Know the Prayer of the Holy Christian Cross

Know the Prayer of the Holy Christian Cross

The Prayer of the Holy Cross is a prayer that is made with the purpose of imploring favors from Jesus Christ by referring to the cross on which he was martyred. The Prayer to the Holy Cross of Jesus Christ is prodigious since many point out that whoever dares to read it or carries it with them will not suffer any harm or physical injury. You will learn much more about her below.

Prayer of the Holy Cross

Whoever reads or has this prayer read or wears it, will not perish suddenly, will not suffocate or burn, there is no poison that can harm him, he will not be preyed upon by his enemies, nor will he be defeated on the battlefield. When a woman is in labor and reads or has this prayer read or wears it, she will be immediately free and she will be a loving mother. And at birth the child will place this prayer on the right side and will be protected from all evil.

When you see a person affected by some evil on the street, place this prayer on the right side and they will stand up with joy and joy. Whoever has this prayer written for himself or someone else, “I will bless him,” says the Lord; and whoever mocks or despises will do penance. When this prayer is placed inside a house, it will be protected from lightning and whoever reads it daily will be warned before his death by some divine sign.

Powerful Prayer to the Holy Cross

Oh Blessed Cross! Precious Wood in which my Lord perished to grant me perennial light and free me from the opponent, before you I bow and with reverence I pray to my Lord Jesus Christ that, for the sufferings that he obtained over you in his Holy Passion, grant me the spiritual and corporal goods that they are of my convenience.

Steep before the world, you are a shining sign that gathers around you the Christian congregation to sing hymns of Glory to Christ the King, to the Man God who, even having created everything, made it possible to be crucified on You for the salvation of the human species. The surprising enigma of the salvation of the world took place over you, from which the Christian is freed from original sin, can be called the Son of Eternal God and claim divine glory.

You are venerable! For ever and ever, you became a sign of value and offense among the infidels and today you are a symbol of the Christian and a promise to be absolved by the exalted sacrifice of my Lord Jesus Christ, whom we hope to serve and respect in perpetuity. Amen.

Holy Cross of my Jesus, who died to give us light, I show you my devotion, oh beautiful and Holy Cross! The path that you indicate to us in the world we will continue, that to the Cross always narrowed with the sign of it we will win. At your feet today I find myself, my Divine Redeemer. It provokes that with his holy serenity, they carry my Cross in the world.

Oh Almighty God who suffered death on the Cross, to save us from our faults, oh Holy Cross of Jesus Christ, be my genuine light, oh Holy Cross of Jesus Christ, be merciful to me, oh Holy Cross of Jesus Christ, be my illusion, oh Holy Cross of Jesus Christ, remove from me all fear of death.

O Holy Cross of Jesus Christ, spread benevolence in my soul, O Holy Cross of Jesus Christ, take away from me all evil, O Holy Cross of Jesus Christ, allow me to enter the path of redemption, O Holy Cross of Jesus Christ, protect me from all accidents , passengers and of the body so that I can always venerate you, as well as Jesus Nazarene whom I pray to be merciful to me. Cause the malevolent spirit visible or invisible to depart from me forever and ever. Amen.

In respect of the beautiful Blood of Jesus Christ and his painful death, in respect of his Resurrection and his Divine Incarnation, through which he can lead us to perpetual life

That just as it is true that Jesus Christ came into the world at Christmas, that he was martyred on Good Friday, that Joseph and Nicodemus brought Jesus Christ down from the Cross and that Jesus Christ ascended to heaven, may it serve to free me from the attacks of my adversaries, both visible and invisible from now on and for ever and ever. Amen.

Almighty God, in your hands I offer my soul, Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Ana and Joaquin. My Jesus, for the affliction you suffered for me on the Holy Cross, primarily when Your blessed Soul departed from Your Body, be merciful to my soul when it departs from this world.

Oh Jesus! grant me the courage required to tolerate my cross identical to Yours, show me how to carry all the sufferings with serenity, that my fear of them be transformed into virtue.

May the Almighty Father cover me with the erudition of the Holy Spirit. Please receive me and lead my soul to eternal life. Amen.

Catholic Holy Cross Prayer

“May God help you, Holy Cross, in which Christ was crucified and in which I am sorry for my life of sins, in which I am blessed with the sign of the cross” (to make the sign of the cross) .

