Christmas Quotes and Statuses for Instagram

Perhaps it is difficult to name a more anticipated holiday of the year than Christmas. This day is dear and loved by a huge number of people, as a starting point for a new round in the life of mankind. The Christmas holiday is not only a wonderful day, but also an occasion to fill your page and stories on Instagram with bright photos, spiritual statuses and posts.

If it is difficult to express the overwhelming feelings and emotions that the unique atmosphere of this holiday evokes, then below will be presented quotes, statuses, captions and sayings about Christmas for every taste.

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Short statuses and quotes

  1. At Christmas, angels sing in the sky, and the stars light the way.🙏
  2. Merry Christmas! Let the light illuminate your home and love warm your hearts!
  3. The Christmas star was lit, and the houses were filled with warmth! Merry Christmas!🌟
  4. I want as in childhood, Christmas and that everyone is at home! So that mom was next to me!
  5. The Christmas table is the main one of the year! Yummy Christmas!🤗
  6. Today I do not sleep and I hope for a miracle!
  7. How can you sleep on a night like this?😱
  8. It’s time for Christmas fortune telling! Scary and curious!
  9. The magic of Christmas is the most magical! I would like to be a part of long-standing events at least for a moment!🏰
  10. The harmony and purity of the festive morning fascinate and captivate.
  11. I want to see an angel on the Christmas tree and tell him my cherished desire!👼
  12. Christmas is the time to forgive, to believe, to hope, to love.
  13. Christmas is coming, walking around the planet, giving light and grace to people.😌
  14. Today is a bright day, magical! Smile! Christmas!
  15. Christmas creates miracles! Miracles give rise to faith! 🙏
  16. I believe and love Christmas again! I seemed to come alive!
  17. Christmas wrapped everything in its magical veil of light and warmth.😍
  18. Christmas stars are little angels of hope and goodness.
  19. Christmas lights should burn in the soul all year round!✨
  20. Let the Christmas candle of hope burn in our hearts and not go out!🕯

