Bless your table with prayer for Christmas in family

Bless your table with prayer for Christmas in family

We all look forward to the Christmas festivities to share with the family, but it is also an excellent time to raise a Christmas prayer and make requests addressed to our family, work, global environment, among others.

Christmas festivities

The Christmas festivities are undoubtedly synonymous with harmony, sharing, happiness, peace, union, prosperity and it is an excellent time to gather family, friends and acquaintances, with the aim of enjoying a great dinner.

For this reason, it is so important to liven up the atmosphere with certain requests or a Christmas prayer , because it is necessary to call the spirit of God to come closer to our home and be present at our table.

When Christmas Eve approaches, we know that we will live a moment full of blessing and joy, where we celebrate the birth of the Child God.

In addition, Christmas is accompanied by many activities that we could carry out as a family, such as decorating the Christmas tree, cooking cookies, making hot chocolate, singing bonuses and preparing some typical food of the time, all according to our customs.

Finally, it is a recurring custom of many families to make their requests right at Christmas dinner. And, here we will present the most common prayers that you can share with all your guests at that time.

Prayers you can do at Christmas

We bring you several options so that you can do it at that very familiar moment, we will even let you know the most common prayers and the meaning that each of them brings.

Prayer for the arrival of Jesus

“My Lord, I search within my soul and I cannot find enough words to help me express how happy I am to be with my family to celebrate the birth of your beloved Son Jesus”

This prayer allows to express the faith of those who gather to celebrate the birth of God and express happiness for such an apotheosis event. The most important thing is that the whole family participate, and that each one makes the deepest requests of his heart.

In addition, this Christmas prayer gives you the opportunity to know that those who have committed sins have the option to guide their way through repentance, even when they do not deserve it, obtaining help to heal and cleanse their souls.

Also, it allows you to give thanks for Jesus, praise him through joy, requesting the blessing for the food that you are going to taste soon and so that it is never lacking on your table.

In general, this prayer is made to let God know that they want him to be the savior in their lives and to be present at all times, to impregnate them with his powerful grace, to have the joy of announcing the birth of your son. , the Savior.

Finally, as a family, thank you wholeheartedly for love and the miracle of life. Amen.

Prayer for the unity of the Family

“Beloved Father, rich in mercy, I love you! Thank you for my family and for giving me this moment to share with them! ”

On the other hand, Christmas dinner is an excellent time to be thankful for our family, and with this Christmas prayer, we can raise requests and thanks for having the joy of being with our loved ones at that time.

For this reason, this valuable prayer makes you remember the most important moments of your childhood, especially at Christmas time when you were celebrating the birth of the child God.

Being, the moment with more harmony when you have the opportunity to live his birth with your family. The one that you have created, and that everyone joins in order to celebrate the glory of the birth of the baby Jesus.

Likewise, you are grateful for the joy of being gathered at a table, for the blessing of having a family where they support each other and that the presence of God is present in that place, constantly giving thanks for the food and the loved ones that are around.

On the other hand, you make your request to live a beautiful Christmas, all those present must ask with faith, so that peace is present throughout the year, unity and love are not lacking in all the necessary moments.

To conclude, you honor God, you ask for his presence in that place, asking him to pour all his blessing on your table and for the abundance of food to be present at all times.

Prayer for happiness and joy

“You are the reason we smile every day. You are the reason why I am so full of joy that I want to sing praises!, sing to the world all the good with which you have filled my life and that of my family”

You can start the petition by invoking the presence of God, letting him know that you thank him for being the greatest joy that leads the world, motivates people, transmitting joy and happiness.

Also, it is a good option, to make it while the preparation of the Christmas meal is being carried out, so that when they have dinner their hearts are worthy to enjoy the moment.

In general, God is the reason why we all smile every day, he is the reason for so much joy and what encourages you to sing praises, so that everyone knows that he is present in your life and in your family.

Although love, grace and mercy are present, they are not complete if you are present Lord, thank you for keeping hope alive and staying with you at every moment.

The key to this Christmas prayer is that you do not stop expressing your feelings of joy while thanking everyone present for living that moment.

Sure, you can throw in a few words to let him know your glass was overflowing with happiness.
You can share those words with your family, so that everyone can fully enjoy his love, and the face of Jesus.

To conclude, you thank God the heavenly father for being present at all times and especially at Christmas dinner.

Prayer for Christmas memories.

“My good and beloved Lord, I thank you for the memories we have shared at this table for all these years.”

At this point, this Christmas prayer allows us to commemorate all those moments of joy that children experience when they receive their gifts at that time and therefore we must be thankful.Let’s see, the joy of our children when they wake up in the middle of the night and with their bright eyes go to the Christmas tree, while in the manger they celebrate the birth of the child God.

