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Your Mrs Hinch Style Home Maintenance Guide

Mrs. Hinch, otherwise known as Sophie Hinchliffe, has quickly become a household name thanks to her cleaning hacks, home organisation tips, and her lovable personality. She’s inspired millions to roll up their sleeves and engage in what she’s made the incredibly satisfying art of cleaning. From her ‘Hinch Hauls’ to her ‘Narnia’ cupboards, Mrs. Hinch’s unique approach to maintaining her home has sparked a cleaning revolution. Let’s dive into some of her most popular tips and tricks for home maintenance, Hinch style!

The Hinch List and the Power of Routine

One of the most famous tips from Mrs. Hinch is the creation of the Hinch List—a weekly cleaning routine that splits tasks across different days to make the process less daunting. By breaking down the cleaning tasks, Mrs. Hinch allows you to keep your home pristine without overwhelming yourself. Creating your Hinch list not only keeps you organised but also creates a satisfying routine that can be surprisingly therapeutic!

A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place

Mrs. Hinch is famous for her ‘Narnia’ cupboards—spaces dedicated to her cleaning supplies that are organised immaculately. By keeping your cleaning supplies organised and categorising them based on their purpose, you not only save time but also maintain an inventory of what you have and what you need. The mantra “a place for everything and everything in its place” is central to Mrs Hinch’s home organisation strategy. Using baskets, dividers, and labels can keep your spaces organised and ensure you can quickly and easily find what you need.

The Magic of the Minky and Other Must-Have Cleaning Tools

In the world of Mrs. Hinch, certain cleaning tools have achieved superstar status. One of these is the Minky – a double-sided antibacterial cleaning pad. Alongside the Minky, the SonicScrubber, a power cleaning brush, and the ‘Stewart’ feather duster are other favourites. Mrs. Hinch’s toolkit is proof that having the right tools can make a world of difference when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your home.

Keeping Floors Sparkling Clean

Mrs. Hinch takes great pride in maintaining clean floors. One of her popular hacks for wooden or vinyl click flooring is using fabric softener mixed with warm water. This mix not only cleans the floors but also leaves them with a long-lasting fresh smell. But, her trick is, don’t pour the water onto the flooring. Nearly all flooring types don’t mix well with water, and wood and vinyl are no different. The solution should be applied to a microfibre cloth that dries slightly before use – the results should be a glistening shine as you go over the floor, nothing that resembles a droplet or pool of water.

Making Cleaning Fun

Above all, Mrs Hinch is all about making cleaning fun. From her cleaning dance breaks to her imaginative names for cleaning tools, Mrs. Hinch has transformed cleaning from a chore into an enjoyable activity. She’s cultivated a positive community where everyone shares their cleaning achievements and hacks, reminding us that maintaining a home can be a shared, joyful experience.

Maintaining a clean and organised home Mrs. Hinch’s style is not just about the aesthetic appeal. It’s about creating a positive, tranquil space where you love to be. So grab your Minky, put on some upbeat music, and start Hinching your way to a happier, cleaner home!

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