About Christmas in English with translation

  1. Christmas is a wonderful family reunion day. It’s nice and pleasant to geather for a big dinner with turkey and pudding and to talk about everything and nothing. Christmas is a wonderful family reunion day. It’s so good and nice to get together for a big dinner of turkey and pudding and to talk about everything in the world.❤️
  2. I’m waiting for opening my Christmas presents! I’m sure that my Santa will give me something unusual! I’m looking forward to unpacking my Christmas presents! I am sure that my Santa will give me something unusual!🎁
  3. I’m going to the church and waiting for some miracle. I don’t even know what can be better than Christmas. I’m going to church and waiting for a miracle. I don’t even know what could be better than Christmas.⛪️
  4. How wonderful Christmas morning is! How clean, white and sparkling! The time to find gifts under the Christmas tree has come! And I’m a child again! What a beautiful Christmas morning! How clean, white and shimmery it is! It’s time to look for gifts under the Christmas tree! And now, I’m a child again!🎄
  5. Christmas has come and I’m happy! Today all my troubles will wait for tomorrow! I’m going to have fun and be absolutely happy! I’d like to find myself in a fairy tail and believe in a Christmas miracle. Christmas is here and I’m happy! All my problems can wait until tomorrow! I’m going to have fun and be an absolutely happy person! I would like to be in a fairy tale and believe in a Christmas miracle.🙏
  6. Happy Christmas, dear friends! Wish you all the best! Be happy and healthy! Say all troubles “Bye-bye!” – Merry Christmas, dear friends! I wish you all the very best! Be happy and healthy! Say “Bye!” all problems!😘
  7. I really love this wonderful atmosphere of Christmas Eve! Everyone is trying their best to be ready for the most important night of the year. — I really love this wonderful atmosphere on Christmas Eve! Everyone is trying their best to be on time and ready for the biggest night of the year.😇
  8. It’s time to open Christmas presents! I’m so nervous and happy! They say everything you want on this day will surely come true. It’s time to open Christmas presents! I’m so nervous and so clean! They say that whatever you want will come true on this day. 🎁
  9. Everything in my house is ready for Christmas now! Tasty dishes, candles, a beautiful Christmas tree. We are all peaceful and great are waiting for midnight. Everything in my house is ready for Christmas now! Delicious dishes, candles, a beautiful Christmas tree. We are all peaceful and grateful, waiting for midnight.🌌
  10. Be happy on this Christmas day, be grateful for everything you have! Don’t complain and ask for more! – Be happy this Christmas day, be grateful for everything you have! Don’t complain and don’t ask for more!😌
  11. Open the doors for Christmas! Hug and kiss all your family! Be happy! – Open the doors for Christmas! Hug and kiss your family! Be happy!👨‍👩‍👦‍👦
  12. Christmas is here and everything is ready for the holiday. So nice and charming! Christmas has come and everything is ready for the holiday. So wonderful and charming!😍
  13. Once upon a time somewhere in the winter forest Christmas was born. And everything has awaken from sleep with the happiness of the holy day. – Once, somewhere in the winter forest, Christmas was born. And everyone woke up from a dream, happy on a holy day.❄️
  14. What a day! How nice! I’m so exited today! The most wonderful, cherished, awaited day has come at last! — What a day! How good! I’m so excited today! The most wonderful, cherished, long-awaited day has finally arrived!😃
  15. I feel like a little child on Christmas Eve! I want to get up in the morning and find colorful boxes with presents under the Christmas tree. “I feel like a child on Christmas Eve!” I want to wake up in the morning and find colorful gift boxes under the Christmas tree.👶
  16. Today is Christmas and I don’t have any regrets. I’m symply calm, happy and ready for the beginning of something new in my life. I feel great love and hope in my soul. Today is Christmas and I don’t regret anything. I’m just calm, happy and ready to start something new in my life. I feel great love and hope in my life.💜
  17. Christmas is melting and I want to cry. I was waiting for some miracle, but nothing happened. I’m a little disappointed. – Christmas is melting, and I want to cry. I was waiting for some miracle, but nothing happened. I’m a little disappointed.😢
  18. Christmas has come and brought us peace and love. Hope for better! Christmas has come and brought us peace and love. We hope for the best!🙌
  19. May sweet Christmas live in our hearts all year long! May smiles and best people will be with you! Let this cold winter day make you happy! May sweet Christmas live in our hearts all year round! May smiles and the best people be with you! Let this cold winter day make you happy!❤️
  20. Christmas is a reason to start everything from the beginning. Just don’t be afraid!
    Christmas is an occasion to start over. Just don’t be afraid!😉

