and that only he wants to dedicate his love and his life to me.

Dominant and powerful Restless Spirit, come with the great power that our Heavenly Father has blessed and granted you so that (say the name of your partner) love and be dominated in body and soul at my disposal.

Grant me Restless Spirit, that his body only wants mine, that his eyes only look at me and no one else, that in his thoughts only I am, that he feels that he cannot be without my presence, that wherever he goes he wants that I be present and that his love, tenderness and affection are only for me.

Oh! Dominant Spirit, dominate this great love with your divine power that God has granted you. Give me the peace I need, relieve my aching heart, return me to (say the name of your partner) as love and not as an enemy.

Come my love, dominated and calm, so that my eyes follow you, my gaze suggests you, my voice dominates you, my presence impassions you and your will is mine. Amen”.

Prayer of the Restless Spirit to Bring You the Loved One

In this Original Restless Spirit Prayer , it is very powerful and can only be used on one person or in this case the man with whom you had or still have a relationship, in a few words this will not serve as a mooring, but to bring back to the man with whom you already had a previous connection.

Restless spirit, I hope you run and get into the heart of (name of the person) do not let him sit in a chair, eat at a table, or sleep in a bed, that he is desperate as the waters of the sea, that run run and no one help you until you reach my plants, and do not put your attention on any kind of woman, neither widow, nor single, nor married (name of the person) I swear to God and to a holy cross that you have to walk behind me like the living behind the cross and the dead behind the light.

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