The parable of the mustard seed, Matthew 13-31-32

The parable of the mustard seed, Matthew 13-31-32

The parable of the mustard seed represents the history of our humanity. In this article we are going to narrate this teaching of Jesus, and at the same time, we will carry out an analysis of it.

Parable of the Mustard Seed

The parable of the mustard seed makes a comparison between a mustard seed and a tree.

In this case, the kingdom of God on earth is represented by the “field”, in which a man will take the small mustard seed and water it and take care of it until it becomes the largest tree of all.

Brief description of the parable

The parable of the mustard seed teaches us that if you had faith like a mustard seed, your life would be different, because God has sown the seed in you.

His word, deeds and example and your faith, love and devotion to God will be the fertilizer, the water, and every nutrient you need and in the amounts you need.

The parable of the mustard seed shows us that God gives us in abundance, so allow God to enter your heart and make you grow like the most immense, colorful and leafy tree.

Every time you feel down or lost, remember the parable of the mustard seed and ask God to take care of you, feed you with his word, so that you continue to grow and strengthen over time.

Make your trunk so wide that nothing can disturb you and prevent you from becoming what you are destined for: fulfilling your purpose in this life and enjoying the Kingdom of God when you have left this world.

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