The Birthday Prayer for a Special Loved One

The Birthday Prayer for a Special Loved One

Each anniversary is the opportunity to review what has been achieved in the last year and check if the goals have been achieved or the momentum was lost along the way. In addition to the celebration itself, through the Birthday Prayer, we can share those deepest feelings that the person we commemorate awakens in us. In this article we invite you to know some of these prayers.

birthday prayer

Every time we celebrate a birthday we know that it is a special day, our most important day since it is when our personal year truly begins, unlike the new year, which defines the beginning in general. But it is the birthday of each one in which the energies are revived to offer us the opportunity to get what we certainly need.

Birthday Prayer for Me

«Lord, I am grateful to you because you have made it possible for me to reach another year of existence, and you have granted me the grace of being able to commemorate it next to my family and loved ones. Although this last year was quite difficult, I have to understand that they are tests that you place in our path; I only implore you for strength to continue forward forever».

«That my character is not tarnished by problems and can sustain me standing before them. I hope that you grant me more years of life, so that I can continue sharing with others the authentic sense of love and how valuable life is, and that I can consummate my mission here on earth. Allow me to be an instrument of yours to bring peace and relief to those who need it most.

«I am deeply grateful to you for this life so full of love that you have given me, since you have enabled me to help others and since everyone I adore is full of life and health. From the depths of my being, I thank you and appreciate the life you have given me. Amen”.

Prayer of Thanks for Birthday

“God, today I want to thank you for the gift of life. I thank you because you have outlined my path and you have guided me with the love of a Father, you have taken me by the hand even though many times I have not felt your presence by my side».

«Lord, show me how to live intensely this my time that is your gift; may your love be expressed in my words and postures; that with my existence I can announce to the world: I am happy to know that I live!” “I am happy because you adore me!”

«Lord, I am grateful to you for the people with whom I have shared in my life, those who kept me company in my afflictions, who gave me courage when everything appeared dark around me, who encouraged me in successes and lent me your help to be better. Lord, I thank you for the people who have pampered me. Amen”.

Happy Birthday Prayer for Someone You Love

This prayer is to be shared with who you love on this wonderful day:

“Adored Lord: On this date in which we commemorate the arrival in the world of (name of the person), I beg you to give him blessings and joy in his life.”

“You knew everything about (name of person) before he was born and you have a plan of joy and hope for his existence.”

“Allow him to feel confident and ready for the next year, knowing that You have a plan of love for his steps and a mission for his life.”

“Lend him help to find joy in all situations of life, knowing that You work with all things eternally.”

“I thank you for (name of the person), for adoring him/her with unconditional love and for the promises you announced about his life.”

«May the Most Holy Mary protect him in each of his steps, in the name of the Lord. Amen”.

Catholic Birthday Prayer

On numerous occasions we do not know what to give for a birthday to that loved one or special person. What others do not understand is that beyond the material, money and many other things, there is health, and what better gift than sharing a Christian birthday prayer so that God grants you good health, it is the best present that It can be granted at that special moment for your loved one.

«Divine Father, at this moment I want to thank you because you gave me the opportunity to get to know my friend, since with the passage of time he has proven to me that he is a person of great value in all senses, since when more I have needed it, I have always obtained its support».

«I can perceive your blessed presence through that person, I thank you eternal father since today you make it possible for him to fulfill another year of existence, and I beg you to be at his side at all times so that nothing bad happens to him, so that in any situation, can perceive your presence, and is not alone at any time.

«Stay your blessed Lord taking care of this beautiful friendship for eternity, to be able to continue enjoying your presence for a long time, I thank you father since you always place people of great value in my path, I implore you to grant me strength to be able to appreciate all good works, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen”.

Anniversary Prayer for a Son

For any parent, the day on which their children reach another year is of great importance, since it is a date that makes them remember the moment they were carried in their arms for the first time. It is for this reason, that above anything else, it is preferred to pray, so that he is well at all times, and so that God protects him forever, and first of all grant him good health, so that he can extol his name for the eternity.

«Glorious Father I am grateful for the talented son you gave me, I thank you Blessed Father because despite all things, he has been the one who motivates me, I know I am not the person he wanted nor the smartest father of all, but I do everything I can so that he never lacks anything, especially so that he does not lack your presence, nor your unconditional love».

«I thank you Father because today you make it possible for him to reach another year of life, which will be another year that I have experienced as a father; I thank you Lord so that you never abandon him, and protect him at all times, since I know that you never leave him alone; now I beg you, Lord, do not leave his side, so that the day I am not by his side, you will be »,

«Continue your Eternal Father making him a good person, so that he can be pleasing in front of your presence, and I implore you, Lord, to give me your help to be able to motivate and educate him forever; Thank you for all Father in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen”.

Birthday Prayer for a Friend

If, as we cannot forget that person that we adore so much, and we wish that everything goes well in his life, it is good to pray to God not only for his birthday, but to grant him a prosperous existence at all times. We must keep in mind that the Lord does not exist only once a year, but is present every day, for this reason we must be grateful to him above all things.

«Eternal Father, I thank you because you granted another year of life to that person whom I adore so much; I thank you Father because over the years he has come to become another family member for me; now Eternal Father I want to beg you to please protect her at all times, and continue to be his support in all things »

«Eternal Father, continue to supply him with all his needs, so that nothing can be lacking in his daily existence, and I beg you to grant us your sacred love so that our relationship can be maintained for a long time, I implore you, father, to continue giving him many years of existence, but with good health and happiness”,

«Continue your Father blessing all his days, and conferring the deepest desires of his heart as long as they are with all the best intentions in the world; again I thank you Eternal Father, because you do not abandon us at any time; I thank you because I know that you hear all my pleas, and with much love you grant them, in the powerful name of your beloved son Jesus Christ. Amen.

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