How to set the status on Instagram in the profile header

Instagram is one of the most used social media applications that allow users to connect with friends or people across geographic, political or economic boundaries. The goal of Instagram is to give users the ability to share their images or videos with an audience. Application developers continue to update the functionality of the social network for the sake of comfortable use.

In the latest update, Instagram added a new feature – Account Status. It used to be possible to do this in the third-party application “Threads from Instagram”, but now Instagram is closing it and introducing this function into the main one. Status is the text and the so-called “emoji” next to them, which displays your current mood. It appears under the photo in your profile header.

Visible only to your mutual subscribers , that is, to those you are subscribed to and who subscribed to you in response.

After installation – the status is shown for 24 hours, after which it is automatically deleted.

how to set status on instagram

  1. Step 1:

If your app is up to date, then open it on your Android device or iOS operating system. Go to your profile by clicking on the icon. To create a status, click on the “Set Status” button.

If you do not have this button, then perhaps the reason is that your account is not personal, but professional. That is, you have created a business account. In order to remove it, you need to go to the settings and switch to a personal account, and after you have switched, you will have a “set status” button.

At the moment, status setting is also available in business accounts.

  1. Step 2:

Here you can choose your “Autostatus” (automatic) for example: 💼working, busy, 🎉celebrating or  😄happy. By default, 4 emojis are available, clicking on any of them will immediately set the status.

The emoji you choose will be displayed to users who follow you when viewing stories in the feed.

You can also add your own text:

  • To do this, click on the status again, and at the very bottom there is a field for text;
  • Choose the appropriate emoticon, and after writing the text (no more than 32 characters), click “Install”. Everything, the status is successfully set!

A user who also has this function active will see your status. There will be no notifications and no notifications about status changes. There is only a small icon next to the profile picture, which will be displayed in the feed.

To change your status, click again on your set status and select any other one or write a new one.

In the feed, your icon will also change. In the future, your statuses will be visible to all users of the social network.

You can also put reactions on the status or write an answer that will come to the person in Direct. You can do this by going to the person’s page and clicking on their status.

How to disable or remove a status?

Everything is very simple here. If you need to remove your status, then:

  1. Go back to the status settings;
  2. Click on the cross and then “Clear”;
  3. Done, your account is not active.

What if this feature is not available?

First of all, you need to update Instagram to the latest version and clear the app’s cache, and the new feature will appear on your device.

At the moment, some users are experiencing problems with the display of some emoticons (random characters are displayed instead of emoji). However, the developers assured that with the advent of the new update, all possible shortcomings will be corrected. iPhone owners do not have such problems.


Here is a new update from Instagram, statuses are now available to absolutely everyone. Anyone with a personal account can use this feature and put a status on their account. In general, enjoy the statuses, come up with quotes and admire each other’s philosophical thoughts and ideas.

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