Undoubtedly, to harmonize that moment, they can sing Christmas carols as a family, which they could enjoy if they went out in every corner of the town or city where they live.

And, as at all times, you should be thankful for your loved ones and for all the memories you have of Christmas until that precise moment, and for everything that has made you stay very close.

As soon as Christmas arrives, everyone gathers at home to acclaim the presence of the child God, through celebrations at Christmas dinner and with a happy heart, for all the memories that will be born from that moment.

Once you have made these requests, you are grateful for all the food that you are going to taste and ask for the opportunity to share it with those most in need, so that they have the joy of having their own happy memories. And you close, expressing your love and thanks to Jesus Christ, the savior.

Prayer to bless the Christmas table

“Bless, Lord, our table on this night of Light”

To begin, you acknowledge God for being the main reason to celebrate such an important night, giving thanks for the bread, work, generosity and hope that abound on that table.

It would be said that all the tables that enjoy the presence of the Lord have tenderness, love and hope so that harmony reigns, while the stay of the people who are present in that place is found and so that gratitude feeds each day of the year.

Also request the blessing for you and yours, raise petitions for the land in general, for the blessing of your country, and in the same way you can ask for all those who are present at your table.

It should be noted that all the prayers mentioned above undoubtedly refer to gratitude and honesty for keeping God in mind, and celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus, being the main reason why they are gathered.

But, in the same way, we will send you other prayers that you can also do as a family in that special moment, we hope that they will help you and that you will be able to channel the power that each one of them possesses.

Dear Father, God of heaven and earth

You begin the prayer, remembering the reason why you are gathered and fully transmitting your unconditional love to each of those present.

Therefore, it should be prayed for the family and for the union in the home. While they are waiting for the birth of the child God, preparing your heart with love, joy, hope and happiness.

They should all be gathered near or around the manger, to adore it and thank it for coming into our lives.

Then, all united begin to remember and share the good times as a family and pray for all those who do not have the joy of being under a roof, asking that the Virgin and Saint Joseph help them find a warm home.

To complete this Christmas prayer, you can give your guests a significant detail of the moment, it could be from a small object, a candy or even a message. The important thing is that you express what it means to you to celebrate such an important moment and that you give each of them the opportunity to share their experience.

Prayer for the safety of traveling relatives

This prayer is a symbol of protection because we know that many people travel during the holiday season and it is necessary to ask for their protection, so that God may be with them from the moment they leave their home until they reach their destination.

You can accompany this Christmas prayer with the name of all those who are traveling, and begin by acclaiming the Lord, thanking him for accompanying them all the way so that they arrived safely at Christmas dinner.

“Father, bless these foods, bless this occasion that we have to be together to proclaim you as our Lord and King.”

It is only fair that as the dinner or meeting unfolds, you ask that when everyone takes their course, the divine assistance of all the angels will provide them with the necessary security throughout their journey so that they return to their homes safe and sound.

On the other hand, you thank God for all his love and for traveling from the comfort of his throne in heaven, putting aside all his power and majesty, to guide all human beings through his humility.

Without a doubt, we could not pay the immense debt of all our sins, thank you for your infinite love for walking through our feet.

Remember, all his passion to live and die for all of us, being a glorious moment, mentioning his greatness and glory for all of us.

Prayer for the distant and lonely

Although Christmas is the meaning of union and joy, it can be the occasion when there are friends, acquaintances or relatives who are far away, and for them we can also pray at Christmas, so that they can be present.

For all these situations, the Christmas prayer for these people can be directed through love and compassion, in the same way you are grateful for all those who are present and who fill your home with joy.

For some, these moments are not a reason for union and they prefer to be in the comfort of solitude, for this reason they ask for the blessing of your being, Lord, to bring them peace.

You can usually mention that although these people know the greatness of your being, they want to be alone, experiencing momentary joy and perhaps enjoying brief moments of disconnection from reality.

Well, sir, wrap them in your arms and make them feel your unconditional love, transmit your warmth to them so that they keep in mind that in you, there is joy and eternal happiness.

Also, that they feel alone is because they have not accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and only savior, and they do not want to live under your precepts.

Without keeping in mind all the joy and abundance that you can offer, they ignore what it means to live from your love on this Christmas Eve, touch their great hearts and tell them about the mystery of your reincarnation.

To conclude, identify the people for whom you are praying, invoke the holy glory of God and give thanks because you are close to the Lord walking through his love.

Trust in its healing power and that the absent ones will be present at your table.

