Prayer to think of me now and no one else

Prayer to think of me now and no one else

The prayer to think of me now , consists of several prayers that allow a person to keep the thoughts of the other couple very close, know and choose which prayer suits you best by reading this article.

Prayer that you think of me now

If you are one of the people who intrigues you to know what the person who attracts you thinks or what are the sentimental thoughts of your partner with respect to you, in this article we are going to show you and teach you which prayer you can use to keep those thoughts rooted in you. 

Love represents the most beautiful feelings that a human being can express, but also when that love is not reciprocated, or is broken, worries invade the mind and anguish and suffering begin, it is important to consider that these prayers present an additional element to the attraction that one person may feel towards another.

With them, we want the other person to constantly think of us during the day, we seek to be the center of attention and that sometimes is not achieved in such a simple way, hence the importance of requesting God’s blessings in order to apply for this benefit.

With these prayers, peace and tranquility are sought, the relationship cannot be allowed to become a headache and suffering, love is the manifestation of joy and kindness, where feelings emerge openly and spontaneously.

We will see different prayers that can be adapted to the emotional and sentimental situation of each person, you must choose well which one suits and resembles your current situation, if it is the case to attract the person immediately we recommend prayer so that he thinks of you desperately which will require of some recommendations.

Love can become a problem, this will help you to be in his thoughts forever, your relationship will be very successful, you will be able to be with the person you want for life. This prayer is not a mooring but it is so powerful that it will work as such.

for love to return 

If for some reason the person you considered the love of your life, don’t worry, we are going to show you through this prayer how to make that loved one return, that love that has left for some reason but hopes are still there. with the intention of returning.

“To you spirit of despair that you put anyone at your feet I beg you and ask you please. (Name of the person) go crazy with love for me, cry for me, suffer for me, see me everywhere, dream of me, let me be the only thought when sleeping and waking up, desperate a lot for me and look for me, ask me for forgiveness and love to be able to be happy.”

“To you spirit of despair that you will grant me everything I ask of you, I thank you that my loved one is going crazy for me.”

This prayer should be done 3 times a week, and I assure you that you will be able to achieve the goal of returning to your side, just do it with a lot of faith and hope.

So that he returns regretful

The passions of loving requests are sometimes called prayers of despair, and are made at the moment where the person has used all the resources to attract the other partner and has not obtained any results, the person reaches a state of desperation and seeks the tools to make that other person come back but with regret.

You can do it any day of the week, and to give it more strength, light a yellow candle marked with the name of the person you want to return, use a needle or a sharp instrument, so that the name can be seen.

“By the power and authority of the divine presence of God, I ask and pray that (Name of person) feel desperate to see me every day, that you have no peace without knowing about me. The presence of God I ask you through this prayer of despair that (name of the person) does not feel peace if he is not well with me, I ask you to break and cut all the distances between us.

“I ask you, oh Lord, that in the shortest possible time my suffering ends by bringing (name of the person again) repentant to my feet, that not one more day pass without being by my side. He trusted you that you listen to my pleas and I ask you to forgive me if at any time I fail him, that he feels desperate to see me today and always. Amen.”

To despair the couple

Although very similar to the previous one, this short prayer dedicated to San Cipriano, allows to create a situation in the thoughts of the person who manage to reach despair to be by his side again, it is a strong prayer and it is considered that in q0 minutes already the person will be desperately looking to be by your side, let’s see how it’s done.

The prayer for her to think of me at this time  must be done with faith, this prayer must be done every day for a week, it is very short but efficient, concentrate and think of her when you do it, do not lose concentration and do it with hope.

“Oh San Cipriano, I come to you today full of pain and sadness, because the person I love does not think enough of me, I seek help from you, the help that only you can give me, I want to make my lover love me and love me. I searched desperately.”

“I want (name of the person) to come running into my arms, to come desperate, to be unable to control his emotions, to need only me, for my name and my smell to enclose him in a circle where he thinks only and exclusively In Myself.”

“San Cipriano, I swear to you on this day that I love (name of person) with my heart, which is my peace, my love, my life, my being, I owe myself forever, I have been persecuting her in this and other lives and Today I want my love to reciprocate, your Saint Cipriano, you can do everything, my intention is of light and I know that you are going to help me.”

