Statuses on Instagram with meaning under the photo

Statuses on Instagram with meaning under the photo

Status on Instagram can effectively complement the page, maintain the interest of subscribers and attract a new audience. If you can’t come up with anything on your own, then this article will help you find a suitable status.

Statuses with meaning

  1. Life is too short to waste it on envy and anger. Forgive enemies and forget insults, let go of those who do not want to be with you. Do not persuade anyone – the right people will remain nearby in any case.☝️
  2. Love does not tolerate perfection, unnecessary words and promises! Love requires deeds and actions!❤️
  3. Every day is a clean slate. Our thoughts and actions are ink and pen. What to write, you decide: a good fairy tale or a scary story.
  4. No need to think about life too much! It needs to be lived, to live beautifully, without looking back at others.😉
  5. When two people love, no words are needed.💕
  6. Work, work… All life is like vertical races: there is no time to live, no time to love.
  7. Make musical pauses in your life, then it will sound like a new melody!🎼
  8. Difficulties make us stronger and more resilient. I thank God for all the trials, so it is necessary!
  9. The main purpose in everyone’s life is to be happy no matter what!
  10. I want to pick up the phone and call myself into the past to give wise advice, to protect me from mistakes, from sorrows.😏
  11. You ask me if I regret the past. No. This is my book of life, I work on it every day a lot and hard: I write in beautiful handwriting and insert pictures. And sometimes I tear out the sheets with regret.😬
  12. Fate gives us ideas, we need to learn how to see them and translate them into reality.🤩
  13. I was lucky: I am surrounded by true friends, the best people who are ready to help at any moment and turn their shoulders.
  14. Don’t wish bad on others! Thoughts are material, and no one has repealed the boomerang law!
  15. We are what we fill ourselves with. Fill yourself with kindness, love, faith in a miracle.💜
  16. When you are in despair, remember those who are terminally ill. Believe me, everything is not so bad! Bad things pass, you just have to wait.
  17. There is no stronger feeling than love. It erases all boundaries, sweeps away everything in its path. Love is the best gift to mankind.💛
  18. There is no better place in this world than home, where mother is, where comfort and warmth are.
  19. A person should not be alone! Do not believe those who say they love loneliness: such people need to be saved from themselves.🤔
  20. I live and enjoy every day. Do not anger the Lord, do not ask too much, do not complain in vain. Life is already a gift, just live!

Short Quotes for Status

  1. Bold and brutal!😎
  2. Mood – live!
  3. I’m happy for you!😬
  4. I don’t want anyone: I’m fine as it is!
  5. Looking forward to a bright future!👀
  6. The past is forgotten, I live here and now!
  7. I am a find!🙃
  8. I don’t want to get married, I want to study!
  9. I want romance, but that’s not all!😡
  10. Who will give me flowers – well done!
  11. Write, I won’t bite!😉
  12. Fear destroys! Fear – no!
  13. New day, new goal!😎
  14. I’m following my dream!
  15. Ready for change!💃
  16. No tolerance for injustice!
  17. Whoever plans is needed by God.🙏
  18. I always have everything according to plan.
  19. Less chatter, more smart thoughts!☝️
  20. Come to my page with a smile!
  21. I do business 👆, not business😉
  22. I’m enjoying life
  23. I deliver powerful content💪

For girl

  1. The good girl in me died, the wild lioness remained! She walks around the aviary and waits in the wings!
  2. We come to me in a personal only with a bow! Just kidding, a polite greeting will suffice.
  3. Daughter, beloved, wife, mother … All roles suit me, everything works out well for me.
  4. Do not write to me about love! I was stolen by a prince on a white horse and taken to his kingdom! Now my heart is busy!
  5. Yes, queen and queen! I’m afraid to imagine who will be so lucky with me! All I need is a king!
  6. To endure me, you need to love madly. I don’t know, how can you not love me?
  7. It’s too late to change and educate me! All claims to the manufacturers!
  8. I look at myself in the mirror and rejoice: well, beauty!
  9. Being a woman is work! I work every day: now fitness, then solarium, then manicure! I envy men with white envy – they are beautiful by definition.
  10. Happy to be a girl! Dresses, curls, lipsticks, admiration of men – my element! Being feminine in everything is my motto in life!
  11. I am a strong woman! Not everyone can withstand so many trials.
  12. Love me the way I am. Who is not satisfied, the exit is there!
  13. Nothing decorates a girl like the sea, the beach and a couple of orgasms!
  14. The best accessory for a man is a beauty like me!
  15. I didn’t lose my conscience, I didn’t even have one.
  16. I bathe in admiration and compliments, because today I am a birthday girl! What to do? I love attention!
  17. No, you are not dreaming! It’s really me! I know you’re bored!
  18. How you want to fall in love, forget yourself and become a little silly! I wonder if everyone gets a little dumb with love or just me?
  19. Tired of waiting for love, I go out in search of myself, with dogs! Guys who didn’t hide, it’s not my fault!
  20. Do not compare me with others: I am incomparable!

