Learn how to start reading the Christian Bible to understand it

The Bible is considered the most important book in the world. That is why it is important to know how to start reading the Christian Bible. A library of 66 books is considered. These have different criteria and different writing styles. In addition to this, its chronology is estimated to be elaborated in different times and situations.

How to start reading the Christian Bible

This library of stories that are covered in a single book, is arranged chronologically. There are believers who start reading the Bible from Genesis, which is the first part of the book. However, this reading is very heavy, since it is considered very deep and must be read with enthusiasm, faith and at the same time open to new teachings.

His complex writing requires a reading plan. If there is no concentration and humility to open up to learn new teachings, it is impossible to understand quickly. As the Bible is read, each factor that makes it up is understood. (Read article   prayer to put my baby to sleep )

The Bible is a self-explanatory holy book. That is why his reading plan tends to be considered very efficient for a good understanding of it.

There are a variety of reading plans related to it. They all have their degree of ease and complexity, plus they end up generating the same result. It is done with the intention of collaborating with those who want to know a little more about the word of God.

The method of how to start reading the Christian Bible is as follows:

New Testament Reading Plan

  1. The first reading that is recommended is that of the Letter of San Juan, recommendably twice.
  2. Then he goes on to read the Gospel of Saint Mark.
  3. The letters of Saint Paul from Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Thessalonians, Timothy, Titus and Philemon.
  4. After the Gospel of Saint Luke.
  5. Then the Acts of the Apostles.
  6. Letter of the Romans.
  7. After that, the Gospel of Saint Matthew.
  8. The first and second letters of the Corinthians.
  9. Hebrews.
  10. Santiago’s letter.
  11. Also first and second letter of San Pedro.
  12. Then the second and third letters of San Juan.
  13. Letter of Saint Jude.
  14. Apocalypse.

What is the reason why the first letter of Saint John should be read?

Christians need to be certain that salvation will come. In addition to this, it is the one that collaborates to understand that the Lord loves us. Without any interest. God will save those who believe in him. (See Article:  Psalm 91 a prayer for protection and mental and physical healing  )

It is here that it is verified that the children of God will be saved, since he loves us and this type of testimony is necessary for Christians. That little letter from the bible gives the certainty of salvation.

Saint John writes about those who believe in the Son of God. To keep in mind that they will possess eternal life. This is when they call you chosen.

Reading the books of the Old Testament

This reading encompasses God’s laws as well as his works. Also ask that it be meditated by you day and night, with the intention of acting faithfully to what is embodied in it. In this way your life will be filled with prosperity.

That is why it is recommended to start with the reading of the books of wisdom, ecclesiastical and proverbs. They are the closest books to the Second Testament. They have elements that enrich the faith and teachings of God.

In turn, it is positive to read the Psalms in the same period. The Psalms are found at the beginning of the Old Testament. These must be the books of importance. It is important to highlight that the Psalms should be read in any way and at the moment in which you feel most comfortable.
On the other hand, the Old Testament can be read in a chronological order, from its beginnings to the arrival of Jesus:

1 Genesis 24 Ezra

2 Exodus 25 Nehemiah

3 Numbers 26 Haggai

4 Joshua 27 Zechariah

5 Judges 28 Isaiah (56-66)

6 1 Samuel 29 Malachi

7 2 Samuel 30 Joel

8 1st Kings 31 Jonah

9 2nd Kings 32 Ruth

10 Amos 33 Tobit

11 Hosea 34 Judith

12 Isaiah (1-39) 35 Esther

13 Micah 36 Sirach

14 Nahum 37 Song of Songs

15 Zephaniah 38 Job

16 Habakkuk 39 Ecclesiastes

17 Jeremiah 40 1st Maccabees

18 Lamentations 41 2nd Maccabees

19 Ezekiel 42 Baruch

20 Obadiah 43 Daniel

21 Isaiah (40-55) 44 Wisdom

22 1st Chronicles 45 Leviticus

23 2nd Chronicles 46 Deuteronomy

The Bible is considered the Christian holy scripture. It is the guide for those who have the Christian faith and develop their lives under this belief in God.

This set of books was made under the inspiration of God. It is the guide that maintains the faith and life that Christians exercise. It is also considered as the scriptures that reflect the purpose that God has with humanity.

A simple way to communicate with humanity and learn from its miracles and teachings.

divine authority

All the beliefs and practices that Christians carry out originate from the Bible. An example of this is based on the fact that both leaders and believers must practice the words written in the Bible for their lives because they are instructions that come directly from God.

Christians have faith in the Bible since the sacred writings that are reflected in it reflect the revelations of God. They are based on what our lord stipulates. That is why the bible exemplifies what the Lord wants for his children (See Article:  Prayer of protection for babies )

That is why believers consider that any testimony, theory or concept that does not come under the same lines of the Bible, was not carried out under the teachings of the Lord.

Primary author

The primary author of the Bible is God. For these are his words reflected in scriptures. Every event was inspired by faith in him. That is why the Bible is considered to be the holy scriptures.

It is considered by many to be the breath of God, as expressed by Timothy 3:16. In it, he indicates that all the writings that are carried out by him are made to teach and in turn guide. He also collaborates with justice and corrections.

divine inspiration from the bible

For Christians, opinions in relation to the Bible are very different from those made by those who study the Bible. The word bible is considered for believers as inspiration.

The most important thing to analyze is that the Bible is the scripture through which God communicates with believers. That is why the divine inspirations are divided, including:

mechanical inspiration. In it the Holy Spirit becomes part of the authors, for some described in a hypnotizing way. It is in this way that all the elements that are reflected in the Bible are dictated.

Dynamic inspiration. On the other hand, the influence of the Holy Spirit instructed the writers of the Bible, so they made what was written through what they lived, heard or seen. With the aim of keeping current the teachings of divinity.

Intuitive inspiration. It comes under a natural inspiration. Since they come from literary inspirations of those who wrote it. Through it you can get teachings just like in philosophy books.

The scriptures that are read in the bible are the full result of the revelations. In addition to being through the influence and illumination of the Holy Spirit. That is why the Bible has a diversity of writing styles.

An example of this are the prophetic books, such as Isaiah, Daniel and Revelation. They speak of revelations that are related to God’s plan.

The Bible covers the teachings and works of our Lord Jesus Christ. Which are reflected in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, which are written under the gospels.

The writings of the apostles are the exemplification of enlightenment. Since they were written after the understanding of the work of God. That is to say that the works of the Bible are made to send us the messages that the Lord leaves us.

Legitimacy of biblical books

When included in the Old Testament the book contains certain necessary requirements. In chronology the book was written by Moses, a prophet or by some character that was used by God to write his word (See Article:  Psalm 91 a prayer for protection and mental and physical healing  )

The books of the Pentateuch are divided into Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. It is considered that all these writings were made by Moses, in addition to this they are called the first five places that make up the Bible.

Isaiah, Jeremiah and Daniel, contain the name of those who wrote it, outstanding prophets. The Psalms are composed by various authors, including King David. David’s primary job was to lead the people of Israel. However, on occasions he himself communicated prophetic elements such as those of the Messiah.

The New Testament books also have elements to be included. That is why they were written by characters that are part of the 12 apostles. An example of them are Juan, Pablo and Pedro. On the other hand, it is also written by followers such as Lucas, a disciple of Pablo and Marco de Pedro.

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