Inner Healing Prayer for Soul Wounds

Inner Healing Prayer for Soul Wounds

The Inner Healing Prayer is a kind of prayer that is carried out to obtain through it the healing of the body, soul and mind, which if it is carried out with great faith, great results can be obtained in God. In the following article you will know everything about how to perform and ask God to work in his life for the healing of his body.

Inner Healing Prayer

The Inner Healing Prayer becomes a kind of prayer to have a kind of connection with God, in this way, he is the one who will guide us on the right path and will also illuminate us from the most inhospitable corner of our heart. .

With this prayer, the person will manage to entrust to God all his pain, as well as all the melancholy, sadness, his anguish, the various problems and also the complaints that are affecting his life and his emotions and like his feelings, in such a way that you are cornered and do not find the path, however, the Lord is going to show you the way to follow.

First of all, a suggestion: You are going to be presented with a Prayer for Inner Healing that fell into the hands of many people some time ago. The idea is to get to pray it personally, in a meditative way and with a simple faith, in a moment of great peace and good serenity, in front of the Lord, perhaps in a Shrine.

It seems that this kind of prayer usually has some kind of perceptible response. Although healing may be gradual and require a good deal of time or a few attempts, this means that this Prayer of Healing and Inner Liberation should be prayed several times.

However, before praying it they must have seriously reflected and worked on each of their inner wounds or undigested impressions of the subconscious. The main sentence will be done as follows.

The first thing you should do is find a place where you can be completely silent, where no one interrupts you. Get comfortable. Go before the Lord in an attitude of trust and humility, first.

Proceed to enter into the prayer in whatever way you feel moved to do so. Since healing becomes a kind of successive process, that prayer is not going to solve all your problems. It will never be possible to say that the problems are over thanks to her, that all the memories have been healed, however, it is possible to remove all kinds of barriers that prevent them from being healthy and healthy.

Inner healing will have taken place when an event from the past no longer has the power to hurt you when you can remember it without sadness, shame, or guilt. So you can enter into the presence of God.

Lord, you who can reach back with me and walk with me through my life from the moment I was conceived. Please help me, oh Lord, even then: cleanse me and deliver me from everything that could have caused me difficulties at the time of my conception.

You who were present at the moment when we all came to be formed in the womb of our mothers. Please deliver them and heal them from any kind of ties in her spirit that may have come to me through my mother or her parents’ life circumstances even as it took form. For this, I thank you.

I also praise you, Jesus, because you are also healing me from the trauma of being born. (Many of our mothers had long and painful labors when we were born, and this has an effect on the child.) I ask you, Lord, to heal me from the pain of being born and from everything I suffered at birth. I thank you, Lord, that you were there to receive me in your arms when I was born. Consecrate me at that very moment to the service of God. Thank you, Jesus, because this has been done.

Lord Jesus, I praise you because in those first months of my childhood you were with me when I needed you. There are many people who require much more love than they received from their mother, because they were separated by circumstances that could not be avoided. They did not receive the love that would have helped them feel strength and stability.

There were times when I needed my mother to cradle me on her chest and rock me and tell me children’s stories as only a mother can. Lord, do it in the depths of my being. Send me your mother, Maria, so that she holds me close in her lap, she gives me warmth and does everything a mother does to give her child tenderness and security. Let me feel her maternal love so moving, comforting and deep that nothing can separate me from that love again. I thank you and praise you. Lord, because I know that right now I am sheltered in the arms of your mother and in yours.

Heal me, Lord, the wounds caused by relationships with my family, the brother or sister who did not fully understand me or who did not show me love and kindness properly. A part of me never felt loved because of it.

Let me now reach out in forgiveness to that same brother or sister. Perhaps through the passing of time, I have never been able to accept them because I never felt truly accepted by them. Give me great love for them. So the next time I see you there is so much love that all the old will be gone. You will have renewed me. I thank you for that, Lord. Thank you, Father, that through this healing we can become the kind of husband and wife that You ask us to be.

As I feel the anointing of your love, I glorify you, Lord, because I know it is done. Lord, there is no power in heaven and earth that can prevent it. I praise you, Lord, because I know that the more I give you, thanking you and praising you for it, the more you give me the strength of your presence, the power of your spirit, the love of your Divine Son. I praise you, Jesus, for this healing and I glorify you. Thanks. Amen.

