Marriage and Family as a social foundation

Marriage and Family as a social foundation

Marriage and family go hand in hand, neither of them can exist without the other, since the first is the model to follow for children, how to educate them so that they become good men and women, and the second, it is the basis of a society. If you want to know everything about these two concepts, how they are related and much more, continue reading this article.

Marriage and Family  

Marriage and family are the basis of every society, each one fulfills an important function within it and is made up of a man and a woman, who are in charge of learning to use their differences in their favor and power. Be an example for your children.

No family is exempt from problems, however, learning to manage their differences and face problems as a team is part of learning. On the other hand, children are the reflection of their parents, since they learn their behaviors, ways of being and acting, among others.

In marriage and family , parents are responsible for guiding their children, complementing each other and transforming their children into good men and women. They are responsible for being a good example for their children, and raising them with love, kindness and solid values ​​that allow them to develop, be independent and make their own decisions consciously.

What is Marriage?

Before defining marriage and family , it is important to define what is love? Love is not simply a feeling, it is much more than that, it is a decision and an act of will.

Marriage is an exclusive relationship with another person, where we are friends, but also, there is a special bond that unites us and allows us to stay that way for years. Obviously, this bond, friendship and feeling that we have for each other evolves and changes over the years and that is important to keep in mind.

Marriage and family goes far beyond diverse cultures, color or race, it is a sacrament granted by God. Between a man and a woman the special bond that unites them (marriage) is sacred, not only as a natural union, but as a sacred sign, that is, it is a relationship between God and the Church.

When two baptized Christians commit themselves to this exclusive relationship before God and the Church, they say, “yes, I accept” a long life of fidelity to one another and that is promised in the eyes of God, thus becoming a sacrament. .

As a sacrament, marriage becomes a source of strength and grace, and the couple will need both to successfully walk through life together. Like everything, they will experience good moments and others not so much. People change, they make mistakes, they argue, they feel abandoned.

In marriage and family , patience is needed, the strength to ask for forgiveness and the will to forgive the loved one. Marriage is a path that shows us the true meaning of wishing the good of the other. This good is a call to die for oneself, to live for the other.

In short: marriage is a holy, sacred and sanctifying sacrament, a path to holiness, which represents Jesus and his Church.

What are the properties and purposes of marriage?

Getting married is simple, the real challenge is to stay together, learn to be a team and transform our differences into strengths. It is not a matter of how much love they declare to each other at the beginning of the relationship, but rather, how much they are willing to walk and build together in marriage and family .

The properties and purposes of marriage are several, among them we can mention:

  • Mutual commitment between a man and a woman in the eyes of God.
  • Surrender to the loved one in body, mind and spirit.
  • The fidelity that is promised to the other before the eyes of God.
  • Learn to be a team, act as a unit.
  • Collaborate with God in the procreation of a new life.
  • Complement each other to fully develop individually and help the other in their growth.
  • A commitment to your Christian community.

What relationship is established between man and woman in marriage?

We can see this point clearly in Mt 19, 6, which states that no man can separate what God has decided should be united, this referring to marriage and family .

In other words, what leads a man and a woman to join in holy matrimony is beyond a feeling, it is a reflection of love for God, both individually and collectively.

The intention of marriage is not only to procreate children, but to commit ourselves to the other, in good times and not so good.

On what is such a conception based?

Marriage and family : The conception of marriage is clearly expressed in Genesis 1, 27, which tells us that God created man and woman since he decided to create the world so that they could live together and remain united, form a family and raise to his children according to the will and word of the Father.

Marriage is a sacrament that God has granted us, it is certified and accepted by the different religions that its believers practice and is justified by a just and correct reason.

What is the relationship between marriage and family?

Marriage and family have a very special relationship, as this is the basis of every family, and also of society. Currently, both have been having a new, different and fresher perspective, thanks to the lights that were granted by the Holy Spirit to Pope Francis, who together with bishops, wrote Amoris Laetitia.

Amoris Laetitia is an apostolic exhortation published by Pope Francis in 2016, which includes more than 300 pages showing new lights that serve as a guide so that families can stay together and be happy.

Pope Francis expresses in this exhortation that both the family and marriage are being affected and weakened by the large number of challenges that individuals are faced with in these modern times.

