Does the hell exist? what the bible says

Does the hell exist? what the bible says

When talking about whether hell exists , too many concerns arise that often cannot be fully clarified. It is a highly controversial topic, but in this article we will try to clarify certain doubts about whether hell exists according to the Bible and scholars, do not stop reading it.

Does the hell exist?

One of the most controversial issues that has to do with God and religion concerns whether or not hell exists, and to what extent are we likely to be directed to that place once it is time for us to leave. If we reflect a little about what we are instilled with respect to the existence of hell, the first thing that comes to mind is the fire burning in a place under the earth, in charge of a monstrous being of red color that wears a trident to mercilessly torture the unfortunate souls that fall there.

It is a truly terrifying scenario, leading most people to not want to go there for any reason, so they would go to any lengths to be in such hardship. In this regard, there are endless theories that have been raised, affirmations, denials and contradictions of those who try to provide a clear vision, but then everyone is in the position to take or leave, accept or not.

If hell exists, or if hell does not exist, the truth is that God is a being of love who does not want any harm for his children; therefore, the bible indicates multiple sections referring to this dark place, but it also stipulates how to avoid getting there, in a way as simple as getting away from sin.

The bible is the instrument that God arranged to make clear each and every one of his intentions, it can also be considered a guide to follow to get rid of the eternal fire of hell, to lead a life of peace, love and reconciliation with God and his designs.

If sin offends God, the punishment will be to go to hell, but to avoid it, every person has the option of repenting in life and moving away from the evil path. As free will characterizes all human beings, each one is in the ability to decide which path to follow, and therefore every decision entails a consequence that no one can escape. On the one hand, there is eternal life in heaven and on the other, eternal life in hell.

Many people may constantly wonder how it is possible that if God is a father who loves his children, he is able to reserve a place to punish them for eternity. That place is hell, and it has a purpose and a reason for being. It is also common to wonder where it is located, who is going to end up there, who is in charge of it, when will it be and so on. It is a very interesting topic and at the same time terrifying, not easy to understand.

In the following paragraphs, each of the aspects related to the existence of hell, which have been the subject of countless previous studies, will be explained in detail. Of course, there is no absolute truth, but there is a great approximation to what really surrounds us. Doubts will never cease to exist, and even more and more will arise with each passing day, therefore, you should always scrutinize the biblical scriptures and use a little common sense, with an open mind and willing to accept the word of God. God as unique and true.

Old Testament

To give a brief version of whether there is hell or not, the theories for and against, as well as whether they are true or not, it is convenient to take a look at the biblical scriptures, in which a generous number of verses related to this controversial topic. In this sense, it is very peculiar to note that the biblical verses related to whether hell exists are more numerous than those that have to do with the existence of heaven, and many of them can be found in the Old Testament.

Initially, in Daniel 12:2, it is first assumed that hell exists and in turn reveals a definition of it, labeling it eternal, since it literally indicates that: “And from the dust of the Earth the multitudes of hell will rise.” those who sleep, some of them to live forever, but others to remain in perpetual shame and confusion.”

On the other hand, in the book of Isaiah 66:24 hell is described as a place where the fire never goes out, and the text reads as follows: “Then they will go out and behold the corpses of those who rebelled against me. Because the worm that devours them will not die, nor will the fire that consumes them be quenched. They will be repulsive to all mankind.”

Another part of the biblical text in which reference is made to the existence of hell is Deuteronomy 32:22, in which reference is made to the fact that hell is a place in which the fire of God’s wrath has been kindled, fire such that it burns to the depths of the abyss. He himself will devour the Earth and its crops, and will also consume the root of the mountains.

Finally, in Psalms 55:15 reference is made to hell as the place where evil reigns, expressing: “Let death surprise my enemies! Let them fall alive into the grave, because evil dwells in them!”

New Testament

Now, when reviewing the New Testament, you can also find many other extracts in which it is alluded that hell exists, in several of its books. The first of them to which we will refer here is found in Second Thessalonians 1: 9, where it is explained that they will suffer the punishment of eternal destruction, since they will be very far from the presence of the Lord and from the majesty of his power.

On the other hand, in Revelation 14 from 10 to 11 it is taught that: “He will also drink the wine of the fury of God, which is pure in the cup of his wrath, not diluted. He will be tormented with fire and brimstone, in the presence of the holy angels and the Lamb. The smoke of that torment rises forever and ever. There will be no rest day or night for the one who worships the beast and the image of him, nor for the one who allows the mark of his name to be placed on it.” In this text reference is made to the antichrist.

In this same order of ideas, it can be seen in Revelation 20:14-15 that reference is made to hell as a lake of burning fire, explaining that both death and hell were thrown into the lake of hell, which is considered as the second death. On the other hand, everyone whose name was not written in the book of life would be thrown into said lake.

What did Jesus say?

With respect to the extensive topic of whether hell exists or not, there are many existing theories as well as contradictions, since everyone expresses their opinion and tries to support it with some notable fact. In this order of ideas, there are people who maintain that hell does not exist, and base this affirmation on the fact that Jesus taught about forgiveness, love and peace, but not about a place where non-believers would be punished for all eternity.

However, what happens is exactly the opposite of such a statement, since Jesus was the main teacher who taught about the existence of hell and all its consequences, and he did it like no other within the word of God. In this sense, it can be evidenced in Matthew 25:41 that Jesus described hell as a place where there was an eternal fire; also as a place of eternal punishment in Matthew 25:46, and finally as a place full of torment, suffering and fire as stipulated in Luke 16:23-24.