To pray for the birth of Jesus

So far, we have walked through the gratitude of sharing with the family, we have asked for the absent people and for those who travel, but it is extremely important to give thanks for the birth of Jesus.

You have to do this Christmas prayer, just before placing the baby Jesus in the manger, and if it has already been placed, you can light a candle or a small candle.

To start the prayer, you can ask that when the baby Jesus is born, he will also do so in the hearts of those present, to give him the unconditional love that people feel for you.

You ask, for the abundance of your whole family, and invoke the protection of the angels and archangels to praise and glorify the child God.

To thank the Virgin Mary

You thank her for being the mother of God and for giving us constant protection, and you tell her that you know that she accompanies you daily and intercedes for you at all times.

In the same way, you thank Saint Joseph, for being the father and protector of the child Jesus, you ask him to pray to God for your family, for you, for your acquaintances, and that peace be with you at all times.

Prayer for wonderful gifts

“We love you and we thank you for all the miracles of love you have done with each of us”

This sentence is very important, because at Christmas it is customary to exchange gifts, or some significant detail of the moment is given.

And, for that reason, it is a good opportunity to bless and thank for those gifts, starting with gratitude for being with family through blessings, laughter, and conversations.

You ask, for your life and that before that day is over, you ask so that all those present understand from the heart the meaning of Christmas and the greatest of gifts, that you are your beloved son of Jesus Christ.

You can, evaluate what gifts you would like to obtain and then you could compare it with the grandeur of the entrance of Heaven, that certainly there is no luxury or gift that can compare.

You will understand that Jesus is the way of truth, and life, ask for the blessing of your whole family in general, bless for the food that in his honor and name all those present will consume.

Love him from the heart, and thank him for the miracle of love he has made among all of us.

At that moment, offer your whole heart as a gift, transform your being and renew your love, and then serve others as the Lord has done for you.

The importance of the blessing in a celebration or party is an extremely old custom that has been carried out regardless of the beliefs of those present and it turns out that at Christmas dinner it is an act that the whole family in general can enjoy.

We can mention that through the history of our Lord and before multiplying the loaves, God issues certain words of blessing of thanks and which can be appreciated in the scriptures of the Bible.

Until now we have mentioned that the blessing of the party or of the table at Christmas can be from a simple request or a Christmas prayer, to thank, to ask and for all those present to raise the deepest requests of their being.

Blessing of Bethlehem

All those present in the family gather and hold hands, sign the sign of the cross imploring protection from the three divine persons, father, son and holy spirit.

And, the family can also make a mini representation of the birth of the baby Jesus, and the smallest of the house declares that the Lord was born of the Virgin Mary.

You can accompany him with a Bible reading, which can be done by any member of the family.

Give thanks for God’s protection for delivering his only son, who was in the womb of Mary the Virgin, ask for your whole family, everyone has the opportunity to ask for what they want and close with an amen.

Prayer to pray as a family before the Crib on Christmas Eve

To execute this prayer, three readers can participate, being able to be from the largest or the smallest that are in the place.

Reader 1:

Begin by invoking the heavenly father of heaven and earth

Start by thanking for the holy night that you are enjoying, and that it is directed by love, just as you thank for your wonderful family and for the greatness of your being, thank you for the people who are in that place.

Request, the blessing for that special day while you are in the birth of the baby Jesus, ask that your heart be prepared to receive the majesty of the baby Jesus, with joy and hope.

As long as they are together, they should adore him and thank him for appearing in this world and filling our lives with goodness.

And, as you contemplate the manger, remember the families who do not have shelter, food and comfort, so that they can ask for their well-being and progress.

Reader 2:

The second participant raises his prayer for the baby Jesus to be born in our hearts, to fill us with goodness, joy and mercy.

At that moment, he can describe in three words what it means to him, to be in that place surrounded by all his loved ones.

Reader 3:

To conclude, thank God for giving you the protection of all of us and of the child Jesus, ask him to pray for those present, for the family, for the union and for the reconciliation of all those who deserve it.

We hope that these prayers help you harmonize your Christmas dinner and that you can express everything that your heart has to share.

Keep in mind that the most important thing is that you share that moment with all those you love and for whom you will ask for constant protection.

Remember that the birth of the child God is the best gift we have received, and that he is always present in our lives.

Without a doubt, a Christmas prayer is an excellent opportunity to give thanks for everything that we are, for the protection of your family and for having the joy of having a table with all the food that you are going to taste.

Prayers have a force to protect us, and it is also an excellent way to communicate with God.

Make sure that when you go to make a Christmas prayer, you harmonize the environment, you can place candles, incense, make an offering, anything that shows your gratitude.

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