Learn how to make powerful prayers to God, here

Learn how to make powerful prayers to God, here

In the next post you will learn how to make powerful prayers to God and the excellent results that you get in your life because of them.

powerful prayers to god

Incredibly God in his infinite love, takes time to listen to each of our prayers, regardless of how long they last or the number of requests that come in it. His word says that the intimate communion with Him is held by the righteous, the clean and those who seek Him with a genuine heart. Here are some powerful prayers to God that you can raise in different circumstances. (See: The Bible )

Loving God, giver and provider of life,

Light of incredible comfort and direction of my spirit,

delight that improves my life,

Under your light I cover myself

I seek in you to light the fire of your affection in my confidence,

Can I perceive you and acclaim you?

I want to feel happiness with your heavenly closeness,

I try not to complain with torments

From the moment I knew you would take care of me.

In this moment of my life

When I experience a thousand problems,

Also, when I feel my confidence disintegrate,

When I’m ashamed of my lack of firmness,

I look for you and I realize that you answer me,

You don’t keep running from me like my adversaries

You take me by the hand and lead me to you.

With you I need to walk

Despite the fact that it seems to be difficult to help my feet on the rough road,

Today I perceive each of my defects,

What’s more, having no desire to think about being away from you,

Although he is absolutely sorry

I come to lead me on your benevolent path.

May my requests reach your ears

What’s more, let my doubts end.

I realize that I don’t deserve your look,

Be that as it may, I trust in your extraordinary power,

Also, I realize that with each sentence,

you listen to me and help me

In order to be able to sing the gestures of recognition,

Also, bustling and clear, it echoes everywhere on the planet,

for that and more I remain in your hands Oh, my Lord!

So be it.

For the family

God’s gift is in my home.

We are charged with the Holy Spirit of affection, power and balance.

In my family there is understanding, correspondence, love.

The power of Jesus unites us.

He has an advantage over everyone else in this house.

He will raise us, in case we have failed.

His word will fill our lives every day.

I take responsibility to lead my children in your word

and impart to them the affection they should feel for God and respect for their neighbor.

In this house there will be no unbridled feelings or behavior.

For the sake of Jesus we can control what we speak.

I will not afflict my companion or my children with my tongue.

My children will not listen to lies, criticism or gossip against anyone in this house.

I will instruct you to be content with what you have, however,

who consider, save, fight and work genuinely

to obtain reasonable compensation.




My children will not walk in penitentiary centers, nor in possessions,

nor in medicines, in light of the fact that in my home they will receive consideration,

love, respect, company and understanding;

and not just shouting, reproaches and insults.

Love in time of worship, discipline when control is required,

but not the least cold-blooded and ruthless discipline.

I will show my children that, for unfortunate behavior,

frivolity, selfishness and apathy, THERE IS A PUNISHMENT:

Spiritual ruin, good and related to money.

It is anything but a discipline from God,

but it turns out that we will ALL face each other,

in case we show disorder.

Jesus, my family depends on you: this family is YOURS.

In any case, I perceive my obligation and my responsibility to promote my family.

I will constantly seek from you, I will benefit from your promise:



In the mighty name of JesusAMEN.

For work

Dear God,

I precede you today to ask for help with this supplication.

As a matter of first importance,

God, I need to apologize for my behavior,

claiming that, in the same way that Adam ignored you when eating the food

that it shouldn’t and was growing out of the ground, was surprised.

As a result of him, I also failed.

Excuse me and don’t let me experience agonizing work every day of my life.

 God, I cry out to you on the grounds that alone you kindly tune in to my pleas;

Look at the despair, work and forced abuse

for the people who mistreat the worker and transmit it to me!

God, I need you with me in light of the fact that you only do equity for the worker.

On the contrary, the people out there are not in demand and even

they are ready to fire the rep with barely a dime.

With this plea, I ask you to give me knowledge so that I do not fall into an insult

and that others take the product of my work.

Beloved King, protect me from having supervisors who treat workers in cold blood

and mistreat them with limited work,

undertaking businesses that benefit them and no one else.