This is how Jesus taught, like a true teacher, that hell exists and revealed everything inherent to its existence in a specific and clear way; and said knowledge was transmitted to his disciples, so that they would be in charge of sending the word of God throughout the world. Thus, it is evidenced in different verses of the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and many others.

How is an eternity in hell fair?

For many people it is extremely difficult to understand why God, if he is a loving being towards his children, is able to punish them for all eternity due to the sins they committed during their short life. That is why the question arises: why is the existence of hell fair? If hell really exists, how fair is this eternal punishment?

However, in the book of Psalms 51:4 it is clearly stated that all sin, whatever its magnitude, is against God and goes against his designs; now, God is an infinite and eternal being, and for this reason all sin must be worthy of an equally infinite and eternal punishment.

Now, if God loves all his children, consequently he wants all of them to be saved as well; but in the same way God is also upright and just, and he does not leave sins unpunished. That is why he sent his son Jesus to the world in order to pay for our sins, and the death of Jesus Christ was an infinite death, aimed at infinitely paying our debt of sin, so that we do not have to pay it ourselves in hell. during eternity.

All that needs to be achieved is to focus our faith on God and no one else, in order to be forgiven and in this sense we are promised a place in heaven for all eternity. God granted us salvation due to all his love, and if we are able to reject the gift of eternal life that he granted us through the coming of Jesus Christ, then we will have to face the eternal consequences derived from such a decision: to burn in the hell forever.

Who was hell created for?

In the Bible, a large number of sections are contemplated in which reference is made to the existence of hell, expressing its characteristics, to whom it is directed and why it exists, since God is a father of love towards his children, and wants may all be saved; however, there is a place to which the souls of those who in life were in constant contempt against the precepts and the word of God are sent.

That is why in the biblical text God separates from his side those who are impious, and sends them to the eternal fire, which has been prepared by the devil together with his angels. However, in contrast, the book of Matthew 25:33-34 can be reviewed, in which it is clearly stated that all those people who decide to follow Christ and fulfill his designs will be heirs to the kingdom that has been prepared for them. receive them, from the very moment the world was founded.

On the other hand, both the original purpose and the fire seek the final destruction of Satan and his angels; Thus, after the purifying fire, it will be the only moment in which God will take care of wiping the tears from the eyes of those who are saved.

Hell is burning the center of the Earth?

It is very common for people to ask themselves countless questions regarding the existence of hell; one of these concerns has to do with knowing if there are currently people burning in hell, is it true that the souls of those who are disobedient are being punished in the fire from the very moment of their death?

To answer these questions, the most accurate thing is going to be to review what the Bible says about it, and this can be seen in the book of Job 21:30-32, which indicates that a day called of wrath, in which they will then be consumed by calamity.

In this section it can be highlighted then that hell is not burning at this precise moment, however in the future the day of wrath will come, for which the wicked are reserved, who will be forced to leave their graves and face the consequences of their sins. This is also expressed in Second Peter 3:7 and later in John 5:28-29 whose message is as follows:

“Do not be amazed at this, because the hour will come when all who are in the graves will hear his voice and come out, those who did good for the resurrection of life, but those who practiced evil for the resurrection of damnation.”

In this way, it is established in the biblical writings that it will be in the future and not now, when the final condemnation and its corresponding destruction will take place. That is, if hell exists, it is not currently burning below us, punishing its damned souls; if not rather it is a place reserved for the future, for the day of wrath, in which sinners will be called from their graves to pay for all that they have committed.

Are there people in hell?

There are also doubts regarding people who are or who are going to hell in the future, it is a concern that many are subject to; it is difficult to understand how it is possible that a loving God, who wants the best for his children, reserves a future date in which the disobedient will be called to hell.

In this order of ideas, the case of a man who lived during the time of David can be exposed, and who committed adultery for many years, and never repented for following the wrong path; on the other hand you can think of the case of another man who committed the same sin but yesterday.

On this occasion, it is appropriate to ask the question as to whether it would be fair for the first man to be subjected to his punishment many years longer than the man who committed adultery yesterday. And the answer is that the punishment for both men is reserved for the day of judgment, since each man will be punished at the same time according to what is stipulated in the book of Job 21:30-31.

Where is hell?

If hell exists, we would all like to know where it is located, as well as all those aspects that characterize it; To respond to this concern, it is pertinent to review the context related to the occurrence of this event, as well as its details. In the book of John 5:29 it is stated that the resurrection of the righteous will be for eternal life, to the same extent that the resurrection of the wicked will be reserved for the condemnation and wrath of God.

Similarly, in Revelation this fact is also referred to when those wicked rise from their graves.

In such an order of ideas, once the wicked have been resurrected throughout the Earth, the devil convinces them to attack the beloved city of God together, and just at that moment the fire descends from the heavens and destroys the wicked of satan . All this is found written in Revelation 20:7-9. That is why it is understood that the fires of hell will burn the entire face of the face of the Earth, and will destroy everything it finds, so the wicked will have no escape.

Finally, there is also talk about where hell is located and the fire event, in the book of Peter 3:10 where it is read that then the heavens will go through a great roar and the elements will burn, they will be destroyed, and then the earth and the works that are in it will be consumed.

Is the devil in charge of Hell?