Cool and funny statuses

  1. If fate brought you to me, then somewhere you were guilty. Remember where!
  2. My role is just a funny fool! Always helps. Also, I’m blonde! Can you imagine how lucky I am?
  3. I am a teacher: from September to May I do not smile!
  4. Briefly about myself: not your option! Don’t mess with me!
  5. Sometimes I look through my childhood photos and do not understand at what point I was overlooked.
  6. I’m like Alice through the Looking Glass – always a little lost.
  7. Everywhere is good, where I am!
  8. Reason galloped away, leaving a liter of Martini. Inside of me.
  9. Went to celebrate the holidays. Please do not disturb, do not take a place in the world of intelligent beings! All the best, kisses on the gums!
  10. Don’t be so sweet or they’ll lick you!
  11. The devils in my head are singing songs, the cockroaches are dancing, and the cuckoo has long since left its native nest. Whoever sees her, tell her to come back, I miss her!
  12. I lost my mind, everything was gone at once!
  13. Not everyone can be smart and beautiful! I have always loved to stand out from the crowd!
  14. Should I not marry, for fun and for fun? There are daredevils who are ready to take me as a wife?
  15. Throw men correctly so that they remember you for a long time, looking in the mirror at your twitching eye.
  16. We, women, are a simple people, but with a fool.
  17. Like it or not, but it’s better to love me, cherish and cherish.
  18. And in my old age I will quote Buzova and sing Morgenstern.
  19. After the words “actually” get ready, now nonsense will pour. So, actually, I have a couple of news!
  20. I started doing planks and decided that dying from obesity wasn’t so bad.

About life, with meaning

  1. Is there any point in living when there is no point in life?
  2. A person is always looking for the meaning of life, and a smart person fills life with meaning.
  3. How meaningless our life is without aspirations, without goals. It becomes even more meaningless and empty when all goals are achieved.
  4. The meaning of life for me is in children. I can talk about children forever, they are my joy!
  5. The purpose of a person is to fill the life of another with meaning: we should all be in pairs – that’s right.
  6. Enjoy life every day, don’t exist in it!
  7. Does it make sense to live meaninglessly? The height of selfishness is to live only for yourself.
  8. The life of every person is just a grain in the Universe, nothing.
  9. And life is in full swing, filling everything with meaning!
  10. Life gave me a child, and with it a new meaning! Immensely happy!
  11. Your soul finds peace when life is filled with meaning.
  12. Your man is the one who will fill your life with meaning and smiles, and not the one that will make you shed a sea of ​​​​tears.
  13. I am not ashamed of anything in my life. It would be meaningless without the mistakes I made.
  14. And he came, bringing light into my life and filling it with deep meaning. Thank you, my man, that you are always there and that with you I can be a little weaker!
  15. Every day, performing hundreds of simple boring actions, we fill our lives with meaning.
  16. There is no point in doing several things at the same time, only ruin everything. You can’t do everything in life!
  17. The meaning of a happy life is to surround yourself with pleasant people, interesting activities, not to harm others, not to lie and not to betray.
  18. It makes no sense to remember the past, life must be lived now.
  19. Does it make sense to regret something? No. The only point is to move forward without making the same mistakes.
  20. Life experience, like scars on the body, reminds of bygone times.

beautiful statuses

  1. And let everything burn with a blue flame, illuminating my way to evil all enemies!
  2. We can do anything when we love! We can do even more when we believe in us!
  3. Burning through life – unforgettable! Burning with someone together is just awesome!
  4. Love yourself with all your flaws. It will make your life much easier!
  5. Dream, believe, try, learn and, of course, love! Feel free to immerse yourself in this magical feeling.
  6. Breathe happiness deeper, because tomorrow it may not be!
  7. Do it from the heart and you will feel that you are filled with happiness and joy!
  8. Make a woman happy and she will make you doubly happy!
  9. Learn to live well in any place: you paint the place, not you!
  10. No time to be sad when life is one and so beautiful!
  11. No need to wait for invitations to the celebration of life! Otherwise it will pass without you!
  12. Before counting losses, rejoice in what you have! Thank God for what he gives you every day! Some people don’t have that either.
  13. I either light up right away, or I don’t feel anything.
  14. Find yourself and don’t look back at others! There is no need to look up to anyone – everyone has their own path in this life.
  15. The less we consider other people’s opinions, the more we succeed!
  16. If they shout after you, then you are one step ahead!
  17. As long as my mother is alive, I will never tire of thanking fate! As long as my father is alive, I am under reliable protection!
  18. In maternal love, as in armor: nothing is scary in life.
  19. Do not let anger and resentment into your life, everything is much more beautiful through transparent glasses!
  20. Only the heart is the wisest adviser. Live according to your heart!