Holy and Sacred Cross on which Christ was martyred, protect me and protect me from mortal sins, from the prey of animals, from the arrows of the Indians, from shipwrecks and fevers, from the power of the devil, from hell, from the fire of purgatory and the power of my corporeal and spiritual rivals.

Free me, Holy Cross, from battles and from dying violently, from plagues, from afflictions and humiliations, from mishaps and torments, from physical and spiritual suffering, from all ailments and tribulations and torments, in the name of Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit (to perform again the sign of the Cross).

Protect me, Holy Cross, in the holy and blessed Host, in the consecrated cup, in the virgin’s tunic and in the shroud of Christ, so that there is no lightning or poison that hurts me, no device or animal that hurts me, nor look that affects or damages me, neither iron or steel, nor any bullet that cuts my flesh.

Holy Cross, in which Christ was crucified and in which his blessed blood ran, by the last tear from his eyes, by the last breath of his mouth, that all my faults and crimes be absolved and that there is no arm that limits me , nor tie me, nor stop me the iron.

Every wound in my body will be healed by the power of the blood of Christ poured into you, Holy Cross. Whatever evil approaches me will be crucified on you, just as Christ was. All evil against me will be buried at your feet.

I am happy, Holy Cross, by the power of Jesus Christ, so that I can be defended against all power and the power of the law be with me. So that I may be redeemed from death and misery, so that prisons do not hold me, and so that fortune may be my companion.

In you in Christ and in the glory of the Father, I will walk and redeem myself, I will be sought, but I will not be found, I will be captured, but I will not be hurt, I will be harassed, but I will not be caught.

When you try to find me on earth, I’ll find myself in the air. When they look for me in the air, I’ll hide in the water. When they look for me under the waters, I will temper myself in the sacred flames of the Holy Cross, in the Glory of God the Omnipotent Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

Prayer of the Holy Cross of Jerusalem

Almighty God, you have suffered on the tree of the cross, and above all for my sins. Stay with me, Holy Cross of Jesus.

Be my refuge, Holy Cross of Jesus. Be merciful to me, Holy Cross of Jesus. Keep away all bitter sadness, Holy Cross of Jesus.

Have in me all kinds of goods, Holy Cross of Jesus. Keep away from me all evil, Holy Cross of Jesus.

Allow me to prevent the path of Redemption, Holy Cross of Jesus. Take away from me all risk of perishing, Holy Cross of Jesus. Protect me from all bodily risk and temporary misfortune, Holy Cross of Jesus.

I love for eternity the Holy Cross of Jesus, Jesus Nazarene crucified, be merciful to me and make the evil spirit depart from me in perpetuity, for all centuries. Amen.

Purpose of the Prayer to the Holy Cross

What is the use of saying a prayer if we do not know its usefulness? It is important to know its benefits and to know what we are requesting, otherwise it is evident that we will not obtain Divine help, don’t you think?

The primary purpose of the prayer of the Holy Cross is the absolution of sins. But much more can be achieved than that. Many people pray that they will be protected from dying, that is, that they will not perish for some unnatural reason and that its prevention can be easily achieved.

Additionally, it will defend you from all violence, from inconveniences between friends and family, and from all the differences that may arise. It will free you from pain, from suffering and even from wars that may arise. With the prayer of the Holy Cross all your faults will be healed by Christ and properly forgiven. This is a powerful prayer as it will protect you from all evils.

Likewise, he will show them the way of God, he will give them lessons on how to belong to his pure, authentic and enduringly happy flock. Through this prayer you will be imploring God for his help, so that he can guide you to the light.

Origin of the Prayer of the Holy Cross

According to the accounts of numerous people, the origin of this prayer dates back to the fifteenth century, the date on which Emperor Charles I of France found the prayer next to the tomb of Jesus in Jerusalem, and later, in conjunction with his army. , he sent it to the region of San Félix in France so that it would be sent later to the Pope.

Other scholars have argued that the prayer made its appearance next to the cross on May 3, 292, when it was found by Elena of Constantinople (Saint Elena), wife of Emperor Constantius Chlorus, at the site where Jesus Christ was crucified. She demanded that the temple that was built there be demolished, and was used to perform ceremonies to the Roman gods.

After that there was no news of the prayer and the cross, which were later taken into the hands of the Christian authorities, and it was not until the year 1509, that they were revealed by Emperor Charles II. At that time it was reported that the prayer of the Holy Cross protected the soldiers who carried it, preventing them from being captured by their enemies.

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