Regarding this concern, many people affirm that the devil is the character who is in charge of hell, and is the one who is in charge of punishing the souls that fall there; however, this is not entirely true, because the devil is not in charge of hell since he himself is going to be thrown into the lake of burning fire, on the day of wrath, according to what can be read in Revelation 20:10 .

This is explained, since if the devil were in charge of hell, he himself could not keep himself out of the lake of fire and its respective consequences. In this sense, it is not satan who brings down the fires of hell on the wicked who are around the countryside and the beloved city, therefore he is not in charge since he will also be thrown there.

What happens to the wicked?

It is disturbing to know a little more about what happens to the wicked in hell, and for this the Bible explains it in certain sections and writings. In the first place, it is convenient to review the book of Malachi 4:1-5, in which a broad vision of what will happen on the day of the Lord is contemplated, and it is the following:

“All the arrogant and all who do evil will be like chaff. That day that comes will burn them up, says the LORD of hosts, and will leave them neither root nor branch… You will trample down the wicked, who, on the day that I prepare, will be like ashes under the soles of your feet.”

In this excerpt from the book of Malachi it can be understood that all those wicked people are going to be burned on the day of the Lord’s coming, all those who in life committed sins and injuries against God are going to receive their deserved punishment; in this sense, the wicked will be burned and destroyed by fire, and from then on they will be no more. This will be how the root and its respective branches, that is, Satan and his followers will be turned into ashes without any life.

Thus, all those who are enemies of the Lord and have had a life full of opposition to his designs, will be consumed by fire and only smoke and ashes will remain of them. In this sense, no part of them will remain to be tortured forever, since all evil will be removed from this Earth to leave it clean and pure.

On the other hand, it is pertinent to point out the importance of the study of everything that the Bible contemplates, as well as what is not written in it; in order to then be able to raise theories related to the controversial issues that arise from it, because it is no secret to anyone that religious topics cause a stir among the community, especially everything that can give an answer to whether there is hell or not .

In this order of ideas, it is convenient to review what is stipulated in Romans 6:23 regarding that the wages of sin is death; that is to say, in the bible it is not indicated that the wages of sin is an eternal punishment. On the other hand, John 3:16 states the following: “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but have eternal life.” .

This verse can be analyzed and studied from different points of view, the first of which shows us the infinite love that God had at that time for his children, so much so that he sent his judgment son to earth for the sake of paying for the sins of the world in general.

In addition to this, it contemplates two options for the people who inhabit this world and who decide or not to follow its designs; On the one hand, there is the option of getting lost, that is, dying, being destroyed and disappearing. On the other hand, there is the option of eternal life. It is evident to note that there is no mention that the wicked will go through a torment that will last an eternity. However, it is always important to read and investigate a little more, in order to be able to obtain accurate conclusions.

Will the fires of hell burn forever?

Another of the main concerns that people have about whether hell exists has to do with its fire and its durability, as people wonder if such punishments will last forever or for a certain time. In this sense, everyone wants to know if the fire of hell will ever go out, or if on the contrary it will burn forever.

In this regard, it should be mentioned that after the day of wrath, only destruction will remain on the face of the earth, absolutely nothing will remain with any stain of sin; This is how it can be read in the book of Peter 3:10, where it is clearly explained that the whole earth and the works that are found on it will be consumed. This is going to happen as a consequence of the great fire that will take place in the world, to cleanse it of all evil.

In another way, a description of the fiery hell is also found in the book of Isaiah 47:14, which literally indicates that: “Behold, they (the wicked) will be as chaff; the fire will burn them. They will not spare their own lives from the power of the flame of fire. There will be no ember left to warm themselves, no fire before which they sit.” This is how the wicked are going to be like straw, who are instantly going to be devastated by the burning fire, which will burn them and destroy everything that exists.

In this sense, the fire will be very complete and therefore it will consume itself, that is, it will not leave even a small burning coal. It will wipe out everything in its path and slowly die down completely, leaving only smoke and ash in its place. It should be noted that scientifically fire requires three elements to stay active, these elements are fuel, oxygen and heat. Now, if any of these elements are eliminated, the fire will go out, since it needs all three in order to reach its power.

In this sense, the fire of hell will go out by virtue of what is said in Isaiah, with respect to not even a single coal remaining on the face of the earth; thus, since coal is a necessary material to keep the fire burning, it will simply be extinguished forever.

Why is hell necessary?

Contemplating all that the fires of hell will do on earth, all the destruction and all that is going to be consumed, another of the most common questions raised by scholars and others is that, if hell exists to punish the wicked , where does its reason for being come from, that is, why is its existence so necessary if all that it implies is destruction and punishment. In this order of ideas, it is pertinent to put forward a broad panorama about the need for hell, why the destructive forces of hell are so necessary.

The first thing that should be mentioned is that this fire of hell is a kind of purifying fire, because it implies a total eradication of sin on earth. Thus, it is appropriate to review the book of Ezekiel 28:18-19 where there is a brief section referring to Satan, which is referred to below:

“So I caused fire to break out in your midst and devour you. I turned you to ashes on the earth… and you will cease to be forever.” Here it is pertinent to mention that Satan will also be devoured and defeated by the fire of hell, there will be no more place for him after the day of wrath, because of his existence only ashes will remain. In this sense, sin and afflictions are not going to arise a second time, they are going to be eliminated forever and ever once and for all.