Movie and cartoon quotes

  1. We are very lucky to be alive. Each of our insignificant actions either creates a personality or destroys it. This means that we are made up of everything we do. And that’s great. (film Christmas for two)
  2. Does that mean Santa cares? (film Christmas for two)
  3. Kindness gives hope to people. And hope is the most wonderful thing in the world. (film A Boy Named Christmas)
  4. You can’t see what you don’t believe in. (film A Boy Named Christmas)
  5. Miracle is a hope spell. (film A Boy Named Christmas)
  6. To see something, you need to truly believe in it. This is the first rule of the elves. (film A Boy Named Christmas)
  7. I’m afraid they won’t be happy with such a Christmas present! (film A Boy Named Christmas)
  8. And sometimes believing is just as good as knowing. (A boy named Christmas)
  9. We gave ourselves a word: not to deviate from the straight path. And there is no reason to be afraid of a bearded man. (m / f The Nightmare Before Christmas)
  10. If you want – believe it, if you want – no, there were only years when the series of festive milestones was interrupted. (film Road to Halloween)
  11. But one day Santa takes you with him and you save Christmas! No, wait, forget about it! We’ll add improvisations. You hate Christmas! You want to kidnap him! Saving Christmas is a terrible ending, too cinematic. (film The Grinch Stole Christmas)
  12. Christmas hasn’t come! He has a hee hee! – day off. (film The Grinch Stole Christmas)
  13. We woke up, thought it was a holiday – but nope! (film The Grinch Stole Christmas)
  14. And well, gut the boxes – bags, get toys and sweets, and make noise and noise from happiness. (film The Grinch Stole Christmas)
  15. Just being alive, watching the sun rise over the glittering snowy hills, is the greatest treasure on earth. (film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows)
  16. Is it all real? If you believe it, then it’s real. (The Nutcracker and the Rat King)
  17. Look: your star is burning in the sky, fly already to where it shines. She will never deceive you.
  18. We are in the Christmas Grove,” the Nutcracker said quietly and clapped his hands. At the same moment, shepherds and shepherds, trumpeters and hunters, hussars and ladies, sparkling with sugar sparkles, appeared. (The Nutcracker and the Rat King)
  19. But most importantly – Christmas gifts! Elegant dolls with porcelain faces and a pile of toy dishes. (The Nutcracker and the Rat King)
  20. If only you have eyes, you will see sparkling candied groves everywhere, transparent marzipan castles – in a word, all sorts of miracles and curiosities. (The Nutcracker and the Rat King)

Quotes of famous people

  1. “Blessed is Christmas, for angels descend from heaven to strengthen us in faith in God’s goodwill towards people!” — Charles Spurgeon
  2. How many people celebrate Christmas! And how many keep His commandments? — Benjamin Franklin
  3. “If we could reduce all the truths of Christmas to only three words, it would be the words: “God is with us.” — John MacArthur
  4. “After all, how gratifying it is sometimes to become children again at least for a while!” – Charles Dickens
  5. “There is a Christmas haze all around. Bells are ringing in the darkness. And with them the words sound in harmony: Peace on earth and happiness to you! — Henry Longfellow
  6. “My favorite holiday tradition is food. Just eat everything and sleep. Pie, cake, Texas peanut pie and lots of meat. Every Christmas I go home and just eat everything until I explode.” — Jared Padalecki
  7. “I’m not afraid of anything: because today is Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!” — Francois Rabelais
  8. “It always happens like this, unless you ask for something completely unthinkable; but then you are warned in advance that your desire is unfulfilled. — Thomas Mann
  9. “At Christmas, you are supposed to hang all sorts of beautiful things on the trees. Eat delicious food and dance. And sing. And give gifts! — Eva Erickson
  10. “The Son of God became a man in order to enable people to become children of God” – Clive Lewis
  11. “The Incarnation of Christ … reveals to us something breathtaking about man and about the whole world. Man, it turns out, is so deep, so wonderful that he is able to unite with the Divine without being burned in this flame, without dying from this meeting. — Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh (Bloom)
  12. “Christmas is a great and joyful revelation about the freedom of man, for man is called to see God not in strength, might and glory, but in a humble Child, in the mystery of humility, and he is called not to obey Him, but to love Him, accept Him into his heart, rejoice all the infinite beauty and depth of this humility.” — Protopresbyter Alexander Schmemann
  13. “And on Christmas Day, for everyone who is looking for the meaning of life, and does not want to be just an animal or a plant, it’s a good idea to think about the fact that Christ came to earth and for him too, and that it’s impossible to simply brush aside this main world event.” — Archpriest Dimitry Smirnov
  14. “The cave was the beginning of what gives Christianity such humanity. If people wanted an example of undeniable, uncorrupted Christianity, they would probably choose Christmas.” — Gilbert Chesterton
  15. “Whenever you smile at your brother and hold out your hand to him, it’s Christmas.” — Mother Teresa.

