Prayer of protection against all evil and enemies

Prayer of protection against all evil and enemies

The prayer of protection against all evil is a spiritual tool that helps many people to eliminate the deviations of evil that may be present in the life of anyone, learn more about this topic by reading this article.

Prayer of protection against all evil

Allowing the evil one to take over the spiritual lands of each person allows to establish an unstable and insecure behavior. You believe that there are many people in your environment that can harm you, in this article you will learn a prayer against all evil, which guarantees you total protection.

Powerful prayers against all evil , help protect the soul and spirit of people, use short and concise words, which help expel all negative energy that has been imposed by the evil one in our lives.

Some people are prone to adverse situations that modify their lives, through witchcraft, santeria and certain curses, they try to damage the integrity of human beings, with prayer the removal of these evil energies is established and they allow creating a protection so that they do not return Never.

The manifestations of these curses are through nightmares, bad moods, remorse and negative behaviors, which usually people did not have, so it should be tried through these prayers to return to the spiritual and emotional balance that leads us to live with wellness.

Having peace is not easy, however when God’s help and positive spiritual forces are sought, they give us joy and good feelings to the spirit, which make us look at life from another point of view. We then see those prayers that will help us get out of adversity and protect us against all evil.

Powerful prayer against all evil

This prayer against evil allows us to ward off those evil energies that often enter our lives and disturb our daily activities, creating worry and anxiety, pray this prayer every day when you wake up or before going to sleep.

“Spirit of our creator God, Our Father, Our Son and Holy Spirit, Holy Trinity, Our Immaculate Virgin, Archangels, Angels and Saints from heaven who guide their light towards me. Mold me my Lord, notify me and enter me, control me.”

“Take out of me all the evil that persecutes me and possesses me, kill it, bury me, so that I can be at peace and be able to instill peace. Get out of me all curses, spells, black magic, evil eye, holy prayers, ties and spells; contagion and diabolical vice.”

“The wickedness, envy and sin, jealousy and arrogance. The physical, mental and moral illnesses that are all diabolical in between. Expel all the evil into the fire of hell so that it never comes out again and so it does not touch me nor can it touch the world.

“I wish and ask with my heart, in the name of the creator God, our liberator of sins Jesus Christ, by the work and grace of our Immaculate Virgin, to all the curses, all the discomforts and demons that live in me, that they go away and leave immediately from me, that they abandon me absolutely and do not return.”

“Let them return to their eternal hell and never come out. You will be stepped on and tied, spat on and mistreated, all of this in the hands of the archangel Saint Michael, by Saint Gabriel, Saint Raphael, your binders; trampled underfoot by the heel of our Most Holy Immaculate Virgin. Amen.”

Against harmful energies

This Prayer of protection against all evil, can be used as a complement to the prayer described above, it is very good to ward off harmful energies, let’s see:

“I (say your name out loud), with the blood of Jesus, protect my whole being, interiorly and exteriorly, I deposit in the Immaculate Heart of our Virgin Mary all that I have and possess so that, neither in the present, nor in the future moments, damages come by revenges of the occult.”

“In the name of Jesus all actions and interactions, all communication and spiritual intercommunication are prohibited. I invoke the presence of the angels, the archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, principles, virtues and powers, dominations and cherubim, seraphim and thrones of God, to be the ones who carry out this battle against evil. I ask for help from the communion of saints. Amen.

Powerful prayer for physical and spiritual protection

The following prayer of protection against all evil is intended to release energies that fulfill the function of harming people in any field, mental, spiritual and physical, it is recommended to do it immediately when you get up in order to have very clear emotions. Says so

“Spirit of our Lord, Spirit of God, our Father, our Son and Holy Spirit. Our Holy Trinity, the Immaculate Virgin, archangels and angels, saints of paradise, descend upon me. Melt, mold me Lord, fill me with you and use me.

“Expel all the forces of evil from me, annihilate and destroy, so that I can be well and do all good. Expel from me all curses and witchcraft, black magic and ties, spells, curses and evil eyes, infestation and diabolical obsession; everything that is evil, sin, jealousy, envy and treachery, physical, psychic, spiritual, moral and diabolical illnesses.”

“Burn all my ills in hell so that it never touches me or any other creature in the world. I command and order with the strength of our omnipotent God, in the name of Jesus Christ the Savior, through our Immaculate Virgin, all unclean spirits, all presences that bother me, to leave me immediately, definitively and to go to hell. eternally chained by the archangel Saint Michael, Saint Gabriel and Saint Raphael, by the guardian angels and crushed under the heel of our Most Holy Immaculate Virgin.”

Protecting Saint Michael the Archangel

For the faithful and devotees of Saint Michael the Archangel, this Prayer of protection against all evil is very useful, within Catholicism it is widely used because it is very effective, Saint Michael the Archangel represents a warrior who defends Christians from the atrocities of the devil , for which he was considered the protector of the people of God.

Use the following prayer to protect yourself against witchcraft and bad influences, for 7 nights in a row before going to sleep, then wait for the results, the prayer is as follows.

“Spirit of the Lord, Spirit of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Holy Trinity, Immaculate Virgin, angels, archangels and saints of paradise, descend upon me. Melt me, Lord, model me, fill me with you, use me. Expel from me all the forces of evil, annihilate them, destroy them, so that I can be well and do good.”