Thus, hell exists and its existence is necessary because its fire is going to end all the evil that exists in the world, this fire is going to destroy everything known and evil, to cleanse the earth and leave it clean and pure. . The destructive forces of hell are necessary to be able to extinguish sin, and put an end to Satan and all his evil forever, since there will be no room for such evil to rise again, only his ashes and nothing else will remain.

What is the purpose of hell?

Given that hell exists according to what can be found in the Bible and in the different books that make it up, it is appropriate to generate an overview of its purpose, that is, why hell has been created, what is its reason for being and why it exists as it is known.

This is due to the fact that many people may wonder why God allows all this destruction on earth, what is it intended to find or rather avoid; It is not only when, where or how, it is also disturbing to know why this interesting topic exists, why this purifying fire is going to be generated.

In this order of ideas, in the bible it is explained that the earth is going to be lit, to later be melted and purified; Despite all the destruction, one must remain with one’s eyes towards the horizon, forward and towards the future, since after the renewal of what we know today, a new and resplendent sky will open, which will shine on a new earth. in which he will see justice and peace. Despite its destructive air, the fire will be able to purify the earth and establish a place full of justice, in which the saved can live fully.

Likewise, it is worth taking a look at the book of Isaiah 65:17, which literally indicates the following: “For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth. There will be no more memory of the first things, nor will they come to mind anymore. Thus, it can be understood that once the fire occurs, absolutely everything we know today will be renewed, a new land will be born and there will not be even the slightest memory of the previous. This is how the world will be purified and something new will be born, to forget everything known.

Later in the book of Revelation 21:1-5 there is also a description of that new place where justice will reign forever, in the following words: “I saw a new heaven and a new earth; because the first heaven and the first earth have passed away, and the sea is no more. And I saw the holy city, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.

I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, ‘Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them; and they will be his people, and God himself will be with them as his God. There will be no more death, nor will there be more crying, nor crying, because the first things have passed away’… And he who sat on the throne said: ‘Behold, I am making all things new’”.

This section also explains that a new land will arise, in which there will be no trace of the previous one, there will be no sadness or clamor since they are calamities of the old land. From then on there will be no more suffering or death, for all things will be new. It is what will happen after the fire descends to cleanse the earth, the day of wrath, in order to leave it purified forever.

Now, based on these words we can ask ourselves if people were tormented in hell forever, then how could things be done again? How would it be possible for God to wipe the tears from the eyes of the saved, to live happily in the new earth, if there is a group of people burning in the flames of hell?

These doubts arise quite naturally, since the emergence of a new earth and a sky full of love does not make sense, if loved ones are continually going to be living in endless agony. This leads to analysis and reflection on many aspects.

It would then be like this, that the purpose of hell is not so much to punish the wicked for an eternity, but rather it is rather to quickly put an end to all the evil and dark that inhabits this earth, for the sake of cleaning and purifying it to turn it into a place new, free from traces of suffering and agonies.

It consists of a raging fire that will leave nothing in its path but smoke and ashes, but out of which the new earth will rise, a place full of justice and hope for all eternity, and there will be no memory of what existed before, for it is a new beginning.

How can hell be avoided?

Seeing so many peculiarities of what we hear called hell, people would not want to be destroyed by the flames of its fire, that is, any person with common sense would like to avoid experiencing these calamities. In this sense, it is worth reflecting on how to avoid hell, what can be done to avoid being punished by such flames; therefore, it is necessary to refer to the objective of its existence, that is, the purpose for which hell exists, so as not to fall into it and thus be able to avoid it.

In the first place, God is a being of love who hates sin, wants to destroy it once and for all, but deeply loves the sinner, because all of us on earth are his children. In this sense, for God it is also a real challenge to have to deal with sin, since he wants to eliminate pain and anguish for all eternity.

If we as human beings and children of God continue to cling to sin, the consequence is that we will be destroyed along with sin, simple but true. On the other hand, if we abandon sin, sin will only be destroyed forever, but we will remain alive.

Sin must be completely eliminated, for if it is not radical then it will infect every part of the earth. Therefore, the existence of a complete and total peace is impossible, while there is sin or traces of it.

However, God does not want to destroy his children, he only wants to end sin, but unfortunately and for the good of all, if someone is clinging to sin then he will be destroyed with it, since it is not allowed to leave a trace the same no matter how small it is. This also has its biblical support in the book of Ezekiel 33:11, which expresses the following verbatim:

“Tell them: As I live, I do not want the death of the wicked, but rather that the wicked depart from his way and live. Depart, depart from your wicked ways, for you will die, O house of Israel.”

This is clearly written, God calls his children to depart from his path full of sins, because he does not want to destroy his people. God calls his children out of love, not out of fear of hell. He is pleading with his children, without making any distinctions, to remove sin from their lives so that one day they can enjoy a heavenly home, in which there will be no room for pain or suffering. He is compassionate and loving, and he wants his children to live, not to suffer, but for this reason he gives them the option to come to him, since it is the only place where they will be safe.

In the same way, to fully understand this aspect, God can be seen and understood as a doctor, who loves each one of the patients who come to his office, but categorically hates the disease they suffer from, and wants to eliminate it.

This is how he lovingly deals with each of the cases he receives, until one day someone arrives suffering from gangrene; His love is so much that he indicates that the only viable thing to save his life is to perform an amputation, to nip the problem at the root since if it is not removed, the infection will eventually consume the patient and finally lead him to death.