My God, don’t give me the opportunity to continue with a hard life because of work

subjugating and damaging they need to impose on me.

Regardless of whether I had the best job on the planet,

in this job request I submit, Lord, to comply with your decrees

and offer rest to my body once a week,

and therefore I have the choice to respect you, my God.

Thank you for the skills and abilities in my work,

similarly as you gave your servants Bezalel and Aholiab,

who did wonderful work for you.

I pray that the day will come when I can be reunited with my family

and celebrate the achievements of my work,

in light of the fact that your Lord God will have favored us.

Master, I realize that in case you favor my work,

there is nothing and no one that prevents me from moving forward;

That’s the reason I guarantee you I’ll help

to those who are less lucky so that they can eat;

I will not be bad, however liberal I may be with my endowments;

if my brother in confidence reaches me, I will not accuse him of intrigue;

and regardless of whether it was accidental or thoughtless,

if a part of the product of my work were left to someone

more needy than me, I will not ask him to return it.

My God, I wish with all my existence that you favor me,

in light of the fact that in your approval

there is real success for my job, my family, my assets and my future.

Open the sky, your liberal fortune,

to pour down your shower of gifts in due time.

At that time, I will lend to many and never receive from anyone again.

At this time, I hailed you, Lord,

because, being loyal, I will get your approval in my reserve funds,

in all those made by my hands and in the land that you offer me to live.

For the sake of Jesus,

so be it.

marriage restoration

Incessant Most High Father

I certainly stand before your honored position of beauty,

introducing him to our matrimonial circumstance,

the differences, the problems we have,

the torment we have caused ourselves.

We present to you our past circumstance that perhaps until today

we have not had the option to defeat him, and in this way there is an absence of acquittal

Today, Holy Father, mortified before you, we ask you, we beg you to recover,

our marriage,

come to our marriage, break it, and change us,

please change us.

Get away, get away from our marriage, the commotion, the harshness, the claims,

differences, contradiction, infidelity, separation,

cheating, misrepresentation are not welcome in our marriage.

From now on, I address every soul of cruelty.

Soul of savagery submit now,

I hold you now, bind you and cast you out, for the sake of Jesus.

You leave my house, my marriage,

I submit you to the power and expert of Jesus Christ.

You never further advance or prosper in my marriage,

run away, you scatter now, you’ll never hit,

nor will you be qualified for my marriage, in my home.

There will never be mistreatment in my home on the grounds that the administration,

God’s power, dominion and specialist

they are in my home from now and for eternity.

Satan I tell you that you will never have control, not even directly here in my house.

For the sake of Jesus Christ.

Your name has control Holy Father,

your name has so much control!

I favor your name in goodness!

High Father!

The impure are expelled from my home,

I take them out of my home, out of our lives now,

they never thrive or advance in our marriage.

I nullify, disconcert and ruin any plan of separation that Satan

hopes to have for my marriage, at that very moment,

all that arrangement is deactivated and God takes back my marriage now,

in the present, for the sake of Jesus.Amen.

for health

Father, for the sake of Jesus, we come to praise and exalt your name.

We appreciate your adoration and benevolence.

Jesus, thank you for the penance you did on Calvary’s cross.

Father, from now on I precede your holy presence for the sake of Jesus

to intervene for the recovery of my brothers, who need your heavenly touch

in order to restore your well-being.

Very grateful to you Father for your kindness.

You are God in paradise and on earth and it is written in your word:

“Wounded was for our rebellions, reason for our mistakes,

the discipline of our tranquility had come, and by his stripes we were healed.”

Father, written in your word says:

“These signs will haunt people who accept:

in my name they will expel evil spirits,

they will speak new languages ​​and, in addition, they will declare that they will put

their hands on the erased ones and they will amend.

Father, for the sake of Jesus, by the blood of the New Covenant in Jesus,

from now on I rebuke and cancel spirits of addictions, distractions

 misery, stress, fear, despair.

For the sake of Jesus, I blame every side effect of any disease

who is attacking this individual.

