Prayer to be able to sleep in peace without nightmares

Prayer to be able to sleep in peace without nightmares

You want to rest but you can’t get a deep sleep due to stress and different worries, so keep reading and discover the Prayer to be able to Sleep in Peace and without Nightmares, being able to rest fully.

Prayer Before Bed

Said prayer for a long time has been taken as powerful, since it is found within the Liturgy in the Episcopal Conference hours, mainly devout people every night usually pray said prayer to sleep before going to sleep to be in peace and Calm with your dreams. In general, this prayer is made one or two hours before going to sleep and not having any task to do, the prayer to be made is:

 “Now that the flash of light goes out,

We implore you, Creator: with your fatherly mercy, keep us in the light of your love.

May our hearts dream of you: that in sleep, they may feel you.

Let us sing your glory again to the brightness of the morning that will arise.

Grant us health in this life, renew our energies;

illuminate with your clarity the terrible loneliness of the night.

O Father, hear our prayers, hear us through Jesus, Our Lord,

who reigns forever in your glory, with you and the Spirit of Love.

Stay with us, Lord, tonight, and may your hand lift us up

early tomorrow, so that we can joyfully celebrate the resurrection

of Christ. Who lives and reigns forever. Amen”

Prayer to Sleep in Peace

In general, the prayer to God to sleep in peace can be done by anyone even if they are not devoted to him, although in spite of this, the prayer to sleep well is always prayed for those people who tend to have nightmares and are not pleasant at all. to be able to sleep. For this reason, by praying this small prayer, the person will be able to have a calm and pleasant night and without any interruption of a nightmare or bad thought, the recommended prayer is:

 “My Lord, in you I will always place my faith,

As I well know, you are my great shepherd, and without you I would be lost,

because in your name and your honor, I will lack nothing.

On this night, you will be by my side,

invade my mind with your feelings of tranquility,

so that thoughts of evil do not come to her,

In this way, never doubt your presence,

because she is the only source of peace that keeps me safe.

I ask you, my Lord, that tonight your serenity be my main aspect,

may my home be protected by your brotherhood of angels,

may your infinite power expel far away all evil that lies in wait for me,

any threat that hides in the shadows, or that is divided between the clarity,

disappear completely, in your name Lord Jesus.

Blessed Lord, I beg you to encourage my spirit,

provide energy and vitality to my body, and motivation to live.

Tonight, in your arms I lie down,

all my anguish rests on your altar

and I agree to dream of you, of peace.

I thank you for paying attention in my moment of prayer.

In the name of the Savior Jesus we make this prayer. Amen.”

Prayer to God to fall asleep

For most people, after having a long day of a lot of stress and work, it is difficult for them to sleep fully, since as soon as they go to bed they begin to think about everything they have to do the next day, so it does not allow them to fall asleep quickly. This is why for the majority who are devoted to God, they look for a way to perform a prayer to sleep soundly with a cup of tea and thus sleep pleasantly and wake up with one hundred percent energies, given this the prayer that usually done is:

“Holy Father, today I stand before you,

you better than anyone know my problems,

you will show me the way to reach the solution of all of them,

I ask you Lord, with all confidence,

Help me fall asleep tonight.

I ask you, Lord, to remove all worry and torment from my mind,

Help me Lord to sleep on this and all my nights,

let your mantle protect me from any problem.

Allow, my God, that your light of love illuminates my dream,

give me a restorative rest for my body and soul,

God, give me the strength to fulfill my goals for this new day,

I ask you to protect my home, my family and all my loved ones,

that you give them health, joy, vigor and a lot of life to share by my side.

I thank you Lord, because when I pray, I know that you hear me,

All my worries disappear from me

I am about to have a quiet rest under the protection of my father,

In the name of Jesus, amen.”

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