Prayer To The 7 Archangels To Ask For Their Help

Prayer To The 7 Archangels To Ask For Their Help

In this world we always have to protect ourselves from any evil and thank God that we have the favorite protectors of our almighty father. The archangels are those who have a heavenly power to reach their followers. But what can be even greater, this is due to the prayer to the 7 archangels , which protects those who pray it.

Prayer to the 7 archangels

I invoke you (Please enter your full name) only for the presence of our dear, venerated and most holy father, my god. In addition, I also invoke my personal Guardian Angel, the one I selected to be by my side from the day of my birth (Please enter the day, month and year you were born).

And to all the archangels that are under the domain of our creator, like; Miguel, Jophiel, Gabriel, Rafael, Uriel, Zadkiel and Chamuel. My god, make sure that all of them come to my aid to make my life a better place and full of (Please enter your request).

I thank my god and all the archangels for enforcing my needs. My gratitude is eternal with you and with no one else. Everything that I am, will be and have, is thanks to you, that I am full of love and happiness.

Prayer to the 7 archangels Michael

Oh beloved Saint Michael the Archangel. For you I am always without fear or worries since you are there to fight my battles with the hand of our almighty creator father. You who defend me above all, do not let win the fights against those evils that want to make me fall into malevolent darkness. God and your Saint Michael are the only ones who can drive them away from me.

And that your beloved Angel, you are the one who leads the army of the Lord, the one who always triumphs. Oh great warrior, protect and guide me so I don’t have bad deeds. Nor that the shadows of Satan take over my light. Also those who are in this plane trying to implement darkness. Like evil spirits and their minions.

Prince of the heavenly kingdom of our lord, praised by many and referenced by others. Nobody questions your ability to impart good and the stories of all your battles won in the name of our almighty father. You are the one that the demons are afraid of, because of your sword with gifts of victory and mighty.

For the conceived love that I have for the son of God, Jesus Christ. And to everything heavenly, I (Please enter your full name) I love you with all the strength of my soul and I know that with the help of the Virgin Mary my energies will be renewed by new ones, and that the previous ones may be infected with evil and greed, own defects of darkness.

Dear Archangel Michael, I implore you to never abandon me, especially when I am waging personal, professional and soul battles. Enlighten me with your powerful ray of blue light so I don’t take the wrong path. Only you are able to guide me and provide me with protection. Hear my prayer blessed God’s favorite Angel. Amen.

Prayer to the 7 archangels Gabriel

Beloved communicator of the word of God, I come before you today. Messenger of the divinities of the skies and the omens of this. You who are aware of everything that happens in heaven and earth. Bring to my life the good news full of glorious and wonderful things. Bless me and my loved ones, family members with positive energies. Give them the happiness they so badly need.

You are well known for giving fertility to life. Grant it to me so that my ideas and feelings lead me to new projects, experiences, friendships and loves that bring me wisdom with pure understanding of how life works, when you are on the right track. Don’t let me stray from the path my divine lord has for me. He alone knows what my purposes and goals are since I was conceived in this life.

You have been the great communicator of the most historic events that humanity has had, as well as their impact, throughout centuries of generations and traditions. I thank you for being the one in charge of communicating to the Virgin Mary the birth of the chosen one and long awaited by all, Jesus Christ, the son of God. That he imparted all his teachings of love and equality with each one of us.

I ask you to please deliver the glorious news to those women who are in a state of desperation and anguish for not being able to conceive, the opportunity to be a mother. To have the capacity for the life created by God to form within it and thus the earth becomes a much better place for us to coexist in the best way. Loving each other as brothers.

I know that you promote blessings for that reason I ask you for one that is very unique and different for (Please enter the name of the person you are going to ask for a blessing). So that in this way a life develops in your womb, that you have a lot of well-being and health. That he grows up being a person that the light is always around him as well as the love and the virtues that our almighty lord has. Since we are created in his image and his goodness is one of his qualities.

Sow in everything good and keep away the bad as much as you can. I beg you, that his soul be so pure, that no one doubt it my beloved Angel San Gabriel. May his knowledge not be limited as well as yours so that he faces everything with wisdom. So be it, I implore you. Amen.