Inner Healing Prayer for the Afflicted and Feared Heart

In the realization of an inner Physical Healing Prayer, your affliction is given to God, as well as your concern, fears, anxieties, problems and also emptiness. He will no longer find himself afflicted. A prayer for inner healing that is performed with great faith can become so powerful that it even transforms the soul and the heart.

The prayer for inner healing is a way of being able to communicate with God, in a close and deeper intimacy with Him, always placing all your desires, desires, hopes, frustrations, moods at the foot of his cross. and also the painful situations that they go through, so that He can act in their lives and reach them through the Spiritual Healing Prayer , as well as the physical or mental healing they need.

Jesus did not come only to give them eternal salvation, but on the other hand he also came to heal souls, soul and body.

Inner Healing Prayer for the Heart

Lord Jesus, I know that you love me and you also bless me, every day I praise you, I bless you, I thank you because you are great and also wonderful, blessed be you. At this moment I want to give you, also give you, donate each and every one of my problems because I know that you can help me, because I know that you can give me the peace that I require.

Good Jesus, in moments of great darkness, please illuminate my life, be the sun that peeks through the window, also let me know where to walk. I ask you, oh my beloved God, that in moments of great sadness you give me joy. I give myself completely to you and ask you to act on my heart.

You know that I need a lot from you, your protection, your strength. Without you I was not able to win, without you the problems come to defeat me, however, with you I can do everything. I tell you Lord that you are a good God, praised and glorified be for all time. Lord Jesus, You who know each of my weaknesses and my anxieties at this time, I ask you to fill me with your great and eternal blessing.

I know that You, at this moment, are passing through here, You are filling with peace and serenity all those who pray this prayer at this moment, glory to your blessed name forever. Come Lord to touch my heart that needs you for different situations, today I need you more than ever in my life.

Come Lord to my aid, come to my aid, I cry out to You, I cry out for your protection, I cry out for your strength, I cry out for your forgiveness. Come into my heart and renew me, remove from me:

  • The Indecisions
  • The sadness
  • The melancholy
  • Every Feeling of Failure
  • All Feelings of Depression
  • phobias
  • fears
  • fears

Lord take all my pain, blessed be Jesus. Move your powerful and healing hand in me, move Lord, your powerful hand to feel strengthened. May I believe in You. Although my sentimental life is going through hard times, look at the crisis of:

  • My marriage
  • My job
  • My home
  • My relatives

Things don’t turn out the way I expect them to, my Lord. Please I trust you, I also trust your love, I know that only you can give me what no one can give me. You are the friend who never fails. Lord, transform me with your power and with your mercy. Blessed be Jesus, blessed be your Holy Name. Today, I want to give you Lord, all my time, each of my emotions, like:

  • My feelings
  • My belongings
  • My Material Goods
  • My life

I give you, O my Lord, everything, it is absolutely everything I have and everything I am. Holy, Holy, Holy are you Lord, God of Heaven and earth, worthy of all kinds of worship. Blessed and praised are You, Holy are You. Glory to You, Glory and praise forever. I want to join the heavenly choirs, all the angelic choirs and also glorify you with all of them. I want to bless you for all eternity with my testimony of life. Yours I am Lord, yours I am.

I know that your love pours into my life right now and you are touching the depths of my heart, healing every wound, every frustration, every pain. Lord Jesus, with all confidence I know that you come into my life to give me comfort and strengthen me with your company. Come and stay Jesus, stay. Amen.

The inner healing prayer can heal your heart from the deepest wounds that are caused from your childhood, they are wounds that you may not know because they could have happened in a very early childhood, however, God knows. The book of Psalm chapter 147, verse 3 says, “God heals those who are afflicted and heals their wounds.”

Can an Inner Healing Prayer Heal Me?

