Pray asking God for help to restore your marriage

Pray asking God for help to restore your marriage

The prayer asking God for help to restore a marriage, seeks to heal and release situations that specifically affect a marriage. With this, we must understand that as children of the Lord we have to take care of our own, specifically those who are part of our family. In addition to this we must not deny the faith, because that is worse than infidelity.

Prayer asking God for help

I ask you my dear Lord Jesus Christ, placing my feelings naked before your presence, that you send an angel who is able to guide me. I ask you to join in prayer to intercede for me before my family.

Lately we have been through very complex situations for us, where the moments have been characterized by being painful. This has brought with it situations that have disturbed the peace of our marriage and in turn of the family nucleus, causing uneasiness.

The disturbing moments have caused anguish in my loved ones, my Lord. Fear has begun to be part of our lives, as well as uncertainty, distrust, which brings with it a huge disunity, my dear God.

I no longer know who to turn to my Savior, I do not know how to ask for help, that is why I am aware that I need your enormous and merciful grace and also your intervention, which will be the only one capable of ending our problems.

It is for this reason that by the power of your name my Savior, I implore any situation that generates elements that cause negative patterns in marriage. Let our relationship have the same heights as the marriages of our ancestors.

Break down any patterns of unhappiness that develop in our married life. Do not allow distrust to be generated between my partner and me. I pray my Lord that the compulsive habits of sin are not part of my marriage.

Don’t let the mistakes that have been passed down for generations as curses in families disturb us. May the name and blood of Jesus Christ end any problem that passes through generations. (Learn more about the new life in Christ )

sentence 2

My dear Jesus Christ allows us in my marriage to understand where the problems began and in this way solve the problems related to it. I ask you my Lord by your glorious authority that through your merciful blood you spill your grace on our problems.

Break from our lives, my glorious Savior, any element that is linked to lack of love that may exist in the day to day of a family nucleus. Do not allow situations of hatred, resentment, envy, rage, desire for revenge or ending the relationship to make us succumb to the loss of marriage. I implore you not to allow the strength of Jesus in our lives to be overthrown and to gain his presence in the midst of our lives.

In the power of the blood of Jesus Christ, I ask that all behavior of indifference that is being raised within our home ends. In turn, do not allow elements to kill the love and passion of the couple.

I leave behind any trace of pride of unforgiveness or pride that prevents me from recognizing my mistakes. Give up any words that imply curse in our relationship. I do not accept any word that represents humiliation, or that hurts or hurts my relationship, that my impulses do not leave negative marks on the soul.

I cry out and pray for your blood my Lord to fill our relationship of redemption. He heals our wounds and frees us from the resentment that results in failure in our lives.

I renounce any element that reflects dissatisfaction in my life and in my home. That any factor that prevents me from being happy disappears from my life and in turn improves the relationship that I have in my marriage.

I am also about to renounce the words of dissatisfaction that I said about economic elements. Well, despite the fact that money in our lives is received little by little, we need nothing more than support and love. (See: New Testament )

Sentence 3

I ask your forgiveness my Lord, because I have constantly suffered from ingratitude, because I have not been able to see in my family that it is the right one for me, because it was you who placed it next to me.

Forgive my Lord Jesus, because I am fully aware that my actions are wrong on notable occasions and that is why from this day on I intend to recognize it.

In the same way, Lord Jesus, I ask your forgiveness for each member of my family, because I am aware that there were times when they dishonored the sacrament of marriage. For this reason I implore you to look upon them with mercy and restore in their lives the peace addressed to their hearts.

I want to ask you to pour out the power that the Holy Spirit possesses in us, giving his glory to each of the members that are part of my family. May the Holy Spirit be able to generate strength and light that bless our lives and that of past, present and future generations.

Allow that from today the marriage of my relatives be achieved in my marriage, which results in a family of a lineage committed to each other, offering respect and fidelity.

God allows me to respect your gospel, that the sacredness of marriage be carried from generation to generation in our homes. He allows love to always prevail with faithfulness, patience, respect and kindness.

I thank you Jesus for hearing each of my prayers and words that implore your mercy. I ask you to bend down to hear what I cry out every day. Today I consecrate myself and my whole family, through giving my heart.