“Expel from me curses, witchcraft, black magic, black masses, spells, ties, curses and the evil eye; diabolical infestation and diabolical obsession; everything that is evil, sin, envy, jealousy and perfidy; physical, psychic, moral, spiritual and diabolical illness.”

“Burn all these evils in hell, so that they never touch me or any other creature in the world. I command and command with the strength of Almighty God, in the name of Jesus Christ the Savior, through the Immaculate Virgin, all unclean spirits, all presences that bother me, to abandon me immediately, to abandon me definitively and to leave to eternal hell, chained by Saint Michael the Archangel, by Saint Gabriel, by Saint Raphael, by our guardian angels, crushed under the heel of the Most Holy Immaculate Virgin.”

For the evil eye and envy

Well known in many countries of the world as a curse that is transmitted through the gaze, many are done unintentionally and others with the most evil intention, with the object of nurses, children and people.

The elderly are also prone to receiving the evil eye but children are the most vulnerable to this evil, the symptoms of the evil eye are diverse and can manifest themselves in various ways, to combat it there is no such thing as a powerful prayer to eliminate it, the which is done only when its presence is verified. he says so

“Jesus sweet name of Jesus, where Jesus was named, all evil has been removed, where Jesus has been named, all evil has been removed. Saint Anne gave birth to Mary, our Lady Saint Elizabeth and Saint John the Baptist, just as these words are holy and true, allow me, Lord, to remove the bad grief and fear that may be found in the body of (and name the person).

against witchcraft

Although similar to the evil eye, witchcraft is an act where, through energies coming from the evil one, it is sought to create damage or injury to a person, it is manifested through spells and envy, which when they are present in the body energies tend to decrease.

“Come, Pure and Blessed Virgin! Come! Virgin Mary my mother. Powerful warrior against Satan and the evil spirits who want to attack and defeat me. Prayer warrior, warrior supported by the Court of Heavenly Angels, warrior sustained by the Spirit of God. By the Holy Trinity raised to victory against evil.”

“Come, Pure and Blessed Virgin!, Powerful Mother of the Universe, come and be a warrior with me, because I feel weak and fragile. My support! Virgin Queen of Heaven, look how they attack me, persecute me and the things of this world startle me. Protect me from myself, from my tendencies to sin, to fall for the snares of the evil one.”

“War with me! Powerful Immaculate Virgin, Pure and Blessed Virgin. Place yourself in every corner of my house, my work, my places of study or rest, wherever I am, protect me, be my fort, my wall and refuge. Watch over my soul and my body, rock me and surround me with your powerful and victorious Holy Rosary. Amen.”

psalm against witchcraft

Apart from a good Prayer of protection against all evil, we are also going to show you the Catholic Psalm 79 which is specifically dedicated to counteract the actions of witchcraft, used to counteract seeking to release those energies, and serves as a complement to prayer, you can do it at any time and even more so when you suspect the presence of negative and adverse energies.

“Come, Lord, to visit your vineyard, Shepherd of Israel, listen, you who guide Joseph like a flock; you who sit on cherubim, shine before Ephraim, Benjamin and Manasseh; Awaken your power and come save us. O God, restore us, let your face shine and save us.”

“Lord, God of hosts, how long will you be angry while your people beseech you? You gave them tears to eat, tears to drink by gulps; you gave us over to the strife of our neighbors, our enemies mock us.

“God of hosts, restore us, may your face shine and save us. You brought a vine out of Egypt, drove out the Gentiles, and we transplanted it; you prepared the ground for it, and it took root until it filled the country; Her shadow covered the mountains, and her branches, the towering cedars; she stretched out her branches to the sea, and her shoots to the Great River.”

“Why have you knocked down its fence, so that passers-by plunder it, boars trample it and vermin eat it? that your right hand planted and that you made vigorous. They have cut it down and set it on fire; with a roar make them perish.”

“May your hand protect your chosen one, the man you strengthened. We will not turn away from you: give us life, so that we call on your name. Lord, God of hosts, restore us, may your face shine and save us,

Reflections on prayers against all evil

When making these prayers we must take into account that the total group of prayers against evil, are those that act with force to free anyone who tries to harm another from evil, a single prayer is not enough to restore balance. spiritual.

The objective of each one is the same, to eliminate evil from human lives, to obtain proper results it is important to first perform the powerful prayers against the evil one, and later the powerful prayer against all evil can be performed, both make up an energy team spiritual that helps in an important way to eliminate the evil presences in our spirit.

Prayers should be held in quiet places, where we know that there will be no disturbance, where we can concentrate solely on the objective of the prayer, our body and mind must be in connection to be able to establish a link between the message and the possibility of to help complete the goal.

Each word of the prayer that we establish must be said slowly, making soft and permanent breaths, establishing a harmonious rhythm between body, mind and energy, despite the fact that there are no rules for its development, it is important to remain calm and have a lot of serenity, which supported with the faith that we have in some spiritual current will allow us to achieve the goal.

It is important to know the power of the words that are said in prayer, in most cases they allow the release of negative and evil energies, resolve major conflicts and help to find balance in spiritual and physical energy forces.Amen.”

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