Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi for the puppies

Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi for the puppies

Saint Francis of Assisi, belonging to an ancient pre-Roman town founded in Umbria, a region in central Italy, was a deacon and founder of the Franciscan Order. As a young man he was quite wealthy because he was the son of a merchant, this step from living in high birth, to the strictest poverty and obedience of the gospels. His religious life was sober and simple, such a way of life was not accepted by some but this is what creates his great love for animals and from there is where the prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi arises .

There are many people devoted to Saint Francis of Assisi, born in 1182, in a town in Italy and a great reference as he leaves all his material wealth to dedicate his whole life to helping, accompanying and guiding “every living being”, and of course this includes the animals whom he loved and considered as his little brothers.

Let’s learn the prayers of Saint Francis of Assisi.

prayer for sick pets

Pets are like children, they love each other just like children do to any parent. But when they get sick all the children, parents and themselves suffer, it is a tremendous agony that the whole family goes through. For this I invite you to pray this prayer with faith.

”O Saint Francis of Assisi

patron saint of environmentalists

And protective lover of animals

You who renounced the riches of your fathers

To serve those most in need

To you we come to render our honor and our honor

Blessed Saint Francis of Assisi

You who are at the right hand of God

That you won his favors by always sharing your love

I ask you to intercede in front of him for my pet

(say your pet’s name)

So that he can heal him from the disease that afflicts him

Allow the veterinarian who is going to operate

I can find a way to relieve you of your evil

Saint Francis of Assisi, you who are the protector of animals

Don’t let anything bad happen to (say your pet’s name)

Because he is a faithful friend, whom I love very much

And I couldn’t bear to leave this world.”

Entrust him with the life of your pets, so that they can save them during his operation.

 The Saint Francis of Assisi Prayer for Peace

With this prayer you can find a way to relieve and heal your ills by finding peace.

“Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love.
That there where are offense, I put forgiveness.
That where there is discord, I put the union.
That where there is error, I put the truth.
That where there is doubt, I put Faith.
That where there is despair, I put hope.
Where darkness is, may I bring the light.
That where there is sadness, I put joy.

“O Lord,
make me seek not so much to be comforted, but to comfort;
to be understood, but to understand;
to be loved, but how to love.

Because it is:
Giving, which is received;
By forgiving, that one is forgiven;
Dying, he is resurrected to
Eternal Life.Amen”.

Praises to the Most High God

We must ask Saint Francis of Assisi that since he is on the right side of God and was one of those who earned his favors by always sharing your love. ”I ask you to intercede before him for me”, praying this one that is part of your prayers:

“You are the only holy Lord God, the one who works wonders.

You are the strong, you are the great, you are the highest,

you are the omnipotent king; your holy Father, king of heaven and earth.

You are the triune and one, Lord God of gods;

you are the good, the all good, the supreme good,

Lord God living and true.

You are love, charity; you are the wisdom,

you are humility, you are patience,

you are beauty, you are meekness;

you are security, you are rest,

you are the joy, you are our hope and joy,

you are justice, you are temperance,

you are all our wealth to satisfaction.

You are beauty, you are meekness,

you are the protector, you are our custodian and defender;

you are the strength, you are the refreshment.

You are our hope, you are our faith,

you are our charity, you are all our sweetness,

you are our eternal life,

great and admirable Lord,

Almighty God, merciful Savior.Amen”.

My God and my everything

To these prayers so that by praying them, not only to remember the holiness of Saint Francis of Assisi, but also to be closer to Jesus Christ. It’s actually a very nice sentence:

“My God and my everything,

Who are you,

my sweet Lord?

And who am I, little worm

your server? All he wanted

love you, my most holy Lord!

How much I would like to love you

Sweet Lord!

My Lord and my God,

I gave you all my

heart and all my body,

and I ardently long to give you more,

If I knew what else to give you!Amen”.

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