In English with translation

  1. This wonderful world, this wonderful life! How can I be sad? This beautiful world, this beautiful life! How can I be sad?
  2. I’m writing a new chapter in the book of my life. I’m happy that it will be about you, darling! I am writing a new chapter in the book of my life. I’m happy that it will be about you, dear!
  3. I’m young and fresh like first flowers in spring! I am young and fresh, like the first flowers in spring!
  4. Please, know how much I love you, sweet darling! “Please know how much I love you, my dear!”
  5. I saw a spread eagle in the sky today. I really hope it is a good sign! — I saw an eagle soaring in the sky today. I really hope this is a good sign!
  6. Rise above yourself every day! Be strong and brave! – Get over yourself every day! Be strong and brave!
  7. We create all opportunities in life! Nothing is accidental. — We ourselves create all the possibilities in life! Nothing is accidental.
  8. To make mistakes is as normal as to live. Making mistakes is as natural as living.
  9. Try to keep a balance in life and you will find harmony. Try to maintain balance in life and you will find harmony.
  10. Friendship is the greatest gift! It’s wonderful when you have someone who is always ready to help. Friendship is a great gift! It’s great when you have someone who is always ready to help.
  11. A friend will always understand you, will always believe you and accept you with all your flaws. – A friend will always understand you, will always believe in you and accept you with all your shortcomings.
  12. The stronger your love, the stronger I am. The stronger your love, the stronger I am.
  13. My family is my greatest treasure! My family is my greatest wealth!
  14. My friend is my reflection! My friend is my reflection!
  15. Follow your heart whatever it takes. “Follow your heart no matter what it takes.
  16. Love me more, love me hotter! Love me more, love me hotter!
  17. I live only now, it doesn’t meet what will be tomorrow. – I live only now, it doesn’t matter what happens tomorrow.
  18. If you love a person, you won’t change him. If you love a person, you won’t change him.
  19. Always tell dear people about your love. These words are so important! – Always tell loved ones about your love. These words are so important!
  20. Smiles make life colorful. Smiles make life colorful.

About love

  1. My heart yearned for love, for those goosebumps, for the chill on my skin, for the butterflies in my stomach. It’s been so long since I’ve had that feeling in my life!
  2. Everyone needs love, don’t trust those who don’t want it! Such people need love like no other!
  3. Love came into my life, and I boldly threw myself into her arms. And here I am completely different, even the look has changed!
  4. To love is to continue to care and hold hands tightly in the most difficult moments in life.
  5. Love lives in me, blossoms like a spring garden. Words cannot express how happy I am now!
  6. I walked towards my love through a thorny garden, and finally I met you, my beloved!
  7. Love makes a person happier, filling him with light. The lovers can be seen, perhaps, a mile away.
  8. Love doesn’t wait for the right moment. She just breaks into your life without asking permission. Accept it or reject it – everyone’s business.
  9. There is something mystical about love: it connects people through distances and obstacles.
  10. There is no greater power in the world than the power of love. In the name of love, cities are built and countries conquered.
  11. Do you want love? So love yourself first. You will be surprised how quickly the Universe will respond and send you the love that you have been waiting for.
  12. Love changes even the most notorious skeptics beyond recognition.
  13. I’ll get married! Do not call without love!
  14. If you know why you love a person, then you do not love him. They just love it!
  15. Love helps to overcome difficulties and obstacles. Weak is he who does not love. Even weaker is the one who is unloved. And unrequited love is the most unfortunate person in the world!

About children

  1. No one knows more than anyone about children than mommy weather.
  2. How the house changes when children appear in it and ringing laughter is heard! How empty is the house where there are no children, where there is perfect order.
  3. Children are a miracle that Heaven sends us! It doesn’t matter girls or boys! They are all wonderful angels who choose us from above.
  4. I had a child, and my life is now divided into “before” and “after”. She will never be the same!
  5. Candy wrappers, cookie crumbs, scattered toys – I would not exchange all this for any wealth in the world! My child is the best, let his childhood be carefree and happy.
  6. I do not understand how we lived before the appearance of you, our dear baby!
  7. Kids grow up so fast it’s amazing sometimes! Oh time! Do not rush! Let’s enjoy every moment!
  8. I spoil my children! Then, when they grow up, there will be no one to pamper them.
  9. Only a mother knows what is best for her child!
  10. There is no stronger connection between mother and child in the world and there is no power stronger than the power of mother’s love!
  11. My child is the only person I love unconditionally and with all my heart!
  12. The most sincere love in a child, a child loves just like that! Adults have a lot to learn from children.
  13. I envy children: they have their whole life ahead of them! First love, first disappointments… So many things!
  14. When children smile, it seems that God smiles!
  15. Every mother’s heart is divided equally among her children. It’s amazing how big a mother’s heart is! Let every woman feel it in her life!

Statuses to Story (for Stories)

  1. More than alive!
  2. With him, like behind a wall!
  3. Today is a special day!
  4. Who knows where I’m going?
  5. Guess where am I?
  6. How do you like my new look?
  7. If you are watching my stories, do not miss the new post!
  8. Check out the new post on my page!
  9. Someone has a birthday today.
  10. Who got up early today, that smart girl!
  11. I’m a lark today!
  12. I’m late again!
  13. Eternal waiting.
  14. Well, it’s a new day! Hello everybody!
  15. Welcome to my page!

