Prayer or spell to Francisco Pancho Villa

Prayer or spell to Francisco Pancho Villa

Within the world of religions we will find a wide range of options where the most internationally recognized popular beliefs also participate, one of them is the famous prayer to Pancho Villa, who in life was called “The centaur of the north”

Prayer to Pancho Villa

A native of Mexico, from a low-income town where he grew up surrounded by humble peasants with few possibilities for study or sociocultural growth, without parents and without anyone being able to guide him on the right path, he became one of the most recognized bandits in the town. , who was fleeing from justice, gained great respect for his community because he carried out movements against the rich.


His real name was José Doroteo Arango Arámbula and he became known in his country when, with his help, he managed to put an end to the terrible torment that his compatriots were experiencing, a very harsh and strict dictatorship led by President Porfirio Díaz.

From this event, Pancho Villa was decorated as one of the bravest warriors in Mexican history, for his constant struggle and for guaranteeing justice for the poor.

After his death, in Mexico, as in many Latin American countries, there are many popular areas that ensure that the spirit of this warrior continues to help and protect them from beyond.

This is why Pancho Villa began to create cults with images related to him, to be venerated by his followers through venerations and reverence through special tributes.

Within these places, not only is he thanked for all the struggle he has carried out throughout his life, but also offerings are given to him to help his believers solve problems or situations that they are presently presenting.

And they are not only war problems, so to speak, but they are problems of any kind, from health and work problems to love problems. Who would say no?

Pancho Villa has 3 important dates to celebrate, the day he came into this world, June 5 (1878), the day he helped liberate the dictatorship, November 20, and the date of his death on July 20.

Next we are going to leave you a video with the history and life of Pancho Villa:

As many will not know, prayers and phrases were created for this martyr by his believers, which are used today to ask for miracles and help to solve problems. And here we will show you the most popular:

Prayer to Pancho Villa Martyr

Martyr for all the struggle and strength he had during the situations that were presented to him in life, his followers created this prayer for him:

“In the name of God our almighty lord, I invoke the spirits that protect you to help me, just as you helped the needy and poor in the earthly world, just as you defeated the powerful and rich, just as you pushed back your enemies and treacherous, so I ask you for your heavenly and spiritual protection so that you free me from all evil and danger, and give me the necessary encouragement and sufficient courage to face the most difficult things that come my way in life.”

Prayer to Pancho Villa for love.

It should be noted that throughout his life and his wanderings, they say that this rebellious man with a strong character had more than 100 love affairs and approximately 70 children, and that is why many ask him in prayer to help them solve their love problems or find a new lasting romance.

«Pancho, dear Pancho, you who know about love affairs and romances, since in life you were the lover of more than a hundred women, help me find love in my life, my ideal partner, because I feel alone and disconsolate, and I go to You to give me the confidence and luck I need to finally be able to rest in the young and beautiful arms of a good woman. I beg you, Pancho Villa, grant me this request.”

Prayer to Pancho Villa for love (second version)

«My revolutionary brother, you who in your moments of life sowed light in desperate and helpless people, when they all came to you, you helped them to achieve light and stability, I ask you to please find the light that I need in love.

Please help me to break down any kind of barriers and obstacles that I may feel in my path, interfere with your holy hand and bless my path in love and romance, since the eternal father has given you the great power that makes us stronger. Thanks to the love that you will help me find, even after death, I will continue to love you Pancho Villa.»

(Followed by this, you make the request with the full name of the person you want to attract love from)

Prayer to Pancho Villa for job success

Because Pancho Villa achieved everything he set out to do, this prayer was created for him, which can be used by those who wish success in their work.

«My business is entrusted to you two, to Pancho Villa and to my Lord Jesus Christ King of Kings, because I am your servant, working hand in hand with you today, tomorrow and always; The abundance I have and momentum is thanks to you two, bless Pancho Villa, filling this business with wisdom and justice so that the work to which I have dedicated myself bears fruit.

Thank you both for hearing my prayers. 

Prayer for Pancho Villa to dominate

Pancho Villa was always a strong man with a dominant character, which is why this prayer represents him to help his believers:

«With the permission granted to me by my Lord Jesus Christ Almighty God and the good intentions of the saints, I want that through Pancho Villa I offer all the thoughts of my person, as well as his five senses, created matter and brain of (here you have to say the name of the person you want to dominate and attract) from the day he was born, the day of his baptism and the day of his death.»

Prayer to Pancho Villa to get a good job

Pancho Villa managed to become a man of great importance for society, through efforts, this sentence is used by those who are unemployed:

“In the name of God, I ask you to help me, just as you helped the needy and poor, just as you defeated the powerful, please make me find the right job for me, that they can pay me well so that I can pay off my debts and help my family and those who need it. 

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