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Winter is coming soon. And the winter time is the time of a fabulous white color, when, it seems, even nature seeks to start everything from a white sheet. And everything seems wonderful, a festive atmosphere and the smell of tangerines are in the air. Sometimes the magic of winter cannot be described in words.

The article presents 200 ideas on how to do it beautifully and interestingly on Instagram: beautiful quotes, short inscriptions, aphorisms, meaningful captions for photos, phrases, statuses and sayings in English with translation about winter.

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9 About the end of winter 12
10 From books (poems, proverbs, signs) 20
11 About preparations for the winter 10
12 About snow and winter 15
13 Cool and funny 15
14 About winter and children 15

Beautiful captions

  1. Do you know what November smells like? November smells like winter, uniquely, in a special way! And right now I want to fall in love once and for all!💙
  2. Life is like a book! There are so many chapters in it, and only four are repeated from year to year: a perky spring, a carefree summer, a cozy autumn and a wonderful winter.
  3. Winter again, white sheet again! And only you decide what to write on it and what colors to paint! Winter Help!🤔😉
  4. Winter is the time to love, hope, dream, dare and embody! You just need to want!
  5. Mood – winter: a little sad, a little sorry. But, this is not the time to lose heart, because this is a magical time, a time when it is not too late to fix everything.😌
  6. No, these are not tears. It’s just winter, just the first snowflakes are melting on the eyelashes.
  7. Winter is coming and nature is waiting, like a timid bride before the altar.❄️
  8. The time of winter has come, the time when everything froze in reverent expectation.
  9. Warm winter is a true blessing of nature given to man. And if it is also snowy – this is happiness!🤗
  10. Winter was created to enjoy the warmth and comfort of the hearth with a cup of fragrant mulled wine and to have quiet conversations about anything and everything in the world.
  11. Winter is the time of the most delicious tangerines, the strongest tea and the purest feelings.🍊🍵❤️
  12. The artist winter applied graceful ornaments to the glass, and smiles on the faces. Everyone is looking forward to a magical New Year’s Eve.
  13. Only walking in the snow, when the tracks instantly disappear, you understand the whole frailty of life.🤔
  14. The amazing ability of winter is to give warmth, comfort and warm everything around with fluffy snow.
  15. And only in winter do you love hotter, hug tighter, and kiss like the last time!🙃
  16. And no matter how long a person lives, he will never cease to be amazed at the magical beauty of the first snow, wrapping everything around in silver of the highest standard and precious sparkling crystal!
  17. Only the most delicious tangerines are able to paint the austere look of winter with their bright colors.🙃🤤
  18. The first white snow in the early frosty morning and a cup of hot cappuccino – this is the best combination of winter. Add some love and warmth to it, and it will become just perfect!
  19. Snow fell to the ground, circled in an amazing dance, inviting you to a magical winter fairy tale.❄️✨
  20. Winter surprisingly warms everyone’s heart with its cold white silver and makes you believe in miracles.


  1. Winter is white happiness!😍
  2. Winter is a time of faith, hope and love.
  3. Winter is an amazing magical time!🤩
  4. Winter has come and everything is frozen.
  5. Winter bewitches and enchants.💜
  6. Winter awakens souls.
  7. Winter at night is mysterious and enigmatic.🌚
  8. Winter in September is a joke of nature.
  9. Everything wakes up after winter.🌿
  10. Winter is the queen of the seasons.
  11. Winter is the triumph of white!⬜️
  12. The softest whisper at the snowfall.
  13. Hurry up to love this winter!💞
  14. Do you hear? The winter is coming!
  15. The street in winter is a fairy tale come to life!😍