Prayer to the 7 Archangels Raphael

The one who heals and performs miracles in your name my lord. We come to you with all our fullness and soul full of love towards you, do not hesitate my heavenly Angel. I (Please enter your full name) I implore you to help me, this faithful follower of our Lord, to find my soul mate despite all the adversities I have had and faced, just as you did. with Tobias to get Sara.

My beloved San Rafael, you more than anyone know my prayers and hopes. Do not forsake me or turn a deaf ear to my requests. I implore you to surround me with your brilliant miraculous blinding flame in granting much health and well-being to those who come to you. As well as the ability to heal myself from any illness, both body and soul. In my body so that no disease arrives and in my soul so that no restlessness disturbs the energies that make up my person.

So I also ask you to intervene in those who have any kind of illness, physical or mental and economic, which is what most suffer on this earth. Generating most of the ailments, because they do not have the economic resources to be able to heal from the ills they suffer, do not let them fall, in that type of situation and protect me from all evil that arises.

If I have any wrong, heal me. Of thought since negative things such as envy, resentment and pride with your blessing can be cured. And that I did not deviate from the plan he has chosen for me. I leave you my most urgent needs (Please enter your needs that require your intervention) thanks to you and our Lord my requests will be heard. Amen.

Prayer to Zadkiel

You who are the justice that liberates this cosmic world. You know very well who or who have altered the freedom that exists in this earthly world affecting my situation as (Please enter your current situation) I feel that in my life I have been having a lot of defeats (Please enter your defeats).

For the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ, son of God and that of your powerful light. Please help that all the sins, faults and mistakes that I have committed or that my ancestors have committed do not last. And may they be forgiven. Also that you take away that burden that is not letting me be totally happy, live in prosperity and love so that they love me. I need to live a full life without so many worries. Oh dear Zadkiel.

Through your blessings and holy divinity the world has another shine. One that only enlightens me, just for having come to you I already have another opportunity to restore myself properly. Being a new person, thanks to you, my devotion and responsibility will be solely and exclusively for the almighty lord. There is no one better than him, who protects me in this way.

Let me show the rest of my brothers who are lost, the true path. Only the one who left us and taught us to follow, I will not let him deviate nor those I choose to follow your word. I owe you everything my lord, you are the center of my whole world and more if there were no limits. I know you will not forsake me, you will not abandon me and less when I come to you. My faith is blindly placed in your hands because for me there is nothing to doubt.

Oh dear Angel Zadkiel. Honor me with your blessing, fill me with your light, wrap me in your great and powerful wings so that my requests await them with thanks and much calm. I know you will listen to me. I will have no more fears in my soul. Amen.

Prayer to Jophiel

Oh beloved Jophiel, you are blessed in many ways, you were the only one to whom God would allow a gift that everyone wishes to have with great ambition but that you received with the honor of being the chosen one, the gift of wisdom.

I hope that your heavenly light is so blinding that my mind has another focus, that it is blinded with pure knowledge bestowed by you. This will help me, thanks to you, to face life differently. One is that I may be wise enough to make the right choices for my life and to maintain close connections with those I love. I know that since you are so wise, you will help me in my most urgent decision-making dilemmas (Please enter your decisions that are urgent) so that everything is clearer for me and I do not make a mistake on my way.

Don’t let hopelessness and poor decision making make me a target for the attentions of the dark lord, satan. I beg you, don’t let me fall into a deep sleep where I might wake up because I’m in his power. I will not be afraid of this happening since I know that with the protection of your great blessed wings and the majestic power of our father, I will be armored and I will not feel unprotected in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Oh sweet Jophiel, help me as much as you can, in everything that is within your reach so that I can see the path that is granted to me before I am even born in this world. That by the power of the son of God, whoever does not kneel before him yet, may he do so be divine presences and earthly souls. So that everyone never questions his sacred authority.

That the wisdom that you have, grant me a little to lead my life for the good walks. Get an envelope containing a piece of your heavenly energy so that obstacles don’t stop me and I can go through them. And that thanks to the wisdom obtained my mind expands in such a way that the imagination has no limits to plant my next goals. You are the one that everything with the help of God you can obtain. I know you will not turn a deaf ear to my pleas. Amen.