“I love you too much (name of the person) I love you always, and I force you on this day to love me, to despair, I tie your soul to mine and condemn it to restlessness if you are not by my side.”

“San Cipriano that he thinks of me, San Cipriano that he calls me, San Cipriano that he looks for me and that if he does not find me he despairs, San Cipriano that he loves me well, San Cipriano that I be the only one in his life, San Cipriano that each night you want to have me in your arms, San Cipriano that only gets excited thinking of me, San Cipriano that the only person I love is me. San Cipriano that his life has no other direction than my love. San Cipriano who desperately looks for me today and who never goes away from me again. Amen.”

At the end, stay for a while meditating and try to visualize that person with you, special moments and places that they have been able to visit or that you want to visit, imagine that person and send them the energies of despair

Once you finish saying the prayer, it is time to meditate and visualize that person desperately looking for you, imagine him as desperate as you can and send him that energy of despair. If you want them, write a very beautiful message where you try to capture their attention.

for you to call me

By performing this prayer, which is also dedicated to Saint Cipriano, the attraction of thoughts in its entirety is being achieved, the faith and hope with which it must be performed will be the basic elements to help the total traction of the person, the loved one will understand to call you that he has made a mistake by moving away from you, let’s see the artion.

“Oh great Saint Cipriano, you who are on the heights who see everything and that nothing happens in this earthly sphere without your consent, I ask you on my knees and with my hand on my heart that (name of the person you want me to call you) call me in a short time, do not stop thinking about me.”

“Oh mighty Saint Cyprian who sees my anxiety, my suffering heals any sense of uneasiness in me and allow me (name of your loved one) to see through my eyes, to hear through my ears and not to be able to think of anyone. other than me.”

“Oh powerful Saint Cipriano, grant me the power to enter the mind of (name of your loved one) so that he does not have peace of mind if he does not talk to me, that only his wishes to talk are with me, that they do not call him or call anyone who does not be me.”

“I ask for your help and your compassion, Saint Cipriano miraculous. I kneel before you today and every day for my wish to come true. I ask you, so be it, Amen.”

If you do it with faith, in 10 minutes you will be receiving the call of the person, it is very effective if hope is maintained,

To Saint Michael the Archangel

The following prayer allows you to attract the attention of Saint Michael the Archangel, who through his powers manages to give light to the person you want to bring, the impulse to make you attractive to the loved one again, do not hesitate to attract him.

You will achieve that the person to whom you perform it immediately, wants to know about you, that being mentioned in the sentence has the impulse to think about you and communicate with you. At that moment you will know that the prayer fulfilled its purpose.

“Dearest Saint Michael Archangel, you who are the main warrior among all the angels, At this moment I approached you humbly and with my hands on my heart so that you give me tranquility and peace, so that you heal my wounds.”

“Oh! Lord of heaven, you who are next to God protector and only want love for all I ask you to intercede for me. Saint Michael Archangel, quench my thirst for love, may my love relationships be lasting and true. At this moment I ask that (name of the person) look at me with eyes of love, that his thoughts and his time be mine, that he only wants to be by my side.

“Lord, listen to my requests. My heart is pleading, waiting to be worthy of your favors. That you give me a simple love, with a pure and good heart. I want to fall in love and be happy. That’s why I ask you to help me reach his heart so that it belongs to me. Amen.”

Prayer to Dominate

Generally, these types of sentences are made by women who try to dominate these men who are jumpy and very happy when they observe another woman, they seek with her more than to dominate to calm the emotional impulses of the man, very rarely can we observe men performing this ration.

It is recommended to do it every Sunday between nine o’clock at night, when everything should be calmer, you will surely observe how that person will be surrendered at your feet, place a piece of white paper with the name of the person written in ink red, underneath you can write the prayer and when you finish you burn the paper and throw the ashes to the wind.

“With the sacred power of San Marcos bravo de León I (your full name) come to you to help me dominate (name the person you want to dominate). With the sacred power of San Marcos Bravo de León, he froze with ice floes any thought of (name of the person you want to dominate) in another woman or man.”

