How to read a message on Instagram

How to read a message on Instagram

For some who know how to read an Instagram post, this advice is not needed. This seemingly easy task begs the question. We are used to seeing only photos on Instagram. But when a notification arrives that someone has sent you a message. It happens right off the bat and you can’t figure it out. And so let’s figure out how you can do it in a few clicks.

How to open a post on Instagram

Consider an example on the Instagram app on your phone. Regardless of whether you have an android or an iPhone , the principle will be the same.

  • We go into the application, click on the icon with the “house” at the bottom left, then at the top right, we see the “airplane” icon. If it has a red dot with a number, then this indicates that you have unread messages.
  • The tab that you open by clicking on this icon is called “dialogs”. Here is all your correspondence. Reasd also: Instagram Messages Black:

  • Now a page with messages opens, where you can go to any of the dialogues. Here you can not only read messages, but also reply to them using text typing from the keyboard. It also provides the ability to send images and probably the most interesting is voice messages (See Voice messages on Instagram ).

How to read Instagram messages on PC

It’s good if you already know how to open and read messages sent to you in the application. But how to do it yourself with only a computer or laptop at hand?

Indeed, at the beginning of 2019, there is no such function as dialogs in the web version. A very unpleasant fact, of course, but let’s not forget that Instagram, first of all, positions itself as a mobile social network. net. But do not be upset, there is still a way to read personal correspondence from a computer. There are actually several such ways.

  1. Open the Instagram website in the Google Chrome browser. Next, do everything as written here: (See Open the mobile version of Instagram on a computer in Google Chrome ). Very simply, having a mobile version on a computer, you can do almost everything that the application does.
  2. The second way to read a message on Instagram. By installing a special application on a computer, the official client (See Instagram for Windows ).
  3. The third way is suitable for Mac OS owners, this is installing Flume .

Knowing how it all works and, if necessary, reading a message on Instagram, I would use the first method. For me personally, correspondence on Instagram is a very rare event, and the phone is always at hand.

What is Direct on Instagram

There are also quite understandable expressions: “Private messages”, “PM”, finally, they used to say “Write in private”. It is not clear, but it is on Instagram that private messages are usually called “Direct”.

Often today you can see in the profile description or some other places, “I will answer in Direct”, “For details in Direct”. This is nothing more than a call to write private messages. We have already learned how to read a message on Instagram.

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