May our relationships be blessed by the immaculate virgin Mary, mother of the son of God.

How to save a marriage?

It is extremely important that you do not let anyone tell you that a marriage has no solution. The really important thing is to leave behind any trace of sadness that prevents us from having a clear vision of what is happening, so that in this way we connect with God and with the Virgin Mary.

Prayers on the other hand, should not focus on the pain you are going through. Rather, it should be asked to solve each problem that occurs in their lives through conversations with the spouse.

God is able to enter the hearts of the people from whom they ask and for those for whom they ask, which allows the deep damage that is being caused to improve and in this way the pain that it causes in the life is erased. couple and in the children involved that are related to the discussions and lawsuits that occur.

It is also important to always be sure if the person you are married to is the right one and the best way is to ask God to enlighten us through prayer and after that, if he is the right one to ask the Lord for things to improve.

the sacrament

On the other hand, it is important to respect the sacrament that exists between couples, which is why it is always necessary to be guided by God, because without love and respect it is not positive that this promise to God is made.

You must fight for a happy marriage with great faith that God can do everything. It is important to be committed to not letting the Lord loose us. On the other hand, it is good that we give our soul to the virgin and let her fill us with enough love to give.

In addition to that we have to ask for real emotional and spiritual support. That in turn we do not get carried away by the anxiety that little by little can lead us to poor health. (See:  The Bible and marriage  )

Spiritual harmony is what allows us to maintain ourselves in the face of marital problems and, in addition, it is what gives us enough energy to have a close relationship with the Lord. Our Creator is a being full of mercy who is capable of doing everything for his children, as long as they commit to love him and renounce sin.

On the other hand, a profound work of forgiveness is needed, because if this process does not exist we are not able to improve a marriage relationship, this in turn must be linked to a good relationship with God.

Hope in god

God allows us to enter into a period of recognition and in turn forgiveness towards the wrong actions we have committed. In addition to this, through his wisdom, it allows us to understand what elements can cause pain to our loved ones.

On the other hand, it is important to defend the truth in a marriage, it is essential and in addition to this the sacrament to which those who marry commit themselves as a couple must be respected and in turn this is a process that leads us to salvation. This union is sacred that allows us to evict.

When God instituted the sacrament of marriage, he made his own restrictions, where there is some kind of error, however, there is the eternal commitment that we never stop being the only one with the other.

We must also understand that in a marriage we must seek to work as a team. In many cases it is necessary to fight to end the complex moments of life. That is why we must trust in the efficacy of the sacraments that God gives us to restore if they suffer any kind of problem.

On the other hand, it is important that we ask the Lord that there is no despair between the couple. In addition to this, we must have a stability that allows the Holy Spirit to enter the soul of each of the members of the couple.

For this reason, the best way to have hope in God is through a reaffirmation of faith in the Lord, which in turn generates absolute confidence that God is capable of helping us in every problem related to the sacrament of marriage. .

Give the thanks

Although married life can be very complex, we must give thanks to the Creator for all that he offers us. It is necessary that we leave behind the sadness and despair that makes us think that things do not work, rather it is necessary that we appreciate each element, be it positive or difficult, because that allows us to grow as a couple.

We should not distrust the power that God has in us, because it is He our creator and the one who leads us to achieve a stable marriage, full of respect, love, happiness and peace. God is seen in every happy moment that he expresses love and blessings.

For these reasons, it is necessary that there are capacities that allow us to look towards compassion, tenderness and love that allows God to be part of our lives and in turn give us blessings. (See:  The Bible )

It is important that when praying you ask God that as a couple it will be easy for you to open your hearts towards the miracle of the blessings that God gives to his followers. This in turn should be thanked with constancy.

We cannot have a marriage full of pain and suffering, for this reason we must always seek that the problems do not go beyond being simple difficulties to solve, otherwise they can break the soul.

We have to be faithful and obedient to love, just as it should be done with the love that is felt towards God. Our marriage must be inspired by the strength that God gives us every day.

In turn, the Lord recommends that through prayer we do an examination of conscience and reflection. That allows us to understand the truth and the best for our lives and our partner.

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