From songs

  1. And at night, time goes backwards, and the day that comes tomorrow has been lived for two thousand years. But the white rider laughs, nothing disturbs him, and the white rider with swan wings has already raised the sails. (Aquarium, Christmas song)
  2. Bright holiday of Christmas, slowly light the candles. Speak only kind words tonight. Bright holiday of Christmas, remember everything you dreamed about. And leaving all sorrows, the bright holiday of Christmas. (Bright holiday of Christmas, children’s song)
  3. Holy night! Stars sparkle brightly. In the silence of the night Christ was born to us. The whole world was drowning in sin and lawlessness, but God’s Son brought us salvation. Hope fills the heart with happiness, the dawn of future days burns in the distance. Oh man! Listen to the singers from paradise! Oh night, oh night of the Nativity of Christ! (Holy night, Christian song)
  4. Lights the evening festive candles for Christmas. Maybe it will happen, magic will knock on our door. Morning extinguishes the candles, speeches fall silent. We have nothing to keep witchcraft. (Christmas, Show group Samantha)
  5. The light will swing, the fairy-tale world will wake up from sleep. The shadows come to life, the shadows start a festive feast. (Christmas, Show group Samantha)
  6. Do not be sad! It will return, in a year Christmas will return to us! It will happen again, magic will knock on the door. (Angel has arrived, Orthodox song)
  7. Christmas, an angel has arrived. He flew across the sky, sang a song to people: “You people, rejoice, triumph all day, this is Christmas Day!” (Angel has arrived, Orthodox song)
  8. Let the snow swirl with sparks so that your faces brighten, and the crafty moon on the night of love will deprive you of sleep. (Christmas, Maryana Yurieva)
  9. Let one of the bright stars give your talents growth. Your thought will lift up! Let friends decorate life! And Christmas is like a magician, a wizard, like a precious talisman, health, cheerfulness and fun, and let happiness give you. (Christmas, author unknown)
  10. Difficult road. Darkness, as before. As in Bethlehem, stones sting evil. But, just like there, you are faithful to the hope with which, probably, it is light even in the darkness. (Christmas, Author unknown)
  11. But we are with you, we still exist, and our place is right here. And Time will read the good news and countless roads. (For Christmas, author unknown)
  12. Time pours the darkness of the night smoothly, like honey on glass, opening the sky for us at its appointed hour. (Christmas song, A. Makarevich)
  13. Day, and the sun’s ray will flash through the bad weather, illuminating the way with words through the ages. How can we live our lives, keep our faith? Only love will tell us. Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! (Christmas song, A. Pugacheva)
  14. We will all open our doors on the brightest day of the year. The stars in the sky weave an intricate pattern. You just have to believe, and they will happen – miracles that night! (After Christmas, Artur Berkut)
  15. A snow blizzard is circling, only the best is believed. And comes into its own the first evening after Christmas. (A snowstorm is circling, A. Varlamov)