For the sake of Jesus, for the blood of Christ,

I bind the spirit of sickness, anxious confusion,

agitation, brain problems, coronary heart disease,

AIDS, neoplasia, anxiety, weakness, anorexia,

leukemia, inflammation of the joints, tumors, imperfect development, diabetes.

I ask you to leave your body immediately for the sake of Jesus.

For the sake of Jesus, I request the reproduction of tissues, muscles, ligaments, tendons.

I request the new fabrication of knees, hips, lungs, livers, hearts, pancreas.

Father, from now on, depend on the heavenly assistants in recovery to bring

these new organs, to the magnificence of their sacred name.

I request for the sake of Jesus, the typical bone thickness throughout the skeletal structure

and the normal functioning of the hormonal framework.

I ask for the reparation of each hereditary part of this current individual

and for his body on the cross of Calvary,

I request recovery from every illness and

variance from the norm in the science of your mind.

For the sake of Jesus, I request to repair all the damage caused by the accumulated tension

every day.

In the amazing name of Jesus,

I request that every poor quality you have experienced

a transformation be evacuated and restore my organs to their unique and proper condition

for the reason for which it was proposed.

Father, send your heavenly assistant warriors to expel all disease,

for the sake of Jesus.

Very grateful to you, Father, for taking note of our pleas.

So be it.

for prosperity

Sovereign of the hundreds of years, king of kings.

You are incredible, by intervention your young people, we ask you submissively

that you successfully deliver us from everything detestable and difficult, from every enemy and terrible individual;

dress us with your shield, send us your light, fill us with favors and give us your security

to make the most of your peace of mind.

I request your help, extend me with your high and innovative arms,

refine my psyche, heart, elements of life, give nothing hurtful

the opportunity to enter me.

Rule over me, today and forever,

And don’t let anything or anyone hurt me.

Lord I shout, I have faith in you, in your ability and in your amazement,

I have faith in your promise, which is the one that can edify me in particular;

I draw closer to forgiveness for each of my transgressions and problems,

and for the sake of Jesus and for the intensity of his blood, I beg you to be charitable to me,

I ask you to dispel everything that torments me and harms me,

away from my life and home, all dim shadows, save me

from everything that comes against me and breaks the chains that hold me in pieces,

so that I can satisfy your holy will

no physical or otherworldly obstructions.

Soul of our Lord,

of our creator God, our Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

Form me, my Lord, join me and enter me, help me.

Take from me all the cunning that oppress me and that I have,

kill them, cover them, so my spirit can find a sense of satisfaction

and continue the harmony.

take curses from me,

spells, negative enchantments, hostile looks,

sacred petitions, moorings and sentences;

Devilish disease and sober bad habit.

All mistakes, rancor, sin, envy and presumption;

Physical, mental, moral illnesses and through everything insidious.

All shades of malice expel them to the flame of hell,

with the goal that they never appear again

and do not contact me or the world.

I ask and want with my heart, for the creator God,

Jesus Christ our deliverer from sins, by the work

to each one of the sentences, each one of my anguishes,

each of the evil spirits that remain in me,

to go, they quickly leave me,

who totally abandon me and do not return,

they return to their endless hellfire

and from that moment they never leave.

You will be trampled and bound, abused and spat on,

So be it.

We request your kindness with the utmost humility,

with the aim that you lower yourself to free yourself from everything abhorrent

whom we accompany with constancy and confidence to his call.

May your hands secure us,

may your sword protect us,

what is more, that, due to its unshakable security

How about we constantly look closer?

To the glory of the Lord.

May your effort invigorate us every day,

so that we can effectively reach our goal,

Also, particularly in my anguished snapshots,

You give me that beauty, which favored me to such an extent.

May your endless strength protect us

of the diabolical serpent released

Furthermore, of all his detestable creatures sent,

The moment our spirit escapes from this world,

I need you to be the one to take me to the entrance,

what is more, once there, expel each one of my anguishes and faults,

to arrive perfectly at heavenly glory.

So be it.

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