“With the sacred power of San Marcos Bravo de León, who managed to evade dragons, subdue your enemies and beasts, help me subdue the character and will of (name of the person you want to dominate) so that he is surrendered to me in a short time. ”

“With the sacred power of San Marcos Bravo de León for the power that was given to you by our Lord, interfere for me with the spirit of (full name of the person you want to dominate) so that he bends his pride, so that he can be my servant in love.”

“With the sacred power of San Marcos Bravo de León, you who dominated the beast, dominate (name of the person you want to dominate) for me, so that he loves me, and surrenders to my most powerful desire, San Marcos Bravo de León, grant me the power to tame from head to toe. Amen”

At the end you will begin to feel a unique tranquility and peace, if by any chance you are a devotee of San Antonio, perform it in honor of this saint, who has a lot of strength to be able to make that person surrender at your feet.

So that you think of me and come back

Each Prayer is a request that is charged with energy, which allows each one to realize and achieve their objective, that is why the variety, since a prayer that is not established for a specific purpose, will not have the expected results, let’s see the Next sentence your title is very similar to one seen above, but the load on your content is totally different.

Perform it in a quiet place and you can do it any day of the week and anywhere, in it, unlike other prayers, nothing is requested, only faith and hope.

“Powerful light that illuminates paths and paths of darkness at night, I ask you to illuminate the thoughts of (name of the person), so that my image and my name go through their labyrinths so that in dreams they see me as their great love and in their nightmares see me as their savior.”

“Great light that with your rays full of splendor the days I beg before you to shine in the eyes of (full name of the person you want to think of you), so that they can only see my face, so that their desire increases to have me . Burning beam of light burns (name of person)’s negative thoughts back to me.

“To you, the light of day that warms the mornings, burns in the heart of (full name of the person you want to think of you), so that they let me enter their thoughts without problems, so that they can implant a life with me in their dreams. .”

“That the spark that gives your light can shine as strong as I will shine in the life of (name of the person), and can only smile thinking of me.”

After the prayer, cross yourself three times and say with great faith: “So be it, so be it”, then it’s time to wait for the results.

Prayer to Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel is considered the “archangel of love”, the translation of his name means “He who sees God” or “He who seeks God”, is responsible for promoting gratitude and love in human beings. unconditional love of God, he is constantly asked when love situations reach the limits of concern.

Chamuel is also called Kamael, Camel, Camel, Camel, Kamuel, Kemuel, Khamael, Samael and Shamael, he is also linked in some scriptures with Haniel or Aniel, however they are considered the same entity.

Make this prayer directly asking Chamuel in order to get and solve the sentimental problems that afflict you, summon him when you feel that you need help in matters of love.

“Powerful Archangel Chamuel, possessor of the pink flame, today I come to you a little crestfallen and sad but with the firm certainty that you will help me, I am in love and my heart is broken, that person is no longer here, he is gone and I want him to think in me, I want it to come back. I cry out to you, oh mighty God of love, to help me recover his love, so that it is you who guides him back to me.

My heart is fissured, hurt today I require your help and I know that you will give it to me, I love him, I love him very much and I want him to be with me, today I ask you to believe in me and in this love, to send your angels of love to the two and that (name of the person) think of me, realize that leaving us was a mistake and that he wants to be by my side again in this and every life, today I want to ask you to please help me to bring him back, that He comes back and we can give our love a new direction.”

“Chamuel, that he thinks of me, that he needs me, that he loves me, that we are always together, that I be the person he wants, that no one else gets into his thoughts and that I be the woman of his dreams, he is free to choose is true, but I am his best choice because I love him, because I respect him, because with me his life will be more beautiful, it will be simpler, we will support each other and everything will be fine, I am his love and I want him to be with me forever.”

“Thank you Chamuel because I know that you will help me, I know that I could not turn to someone better, love is an inexhaustible source, may your love stay with me forever and that together we can create something for life, that you think of me and that you seek and that without me you do not find peace. Amen.”

Prayer to Maria Padilla

In some regions of Spain, devotion is paid to María Padilla, a noble woman who became famous for having affairs with various leaders and kings of the time, served as leader of various orders and represented female leadership during the mandate of the King of Castile. Peter I.