From books and fairy tales

  1. The last day before Christmas has passed. A clear winter night has come. Stars looked. The month majestically rose to heaven to shine for good people and the whole world, so that everyone would have fun caroling and glorifying Christ. It was freezing colder than in the morning; but on the other hand it was so quiet that the creak of frost under a boot could be heard half a verst away. Not a single crowd of lads had yet shown under the windows of the huts; the moon alone peeped furtively into them, as if urging the dressed-up girls to run out into the creaky snow as soon as possible. Then smoke fell in clubs through the chimney of one hut and went in a cloud across the sky, and together with the smoke a witch mounted on a broomstick rose up. (“Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka”, N.V. Gogol)🌙❄️
  2. God grant you everything, every good thing in contentment, bread in proportion! (Vakula, “Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka”)🧔
  3. Everything lit up. Blizzards as never happened. The snow caught fire in a wide silver field and was sprinkled all over with crystal stars. The frost seemed to warm up. (“Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka”, N.V. Gogol)💫
  4. When you need the devil, then go to hell! (Patsyuk, “Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka”)👺
  5. It’s warm under a tight casing; the frost burns the cheeks even more vividly; and in pranks, the evil one himself pushes from behind. (“Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka”, N.V. Gogol)
  6. There will now be a good booze! (Chub, “Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka”)🍻
  7. And the night, as if on purpose, glowed so luxuriously! And even whiter seemed the light of the moon from the brilliance of the snow.
  8. Everything that is necessary for you, I will do everything, just let your soul go to repentance: do not lay a terrible cross on me! (Damn, “Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka”)👹
  9. No, I’m good! Ah, how good! Miracle! What joy I will bring to the one whom I will be the wife! How my husband will admire me! He won’t remember himself. He’ll kiss me to death! (Oksana, “Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka”)💃
  10. As if you don’t see, Osip Nikiforovich! Neck, and on the neck monisto! (Solokha, “Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka”)
  11. The month is amazing! It’s hard to tell how good it is to hustle on such a night between a bunch of laughing and singing girls and between lads ready for all the jokes and inventions that a merrily laughing night can only inspire. (“Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka”, N.V. Gogol)🌚
  12. It was all tempting, really; but the darkness of the night reminded him of that laziness which is so dear to all Cossacks. How nice it would be to lie now, legs tucked under you, on a couch, calmly smoke a cradle and listen through the entrancing drowsiness to carols and songs of cheerful lads and girls crowding in heaps under the windows. (“Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka”, N.V. Gogol)
  13. And about what happened before the birth of Christ, and about what happened after the birth of Christ, and about what is unknown. (“Diary of a provincial in St. Petersburg”, M.E. Saltykov – Shchedrin)🤔
  14. “We call caroling singing songs under the windows on the eve of Christmas, which are called carols.” (“The Night Before Christmas”, N.V. Gogol)
  15. For Easter – eggs, cottage cheese, for Christmas – meat … (“The Life of Matvey Kozhemyakin”, Maxim Gorky)

About Christmas with meaning

  1. Christmas is a special state of mind! This is some kind of lightness, an inexplicable joy that I want to share with everyone around.
  2. Sometimes it seems that Christmas is a holiday of hypocrisy: we buy unnecessary things for unnecessary people. We call those people whom we will not remember later for a whole year. Christmas has long turned into a holiday of trinkets in expensive wrappers, into an advance script for fun.
  3. Christmas is a reason to love winter with all its snow, cold and blizzards. Christmas is a bright fire in the realm of cold and ice. Well, how not to love Christmas?
  4. Humility and gratitude is the true purpose of Christmas, whether you are Catholic or Orthodox! It is important to continue to live with pure thoughts and a bright soul, not to envy and not get angry in vain. Envy and anger are our invisible enemies!
  5. It’s good that Christmas is once a year, otherwise it would be boring, otherwise it would not be so long-awaited.
  6. On Christmas, you especially appreciate the family hearth and loved ones. On this day, a special energy, indescribable! And it doesn’t matter what’s on the table, it’s important who’s at the table!
  7. Joy, mercy, forgiveness, kindness of open hearts – all this is about Christmas. I would like to thank the Lord endlessly for everything that he has given me and my loved ones.
  8. Christmas is even during wars. Christmas doesn’t care… On Christmas there is no place for cruelty and violence, injuries and murders.
  9. The essence of Christmas is that no one is alone on this day. Go to church and you will understand it! Do not refuse alms to those who need it.
  10. Christmas is expected long before its arrival: they buy gifts and make plans, bake delicious pies and decorate Christmas trees. This is his magical magic of vanity and tremulous expectation. On the other hand, it is a pity that we remember each other and get together only on major holidays.
  11. At Christmas, even adults are upset by the lack of gifts under the tree. So don’t stop making each other happy! Do not deprive your loved ones of faith in a fairy tale, give each other gifts and write postcards! What could be nicer than a handwritten postcard? What a pity that postcards go out of fashion, being replaced by soulless instant messengers.
  12. Christmas strengthens our faith in God and miracles. The simplest people make their deepest desires, look at the stars and believe that the heavenly angels really hear them. Probably, not a single night has heard so many prayers and requests as Christmas!
  13. The Christmas story was written by the Lord’s hand to save humanity and save the world from destruction. We should be thankful for our salvation!
  14. Give people warmth on Christmas night. Right now they need it more than ever. Let this night be like in the movies: the heroes confess their bright feelings to each other, families reunite, and lonely people finally stop being lonely. You can write a Christmas story with God!
  15. Giving joy and warmth on Christmas, you always get a double return. Do not be afraid to help the sick, give alms or visit an elderly lonely person. Be sure that all this will come back to you a hundredfold!


