Signatures and quotes for Baptism and christening for Instagram

Signatures and quotes for Baptism and christening for Instagram

It is difficult to name a more significant sacrament in a person’s life than the holy sacrament of Baptism. It doesn’t matter when it happens, at the behest of our parents or in extreme old age, but it always carries a special meaning, dividing life into “before” and “after”. Therefore, it is not surprising that this holiday occupies an honorable place in the hearts of people.

Below are examples of signatures and quotes about Epiphany, which fully reflect how important this holiday is.

Category Number of
1 Baptism 15
2 Baptism and christening of a child:
3   Baptism of a girl 10
4 Baptism of a boy 10
5 Adult Baptism:
6 Baptism girls,
7 Baptism of a man 10
8 Congratulation on baptism 15


  1. Frost, sun, crystal ice of water, take away sorrows and ailments!☀️
  2. At Baptism, you need to swim so that later you can be in a cheerful spirit and healthy body all year long!💦
  3. Bathing at Epiphany is a rite of renewal of thoughts and healing of the body.🙏
  4. May pain, annoyance and ailment leave irrevocably on the great Epiphany! May the Holy Spirit fill our bodies, and may our hearts be warmed by love and gratitude to the Almighty!🙏
  5. Russia became united and perked up when she came into the world, having accepted the holy rite of Baptism and entrusting herself to the Almighty.
  6. Christ’s Baptism descended early in the morning with the ringing of church bells and drops of holy water, healing, filling, rejoicing.😇
  7. Let drops of holy baptismal water wash off resentment, pain, fear and impure thoughts, and in return give happiness, health and grace.🙏
  8. The Epiphany frost is crackling, but the soul is surprisingly warm and good!
  9. Holy Baptism purifies not only the body, but also the soul. It is on this day that a person is renewed.👍
  10. It is very important to keep the purity of the soul and body after baptism for as long as possible.
  11. Incredibly beautiful today all around! After all, today is Holy Baptism!🙏
  12. On this day I wish you good health, long life, happiness and love!
  13. In Baptism, God comes to every home, bringing healing and blessing us. On this day, prayers are especially sincere, and faith in miracles is the strongest.😊
  14. The day of Baptism has come, bestowing health, cleansing and blessing on all Orthodox.
  15. I wish you less suffering, adversity and sadness in Baptism. May happiness and love always accompany us!😉

Baptism and christening of a child

 Baptism of a girl

  1. Our girl, our baby! May the Lord keep you from illness and adversity from this day! May fate be kind to you! Illuminate our lives with your light, daughter!😘
  2. Today is a trembling important day in our family – the baptism of our daughter! May the Angel keep her, and we will pray for her!👼
  3. The baptism of a girl is like marrying off her beloved daughter: the same snow-white princess, only still very small. May this first significant day in her life forever remain in our memory!
  4. Baptism accepted! Our daughter has a Guardian Angel, and we believe that he will protect her from illnesses and bad people!🙏
  5. May God’s blessing, good health, happiness and love accompany you in everything, beloved daughter!
  6. May the rite of Baptism grant our daughter an Angel who will keep and protect her.👼
  7. It is difficult to find words to express the awe that the parents of a little daughter experience at the moment of baptism in the temple. This is happiness, and humility, and boundless trust in the Lord.
  8. Before baptism, standing on the threshold of the temple with my daughter in my arms, I ask only one thing: keep her, Lord!☺
  9. Our dear girl, from now on you have a godmother and a godmother! You are under double protection!
  10. May your holy secret name given to you at baptism in the church become happy for you, daughter!❤️

Baptism of a boy

  1. The christening of a son is an important day for our family! May the Lord bless you for a decent life! Go forward boldly with your head held high! Do not harm people, and God will protect you!🙏
  2. Today our son’s christening is a big event in our little family. May the Almighty Father protect him on the path of life!
  3. Baptism for godparents is a responsible day! Today we became parents! The Lord Himself entrusted us with this wonderful boy!😌
  4. We accept congratulations on the bright day of the christening of our boy! Now he has an Angel! May he carefully cover our child with his big wings from the winds of sorrow and adversity!
  5. After baptism, you can be calm for your son, because now the Lord is protecting him! And we can only pray!🙏
  6. To carry out the baptism of a son on a great holiday is a double happiness and a true blessing for our entire family!
  7. May faith in the Guardian Angel accompany you throughout your life, our son, our dear boy!😘
  8. On this day, you have a Heavenly protection! We sincerely congratulate you on Christening, your divine birth, son!
  9. Today is a special day that brought together the closest and dearest at the table! Today we christened our son!💛
  10. We wish our son not to know grief and sorrow! May the Guardian Angel vigilantly protect him, averting sorrows and sorrows!