Quotes and statuses about winter and love

  1. One day you will wake up on a frosty winter morning and realize that you love, love passionately and endlessly.
  2. Nothing warms a cold winter like love and strong tea.
  3. Winter is the time to love, because there is nothing stronger than love born in the winter cold.
  4. May everyone fall in love this winter, be loved and warm in the cozy arms of a loved one!
  5. Let winter come quickly and bring me love! I so want my heart to burn with love, warm my soul with its warmth!
  6. As snowflakes melt on your cheeks, so I melt in your hands! Thanks for this winter!
  7. And neither winter nor frost is terrible, when love lives in the heart!
  8. I have no question which winter is better! This! After all, this winter we found each other!
  9. The winds of winter are already heard, but they do not frighten me if you are near, if we are together under one blanket!
  10. Why do you want love and romance so much in winter, do you want a fabulous transformation and miracles?
  11. Hurry, winter, come! Bring me love, keep me warm and give me a pair of wings
  12. Has winter brought me happiness? Of course! After all, I met you, my love! My love is the color of winter and your eyes, the taste of mulled wine and bitter coffee!
  13. What a sweet winter this year! She tastes of ripe tangerines, hot chocolate and your hot kisses!
  14. It doesn’t matter what the weather is outside the window, cold or blizzard! The main thing is that the heart is always warmed by the fire of love!
  15. Winter is a time when you can not hide feelings and emotions. This is the time of sincere, pure as snow, love and passion as hot as fire! It’s kissing time with snowflakes on your lips!

In English (with translation)

  1. I really enjoy these winter sunny days! How can I fell sad when there is such beauty everywhere? I really enjoy these sunny winter days! How can I be sad when such beauty is around?
  2. Trees sparkling in frost, huge white drifts and bitter cold… Oh, how wonderful Russian winter is! — Trees shimmering in hoarfrost, huge white snowdrifts and bitter frost… Oh, how wonderful the Russian winter is!
  3. How beautiful the winter garden is! Everything covered with sparkling snow is so amazing! What a beautiful garden in winter! Everything covered in sparkling snow is so beautiful!
  4. What a wonderful weather we have this winter! It’s a real luck! What wonderful weather this winter! It’s just luck!
  5. I love winter colors: snowy white and cold silver. They make a grate contrast with bright orange and green – red! — I love the colors of winter: snowy white and cold silver. They contrast beautifully with bright orange and green-red!
  6. Winter outdoors doesn’t mean winter in the heart! It is burning in love! – Winter on the street does not mean that winter is in the heart! It burns with love!
  7. There are many reasons to love winter and New Year is one of them. There are many reasons to love winter and New Year is one of them.
  8. So pretty snoflakes are falling, so bright sun is shining and so happy time is knocking on the door. Such white snowflakes are spinning in the air, such a bright sun is shining, and such a happy time is knocking at the door!
  9. There is no person in the whole world who loves winter more than I do. I’m so exited before New Year Holidays! There is no person in the world who loves winter more than me. I’m looking forward to the New Year holidays!
  10. This white winter is like a miracle dream: so beautiful and sweet! It smells like happiness and first love! – This winter is like a magical dream: just as beautiful and sweet! She smells of happiness and first love!
  11. Many people don’t like snow, whereas I love it: so fluffy and soft! — Many people don’t like snow, but I love it: it’s so fluffy and soft!
  12. Winter is the time of miracles, when everyone is happy in the New Year atmosphere! — Winter is a time of miracles, when everyone is happy in the atmosphere of the New Year!
  13. Sweet tangerines, hot tea and darling people…that’s enougth to be happy this winter. – Sweet tangerines, hot tea and loved ones … that’s enough to be happy this winter.
  14. The colder and frostier outdoors, the more I love you! The colder and frostier it is outside, the more I love you!
  15. It’s so quiet and white everywhere: an unbelievable beauty! — So quiet and white around: incredible beauty!