Many go so far as to explain that everyone knows that there are at least 4 types of healing, which are:

  • physical healing
  • spiritual healing
  • Liberation of Evil Spirits
  • Inner Healing

It also becomes known as a kind of healing of wounds on an emotional level or a healing of all the painful memories of childhood or adulthood. So it would be good for you to read the book of 2 Kings chapter 5 so that you can get to see how the healing of Soldier Naaman happened. So in a small summary we can highlight that:

The Prophet Elisha told the king’s general that if he wanted to get healed he only had to go to the river and have to bathe about 7 times, to which the King’s General named Naaman was very angry because, why would he do a thing? so simple, so he got very angry and wanted to leave, however, his servants convinced him that since he was a prophet of God he should do what Elisha had said and then he agreed to do it and that’s how he did it and to his surprise he was healed.

In this way, as it happened with the Chief General of the King named Naaman, a prayer for inner healing that is simple can also heal you, because it is not the prayer itself, but His Faith and obeying the word of God. . The book of Isaiah chapter 6 says: “Spread your peace, Lord of my life”, to what refers to the fact that He is the prince of peace.

Deliver your afflictions to the Lord, as well as your worries, your fears, your anxieties, your loneliness, all your confusion, your bitterness and also your emptiness. Give the Lord your God your complexes, guilt, moods, traumas and tell him:

“Here I am before You, with my problems, with my illnesses, with all my situations”

Immediately, find a space of silence and begin to make these words yours. With great faith, he pronounces each one of them, as if you were looking at the face of the Lord right now and tell him the powerful prayer of inner healing that follows from the bottom of your heart.

Inner Healing Prayer for your Daily Life

Lord Jesus, on this day I ask you to please come and touch my life, please cover me with your precious blood oh beloved Lord Jesus, heal my mind, as well as my body and my spirit.

I know what you are capable of, how great and powerful your miracles are. I cast off all lack of faith and give myself completely to You. So I give you all my situations in your beautiful hands. There are no limits to your love and to your healing. I know that you will have all things in my favor. I believe it. Thank you my beloved Lord Jesus, because I know that they already find you in this place healing and blessing me. In the name of Jesus. Amen

Inner Wound Healing

Inner Healing becomes asking Jesus to turn back the time that the person was hurt, so that He can now release them from it. Inner Healing becomes asking Jesus to also turn back the time that the person became hurt, so that they are now released from it. This involves about 2 steps:

Bringing to light all the things that have hurt them. It is also convenient to get to ask yourself certain questions that usually reveal to you the basic wounds for which you have to get to pray:

  • The First: When did all this start? Or also: was it a happy childhood?

Many of the deepest wounds can be traced back to the first 2 or 3 years of life, that is, to the time when the person was much more vulnerable and less able to defend themselves. However, it is equally true that some have received their wounds later at school, in some unhappy sexual experiences, etc.

  • The Second: What was it that caused the injury?

On several occasions already the answer to the first question reveals the reasons for the old wounds. Many of them start from some rejection or some kind of broken relationship. Particularly that they are important in their relationships with parents.

If the mother did not caress him enough, if the father came back from work very tired and hardly got to talk to the child or punished him harshly, if there were many children in the house for a sick mother and he did not have time to show them affection, or if 1 of the parents died when the child was still small.

All these painful experiences leave wounds that deeply affect the basic feelings of the person. This is best achieved when dialoguing with another person; Even talking about the problem is already a healing process. So it can be recommended that you pray to the Lord to heal them from all his wounds.

If we manage to remember how and why it all began, then the Lord Jesus is asked to accompany them to the past. He, as the Lord of time, is the only one capable of doing what we cannot. He can heal those wounds from the past that still make us suffer, sometimes immediately.

After we have come to pray for the healing of the wound, the negative aspect of healing, we can ask the Lord to positively fill our lives with all that we were missing. Since we have such a deep need for love, the conclusion of the prayer for inner healing is usually to fill all the empty places of our heart with God’s love.

Inner healing gives people so much peace and joy that it is a shame that so few understand and practice this kind of prayer. Thus, in a simple way, we can say that we place the purification of the subconscious in the hands of the Lord, asking Him to heal the wounds.

A few words about the laying on of hands. It is not necessary for healing. However, this practice, which we already find in the New Testament, has its advantages. It seems that something, like a stream of healing energy flows from the minister to the sick person, a transfer of life-giving power. Also, concern and love are much better communicated by touch than by word; there is a deep sense of communion and love in the laying on of hands.

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