For example, before, people lived and worked in the same place, but now, that has become impossible and maintaining a family with only one income too, so committing to someone “for life” and forming a family it is done uphill.

Therefore, the importance of taking enough time to carefully read this exhortation and be able to have new lights and be able to better adapt to these modern times without leaving aside our commitment to ourselves, to the other or to God.

What is the role of the family?

The family, since the beginning of our times, has been seen as a vital institution, which, within society, plays a fundamental role. The family encourages us to get up every morning, steals a smile from us when we are down, and even tolerates our bad temper when we have had a bad day.

The family is like a team, each one has a role within it and among all of us, we support and encourage each other to be better, grow and we are the support of others when they go through a bad time. In reality, the bad moment of one affects the rest.

Marriage and family bring unique economic, historical and social value. It is considered a “Domestic Church”, because it is the first place where we learn about the Christian faith, we learn to love God and praise him. Also, you have rights over your children at the legal level.

Why conjugal love is indissoluble?

Before answering this question, it is important to ask ourselves, is it possible to love each other forever? Nowadays, many people are afraid to make definitive decisions, because “all life” seems to be in these modern times something impossible.

This way of perceiving life has led many to ask themselves, should we be together until love lasts? Marriage is a commitment that is acquired for life, until one of the two leaves this world.

Jesus taught us without any ambiguity the original meaning of the union of man and woman. It was he himself who expressed that what God has to unite, no man has to separate and how right he is.

Sometimes we make the mistake of saying that a person is getting in the way of our relationship or has taken our husband or wife from us, however, the reality is that this is not entirely true, Jesus already said it, there is no man who can separate a union established by God.

A man or a woman decides to stay by our side for various reasons, as well as, for various reasons, decides to end the relationship and this has nothing to do with third parties. We are where we want to be and we move away from what makes us unhappy, limits us or makes us feel uncomfortable.

We can say then that conjugal love is indissoluble because it is a daily decision to love and be loved, it is a commitment of fidelity, it is a project of God, a consecration, a sacrament in which God has decided to unite us with a purpose, but it depends of us to stay united and fulfill that purpose.

What is the meaning of the conjugal sexual act?

Marriage and family : The sexual act within marriage has two main functions, the first, the physical demonstration of love for the other, our donation of body and mind to our spouse. The second reason is obviously the procreation of a new life.

Is it moral to prevent procreation?

The answer is yes. Every sexual act between a man and a woman in marriage must be open to the possibility of procreation. Any act that impedes in any way this natural and divine process is considered dishonest.

Contraception (contraceptive methods that prevent pregnancy) is considered opposed to one of the principles of marriage, which is the conception of new life, it hurts what the role of love means and denies God authority over our life and his project of life. the meat of our meat.

How can husbands avoid pregnancy and still live according to God’s will?

Using the periods in which the woman is infertile to have sexual intercourse is a method approved by the Church since, although it prevents pregnancy, it does not affect in any way the reproductive function of either party.

Making use of contraceptive methods considered “natural” is a way in which spouses can enjoy their sexuality and also live their married life according to God’s divine plan.

Why can’t the divorced and remarried take communion?

Precisely because divorcing and remarrying is not one of the teachings of Jesus, and in fact, it is considered a serious offense, since it is seen as rejecting one of the divine gifts that God has given us with love and not trusting his word .

The only ones who can receive Communion after being divorced and remarried are those who previously receive a sacramental absolution, admit to having been wrong and are sorry from the heart.

Is it easy for spouses to live the demands of married and family life?

Very few things in this life are considered “easy” and married life is not one of them. We are human beings, imperfect, we make mistakes and sometimes we are weak, but we can always count on the mercy and forgiveness of our Father.

Let us be constant and faithful to the Eucharist, to the power of prayer, reconciliation and forgiveness. When we feel lost let us seek the word of God.

Can marriage or family be compared to any other kind of cohabitation?

The answer is no. The sacrament of marriage cannot be compared to a de facto union, in addition to not being substantiated in any way.

What are the responsibilities of society and the state towards the family?

Both the State and society must recognize and guarantee the duties and rights in marriage and the family , as well as favor the fulfillment of their functions, dignity and equality, allowing any individual to fully realize himself. Also, they must support families who cannot support themselves.

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