History And Meaning Of Yin Yang In Love

History And Meaning Of Yin Yang In Love

Possibly at least once in your life you have had to see representations or listen when people talk about these two kinds of energy that can balance very well the relationships of couples as well as self-love. The yin and yang in love is exactly what these people were referring to and its meaning is amazing, stay to discover it.

yin and yang in love

It is very interesting how yin and yang work in love. Most think that it is having to look for the other side of this energy. They consider that if you are positive then you have to look for someone with an energy that is more negative and this is totally false.

The basis for being able to have a good relationship is that at least all our energies inside our body must be aligned. The yin and the yang are found, in each one of us and in everything that surrounds us, this does not apply exclusively to couples, and you are right, how is it possible to have a stable relationship when your energies are not balanced. Finding self-love first is more important than anything that comes after.

This allows us to evolve. Once we truly know the meaning and intentions of oneself in this life regarding the sources of energy that arise from everywhere. We will be closer to understanding and knowing how to get along as well as possible, when you are with another person and his vitality with respect to his essence.

Meaning of yin and yang in love

The image of yin and yang is very important for Western culture, especially for China. It shows two points that are located respectively on each symbol. And if one is white, the other is black. This represents the pure state of nature as we know it. We always see that things cannot be like this or that this cannot be happening in such a way. But for these energies to occur, everything must be in balance, it is like a scale and all of nature, events, situations must be there. And since we are part of it, we must also be connected.

Both parts that are very close in the image but that never merge with each other, is the yin and the yang. The yin is the one that preserves the essence or energy that is feminine, it can also often represent the negative side of things. If the yin is the feminine and negative side, then the yang will be the complete opposite of this. The part that conserves his masculine energy and how positive he can in life.

Now if we know the meaning of each structure of the representative image of yin and yang. We can realize that in our balance and in what surrounds us we always have to have a bit of the feminine and a bit of the masculine side. Like a cycle that is always in constant motion.

And if in the future you manage to be the person who is most connected to these energies, their meaning and what affects you, and you can lead the life you always wanted as a being with a found spirit. Then you can attract that person who complements you. This is not to say that if you get someone else then you are complete. It is not like that, even the yin and yang make it clear to us that we are complete the day we realize that we have two sides and that these can be in a perfect state of balance.

This is emphasized because it is important to know one difference from another. Get another person who is the most suitable, then that would be the yin and yang in love. Only in love, can he be complemented by another person. This can be more complicated because sometimes, it is difficult for us to find our balance. Now keeping up with another person can be frustrating but not impossible. Because if he really is the right person for you, they will not be able to live without each other.


From these two symbols something very beautiful can be born, if everything is very harmonious. It is important since a person with strength cannot exist in one than in the other. If the yin is very strong, then the yang will not have the same strength and will be in a weak state.

For example if you are in a very depressing mood where you always see the negative things in life. If these things happen it means that harmony is not present in your life. And you have to look for solutions or some types of tools so that you can have a better quality of life, and thus achieve everything you are looking for.


It is very useful for those moments in life when one realizes that we need to resolve those energies that make our body and also the situations we are in become complicated. Precisely because we are not in harmony or balanced enough.

Meditation is responsible for regulating our vibes through breathing and attention exercises, in terms of our mental activity. In this kind of tool it is important to highlight that imagination and visualization are paramount.

What is sought is to be able to imagine something completely different from what you are going through. Situations or moments that fill you with happiness. As well as the goals that you want to achieve but that you have not been able to achieve due to the energies that you transmit to the outside world.

These kinds of activities should not be disturbed because you have to enter such a state of relaxation that you do not feel what is happening beyond you. Like the heat, the noise, it should not make you want to eat or drink water. This can only be done by professionals, if of course you are a beginner. Yoga also works with excellent results.

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