About work

  1. Full immersion in work, I go to my goal with leaps and bounds!
  2. I love my job, I do what I love! I envy myself and wish the same for everyone!
  3. At work, I have no boss, I have no one to build.
  4. Work is a wolf! Let him run into the forest, and I’ll lie down here, on the couch in front of the TV.
  5. Today is Sunday, and I’m already tired on Monday. Nobody wants to work for me?
  6. Do you love your job as much as I do? If not, then change jobs! Life is too short to sit out your pants doing something you don’t like!
  7. In life, he is lucky who works in his place. Work should be fun!
  8. In the life of every person there should be a job or at least a hobby. Otherwise, life is boring and dull when there are no aspirations and hobbies in it.
  9. Work first! Whoever does not work, let him not whine that he does not have something.
  10. It’s not a shame to work, it’s a shame not to work and whine!
  11. I work 24/7, but there was no money, and no. What is mysticism? Where should i write? Where to complain?
  12. I am a creative person and my job is the same. I found myself in life, which is very happy!
  13. Today there are so many professions and opportunities that everyone will find a job to their liking!
  14. I work today, and I work tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow too. Should I buy a folding bed so that I can work the night shift?

Cool, pathos and daring statuses

  1. I will bring you to tears and even further I will spend! Write in private messages!
  2. Insolent to the right degree and for me nothing is impossible! Daring, bold, a little crazy. That’s where I stand!
  3. Drop it! I don’t care about you or your feelings!
  4. I don’t need to pour my heart out! I’m not free ears, but leave problems outside the threshold!
  5. I would have built something out of myself, but the building materials have not been the same for a long time! Also the roof is leaking.
  6. You close your mouth, not your profiles!
  7. I build up my personality, not nails and eyelashes! Mind and brain are in fashion now!
  8. Figure with extra pounds, yes! But this is not as scary as the absence of a brain in the skull!
  9. Exhausted but not broken! Don’t wait and be jealous!
  10. And only I choose the positions in which life will fuck me! By the way, I’m always on top!
  11. I don’t need to write twice! I don’t care the first time!
  12. Too bad you can’t hit the screen! I’d hit a lot of people a couple of times!
  13. I would give all the girls a couple of roses a couple of times! In general, I am generous with roses, compliments, gifts and much more!
  14. Everything is in order with my psyche, but I do not recommend pissing me off! This is dangerous!
  15. Although I am a fragile girl, I can send it no worse than a man! Don’t put your finger in my mouth!

Interesting statuses

  1. Smile! With a smile, it is easier to endure the hardships of life!
  2. I do yoga. It helps me to squiggle when life is pressing me.
  3. The taste of bitterness cannot be conveyed to those in whose life there is only honey and sugar! The rich man will never understand the poor man who has no money even for food.
  4. If you do not know how to make decisions, it is very convenient to blame everything on fate!
  5. The hardest struggle is the struggle with your fears and complexes. Many find it easier to live with them than to try to get rid of them.
  6. You don’t have to go to church to believe. You don’t have to constantly talk about love in order to love. The most sincere feelings love silence.
  7. I’m not good enough for you. All you can do is devour me with your eyes!
  8. I’m one of those people who doesn’t care. I believe that the whole world stands on people like me. I believe there are many of us.
  9. I look for good features in everything, the bad will show itself.
  10. I feel so good that I want to cry and hug the whole world! Is this really the very love about which they write poems and compose songs?
  11. I had a terrible dream, as if I fell in love! Only not this!
  12. The lovers no longer belong to themselves: they have long been lost in each other. It’s not clear if this is good or not. But, the fact remains!
  13. It’s never too late to take care of yourself. One day you just need to say to yourself: you can do it, you can do everything!
  14. There is no better teacher than life experience. But what kind of student to be is up to everyone to decide.
  15. Sometimes it seems that a person is not capable of love. Only animals truly love!

Status on birthday

  1. I wish you good health, happiness and good luck! And people around me – patience! After all, I’m not a gift at all!
  2. On this day I don’t want to work, I turn back whatever I want! Oh, I’ll wind it up – I’ll screw it up!
  3. Just like that, another year of my life passed easily and naturally. May next year be just as good and even better than last year!
  4. No birthday diets! Bring cake and champagne! Lead the gypsies and bears! Today I walk in full!
  5. It’s my birthday, and my mood is at zero. Who would pick it up, huh? Any ideas?
  6. On my birthday, I wish myself all the best, bright! I wish you health, happiness and a lot of money!
  7. Hooray, I’m getting old! Maybe it will make you smarter! I hope so every year. Would you be lucky in this?
  8. Every year is an experience. I will always love my birthday no matter how old I am! I don’t understand how you can not love this day?
  9. Thanks to everyone who congratulated me on this important day in my life! I am very pleased and appreciate your attention!
  10. On my birthday, as in childhood, I am waiting for surprises and gifts from the very morning!
  11. Stop! Taken! Please leave the set for another year of my life! We’re filming a new episode!
  12. On my birthday, I want to thank my beloved mother for giving me life!
  13. Today I am 16 years old again! I don’t feel like my age! I celebrate and enjoy life!
  14. What do you want for your birthday? Probably health and loved ones nearby. I want everything to be good and calm in my family! And you don’t need more.
  15. Well, what’s a birthday without a cake with candles? How much for me? Secret! And I always stick 18 candles into the cake!