Baptism of an adult

Baptism girls, women

  1. The baptism of a young girl is no less beautiful and mysterious than the birth of a young dawn.😍
  2. Having offered up a prayer to the Lord, I made the most important decision in my life – to accept the rite of Baptism in the temple! I believe that from this moment a new happy chapter will begin in my life!🙏
  3. Finally, I came to an agreement with myself and peace of mind. Today I am baptized according to all the rules of the Orthodox Church and I am immensely happy!
  4. It is difficult to remember a more reverent day in my life than baptism in the church. For an adult, this is both a difficult and important decision.😌
  5. Having entrusted myself to the Lord and having been baptized, I was born again!
  6. Today Heaven blessed me and sent me an Angel! I got baptized!😇
  7. I deliberately came to the most important decision in my life: I became part of the great sacrament of Baptism! Today I was born again and received the protection of the Lord!
  8. She was baptized and cleansed her soul with repentance and humility!😌
  9. Today I have become closer to myself and to God: I was baptized and entrusted myself to the Almighty!
  10. It seems like I’ve been doing this all my life. There are no words to convey the awe and reverence that I experienced during the great sacrament of Baptism!🙏

Baptism of a man

  1. Baptism makes a man stronger and stronger in spirit!✊
  2. From today, a new round in my life has come for me: I began to live under the gaze of the Lord.
  3. Today, having plunged into the font, I finally gained clarity of thoughts and became stronger in spirit. I believe that now everything will be fine!👣
  4. Washed away the resentment, anger and all fears. Today I entered the Temple of God to come out a new man!
  5. I was baptized and believed that from that moment I am pure in body and soul!🙏
  6. It seems that I was born again! How long have I been on this! And now, I am the son of the Lord and I believe that he will keep and protect me!
  7. From now on, luck will follow me everywhere! With christening me, with blessing!😌
  8. Having passed the rite of Baptism, I am a child again! I am reborn, and my life is a clean slate!
  9. Now God is with me at any moment, always and everywhere!
  10. Renewed, plunged, atoned for sins! Baptized in a church!😇

Congratulation on baptism

  1. With Christening, accept my congratulations! I wish you life in Christ, humility and balance!🙏
  2. With the Baptism of the Lord, dear friends! May holy water wash away all illnesses, sorrows and worries! May everyone be well!
  3. May the Lord look into your house on this holy day, bringing light, faith and hope into it! Happy Baptism!😘
  4. Today is the birthday of all believers! Today all the angels have descended to earth! Today I congratulate everyone on Baptism!
  5. On this day I wish everyone lightness in the soul and liberation from all worries! Happy Baptism!❤️
  6. The world today is just for you! Today is your spiritual birthday! With Christenings!
  7. Happy Baptism! With the update, friends!🙂
  8. I want holy water and faith in God to unite us and make us stronger on this day! I wish everyone to be strengthened in their faith in the Almighty on this beautiful bright day!
  9. May everyone who boldly plunges into the water today receive health, strength and inspiration! Congratulations on the great holiday of all Orthodox!👍
  10. I wish everyone the Baptism of Christ’s Blessing! May the angels protect you tirelessly on the path of life!
  11. May all prayers and wishes come true on this holy night! I sincerely congratulate you on this Divine day, on Baptism!😇
  12. From this day on, let no one be sad, discouraged, sick or discouraged! I wish everyone faith in the Lord and the holy power of baptismal water!
  13. May the Epiphany frosts drive away all the sorrows of adversity, and holy water will revive us to a new life!🌬
  14. Entering the water, let everyone get relief from illness, anxiety and longing! Let there be no place for quarrels and envy in your homes! God bless each of you!
  15. Let the great feast of Epiphany turn the page of your life without regret! Let the new page be filled with happy events and good thoughts!🙏

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