In this same way you can understand what God wants to do with sin, which is to destroy it from the root; This is because if sin is not destroyed in its entirety, it will consume the entire universe and end the happiness of its creation, which are the children of God. For this reason, the fire that will descend on the day of wrath will be able to destroy all existing sin on this earth, but it will also take away those who remain clinging to their sins, unless they heed the call of the Lord and stay away from everything bad and hated.

Importance of believing that hell exists

Faced with the diatribe derived from whether there is hell, human beings can assume one or another position, namely, believe or not in its existence, simple. As a believer or scholar, I decide whether or not I believe in hell, based on the biblical writings and the facts that are remarkably supported, either out of fear or fear; all this is valid and will depend on the perception that each person has.

However, we must be aware that only the fear of hell and its destructive fire is what can lead lost souls to the path of good and justice, since it is what would make them turn to God their only savior, that is the importance of believing that hell exists.

In this sense, man avoids hell solely and exclusively due to two reasons: the first is for the love of God, and the second for the fear of hell. Love and fear, the fundamental engines to get away from evil; it is evident that that person who does not avoid sin does not love God, since if he loved him he would do everything possible not to offend his name and fulfill his precepts.

Now, if it is not the love of God that leads him on the right path, then it will be the fear of burning in the flames of hell, so if someone does not believe in hell and its existence, nothing can separate him from his sin, unfortunately nothing can prevent his eternal perdition.

There are many souls that are separated from God due to the vice of sin, but who manage to find a regeneration in their lives thanks to the fear they have of hell; many, for example, suffer from a serious illness, and in their last moments the fear of condemnation increases, a member in which they decide to reconcile with God and that is when a new life begins for them.

That is why those people who are not walking the path of God, decide to continue their lives towards heaven thanks to fear and the belief that hell exists, because it is this fear that can make any soul decide to move away from what bad, to burn it in its flames.

For this reason, those people who decide to follow the good path because they have a deep love for God, if they follow his designs they love their neighbor and for this love they are obliged to help that neighbor to deviate from the bad path, because it will only lead to perdition and suffering.

Because of this, it is the moral duty of believers to try to convince those who claim not to believe in hell, or who have a wrong conception of it, that they are in error and should believe in its existence, since that fear to burn in the flames of destruction will be the only thing capable of keeping them from sin.

Those who affirm and maintain that hell does not exist, are often based on wrong ideas and for no reason, poorly supported or erroneous that make them live in error in the face of doctrines. In addition to this, there are also those who simply do not believe that hell exists, and decide not to investigate its truth, curiosities or answer their concerns, but only move away from the idea of ​​its existence and do not want think more about him, they even do not accept being talked to or anything similar.

Those who have this inexplicable attitude are very difficult to convince since they are reluctant to accept the truth and clarify their doubts.

We must stop to think not only about what we innocently believe to be hell, a place filled with flames run by a red being full of evil who enjoys seeing the suffering of sinful souls and others.

Hell must be understood from the perspective of what it really is, a place full of terrible ordeal, which will have to suffer for all eternity those people who have done wrong during their lives, and who at the time of leaving this world do not reach repentance to go in peace.

If analyzed from this point of view, it can certainly be understood that it is a dreadful place, with dire consequences that are worth considering. That is, it must be evaluated from the very substance of its existence and the purpose of its creation.

In this sense, the belief that hell exists deserves some credence, one should not be foolish in such a situation since even the most serious institutions, at some point speak of it and warn about its dangers and risks, because it is not only a belief of the Catholic Church and its followers.

It is so much so, that reflecting a little further, it can be evidenced that even the wisest men that have taken place throughout history, have believed and believe in hell; eminent philosophers who throughout their lives have described the existence of hell, at the time of death have retracted and recognized their error. It is then something that definitely cannot go unnoticed and deserves all the attention.

For this reason, it is pertinent to scrutinize a little and find the reasons that made such wise men believe that hell exists, because there is something that made these people turn and reflect on the imminent danger.

Thus, then, if no reliable proof is found that hell exists, one can continue living following these trends, but it still deserves attention; since, if on the contrary it is concluded that at least hell exists, indeed, without a doubt one must begin to work tirelessly, to get rid of this ordeal after death.

Deny that hell exists out of evil

It is necessary to mention that it is not only out of ignorance that hell is denied, but also out of wickedness. In this sense, those people who find the belief in hell incompatible with their immoralities will always do everything in their power to convince themselves that hell does not exist, because if so, it would obviously be destined for them. .

Just as cowards do, who usually sing in the black night as loud as they can, in order to stun themselves and not feel too much the fear that overwhelms them.

This is how, for the sake of instilling more courage and demonstrating that their belief is correct, they try to persuade people around them that hell does not exist, and even make fun of those who affirm its existence. In this sense, if they are writers, they capture it in their books, they repeat it to the whole world in all shades and finally, thanks to this noisy diffusion, they end up believing that nobody believes in hell anymore and, consequently, they are in everything. the right not to believe in it either, obviously.

This is how it was in the eighteenth century, when the most scholars of the time clearly established that there was no God, no paradise and no hell. These people were totally convinced that they had reached an exact and rational concept of what the universe is. However, history does not lie and it was possible to see that all of them, at the time of their death, because they were overwhelmed by panic, were overwhelmed and it was then that they retracted, confessed and asked God and men for forgiveness for their unfounded ideas. .