For guys

  1. Beware girls! I’m smart, handsome and daring!
  2. Sport is my life!
  3. I walk through life with a confident step and only forward!
  4. Real guys know a lot about female beauty.
  5. Impeccable: I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t swear! Handsome and built! There is work, the house is rebuilt! I am looking for a wife and mother to my future children!
  6. I am a lone wolf! But I will not refuse the company of a she-wolf!
  7. We have arms, legs, and we can handle the rest! A real man is not afraid of difficulties!
  8. I’m already burned, I don’t trust women anymore!
  9. Women are expensive these days! Are there still those for whom with a sweet paradise in a hut?
  10. An adult boy, but I will not refuse a nanny!
  11. Shame on a man to gossip about his women! All my relationships are kept secret!
  12. Fell and got up! I don’t need help or sympathy!
  13. I was not offended, but I drew conclusions.
  14. I do not like extra show-offs. I even have a car without a roof, and blue cheese.
  15. I don’t have brothers, but I have real friends! Thanks to fate for sending me them!

About Manicure

  1. Imagine the awkwardness of the moment when your man puts a long-awaited ring on your finger, and peeling varnish on your nails.
  2. Manicure has been held in high esteem since tsarist times, when they didn’t even know about any gel polish.
  3. By the hands you can tell a lot about their mistress: she is a slut or a neat one.
  4. I am a fairy! I will turn your nails into a masterpiece!
  5. Nails may not be painted, but well-groomed simply must be!
  6. No one knows what will fall into your hands! So always watch your nails!
  7. Let the guys do not notice the manicure, but the girls always examine other people’s hands with curiosity!
  8. Well-groomed hands and nails are a plus for the confidence of every girl.
  9. Taking care of your nails is a culture of self-care!
  10. There can be no excuse for not well-groomed hands and nails, except for laziness!
  11. Only during a manicure is a woman able to distinguish many shades and not choose a single one.
  12. Manicure decides a lot: it completes and fills the image. Nails do not have to be flashy, a beautiful shape and clear varnish are enough!
  13. It is better not to buy an extra skirt than to admit the absence of a manicure.
  14. Do not follow the well-groomed hands – do not love and respect yourself!
  15. Get a manicure and you no longer have to hide your hands from the eyes of strangers!


  1. A photo magically preserves the most precious moments in life: the birth of a person, the first steps, first grade, graduation, wedding – you can’t list everything.
  2. Thanks to photography, the moments of life are alive forever: touching, funny, sad – everything is stored in photography.
  3. Better than letters on paper, only photographs store facts. So take your camera and feel free to take pictures!
  4. Life passes, but the moments in the photo remain. We will all stay in gigabytes and pixels.
  5. Photographers see life differently, in a special way. It is a great gift to see beauty through the lens of a camera.
  6. Photography is a silent story.
  7. The camera is the pen of history.
  8. Letters can lie, but photos always tell the truth.
  9. The photographer is given to see what the ordinary person does not see.
  10. Each photo is a unique testimony of unique events.
  11. A good photo is distinguished by its simplicity and conciseness.
  12. Who always has dirty knees? Of course, the photographer!
  13. Only a photo can show a person better than he really is.
  14. Only photoshop in the hands of a non-professional can be worse than photoshop.
  15. Photos mummify moments of life, freeze us forever young, laughing, with tears of happiness or grief on our cheeks.

About son

  1. When my son is near, I am not afraid of anything. I can’t believe he’s already quite an adult.
  2. I am pleased to see how youth and strength seethe in my son! How he matured, how strong his arms and shoulders became. I have no doubt that he will stand with honor whatever life has in store for him.
  3. God bless my son from illness and adversity! May fate be kind to him!
  4. I have no time to get sick, because my son is the best incentive for me to be healthy and energetic!
  5. Son, that sounds great! Son – that sounds proud!
  6. I always knew that I would have a son. I don’t see myself as a mother to my daughter.
  7. The older my son gets, the less I believe in my happiness. Is it possible that I gave birth to this hero?
  8. I gave birth to a son from the best man on earth! My son is my pride, my blessing!
  9. I’m looking forward to my son! Miss and love!
  10. I see my son and my heart melts with love and tenderness. And no matter how old he is, he is my baby, my dear son!
  11. The son is a monument to our love!
  12. My son is the commander-in-chief in our family! Everything revolves around him, our whole life. We work and breathe only for him!
  13. Loved by two men – husband and son. I am the happiest wife and mom!
  14. No, he is not a little boy for me, he is a real man!
  15. My son gave me his first flowers. I don’t remember a more touching moment!

About joy and happiness

  1. Give a person joy and happiness and he will move mountains!
  2. Do not regret anything – great happiness!
  3. To love yourself with all the unusual oddities, awkwardness, clumsiness, habits and sense of humor is real happiness.
  4. Joy in acceptance and forgiveness. Happiness in harmony.
  5. Happiness when you are loved in return!
  6. Delicious food, interesting books, cheerful laughter, sincere conversations over a cup of hot tea – all these are small particles of great human happiness. Rejoice in the little things!
  7. It is a great joy to see how your children grow, how they love, how they go through life boldly and proudly!
  8. Joy is to see the first timid steps of your child, to hear his first words and ringing laughter.
  9. Happiness is when mom and dad are alive, when you know that you have two angels on earth.
  10. The New Year has come, and with it new happiness!
  11. Don’t complain! Sometimes happiness is that we just woke up and live!
  12. What is joy and happiness? These are healthy children, healthy parents, this house is a full bowl. All this must be protected and never ask for more!
  13. What a joy to just lie next to you, watch old movies. And our children are playing.
  14. Happiness is to live, love and be loved!
  15. Wake up and happy! I wish you all goodness and peace!