With meaning

  1. The beginning of winter is no reason to lose heart. This is a reason to make bold plans and not be afraid to implement them, this is a reason to love and generously give your warmth!
  2. Autumn before winter is like a Sunday evening, a little sad and sorry. And only remembering the magic of the New Year, the soul becomes happier!
  3. We do not have a question where to go in winter! Winter in the Moscow region is our choice: soulful walks and delicious tea parties in the snowy expanses of Russian estates! Here is a chance to dive into the past!
  4. Winter in St. Petersburg is amazingly beautiful, and the city shines in festive illumination!
  5. Moscow is a miracle in winter, how beautiful it is: the white beauty sparkles and shimmers with the domes of churches, and beckons with its charming atmosphere of New Year’s miracles and fun!
  6. Winter in Russia surprises with its diversity: sometimes warm, sometimes scorchingly cold, sometimes richly snowy, sometimes stingy and gloomy. It strikes the imagination with northern lights, huge snowdrifts and shaggy paws of firs, lead of frozen water and harsh winds. But, you can’t think of a better winter!
  7. What can you do in the winter in the countryside? Of course, build a snowman, go skiing, take a steam bath in a Russian bath, and then drink tea with pies!
  8. Even birds do not sing their sonorous songs in winter, saving their strength for a long winter.
  9. And no matter what the winter will be, what matters is how we treat it. Love winter, and it will love you back and bring miracles!
  10. Children in winter are no less active than in summer. Still would! Long live sleds, skis, skates, snowballs, lots of fun and rosy cheeks!
  11. Winter in Siberia is harsh and merciless: winds and severe frosts! Once you conquer it, you will never forget it!
  12. Fishing in the winter is not an activity for beginners, but you can learn its tricks if you wish!
  13. For long months of winter, nature slept in order to reawaken renewed, young, beautiful and ready for a new life. It’s a shame people can’t do that!
  14. The classic winter in Russia is bitter cold, deep snowdrifts and cold winds. This is a house in the village and a Russian stove, this is a cat sleeping in a ball, and a grandmother knits socks.
  15. Autumn is running out, everything living in the forest is preparing for winter in full swing. Even for nimble hedgehogs and small hamsters, hibernation in winter is a common thing.

Quotes from movies and series

  1. “Winter Is Coming!” – (t / s “Game of Thrones”)☝️🌬
  2. “Winter is coming!” – (t / s “Game of Thrones”)
  3. “Fear comes in winter when the houses are covered with snow.” – (t / s “Game of Thrones”)😦
  4. “They were crying and tears were freezing on their cheeks.” – (t / s “Game of Thrones”)
  5. “They say that it gets so cold here in winter that laughter freezes in the throat and chokes a person to death.” – (t / s “Game of Thrones”)😲💀
  6. “And the only salvation from the cold is those whom you hold close to your heart.” — (m / f “How to Train Your Dragon: Gift of the Night Fury”)
  7. “Winter is cold for those who don’t have warm memories.” – (film “An Unforgettable Romance”)☝️
  8. “You see, every year on December 31, my friends and I go to the bathhouse.” – (film “The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!”
  9. “The end of New Year’s Eve … tomorrow the hangover will come. Emptiness….” – (film “The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!”🤢🙃
  10. “I hate winter. It starts too early and ends too late.”
  11. “The North Remembers.” – (t / s “Game of Thrones”)✊⚔️
  12. Spring is victory. Over hunger. Victory over winter, and even if you want to know, victory over death.” – (t / s “Seventeen Moments of Spring”)
  13. “I really love winter. It gets dark quickly: at six o’clock it’s already night. But rain instead of snow… Have you done anything with the weather? Too bad you can’t see the moon.” – (film “I won’t tell”)🤔
  14. “This winter, even if we wrap ourselves up, the cold indifference will freeze to the bone.” – (t / s “Gossip Girl”)
  15. “February is the shortest month, but because of the terrible cold, it seems the longest.” – (t / s “Gossip Girl”)😬