  1. Christmas opens people’s hearts to each other. It’s time to forget about yourself a little, discard selfishness, all your ambitions and pride. This is the essence of Christmas: in humility and in example.
  2. It’s never too late to believe in the miracle of Christmas. It doesn’t matter how old you are! Believe in miracles!
  3. God is next to us on this magical winter night: in every spruce branch, looks at us through the flame of a candle. Therefore, clear your thoughts of anger and envy, because he hears and sees everything.
  4. The moon, sparkling snow and bright stars decorate Christmas night with their heavenly beauty. Do not spoil it with quarrels and do not denigrate it with unkind thoughts.
  5. On Christmas night, light triumphs over the whole earth! Kindness and love triumph! Life was born, Jesus was born. Rejoice, rejoice!
  6. Christmas descended from heaven and saved humanity, illuminating it with a candle flame, warming it with its divine warmth.
  7. I think I see angels in the branches of Christmas trees. Isn’t this a Christmas story?
  8. What does Christmas smell like? Tangerines, winter cold and spruce branches. It smells like mom’s pies and raspberry tea. Christmas has the warm light of a fireplace, the soft hugs of a blanket and the taste of your kisses.
  9. Christmas night is filled with the aroma of fragrant mulled wine, the whisper of shiny tinsel and the ringing of children’s voices. Let her stay at least a little!
  10. How quiet Christmas night, filled only with our tremulous heartbeat.
  11. Christmas is a strong frost, sparkling frost on the branches and purity, crystal purity of winter nature. Everything is renewed on this holy day.
  12. Christmas may not be perfect, but it must be warm and delicious!
  13. Christmas is stronger than wars! May there be no dead tonight!
  14. And every Christmas we are looking for answers to such important questions for us, looking for the truth and waiting for a miracle.
  15. I want to fall asleep and meet Christmas in a dream! Let it be as fabulous as they write about it in books!
  16. Christmas is beautiful in its spiritual unity! It is difficult to name another day in which goodness, love and faith in miracles reign.
  17. Christmas gives us an invaluable gift – the love and attention of our loved ones.
  18. Let Christmas candles illuminate our life path, protecting us from sorrows and hardships and helping to overcome life’s difficulties.
  19. Christmas inspires us, fills us with love and joy. At Christmas, everyone gets a little better and kinder.
  20. Christmas reveals not gifts, but our hearts and souls for each other. That’s what Christmas is for!

