Quotes and inscriptions about February 14 for Instagram for a photo

Quotes and inscriptions about February 14 for Instagram for a photo

Despite the fact that Valentine’s Day is not “our” holiday, it has firmly settled in the hearts of many and is an extra reason to talk about your feelings to relatives and friends. Many with trepidation and impatience are waiting for this day to finally confess their love. Sometimes it is difficult to find words and express their emotions. This is where this article will help.

We tried to collect for you a selection of beautiful, original, funny captions and quotes that you can use in posts for congratulations, wishes, or even marriage proposals on Valentine’s Day!

Category Number of pcs.
1 Congratulations to your beloved in your own words 15
2 Short Wishes 15
3 Original and beautiful congratulations 15
4 Funny and funny 15
5 In English (with translation) 15
6 Words of congratulations to the girl 10
7 Quotes from books and famous people 10
8 An offer of marriage 10
9 Poetry 10

Congratulations to your beloved in your own words

  1. Valentine’s Day has acquired a new meaning for me, because you have appeared in my life, my beloved! I love you immensely and endlessly!❤️
  2. This Valentine’s Day is special for me! This year I meet him with you, my beloved! I love you and wish you Happy Valentine’s Day!
  3. I want to give you the most valuable gift on February 14, my love for you! My heart is forever in your hands, my love. Take care of it and don’t give it to anyone!💝
  4. And I don’t need gifts! On Valentine’s Day, I want the stars to give me your love, my dear.
  5. My beloved man, I congratulate you on Valentine’s Day! Accept my love as the most valuable thing I have!💖
  6. February 14 has come, and with trepidation and excitement I hasten to congratulate you, my beloved! Know and remember that I love you more than anyone in this world!
  7. On this wonderful holiday, I congratulate you, my love! For two we have one heart, for two we have one breath! I hope that life will be one for two! I love you!😘
  8. This is the most beautiful morning on February 14th! I woke up in your strong arms, my love. Happy Valentine’s Day and I want you to know that no one loves you like I do!
  9. My beloved, my tender lover, my faithful friend! Happy Holidays, Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you so much!😍
  10. You are my life, my love! Accept my declarations of love, my beloved!
  11. All the valentines in the world will not express my love for you, my love! You can only feel it! Let it warm you on this winter day!
  12. On this day I want to confess my feelings to you, my love! I love you, I entrust my heart and soul to you!😊
  13. Valentine blessed this day! I hasten to confess to you my brightest feelings, my beloved! Happy holiday!
  14. I don’t care where to spend this day! If only with you, my love, next to me! Happy Valentine’s day! Know and remember my love!💕
  15. The best gift on this day is your love! Love me my dear! May this day be warmed by our feelings and passionate kisses!

Short Wishes

  1. Reciprocity and passion on Valentine’s Day!😉
  2. I wish that everyone fell in love mutually on this day!
  3. A man in love is a happy man! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!🙏
  4. Girls, Happy Valentine’s Day! All love and smiles on this day!
  5. Love, confessions, flowers and kisses to everyone on this day!💋🌹
  6. Let everyone boast a photo with flowers from a loved one on this day!
  7. Let the romance of this beautiful day touch each of you!💞
  8. February 14 came! All love and tenderness on this day!
  9. May every woman receive flowers from her beloved man on this day!💐
  10. Give each other love on this day!
  11. I wish you sweet kisses, hot hugs on Valentine’s Day!💋
  12. I wish reciprocity, Happy Valentine’s Day!
  13. Give love to your loved ones on Valentine’s Day!❤️
  14. I wish no one is alone on Valentine’s Day!
  15. I wish everyone to receive a declaration of love on Valentine’s Day!🙃

Original and beautiful congratulations

  1. Who said that love is not talked about a lot? It is not true! Speak, do not be silent about her! Especially on such a wonderful day!
  2. On Valentine’s Day, I want to wish lonely hearts to find each other, so that each of you feel the magical power of love!
  3. Love is hot like the sun and red-hot like lava! This is a holiday in the name of the greatest feeling on earth and let everyone feel like a part of it!
  4. Who is born on February 14 is simply obliged to be happy in love! After all, he was blessed by Saint Valentine himself!
  5. I believe that on this day love rules the world! May this wonderful feeling illuminate the heart of every person, may no one be lonely today!
  6. On Valentine’s Day, a person needs so little! Human needs human!
  7. Let today be the day of declarations of love! May hearts unite in her name! Happy Valentines Day!
  8. On this day, I wish you awe and fire in your hearts, butterflies in your stomach and light in your eyes!
  9. On Valentine’s Day, I wish you to find your love and never lose it! Appreciate every moment spent with your loved ones!
  10. There is a great feeling on earth and its name is Love. How wonderful that this wonderful day, Valentine’s Day, is dedicated to him!
  11. On this holiday, I wish everyone mutual love, vivid emotions, let the hearts burn, and the souls sing in unison!
  12. Today I wish everyone that love breaks into life, inspiring and sweeping away everything in its path! I wish you confessions, surprises and a lot of gifts!
  13. On Valentine’s Day, I wish everyone to have the courage and confess their feelings, and those who are waiting for confessions, of course, get them!
  14. On this day, I wish everyone reciprocity, passion, let your eyes burn with the fire of pure and sincere love!
  15. I wish everyone to find their own heart on this day and never lose it! Treasure each other, love sincerely and with all your heart!