About winter and magic

  1. Bela, white white winter and it was full of magic!
  2. Winter in the forest is harsh, but it fascinates with its pristine purity.
  3. There is magic! You just need to believe in a winter fairy tale.
  4. Why do you want magic and miracles so much with the onset of winter? Probably because without faith in miracles it is impossible to live in this cruel world.
  5. As if by magic, on the first day of winter, the garden was dressed in silver.
  6. Trees in the long winter are dressed in a silvery shroud and immersed in a magical winter dream. The birds don’t sing their songs. Silence and peace.
  7. Winter is a very beautiful and magical time, when even inveterate skeptics hope for a miracle.
  8. It was winter, magical, snowy and surprisingly warm.
  9. Awesome winter this year! Simply magical! And pulls on the street to touch the fairy-tale world!
  10. The earth is covered with a magical snow cover in winter.
  11. So the amber autumn ended, winter came and, as if by magic, bound everything in its icy embrace. Is spring coming soon?
  12. Winter fought for its rights for an eternity, and then magically disappeared, and spring timidly appeared on the horizon.

About the beginning of winter

  1. December is the threshold of winter. Everything froze and froze in reverent expectation.
  2. Young winter was born early in the morning in the north, along with the first snow and drifting snow.
  3. Is there an autumn winter and winter autumn, you ask? It happens. Nature is sometimes a joker.
  4. Early winter is the former autumn.
  5. Winter is in a week, and I’ve already made a wish and I’m waiting for the magic! I believe that this winter will change everything!
  6. No matter what anyone says, everyone is waiting for winter! Winter, come!
  7. Winter, come soon! We are waiting for magic! We are waiting for miracles and gifts!
  8. How you want to find winter and whisper your cherished desire in her ear! I would like to know where winter is.
  9. I would like to be where winter lives, in the realm of polar ice and permafrost, in the realm of ideal lines, features and figures.
  10. Mid-November and the song of winter is getting louder. It resounds in the slate roofs with its perfect melody.
  11. The unforgettable time of the first snowfalls has come, when white replaces gray, but, nevertheless, inexorably wins this game in order to color everything around for the long months of winter.
  12. Sleeping winter is about to wake up and loudly announce itself. In the meantime, everyone says goodbye to autumn and hopes that she will not rush to leave.

About the end of winter

  1. February is the end of winter. And it is not clear whether to rejoice, or to be sad. The end of winter always causes such contradictions in the soul that one even wants to cry.
  2. Be that as it may, the end of winter is associated with Maslenitsa and delicious pancakes, Forgiveness Sunday and a family feast!
  3. Winter is over, nature comes to life, preparing to delight us with its beauty again. And the heart comes to life, and the soul sings. I want to love and be loved, madness and bold deeds!
  4. A long winter is like an endless groundhog day. But it will eventually end too.
  5. Winter cries in streams and does not want to leave at all.
  6. Winter is losing ground and reluctantly retreating under the onslaught of perky spring. And the frosts recede, and life is in full swing!
  7. With the ringing of drops and the noise of streams, spring saw off February. He left reluctantly, but, nevertheless, he left.
  8. Winter gets angry and bites, completely refusing to leave.
  9. February gives a farewell winter concert: it snows at night and howls with the winds, comes out for an encore with snowfalls.
  10. It seemed that the retreating winter comes to life again in the morning: there is an invigorating frost and light snow is falling.
  11. Winter frosts are leaving, and the sun is shining brightly in spring. The heart is filled with joy and I want something new!
  12. Winter, bowing, leaves, leaving behind warm memories and vivid emotions. Farewell winter, see you again!

