What is The Religious Phenomenon? and his philosophy

What is The Religious Phenomenon? and his philosophy

In this article we are going to deal with the religious phenomenon in the life of each of the people who are either believers in God or who are related to religious or sacred aspects. We invite the reader to learn more.

The religious phenomenon

This as well as the desire of God are interpreted in various ways due to the different appearances. As for the different theories that are applied, the subject is very broad in relation to it, making it impossible to have a correct representation of them.

In relation to this there are many definitions of studies, and in this regard there is clear information that religion continues to stand after years and years of human history.

At all times we can find different people who passionately seek God, these from different social classes and from all over the world, among whom have university studies and who have never been to schools.

It is equally well known that few human beings live without a religion, for reasons that they do not accept the existence of God or because they have a way of life that leaves aside the hypothesis or the reality of God, or simply do not have a established home or foster site which never spoke of the existence of God.

The number of religions that exists allows the picture to be difficult. Some people related to religion think that it was created by God himself, due to a definite idea, be it apparitions, messenger lights, inspirations, etc.

Christians affirm with a particular way of thinking that God himself in the person of the Son (Jesus Christ), became man and existed, speaking and acting in certain places in history and time.

Other human beings practice a religion apart from the rules and dogmas of tradition. They seek personal paths with the idea and hope that there are open spaces in their interior, in relation to something higher, all of which allows them to elevate the heart to a level beyond what the eyes see and the ears hear.

Achieving in this way to live experiences of a “Something” that do not fully define. There are some new forms of this called New Age which have the thought of an encounter with the divine.

For this reason it can be said that the panorama in relation to this religious world is complex. Being an atheist or believer, Buddhist, Muslim, could think or express the following statement, what does it matter? It would be enough for each person to have his own ideas of what he prefers and then have correct behavior such as not killing, not stealing, etc.

However, a response as indicated above is not satisfactory to the hearts of people, because for the sincere believer it is not enough to stick to dogmas or practices, but there is a need that cannot be avoided for true thought and experience.

With this, what is wanted to determine is that through religion the true relationship with God is allowed and advance to the encounter with him.

Opinion of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (Benedict XVI)

For this reason we should not see religion as from the point of relativity that everything does not matter or does not matter. This situation was determined by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (today Benedict XVI) in an interview conducted in 2003 where he states:

“We cannot maintain that religions are equivalent paths since they are in an internal dialogue, and it is natural that issues that contradict cannot be means of salvation: truth and lies cannot be paths of salvation. For this reason, this idea simply does not correspond to what is real in religions and does not respond to the need of men to obtain a coherent answer to the questions”.

The heart of men is characterized by seeking truth, beauty, good. Or said more deeply and highlighting what Saint Augustine said, look for true beauty, the beautiful truth, the beautiful and true good.

We must emphasize that life has meaning if there is more than the fragile securities found in the current or modern world, or the deep wounds that are the cause of the harshest events in the existence of humanity.

People’s hearts need and request an encounter with something that will save us, related to truth, love, mercy. That something is definitely from God.

This is considered one of the deepest axes of the experience of humanity, this is the true meaning of the experience of the religious phenomenon of all time.

Culture today has observed the emergence of the phenomenon that is distinguished in the following terms: there is not a single vision of reality, that is, there is not a single vision of the proper object of nature.

On the contrary, other visions, positions or alternatives are born, which try to justify the essence or final meaning.

Hence, all the elements of the world are deciphered in light of various positions that are present in them, this allows a broader and more complete understanding.

For this reason we can affirm that the ” Religious Phenomenon “, which deals with the way in which people have a link with the sacred or absolute or the final foundation of life, does not escape this situation due to in the same Instead, there are several expressions capable of representing human existence.

Likewise, the opening of environments in individuals who decide to deviate from said orientations is observed, since they admit that they are decisive in their vital moment.

We must clarify that, within the perspectives, Christianity has presented the possibility of dialoguing and sharing doctrines, ideas, different convictions of life, in order to become a help for the subject to assume jointly, the learning of what what is religion

Regarding the history of religions, anthropology and sociology assure that in all societies, times and cultures, human beings are religious people. However, others maintain that we are currently experiencing a crisis in the religious phenomenon of a profound nature.

The “death of God” or “eclipse of God” has been treated as well as a post-religious society. Man often replaces God with science, money, power, individualism, and notoriety.

Other data of interest

The human being is clearly religious, he has two qualities: he is a finite or mortal being, fragile, needy, vulnerable; on the other hand, he seeks to go beyond himself, due to the recognition of realities that are not his and that have his logic.

Religious experiences are customs at the beginning of our vision of a reality different from the daily or ordinary. Through this knowledge, meaning is given to our reality, which at first seems chaotic and incomprehensible to us.

The human being perceives a fracture or difference in terms of the order of the real, where he observes two planes: the profane, the human and ordinary order and what corresponds to a detached truth, which teaches the existence of the divine.

The human being tries to get a foundation for his existence and that of the world. Reality is born of form. Firstly as a ministry, as something unfathomable, unattainable, incomprehensible. God is the solution to the search. It is a situation totally different from the human and giant reality of it in terms of power and plenitude, for this reason it is called the Other Absolute.

The human has a spiritual dimension. Some perceive it in a conscious, mature and integrated way. Others deny the real or are often indifferent to the spiritual. There are those who doubt or have hesitation regarding the birth of that reality.

Religiosity is an integral part of the human being, in relation to the effort he makes to make his life meaningful. For this, it uses the symbol and language as a form of religious expression. Neither science nor technology will be able to see the depth of human experience.

Religiosity is, therefore, the encounter with the sacred, the divine, in short with God himself, is what is called religious experience. What is transmitted through that experience is called “revelation.”

This type of experience modifies the human being, awakens in him feelings of fear, admiration, veneration. There are moments, objects, places and rituals that damage the normal order allowing to enter the order of the sacred.

We can say that religiosity is the religious phenomenon that is experienced externally: beliefs are shared in communities of faith, as well as being part of religious traditions (Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, etc.), where each community presents its own history and religious institutions.

Everything that happens to each person of a given faith society is cherished as part of their religious traditions.

God is our only answer to the limits of what we can do or say. He appears when we are lost, due to lack of knowledge, words and making sense of what we are going through.

Religion is the only form of expression of man’s encounter with the sacred. This meeting is something that is not expected and is decisive since it changes the personality of the person and what he lives. It is about something we receive that is not produced by ourselves (grace), but that is activated in the right person with a committed response (faith).

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