From this it can be derived, that all those who shout loudly against the existence of hell, believe in it as often as the rest of the world, but keep their rebellion up to the moment of their death, when it falls to them. the mask and what had been hidden under it for so long comes to light. It is clear then, that more than the understanding and reasoning itself, it is the corruption of the heart and customs that makes deny the existence of hell, in those unbelieving and ignorant hearts.

It should be noted that when you are so cowardly as not to leave the bad life or turn away from the bad steps that lead someone’s life to hell, you are always in the position of affirming that hell does not exist, even if it is not entirely credible but that maintains this insane theory, for as long as it is believed necessary.

Thus, when this type of unbelieving person is going to be told about hell, he will most likely find a deaf person; and if on some occasions through the cries of passion, the voice of conscience and faith manages to be heard, they are immediately silenced since the stubborn person does not want to hear the truth, refuses to accept that hell exists and that he goes straight there because of his unhealthy behaviors.

The same happens with those who are miserly, usurers and bad rich, who are capable of finding all kinds of arguments to deny the existence of hell. So much so that they are able to justify their bad actions by saying that they prefer to die or be sent to hell, if it really exists, rather than return the ill-gotten money or hand over their gold.

They do not know how erratic such words are, and the same is true of those who are carried away by many other violent passions, such as ambition, pride, hatred and revenge. All of them refuse to admit that hell and its consequences exist, and do not allow others to try to convince them of their error.

Now, those people who try to convince corrupted souls about the existence of hell, have to make them live in such a way that they do not have to fear it. In this sense, true, chaste Christians with an upright conscience are faithful to all their duties and at no time does the idea of ​​doubting in hell come to mind.

It is only enough for a man to live a moderately correct life, so that he will never be involved in the need to debate the existence of hell, since doubts generally come from pride and half science, or from unfounded ideas in the hearts of those They do not have a clear north.

Believing that hell exists but not in its eternity

Many people have the belief that hell exists, that is, they do not doubt its truth, but they do not believe that it is eternal; this position is like believing in the existence of purgatory, but not of hell, since the main distinguishing element of both is the eternity of punishment.

In this sense, there are those who accept purgatory but not hell, since it is easier for reason to discover the need for the existence of purgatory than that of hell. However, as a contradiction present in the majority of heretics, it is necessary to point out that most of the Protestant sects admit the existence of hell, but deny that of purgatory.

For many it is more accessible to understand the reasons for the existence of purgatory, since the existence of eternal punishment in the afterlife for the wicked goes against the beliefs of someone who accepts the existence of God and his justice, and awareness of the acts carried out by man; This is because God was in charge of recording in the hearts of men, the voice of conscience, which not only teaches what is morally good and what is bad, but also urges men to do good and avoid evil.

On the other hand, it must be taken into account that God has revealed his law to man, that is, he has indicated what should be done and what should be avoided, on several occasions and in different ways, God has imposed his law, since he is just and must inevitably reward those who follow his word and are fearful of his designs, and must punish those who are rebellious and do not keep his word.

However, it is common to note that those who break God’s law are apparently happy in this life, while those who follow in their footsteps live a life of hardship. Then it is presented to reason, that after life the wicked will be punished, and the good will be rewarded.

On the other hand, the fact that this punishment is eternal is imposed on reason, although a series of tests can be put forward in this regard, which are described below:

Hell is necessarily eternal

The fact that hell needs to be eternal, either as a consequence of the very nature of eternity, the lack of grace in the damned or their degree of perversity, can be summarized in four fundamental tests, which are philosophical , namely:

The first proof is that mortal sin contains, at a certain level, a degree of infinite malice; since through him God and his designs are despised, who is infinitely good. In this respect, he would then deserve to be punished with eternal and perpetual punishment.

On the other hand, guilt and malice are infamies that remain forever, and are capable of remission without grace, which is impossible after death.

In addition to this, it should be noted that the person who sins mortally has an interpretative will to remain forever in sin, because he places himself in a position from which it is not possible to leave without divine favor, and puts the creature before him. whose cause loves sin, God.

Finally, it should be mentioned that in this world the crimes committed against the king or against the country have a particular punishment prescribed, which is relatively eternal, since anyone who attempts against their country must be separated from society. In an analogous sense, reference can be made to eternal punishment, since if an exile can live for eternity, he will eternally live in exile.

To such tests previously described, a reasoning must be added due to the fact that by death, the will of man is fixed on good or evil; this is that God cannot grant forgiveness if it is not for the price of repentance. But those who choose evil and are not willing to repent, God cannot forgive them and therefore, the punishment must be proportional to the duration of the existence of evil, that is, it is eternal.

On the other hand, allusion is made here to a proof that the eternity of hell is not contrary to reason. What all peoples have always believed over time, constitutes everything that is known as a truth of common sense. Any person who refuses to admit any of these universal truths would not have common sense then. Indeed, one would have to be completely crazy to claim to be right against what everyone believes.

Now, from the very beginning of the world and with the passing of time, peoples have believed that hell exists; It can be understood under different names or forms, but all of them have always alluded to tremendous punishments and endless punishments, where fire is a fundamental element for the punishment of the wicked and sinners after their death.

That is why, if all peoples at all times have admitted the existence of hell, this dogma is part of the set of universal truths that constitute the light of humanity, and in this sense no man with sufficient good sense and common sense , could call it into question. This is because it would be total madness based on ignorance and stupidity, since the belief that there is eternal torment goes against reason, and for this reason that person does not believe in the perpetuity of hell.