Pair statuses

  1. I found it, I love it immensely!
  2. You won’t find the best in the whole world! She is my unearthly happiness and a gift from heaven!
  3. I will keep my happiness tight and will not give it to anyone! I know that everything is mutual!
  4. When I look at you, I burn in the flame of love! When I hug you, I hug your soul!
  5. He is my reflection, and I am his!
  6. I will go with you to the end, to the last breath! I promise to love and support you in everything!
  7. My heart led me to you! I believe it’s destiny. We will definitely be together.
  8. We were born to walk the same path to common happiness, overcoming obstacles and hardships. Well, the more valuable this happiness is for us!
  9. A new world has formed in the Galaxy – our union of loving hearts, our family, our hearth!
  10. He extended his hand to me, and I, without hesitation, extended mine in return. We go through life without opening our hands, without taking our eyes off each other.
  11. God looked back at me when he sent you to me, my dear heart!
  12. Let’s not let envious people separate us, because our love is many times stronger!
  13. The beating of our hearts is one for two! If one subsides, then there will be no other!
  14. If you burn, then with you to the very end!
  15. You can talk a lot about why we are together. The main reason is our endless love and devotion to each other!

A family

  1. Family is what will save you at all times. And no matter how difficult it is, take care of your families and fight for them to the end.
  2. Creating a family is not easy for you! This must be approached responsibly and consciously, because the family is forever and nothing else!
  3. A family is happy when a woman is healthy and happy in it. Everything rests on a woman! If a woman is unhappy, then there will be no peace and tranquility in the family.
  4. Family – everyday work and the search for compromises. The family does not tolerate ultimatums and unnecessary pride!
  5. If a person is happy in his family, then God has blessed him.
  6. There should be no other leaders in the family, except for love and tenderness. Then there is harmony and happiness in the family!
  7. It is a lot of work to keep the fire in the family hearth. The work of two and nothing else!
  8. In the family, mom is right, period!
  9. The family is rooted in tradition. It is a tradition in our family to gather in the evening for tea, discuss the past day and make joint plans.
  10. One beautiful appearance is not enough for a family; a family needs character and wisdom, patience and endurance.
  11. Sometimes a family is just a pretty picture, an illusion of happiness. And no one knows what is there, behind a beautiful facade.
  12. Our family finally sounded like children’s laughter. We are the parents of a beautiful baby!
  13. The richest is the one who has a family and a strong home front. Happy is the one who is loved and expected. And there is no more unhappy lonely person.
  14. Family is my motivation to work and develop!
  15. God bless my family and my loved ones!

24 hour status

  1. I drink.
  2. Busy at work.
  3. Absent.
  4. In club.
  5. I note.
  6. Got sick.
  7. Do not write, do not call!
  8. On vacation.
  9. With friends.
  10. Relaxing at home.
  11. With kids.
  12. On sports.
  13. I want yummy.
  14. On learning.
  15. At work.
  16. On the road.
  17. I’ll be back soon, don’t miss out.
  18. Open to communication.
  19. Depressed.
  20. Relaxing.
  21. On the positive side.

About a friend

  1. She knows me better than others, I trust her like myself! We have no secrets, envy and gossip.
  2. My girlfriend is just a box of surprises. Sometimes I feel like we don’t know each other at all.
  3. We are two boots of steam! Always together!
  4. Always appreciate those girlfriends who are sincerely happy for you when you are happy!
  5. I dream that our children are as friends as we are with her!
  6. My dear friend, be happy and loved! May heaven save you from bad weather!
  7. If weird, then only for a couple! My girlfriend is a cool partner: with her, at least for business, at least for reconnaissance!
  8. Judging by who my girlfriend is, I also say hello.
  9. We are not ladies, my friend and I do not drink champagne. And we also know how to swear.
  10. I envy my friend: she eats everything and does not get better! Witch!
  11. My girlfriend and I are like Timon and Pumbaa: one is skinny and tall, and the other is fat and small. But that doesn’t stop us from being friends.
  12. I will stand up for my girlfriend! Whoever offends her will deal with me!
  13. Please marry her! We’ll get drunk!
  14. Only she knows exactly how old I am, and reminds me of it with contentment.
  15. A man will leave, but a girlfriend will never!

original status

  1. Change yourself and you will see how the world will change for the better!
  2. You left and good riddance! Life goes on without you!
  3. Accept me with all my special effects!
  4. I am not looking for the meaning of life, but I am looking for myself. If anyone finds me – write!
  5. I don’t make plans, I build my life!
  6. Do not grieve for those who have left you. Let the circus go on tour!
  7. Are you taking someone else’s? Get ready to give yours!
  8. If love has passed at the first difficulties, then it is not love!
  9. No makeup will save if the eyes do not burn, but there are smiles on the face!
  10. If you went to meet people and you were not met along the way, then these are not your people!
  11. I’m afraid of decent people! They are said to be the most dangerous enemies!
  12. Give me bright colors and sparkles! I will color my life into a bright carnival!
  13. Trust me, you can do much more!
  14. What are you so worried about? Do not worry, life has shown that it is useless!
  15. There are people on whom all life rests!