Funny and funny captions

  1. I want my expenses for Christmas to be less than my income from caroling! And anyway, I’m broke and I want to work!
  2. Christmas divination is not relevant because of my official marriage. I don’t even know if I should be upset or not?
  3. Christmas magically took my dress down to size. Mystic? Even some! I wonder if I’m the only one having this problem?
  4. Been doing well all year! Santa, can I have a bad guy under the Christmas tree? And another ring, and a couple of dresses?
  5. Guessed, guessed last Christmas, guessed nothing! Maybe this time I will? Oh, it wasn’t!
  6. If this time my wish does not come true, then I, as in childhood, will fall, I will scream and kick my feet on the floor! And just try to refuse me!
  7. I wonder what will happen if I go to the bank door to carol? One is scary. Who is with me on a matter of special importance?
  8. I’m already “dressed up” and ready to meet my betrothed! Everyone, I’m going to look! Whom I meet, don’t go to a fortuneteller, this is my betrothed!
  9. I feel in my gut: I will celebrate the holiday, and die in the morning! Grab me a pickle, everyone who comes to me!
  10. Christmas is not the time to think about diets!
  11. Well, we survived the New Year, we will survive Christmas! The liver is ready, the stomach has reconciled!
  12. Let this day tasty and harmful be useful and healing! Amen!
  13. Pour a glass of glass, but dispel sadness – sadness! I’ll go to the carols! The neighbors will be delighted!
  14. I accept gifts in monetary terms on the card! Maybe in an envelope! Maybe champagne!
  15. Lord, make it so that at least this Christmas I can remember!
  16. I’ll think about everything tomorrow! And today I drink, eat and celebrate Christmas as it should be, and not as usual!
  17. Now, as I carol, as I guess my betrothed! I’ll dress up and marry him! So what if he doesn’t agree? This is his problems!
  18. Christmas has covered me! I feel like I won’t get up tomorrow!
  19. I’m spending Christmas the way I want to spend the whole year! Who did not hide, I’m not to blame!
  20. I am dressed up in every sense of the word! Ready to go to the one who already guessed me!

about love and christmas

  1. On this wonderful holiday, you want a huge love, pure as snow, to feel the warmth of your own soul and hot kisses on your lips.
  2. Love is the best thing that Christmas can send me. I want to find her under the tree among the tinsel and gifts!
  3. Let love light up our hearts on this bright holiday of Christmas! No one should be left without love today!
  4. Love not only on Christmas Eve! Don’t forget your loved ones! Do not offend them in vain! Hug more often and kiss harder!
  5. Love at Christmas is the only gift I would never return to the store! Dear Santa, please give me the love of my life!
  6. This Christmas is filled with love for you, my dear heart, my half! You are my guiding star and desire to live! Ready for anything for you!
  7. May love settle in my house on this magical night and never leave it again!
  8. In the arms of Christmas and your love, I am so comfortable and calm that I have nothing more to wish for this night! Thank you for being there tonight!
  9. Merry Christmas! Thank you for your love, for you, for the two of us!
  10. Your love is what I wish for Christmas! I want to immerse myself in her sweet bliss.
  11. I want to be with you under a warm blanket, drink hot chocolate and kiss on this Christmas night! I want to listen to the blizzard blowing outside the window, and the wind howling over the roof.
  12. I want to share my love with you and dedicate this magical night only to you! I want this night to last forever!
  13. Even if we are separated by kilometers on this night, know that I think only of you, looking into the flame of a Christmas candle. Be happy and know that I love you more than anyone in the world!
  14. My first Christmas with you! I hope we have more than one night like this ahead of us!
  15. I want to cover you with kisses on this wonderful Christmas night!
  16. Setting this festive table, I think only of you and look forward to our meeting, dear!
  17. On Christmas I wish true sincere love enter my life! So you want to warm yourself in her hot embraces, to surrender to her without a trace!
  18. On this night, all the love that has been sleeping in me for so long is only yours! Take care of it and don’t give it to anyone!
  19. In this difficult time, only love will save us. I sincerely and from the bottom of my heart wish everyone love this night! Love and be tenderly and reverently loved!
  20. I want huge love to fall on my house from Santa’s bag this Christmas night!