The best argument about the eternity of hell

In order to establish accurate theories about the eternity of hell, theologians and scholars over the years have established a series of considerations to explain, in the most rational way possible, why hell and its punishments must be eternal. . But, the most reasonable idea that is surely the most accepted by the majority of men, is the one that was taught by Jesus Christ when he came to earth, which was later disclosed by his disciples.

In this order of ideas, if Christ teaches about the existence of hell, consequently everyone who believes in Christ must also believe in hell. For the same reason, those who call themselves Christians but deny that hell exists should not be called as such, since they live in total ignorance, arguing that Christ never spoke of it.

But when it is shown to them that indeed Christ did speak of hell repeatedly, they resort to bad faith or try to allege that he spoke figuratively or metaphorically, or that he even spoke of it as a desperate measure to distance people from hell. wrong, but it was a form of intimidation based on something non-existent.

However, these types of people cannot be called Christians, if they are able to maintain that Christ was a liar, and their theories can be directly refuted with the simple demonstration of all the biblical texts in which each and every one of the words of Jesus regarding hell, which can be found in approximately fourteen extracts from the bible.

The first biblical section in which Jesus Christ spoke to us about hell and its existence can be found in the book of Matthew 13:8-9, which literally indicates the following: “If your hand or your foot causes you to be scandalized throw them away from you; for it is better for you to enter eternal life maimed or lame, than with two hands or two feet, to be precipitated into eternal fire.

And if your eye causes you to stumble, pluck it out and throw it away from you; It is better for you to enter eternal life with only one eye, than to have both and be thrown into the fire of hell.

It is evident what Jesus Christ meant in this text, that the best thing for believers is to get rid of everything that is stained with sin, so that they can then be integrated into eternal life instead of being thrown into the burning fire of hell.

Also in the book of Matthew, a little later it is prescribed that the son of man is going to send his angels to the end of the world, and they will remove from his kingdom all those who are scandalous and those who practice evil, so that they are thrown into the furnace of the fire and then all you will hear is the crying and the gnashing of their teeth.

Then, the day of judgment will come to judge the good and the bad, and at that time those who are on the left will be told to turn away and go to the eternal fire, since they are worthy of such an ordeal. Jesus Christ also said not to fear those who can only kill you in the body, but to fear the one capable of throwing us body and soul into the fire of hell.

Similarly, it can be seen reflected in Luke 16:22-24, the following: “The rich man also died and was buried in hell. And opening his eyes while in torment, he saw Abraham in the distance and Lazarus in his bosom. And he exclaimed saying ‘Father Abraham, have mercy on me and command Lazarus to come with the tip of a finger dipped in water to cool my tongue, for I am scorched in these flames’”.

As well as these, there are many other verses in which the Lord Jesus Christ is contemplated speaking about hell, which definitely cannot be objected, and it would not be reasonable to think that he did so metaphorically or figuratively. And it was so much so that it can be seen that the Apostles tirelessly talk about fire and its eternal flames, since they were commissioned by Jesus to preach and develop his doctrines and the word of God. That is why it is very difficult to understand that these disciples of Jesus speak of hell in a figurative way.

As an example of this, Saint Peter said that the wicked will share the punishment of the evil angels, which the Lord has precipitated into the depths of hell, in the torments of Tartarus. Saint Paul also speaks about the last judgment, when he writes to the Christians of Thessalonica, telling them that the son of God is going to take revenge from the flames of the fire of those impious who have not wanted to recognize God, and who have not wanted to obey the gospel. , and consequently they will have to suffer eternal pains far from the face of God.

For his part, the apostle John also speaks about hell and its eternal fires, when he alludes to the fact that the antichrist and his false prophets will be thrown alive into the blazing abyss of fire and brimstone, where they will live in eternal torment day and night for the centuries of the centuries.

From all this it follows that it is not possible to deny hell without denying Christ, and therefore the Catholic Church alludes to the eternity of pain and hellfire, and presents it to us as a dogma from apostolic times, referring to the belief of a next immortal and eternal life; for the good ones, it will be an eternal and immortal life in the bliss of paradise, while for the bad ones it will be like that in the punishments of hell.

In this sense, on the day of judgment all men have to resurrect their bodies and account for their own acts; those who did good will go to eternal life, while those who did bad will go to eternal fire. Thus, only those who repent can be saved.

How does hell exist if God is good?

It is evident that many people cannot understand how it is possible that such a good God has been able to create hell to punish his children, that is, as a God full of kindness towards men, he was able to preserve a place terrible for eternity.

It should be mentioned that those people who object to the existence of hell by virtue of their belief that it is incompatible with the love of God, have a wrong conception of what goodness is; all this because it is only enough to have a true concept of what goodness is, to understand that precisely because God is a largely good father, he had to have created hell.

In this sense, those people who hold such a belief do so because they think that true goodness is like a doting mother who applauds everything the spoiled child does, however bad and harmful it may be to himself and others. Faced with this situation, a really good mother should reprimand and punish him, because otherwise the child will grow up following these bad steps.

It is pertinent to emphasize that true goodness asks for justice above all things, giving to each one according to their deeds: to the good the prize, and to the bad the punishment. For this reason, God gives to a work whose wickedness has no limit, an equally limitless punishment. That is why the goodness of God and his infinite mercy are not manifested through infinite justice, but by forgiving the sinner who is truly repentant, every time he repents, no matter how serious the fault committed.