From songs

  1. I could love you, but it’s just a game.
  2. What is autumn? This is heaven.
  3. So it remains only to remove fatigue.
  4. The sun lit up the horizon, morning interrupted my sweet dream.
  5. I started life in the slums of the city, and I did not hear kind words.
  6. And I don’t love you – go … Go … Go fuck!
  7. I breathe you, I live by you both in a dream and in reality.
  8. The faces are erased, the colors are dull, either people or dolls.
  9. Sadness flew in, well, well, I’ll go for a walk.
  10. There are several cassettes in the bag, and a pack of cigarettes.
  11. After all, this is the army, army, army, army – me.
  12. Thoughts drove inner fear. What went for years – smoldering before our eyes.
  13. Don’t lecture me! Mom, it’s useless.
  14. The clouds are white, the sun shines in the sky. I go bold on a date to you.
  15. Mom, for God’s sake, I’m not a bit drunk. And not alone and not just in love. I’m lost! I’m lost!

About flowers

  1. Flowers, like women, each is unique in its own way and beautiful in its own way!
  2. Flowers have some special alluring, but soulless beauty.
  3. Don’t believe anyone who says they don’t like flowers. It’s just that the wrong man gave them.
  4. Take an example from flowers – they bloom against all odds.
  5. A woman is like a flower – she must not be told that she is ugly!
  6. Do not pick the first flowers – do not hurt the Earth in vain!
  7. Each flower is a work of nature, unique in its kind.
  8. It is so painful and sad to look at the freezing buds of flowers in late autumn. I want to cover them in my palms and warm them with warm breath.
  9. It hurts me to pick flowers – this is barbarism! The place of flowers is in gardens, fields and forest spaces!
  10. A woman deserves the most beautiful flowers of this world! Love women, pamper them with bouquets!

Business status

  1. It was not an easy path, but our efforts were crowned with success. Thanks to everyone who helped us and believed in us!
  2. You don’t have to wait for the right moment to start your business. The right moment will never come, and your dream will remain a dream.
  3. Didn’t find myself on the Forbes list. Therefore, he redoubled his efforts on the way to his own business.
  4. While you make excuses and work for your bosses, big money and unique opportunities are floating past you!
  5. I thank everyone who supports me in the difficult task of running my business. You make me believe in myself when my strength is already running out and I want to quit everything!
  6. Found myself in a new business. Gathered courage and went nowhere! Now I have everything I once dreamed of: a house, a car, the opportunity to travel.
  7. In business, everything always depends only on you and your desire to work. Business does not tolerate laziness, irresponsibility and half measures!
  8. In the world of business, only the strongest and most motivated people survive!
  9. The Internet is not just for me to spend time, it is my source of income!
    “I am my own boss, supply manager, and subordinate. Difficult? Yes. And who is easy now?


  1. Cheerful girl from the village: I’ll tell you about life in the village!
  2. Simple and open to communication: write, I won’t bite!
  3. Interesting blog about everything and nothing.
  4. I talk about business simply and clearly.
  5. I write stories from the life of the inhabitants of my home zoo.
  6. About manicure and the beauty industry: simple, understandable, interesting.
  7. Just about the difficult: how to improve relationships in a couple.
  8. I share my impressions about traveling around the world.
  9. Your makeup artist: create yourself with a couple of strokes of the brush.
  10. I dress stylishly and inexpensively: your guide in the world of textiles.
  11. Let me help you achieve success! You just need to want!
  12. Learn how to manage your time effectively.
  13. I’ll tell you everything about hair and even more.
  14. I know how to learn a foreign language in a short time. I will teach you too!
  15. Talent is nothing without self-discipline!

sad statuses

  1. You look at me and don’t notice how I scream for help! I’m so lonely and nobody needs me! I am an empty place in this world!
  2. You left me without an explanation. I don’t have enough air and it’s hard to breathe. I feel like I’m dying!
  3. It seems to me that if I suddenly disappear, no one will remember me. This is so scary!
  4. It is a pity that friends remember me only when they need something from me. I no longer believe in friendship!
  5. There are so many fatal mistakes in my life that I want to finish everything at once. I am powerless and broken.
  6. All my life I suffer and overcome, in a circle again and again. It seems that I am not at all loved by the Lord and superfluous in this world. When will it end?
  7. I look with envy at the happiness of others, at families, at children. I am deprived of all this, alas. I have no chance of finding happiness.
  8. Not everyone can withstand years of unrequited love and neglect. If you knew how hard it is.
  9. I look back and understand that life has been lived in vain, that there is nothing to remember. No friends, no enemies, no one. I am alone, all alone in this universe.
  10. I realize that the disease is taking me, slowly drinking drop by drop. What did you do? Never mind. This makes it even sadder.
  11. Alcohol for me is only a temporary salvation. When I’m in oblivion, it doesn’t hurt so much.
  12. Sometimes I have dreams about my childhood. I wake up and realize that the years are gone, I’m no longer a child. This is so sad.
  13. I’m so tired of being strong and holding back tears that now I can’t stop crying. And for some reason, tears do not bring relief at all.
  14. Of all the feelings in me, only the dull pain of loss remained. I am an open bleeding wound!
  15. I’m tired of not being heard, I’m tired of begging and humiliating myself. Now I am silent about my feelings and experiences – it will be better for everyone!