From books (poems, proverbs, signs)

  1. Hot and dry in summer, cold and snowy in winter.
  2. If a cat rushes around the room in winter, this is to frost.
  3. When a lot of snow immediately fell in December, the beginning of summer will be rainy.
  4. Winter time will check what you have prepared in the summer.
  5. Winter thunder heralds summer famine.
  6. Three winters I believed I
    was waiting for a miracle of light
    Three flowers I plucked
    But I didn’t weave into a braid
  7. Winter – cold, lonely houses,
    Seas, cities – everything seems to be made of ice.
  8. Dry winter portends dry summer.
  9. Winter without precipitation to summer heat and drought.
  10. Frosts in late February to hot March.
  11. He now sleeps peacefully in winter under a snowy roof.
  12. Winter has not grown yet,
    And autumn has not completed its growth.
  13. At the edge of the forest, Winter lived in a hut.
  14. If you don’t hear me, then
    winter has come.
  15. Everything changes shape and color
    , The windows of sleepy houses are extinguished,
    And winter, telling a fairy tale,
    Slowly falls asleep by itself …
  16. If there are frosts in winter, wait for a warm spring. If the winter is warm, expect a cold summer.
  17. Wait for the thaw if the bullfinches and sparrows began to chirp loudly.
  18. If December is long, then the winter will be long, and the spring will be late and cold.
  19. The chirping of tits in the morning portends frost.
  20. A lot of frost on the trees to a rich harvest of honey.

About preparations for the winter

  1. Autumn is the time to sow greens, root crops and some varieties of cabbage before winter.
  2. Coriander, lettuce mustard, leaf lettuce, leaf celery and parsnips can be sown before winter.
  3. To avoid damage and death of perennials, knowledgeable gardeners always make sure that everything in the garden is carefully closed for the winter.
  4. It is necessary to carefully prepare perennial plantings for a long winter. Flowers are especially vulnerable in winter! In order for them to please with their beauty, they need care and care.
  5. At the end of the gardening season, the question always arises of where to harvest in the winter.
  6. Winter is the time to try your homemade preparations from your own site.
  7. In winter, when vitamins are so lacking, home-made preparations are more than ever welcome. Eat them and enjoy!
  8. Before the onset of a long winter, you need to have time to make homemade preparations of vegetables, fruits and berries.
  9. A real hostess knows how to save vitamins for her family in anticipation of a long winter.
  10. Winter is the time when every housewife shows off her skills in preparing homemade preparations for the winter.

About snow and winter

  1. When will the snow fall and this black winter will finally leave us? I so want white! So you want cleanliness and winter coolness!
  2. I am one of those who are called “people of winter.” Winter is my time when everything goes much better, luck accompanies me in everything, and all emotions and feelings are much brighter.
  3. I, like a princess, Winter Girl, am waiting for my prince in the Ice Kingdom among the snows!
  4. I am Winter Woman! An eternal blizzard has been living in my cold heart for a long time! Only love can stop her.
  5. What a snowy winter this year! How much snow! A real winter fairy tale! Here it is, happiness!
  6. The sea in winter is amazing and fascinates with its harsh beauty! It freezes off the coast, creating huge crystal waves. When else can you hug the waves with your hands? Just now!
  7. A piece of winter! To whom do you give snow in winter from the bottom of your heart?
  8. For some it’s snowy, for some it’s cold, but for me it’s a blooming winter! After all, love lives in my heart, and I don’t notice the snow!
  9. What autumn? Turn on winter right away and pour snow! I want to celebrate and play snowballs!
  10. Just a song, not winter this year! There has never been so much snow! The city is dressed in fabulous white clothes, everything shimmers, and the soul sings!
  11. Snow is a wonderful gift of winter! Snow-white and fluffy, it magically turns into silver snowdrifts, lead blocks, crystal icicles. Or you can touch the miracle of transformation yourself and just make a snowman!
  12. Love Winter! For what? For white snow, for frosty days and warm hugs, for the cold wind and rosy cheeks! Learn to see beauty in everything!
  13. Winter is an artist! She paints the earth with white snow and precious crystal! Her paintings are short-lived, but each time is unique!
  14. Winter reigns outside the window, and snow is falling. But, this is not the time to lose heart when the sun shines so brightly and the earth sparkles with silver.
  15. The snow gently falls on the shoulders, surprisingly warming, like the gentle hands of a mother. Can winter be warm? Yes!