In this sense, in order to forgive him, God sent his son to pay for the sinner, suffering atrocious torments but with the purpose of saving men.

For this reason, Jesus himself came into the world to warn us about the existence of hell, to teach us what we should do to free ourselves from it and its consequences. He formalized the church so that it will constantly remind us of his teachings, and all this because of the infinite goodness that characterizes him.

That is why, if despite all the efforts we do not abide by his teachings and do not want to repent for our sins, God will not forgive us, since first of all we must recognize our faults and repent with our whole hearts.

Almighty God created all men for their eternal bliss, and at the same time provides them with all the necessary means to achieve it. Thus, men are free to take advantage of these means or not, and if this is their decision, they lose and they alone are to blame, since they have always been given the option. It should also be mentioned that God has wise reasons to tolerate the evil practiced by the wicked in this world, since they are the cause of the merits for those good ones who are persecuted by the bad ones.

To explain it more clearly, if God does not tolerate evil on earth, then He would take away from the good the opportunity to merit because of the bad, which would be very unfair. In addition to this, God gives the wicked the opportunity to repent repeatedly, and if they do not take advantage of it, it is his fault and not God’s.

It is normal that before such affirmations contradictions, doubts and more doubts appear; That is why there are so many people dedicated to studying these theories and doctrines, in order to present a clear picture about the existence of hell and its religious and spiritual justification.

Is a single sin enough to be condemned?

It is not strange that many people who live far from God think about this, if with just one sin they are condemned to spend an eternity in hell, regardless of its magnitude. In this regard, we must learn to identify what a mortal sin is, this being considered a serious offense that is done to God, consciously and voluntarily.

Even knowing this, if the person who commits this offense to God repents and asks for forgiveness, he in his infinite goodness and mercy will forgive him; but if he does not repent he means that he denies God, and therefore he has no choice but to be sent to hell to pay for what he has done.

In addition to this, the condition of a mortal sin supposes a state of estrangement from God, and whoever commits it deserves to separate from him. It is extremely absurd to suppose that a person who lives constantly in a state of grace and friendship with God, is capable of committing a mortal sin. If he falls into a serious sin he will not do so voluntarily, and if so after having committed it he will repent from his heart.

In this sense, a person who has a habitual and lasting friendship with God, will feel sorry before committing a serious sin, at the time of committing it and after having done it; so she will soon appear before God to ask him to forgive her.

Therefore, to be able to commit a mortal sin and remain in that sin requires a very evil soul that rightly deserves to go to hell. Now, being the man as he is, a free being, he can deny the most obvious, including the existence of God; but there is something that cannot be denied and that is death, and in no way can he be totally sure that there is no other life. Then it is a great folly to live as if that reality did not exist, because it would be a true act of stupidity.

To all these, the truth is that God created us with the intention of being happy for all eternity, helping us through the merits of redemption to reach heaven through his grace, rewarding the story by one the good deeds we do. However, he does not send us to hell, because it is we ourselves who have the option to choose between good and evil, thanks to our free will, and we decide our eternal destiny.

Obviously this destiny will be the logical consequence of the behavior and acts that were committed during life. The options are given, we choose the path to follow and then we have to bear the consequences.


To free ourselves from the punishment of hell after death, it is first necessary to be fully aware of its existence, because only by being convinced that hell exists is that we can be able to fear it, and in this sense do the right thing not to continue that path of perdition. It is pertinent to admit that hell exists, it is there and its fire is going to unfold due to the sins committed in life; but there is also a way to profit from said punishment, and it consists of the following three aspects:

  • Get away from sin.
  • Flee from the temptations of sin.
  • Live a Christian life.

These solutions are explained below.

turn away from sin

The first thing that must be done to avoid being sent to hell is to leave the state of sin, that is, to stop committing sins once and for all. For this, the most prudent thing is to make a complete and sincere confession about our sins, with the purpose of truly correcting them. It should be noted that this can mean several sacrifices, but if it is to be safe and ingratiate yourself with God, it will certainly be worth it.

Flee from the temptations of sin

It is necessary to flee from danger, that is, to get away from everything that can lead to the commission of sins. This can mean getting away from certain people who only encourage sin, customs, and even material goods. You must have a detached and carefree attitude, in order to stay away from sin and thus be saved and avoid hell.

In this sense, it is not only to let not remain in mortal sin, but not to reoffend, not to fall back into it. For this, there is only one viable alternative, which consists in avoiding the occasions of danger. A true Christian man, with common sense, would immediately do everything possible to remove sin from his life, and thereby avoid being sent to hell. It is a sacrifice worth making, in order to achieve eternal life.

live a christian life

In the same order of ideas, every person who wants to avoid hell and its imminent punishments at all costs, not only seeks to avoid committing mortal sin, but also seeks to lead a good life, far from sin, that is, a Christian life.

This is a pious life, which consists of the study of the Bible and the word of God, all of which will surely provide the tools to every person, so that they move away from evil and then be able to please God. In the same way, it may also be able to remove others from their sins and torments, that is, win more souls for Christ.

A Christian life will guarantee people a life free from mortal sin, as long as they have enough conscience and responsibility to intelligently interpret the scriptures, and at the same time pay attention to the warnings indicated therein.

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