  1. There is nothing worse than being alone on Christmas Eve: the sudden realization that no one loves you. Uselessness and ringing emptiness. This is the fate of all single people. Saved only by Christmas music, decorations, candles and homemade pies. But, all the same, it’s not that, it’s not that.
  2. How cold, how empty and sad to be alone on such a night! I want to cry. But tears cannot help – no one will hear or understand me. I would rather end this Christmas, which I spend in the company of old films. Yes, I speak with the characters on the screen, I worry and sympathize with them. What are you supposed to do when you’re alone?
  3. Christmas night ended, taking with it the magic charms. Everything abruptly became mundane, soulless, completely ordinary. Only unfinished wine and burned-out firewood in the fireplace reminds of the holiday. There comes an understanding that everything is back to normal again.
  4. It’s snowing, sparkling in the moonlight. And I cry, looking at the flame of the Christmas candle, along with falling drops of wax. She seems to be the only one who understands me. I want simple care, sincere conversations and, of course, love. On a night like this, love is especially wanted.
  5. Alas, Christmas did not brighten up my dull existence without you. On the contrary, it became even more difficult. There is no end or end to my sorrow.
  6. I don’t know what could be sadder than celebrating Christmas in absolute solitude with tea that has long cooled down on the table.
  7. My first Christmas without you. You’re gone, and I still left a seat at the table. I sit and shed quiet silent tears, because you can not be returned. I didn’t think it would be so hard!
  8. Why is Christmas Eve so sad? Some kind of irrational grief appears in the soul. The depression seems to be consuming me more and more. It seems that I didn’t manage to do anything, didn’t complete, didn’t say and didn’t fall in love. Everything does not meet my expectations and plans, it does not go well and does not stick.
  9. I was looking forward to the fun, the holiday, the joy of Christmas. And in the end I’m alone, in an empty cold house. You left me without saying a word. What an injustice! How sad and painful!
  10. All holidays and weekends I’m alone. I hate these days! There is nothing worse than the share of a mistress! Looking through your family profile and howling into my pillow in desperation! How to survive this Christmas loneliness without you, my only one? How sad that I’m not the only one!
  11. How empty the table is without you, my dear. Come back soon! May the Lord protect you!
  12. And no matter how huge my universe inside and no matter how strong I am, this will not save me from loneliness on such a night. I want to cry from longing and impotence. Yes, strong people also need support and support. Yes, strong people are vulnerable too! I want to be heard somewhere in heaven!
  13. Christmas is another milestone. How sad it is to realize that the plans were not fulfilled, and the dreams did not become a reality. It is hard to believe that something will change for the better.
  14. I wanted to do everything by Christmas. And as a result, exhaustion, fatigue, apathy. I want to sleep, I want peace and quiet. Tired of the endless race, tired of being perfect and pleasing everyone!
  15. Waiting for miracles and fairy tales. And as a result, a drunken frenzy and an endless routine, cooking, dishes. A peeled nail … But who needs it? To me? And these gifts are the result of a greedy pursuit of discounts. Christmas has long exhausted itself and turned into demonstrative useless hypocritical performances. We only compete in the high cost of outfits and quietly rejoice at each other’s failures.
  16. Always some kind of depressed state on the eve of the holidays. Before Christmas, it is expressed too strongly, inexplicable anxiety and longing. And, like, weekends, holidays and waiting for a miracle. But, there are so many difficulties and obligations, everything needs to be done, evaluated and realized again.
  17. Every year I love Christmas less and believe in miracles. For some reason, none of my wishes came true, and fate and luck completely forgot about me. Everything fell at once, no work, no family.
  18. Depression and sadness. The guests are about to arrive, the Christmas table is laid, and I want to turn off the light and forget myself in a long sleep. I am surrounded by people, but so alone. Sadly, I realize that life is leaving, and I have not been able to build a strong relationship. It’s incredibly hard for me to look at happy couples.
  19. Is there a cure for holiday angst? Why can’t I go back to my childhood when I still had faith in Christmas miracles? How do you want to return to the village, where there is a small house, where grandmother bakes pies, and in the morning the children go to carols? Now there is no house, no grandmother … And where are those kids?
  20. I just can’t let go of myself and stop being sad for no reason. One hope that Christmas will pull me into the light and fill me with new positive emotions.

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