Funny and funny

  1. So you wait, you wait for February 14, and he, once, has come. So what? And nothing. Has anyone seen my Valentine?
  2. Feb 14 is coming soon. And this means that you need to watch a movie about love, see photos of bouquets, envy and go to bed.
  3. So, I woke up beautiful, all so romantic, but Valentine didn’t exist, and still doesn’t exist! Nobody wants love? I have it in bulk, the service life is not limited!
  4. So that from this day not a day more without intimacy! Amen!
  5. I don’t need roses, and I don’t need chocolate! I want a chocolate hare, to be loved and spoiled, and regularly!
  6. Do not find adventure on the ass – spend Valentine’s Day in an empty space. This is the idea I came up with! So I’m off on an adventure!
  7. I want to be blown away by love on this day! For the sake of this, I even put it in its place, cleaned up the attic and drove out the cockroaches.
  8. So you want to find your love already, and not adventures on the fifth point on Valentine’s Day!
  9. I want to go into a binge of love and plunge into a romantic coma in order to understand at least a little the state of a person in love!
  10. Dear Valentine, please give me a man, you can choose two! Thank you in advance! I promise to love and pamper!
  11. Citizens of the lonely, I give the installation: all together we are making contact! That’s what Saint Valentine said!
  12. If on this day a bouquet did not appear in the girl’s feed – this is a good sign, then the girl is free – you must take it!
  13. Who came up with February 14 and brought all this fuss? Everyone is running somewhere, buying. Rehearsal March 8, not otherwise!
  14. Here are boring things without love, however. Should I fall in love on such an occasion, should I suffer for a change?
  15. Lord, do not let me look as stupid on this day as all lovers!

In English with translation

  1. “Be my Valentine!”, he said and I answered “Yes!” I’m so happy today! “Be my Valentine,” he said, and I said yes. I’m so happy today!
  2. “Red roses are so symbolic today because they are of color of love!” — Red roses are so symbolic today because they are the colors of love!
  3. Happy Valentine’s Day, my dear friends! Be loved this day!” — Happy Valentine’s Day, dear friends! Be loved on this day!
  4. “At last this day has come! I’m waiting for my cards and red roses!” “Finally, that day has come!” I’m waiting for postcards and red roses!
  5. “The day of love and friendship, greetind cards for sweethearts. My favorite holiday has come!” — Day of love and friendship, greeting cards for lovers. My favorite holiday has arrived!
  6. “We honor love on Valentine’s Day. I want this feeling to be in everone’s life!” We honor love on this day. I want this feeling to be in everyone’s life!
  7. “I wish love and happiness to you on Valentine’s Day.” On Valentine’s Day, I wish you love and happiness.
  8. “I want to be your sweet Valentine for all my life, darling!” “I want to be your sweet Valentine for the rest of my life, dear!”
  9. “Love is the most valuable thing in life and we shoud save it as the greatest treasure.” “
    Love is the most valuable gift and we must keep it like a priceless treasure.
  10. “I think I’m the happiest guy in the whole world because I have the most precious jewel – you! Thank you for your love!” – I think I’m the luckiest guy in the whole world because I have the most precious stone – you! Thank you for your love!
  11. “Happy Valentine’s day not only today but every single day, my friends!” – Happy Valentine’s Day, not only today, but every day, friends!
  12. “It is the best and happiest Valentine’s Day because you are with me!” – This is the best and happiest Valentine’s Day, because you are there!
  13. Take this rose and my heart on Valentine’s Day! Be always mime, my girl!” – Accept this rose and my heart on Valentine’s Day! Always be mine, my girl!
  14. “On this day I’d like to tell you about my love and I hope Valentine will help me.” – On this day I want to tell you about my love and I hope that Valentine will help me.
  15. Dear Valentine, I wish you could bring me love and happiness! I don’t ask for more!” —
    Dear Valentine, I want you to bring me love and happiness! I don’t ask for more!

Words of congratulations to the girl

  1. I am so lucky because I have a girlfriend and she is the most beautiful! Happy Valentine’s Day, my dear! Thank you for being there, thank you for your love!
  2. I want to say words of love to my girlfriend on Valentine’s Day! You are the best friend and I love you!
  3. About our love with you, honey, I would make a movie! Thank you for filling my life with new colors and exciting stories every day!
  4. Our dear daughter! Happy Valentine’s Day! Know that mom loves you, and dad will never give offense!
  5. The only, unique and desirable mine! Happy Valentine’s Day! May love warm our hearts on this winter day!
  6. Let love warm you, unforgettable emotions paint your life in bright colors, and your eyes glow with happiness!
  7. Gentle, unique and beloved! Happy Valentine’s Day! Know that my feelings for you cannot be expressed in words! I am incredibly happy with you, dear!
  8. Honey, let me once again confess my feelings to you on such a wonderful day! I love you!
  9. My angel, my soul! Know that I love you endlessly! You are my happiness and my joy!
  10. Even though I don’t believe in this holiday, it is another reason to remind you how much I love you, dear!