Prayer to Chamuel

Oh Angel Chamuel. Guardian of the gates of heaven, who bravely fights in the army of Angel of God as one of the main ones, I come to you. Pious and miraculous that when my time comes I know that you will accompany me to be in the divine kingdom of our father, God. Try that with the flapping of your enormous wings the love I feel expands in an incredible way, for everything heavenly. For God and for his son Jesus Christ, and that this somehow returns to me tripled thanks to my blessed lords.

You who are the one to guide us correctly and be our teacher in the words of our Lord. We thank you for being this way with us, a being full of light to help us. We implore you, through you, to show us the ways to heal the wounds that have not yet healed in our souls and that there are even some that continue to bleed. We ask you. As well as the damage caused by violence, anger, resentment and envy.

In this way live in harmony with each other, form families like Mary and Joseph. Convey love for all possible kidneys and for having. To be able to live together in a stable community full of brothers and sons of God. Amen.

Prayer to Uriel

You who know that in our interior most of the time chaos reigns. And we don’t know what to do with ourselves. Please I (Please enter your full name) call you, so that you come to me and do not delay in coming. This is due to the hope that you organize my idea and thoughts, in this way to find ourselves in a better state of mind with ourselves as well as the way to find the harmony that our soul needs so much. But with the promise to keep our love with the lord.

Give me the strength to find myself before the eyes of the Lord. Protect me from the suffering that you already know I suffer but with your firm will I will no longer have them in my soul. Let me have moments where peace and tranquility reign. Sometimes I find myself too tired to go on but I know it’s you when my strengths rise.

I know that I can achieve anything I set my mind to. Because my love for god is stable and strong. You are the one who fills everything that I am, what I will be. And to all my projects for my future. My plan is only possible with your blessed guide, I know that it is so. And so be it by the will of all that is blessed. Amen.

Prayer to the 7 archangels to ward off hidden enemies

Oh beloved Archangels who are the first line of combat of our almighty lord. They were created exclusively to impart, communicate and protect the teachings left by him. You who are blessed by the most holy trinity. By the son, the father and the holy spirit. No one else can fight with the bestowed and glorious powers of him.

I give myself to you body and soul, without any doubts or fears. My confidence knows no bounds in you and what you can accomplish. I beg you with your victorious swords and wings that can shield me from anything, to protect me from any evil that my eyes can’t see, from those enemies that are hidden and don’t let themselves be seen. Make them appear with their holy lights so that they are blinded by their evil deeds.

But I also ask you to forgive them because they do not know our Lord’s heart and his words. Let them see clearly what their purpose really is and what they should do before propagating vile and greedy acts. I (Please enter your full name) let myself be carried away and be for you. I only ask that you listen to my prayers. Amen.

Recommendations for the prayer to the 7 Archangels

You have several ways to pray it, all together or each archangel separately, which is fine. Because it is depending on your needs. You also have to be aware that you turn to a particular archangel and how he can help you.

My best recommendation is that you do it all together. But if what you need is security and protection, the prayers of Miguel, Rafael and Gabriel are the ones indicated. As for the love Miguel and Rafael.

Try to do it in a quiet place for seven days. Each archangel represents a day of the week so it is best to start from the beginning of the week to the end of it. To have a better scope in terms of prayer to the 7 archangels.

  • Monday: It is the archangel Gabriel. God’s favorite messenger, on his day you can light a white candle because that is the color of his ray of light. You can also buy her a flower-scented incense.
  • Tuesday: On this day is the archangel Chamuel. He tries to buy her a pink voucher and rose incense.
  • Wednesday: Jophiel. The color indicated for this archangel is yellow. And its particular scent is Jasmine.
  • Thursday: The revered Archangel Michael. Its color is so characteristic that you will have to light a blue candle. And the incense will have to smell like sandalwood.
  • Friday: Raphael. To him the candle will be green and his incense will have a scent that will preferably be citric, like lemon.
  • Saturday: Zadkiel. Her candle will be a powerful violet color and her incense will smell like lavender.
  • Sunday: Last but not important. Uriel, that the color of his candle will be red like the blood of Christ. And his favorite scent will be orange.

It should be clarified that the candles have to be allowed to burn out by themselves, no interventions. Also pray an Our Father, Hail Mary and a creed for each archangel every seven days of the prayer to the 7 archangels .

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