Cool and funny captions

  1. In winter, the river froze, the lake froze, and only snot never freezes!🤧😜
  2. Winter will get you in shape! You only need to buy a snow shovel and stock up on free patience! It is recommended to swing a shovel twice a day.
  3. In winter I wear a big down jacket! I love this time when you can not draw in the stomach, and hide the second chin in a scarf!😂🙌
  4. The meeting of winter went well, they froze and got sick! Everyone, bring summer and take me to the beach!
  5. The forecast for the winter is this: God’s Will for everything! Hey, Heavenly Office, stop joking! Who confused spring and winter?🙄
  6. Do you know who has the hardest time in winter? Of course, ice cream lovers. They are easily recognizable by their shrunken throat and red nose.👺
  7. Winter has come, you can treat the sciatica earned in the garden. Who will advise what?😬
  8. Only in winter you miss the beds and weeding potatoes in the heat more than ever. We are not to be pleased!
  9. I remember that I used to stock up on knitted socks and mittens for the winter. Now it’s such winters that rubber boots and a raincoat are more likely to come in handy.🏄‍♀️🏊‍♀️
  10. I’m probably too old to understand the modern winter fashion for bare ankles. Just looking at this makes me sick. Who came up with this and what did I miss?
  11. Russian women are all a bit of an acrobat. Walk through the people in high heels and never fall – that’s about us! And if she clings tightly to the man next to her, then perhaps this is not from great love. She’s just afraid to fall.😁💃
  12. Every winter I’m going to go skiing. As a result, the skis are still in the pantry, and I sleep in a warm bed. Attention, the question is: how can we find a compromise with skis? Who should go to the meeting, should I go to the pantry with the skis or should they go to my bed?🧖‍♂️🎿
  13. I was born in winter. The storks brought all the children, and the snowmen brought me. That’s probably why I always get colds in the winter.☃️
  14. Interestingly, trauma centers and utilities signed a contract for the winter about not preparing for winter? With my luck, I already know in traumatology! Maybe I should move in with them?
  15. Only I wonder when the winter-spring role-playing games will end and when summer will already come? Who has any predictions?🤔

About winter and children

  1. Winter games on pure white snow! What could be more long-awaited for every child?
  2. I envy a little those children who see snow for the first time. I wonder what it’s like to see a white miracle for the first time?
  3. Children with their sincere joy every winter remind us that happiness is in small things.
  4. Only children can truly enjoy the snowfall so sincerely. As adults, we need to learn from them. Maybe then the winter will not seem so endless?
  5. Winter in the countryside is the best childhood memory. Frost, ice slide, sonorous children’s laughter and hot tea with jam. Grandfather will melt the stove, and grandmother is quietly dozing in an armchair.
  6. I envy my child! I also want to come home in ice icicles, with rosy cheeks, and for my mother to carefully undress me and give me sweet cocoa to drink.
  7. She came to kindergarten, took the child, and brought home a snowman!
  8. I love watching children in winter. They are so sincere that you involuntarily smile, and your heart is filled with warmth. And, like, winter does not seem so cold.
  9. Everything changes depending on our attitude. Love winter the way little children love it, sincerely and carefree!
  10. Are icicles really that delicious? Apparently, yes, since children love them so much. Children are not mistaken, they are difficult to deceive.
  11. Walked with a child. I could not stand it and also jumped into a snowdrift! Now I understand what winter happiness is!
  12. Frost scares only adults. The kids don’t seem to notice it at all!
  13. Winter is the time to return to childhood with children, catch snowflakes in your mouth and forget about all worries and problems for a moment.
  14. Winter sounds like a whisper of snowfall and sonorous laughter of children!
  15. What do children look forward to every winter? Of course the first snow, skiing and gifts on New Year’s Eve!

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