Quotes from books and famous people

  1. “Today is Valentine’s Day – or as men like to call it, World Extortion Day!” (Jay Leno)
  2. “On this day, it is customary to give the opposite sex all sorts of useless crap in the shape of hearts, declare love, create romantic evenings for your loved ones with candles and champagne, and much more.” (Alexander Chubaryan, “Hackers. Basic”)
  3. “Children congratulate me on Valentine’s Day, give me hearts with the words” to the most beloved person. That’s where real happiness is, and not between the legs of some goat. (Elchin Safarli, “If you only knew”)
  4. “By the way, it’s customary to say “Happy Halloween” and “Happy Valentine’s Day”, but what is happy about them? Valentine’s Day is the anniversary of the death of Saint Valentine, you know… They’ll start saying “Happy Fool’s Day” soon, right? (Watari Wataru, “The pink time of my high school life is a complete lie”)
  5. “Valentine’s Day is an absurd farce: greeting card companies manipulate the ignorant masses into shelling out millions – and for what? For the illusion that you are loved. (Sue Townsend “Adrian Mole: The Wild Years”)
  6. “Oh my God. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Why? Why? Why is the whole world so arranged that people who do not have romantic relationships feel like idiots when everyone has long known that romance does not work anyway. Look at the royal family. Look at Mom and Dad.” (Helen Fielding)
  7. “Give love to your significant other throughout your life, not just one day a year.” (Abhishek Bachchan)
  8. “A modern man is confused – he would not forget about the eighth of March, and then there is some artificially imposed February fourteenth. Valentine’s Day is a terribly unfair holiday: it once again reminds those who have relationship problems that everything is bad for them, and for those who are single, it imposes the erroneous opinion that something is wrong with them. Those who have a loved one are happy without any holiday. No need to poke our noses into our personal lives – we ourselves know about it, fuck off! (Victoria Kileeva, “The Hooligan and the Rebel”)
  9. “Today is the fourteenth of February,” she muttered justifiably.
    – And what? Denis did not guess.
    “Valentine’s Day,” Lucy added humbly.
    “Oh my God,” the boy sighed. “Another bourgeois holiday, invented to make money.” (Victoria Kileeva, “The Hooligan and the Rebel”)
  10. “Today is a holiday that greeting card companies have come up with to make people feel bad.” (Joel Berish)

An offer of marriage

  1. On this day, Saint Valentine will help me get your consent to marry me, my love! I love you and want to spend the rest of my life next to you!
  2. On Valentine’s Day, I want to confess my feelings to you and offer you a hand and a heart!
  3. On this beautiful day, I want our destinies to merge into one! I want you to marry me, so that our daughter is as beautiful as you, and our son becomes our reliable support!
  4. Honey, be my wife! From this day forward, I promise to love and protect you!
  5. We are made for each other! Today, on Valentine’s Day, I ask you to become my wife and I promise to love you all my life!
  6. I want our loving hearts to beat in unison today and ask you to accept my marriage proposal!
  7. Today, when love rules the world, I want to make you an offer you can’t refuse! Marry me!
  8. My love! Kneeling before you, I ask you to become my wife and the keeper of my heart! May Saint Valentine help me in this!
  9. We are a reflection of each other and one whole! Today I want you to become my wife and accept this ring as a symbol of my feelings and serious intentions!
  10. I ask you to marry me and bear me children! I promise to love and protect you!


  1. What a holiday, just a fairy tale!
    Day of love and tender caress!
    Valentine’s Day!
    Further in the rhyme only raspberries!
  2. The sun is shining outside,
    And the snow is crunching underfoot,
    And I’m drawing Valentine ‘s cards
    For those who are sad today!
  3. Valentine’s Day,
    I’m as beautiful as a picture,
    I’ll celebrate the holiday
    And meet my love!
  4. On Valentine’s Day,
    I’m in love and so loved!
    Today I am so happy,
    As I never dreamed of!
  5. Magical feelings and sensations
    Let Valentine give you!
    Will generously throw entertainment,
    Let it give a positive!
  6. Happy Valentine’s Day!
    Sun, joy, love!
    Let all sorrows pass,
    And only positive will come!
  7. Oh my love!
    Excite the nerves, blood!
    Rip your soul to shreds!
    Oh my love!
  8. Your love is my reward!
    Your smiles are sweet honey!
    Be by my side,
    my precious!
  9. I want that on this wonderful day,
    No one was alone!
    So that the eyes burn with happiness, the
    Soul sings and blossoms!
  10. Take care of your soul mate,
    Tell her about love more often,
    You give her gifts,
    Do not skimp on flowers!

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