About the sea

  1. The sea is so beautiful and sparkling. How can you be sad living here? I’ll take it and go!
  2. The sea heals and heals, licking mental and bodily wounds. The sea pacifies with its gentle whisper, plunging into the magical bliss of tranquility.
  3. Walking along the seashore and watching your traces disappear in the oncoming waves, you understand the whole frailty of life. We are nothing, but the sea is eternal.
  4. The sea is the best cure for depression and stress!
  5. Take me to the sea or bring the sea to me!
  6. There is nothing more infinite than the blue sea and my love for the sea!
  7. I’m at sea! Get ready for blue stories and palm shores, colorful swimsuits on white sand!
  8. I want a house on the sea coast, listening to the sound of the surf, drinking ice-cold champagne, and not that’s all!
  9. I do not know how people live on the sea? It must be a true heaven on earth.
  10. Take me to the sea immediately! I have everything ready: I ​​bought a swimsuit, fins too! It remains only to earn money.
  11. At sea, I don’t worry at all, but I like to look at the waves.
  12. I will bring only one souvenir from the sea – a tanned myself! To whom I will give, I don’t even know!
  13. Life at sea is a holiday all year round!
  14. I love the depth and blue of the sea! It seems to me that there is a magical world where the beautiful Ariel lives, sea monsters and colorful funny fish swim. And why can’t people live underwater?
  15. All my best memories are connected with the sea. I don’t know what could be better than the sea air and the azure coast.

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About the sunset

  1. The sunset is beautiful if I meet it with you, my beloved person!
  2. I am in love with the sunsets that the sky paints on the horizon with magical multi-colored colors.
  3. Just look at the sunset today! A true miracle of nature!
  4. Judging by the crimson sunset, tomorrow will be a hell of a hot day.
  5. Sunset is where the sun falls asleep sweetly in the arms of the sky.
  6. This wonderful day ended with a stunning sunset in all shades of orange, blue and even green!
  7. Sunset is a bright kiss of the passing day.
  8. The beauty of the sunset is comparable only to the dawn.
  9. Nothing compares to a sunset in the mountains! This is truly a magnificent natural performance!
  10. The sun gradually sets, flashes saying goodbye. It shimmers on the horizon, mesmerizing with its beauty. The sunset today is extraordinarily beautiful! I want to capture it from all angles!
  11. The sunset, like a flint, burned, shimmered with all shades of red and orange.
  12. Looking at the sunset, I want to be silent and think about the eternal, about love, about life.
  13. Each sunset is beautiful in its own way, unique in its own way and unrepeatable.
  14. I want to go into the sunset and burn there in the rays of the evening sun! I wonder what it’s like
  15. You don’t stand a chance! My heart is given to this crimson sunset!


  1. Luck comes only to those who believe in it. Only to those who tirelessly work on themselves, are not lazy, do not regret and do not complain about their hard life!
  2. Success comes only to those who do not know what laziness and excuses are.
  3. Never give up and never give in to yourself. There is no place in life for the weak and weak-willed. Do you want to be at the helm? So drive! Lead, become an example for others, for your children and loved ones!
  4. When everyone around you rejoices at your defeat and laughs at you, do not show your weakness. Go only forward, towards your goal, with your head held high. You have no idea how sweet success awaits you ahead!
  5. If you still have the strength to dream, then you have the strength to make them a reality. Dreams don’t just happen! They come to the right people at the right time. Everything is in the hands of man, everything is in the power of man!
  6. You can’t swim across a river if you don’t even try to learn how to swim. You have already lost!
  7. Don’t berate yourself for failures and failures. The road to success is always thorny and difficult, but this does not mean that it cannot be passed. The main thing is the desire and desire to succeed. One has only to start, to take the first difficult steps!
  8. Starting something, do not quit halfway! Success does not tolerate half measures. Look only ahead and you will pass all obstacles imperceptibly and easily. Do you want a new home? Draw it on canvas! Do you want a new car? Hang her photo all over the house!
  9. Learn! Don’t stop learning for a minute in your life. Learn at school, at the institute, from those who are close to you. Learn in time so that later you do not bite your elbows, scolding for lost time and opportunities. Remember that knowledge is power!
  10. He who does not make mistakes does not live. Do not be afraid to make mistakes and live! Fear of making a mistake is for cowards!
  11. Remember that you are higher and stronger than all possible obstacles! Do not look down! Look only ahead of yourself and you will see that you are above all obstacles!
  12. If you don’t work, then nothing works. Success comes only to those who strive for it.
  13. Sometimes, to achieve success, you need to work without lifting your head and without straightening your back. The more you work, the sweeter and more valuable the success.

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