These conditions caused a devotion to be born in very sentimental people, who turned to her when they needed to request a favor with respect to solving problems with the couple, let’s see.

“Hail Pomba Tour María Padilla of the Seven Crossroads! Beloved and sweet little mother, today I come to you, like a lost daughter, a daughter betrayed by love, a afflicted daughter who has a broken heart.

“Today I come to ask you that love and despair grow in your mind and heart as plants grow with water, as shadows are born from the sun, as herbs grow on earth, as rainwater is received in the Earth.”

“That he is so desperate that he cannot control himself, that he needs me, my love, my strength, that he has no peace if it is not for me, that he has no peace if it is not for me. Mother, I love him with all my being and the only thing I ask is that he loves me too and that he shows it to me.

“I am tired of living in the shadows, begging for his love, a love that I want, a love that I deserve, an incredible love that I know will be the best of my life.”

“I ask that (Name of the person) cannot sleep, eat or think without my memory invading him, that he needs me that he wants me to always be by his side, to the point that he is desperate to look for me and make me be there with him. the.”

“I want to be present in his life, in his future, always in every step that he looks for me, that he loves me, that he needs me, that he does not find peace if it is not for me, that he does not have life if it is not for me, that he does not have peace if not for me.”

“May the powers of Pomba help me and guide me and make sure that he thinks of me at every moment, at every moment, that he is always with me, that he looks for me in his memory, that he calls me, that he writes to me, that he looks for me and may you always find me.

“When you don’t find me desperate, ask for me, come to my house, only want me, that your thoughts are on my side, I pray this prayer with faith and waiting for your help my little mother. (Name of person) I love you, I love you, I love you, now think of me, think of me, think of me, this and every day of your life. Amen.”

At the end visualize the person and try to observe by your side, surrendered before you, cross yourself and do not despair, trust in prayer and its power, in a short and less expected period you will observe impressive results.

To Aphrodite for love

Although Aphrodite does not belong to any Catholic sanctification, some believers believe that through the power of that Greek goddess who is related as the goddess of passion and love, she danced on the waters and is even named in some historical texts as the daughter of Zeus and Goddess of love.

These characteristics allow a small devotion to be created through prayer, let’s see how interesting this prayer is dedicated to this Greek goddess.

“Oh beautiful and powerful Aphrodite, I am your daughter and with the sensuality you gave me I have managed to attract the attention of a man and I love him, but we still need to be together, today I ask you to help me finish entering his mind and can’t get out of it for a long time.

“I ask you with love to help me, that things between us turn out for the best. Aphrodite goddess is sensuality and love, I ask you to make this man think of me with the same love that I think of him.”

“That in the morning when you wake up my memory is stuck in your mind, that it be there for the rest of the day, that when you open your eyes you see me. I ask you to love me during mid-morning, that when you work you remember me, and that memory fill you with love, be laughter and peace, that you need to talk to me and look for me to be calm.

“That he feels that great and strong love that I feel for him, I refuse to let him not think of me, I refuse to accept that we are no longer together.”

“That loneliness torments him with my memory, that being alone he needs me, that being accompanied he needs me, that if he has another woman, that this does not cause any good effect on him, that his life without me by his side, is full of suffering, pain, anguish, please only miss me.”

“Here is Aphrodite, here is this carrier pigeon, let him use his, to call me, to try to talk to me, let him get desperate to the point that hearing my voice is the only thing that gives him peace. Aphrodite that (name of the person) cannot live and that she does whatever it takes to be by my side. Infinite thank you mother because you have listened to me.”

“That he thinks of me, that he calls me, that he looks for me that he realizes that without my love he is nothing.”

It is only a matter of believing and having to invoke the power of this goddess, which can help in difficult sentimental moments, always with faith and hope things are achieved.

Prayer for you to dream of me

Love stories are very diverse and varied, each human being can share a different emotional story, love moves all systems and emotional fibers of any person.

Correspondence is always sought in another love, in another person who thinks of happiness together, who can grow regardless of obstacles, love represents an extremely powerful force, in which God grants so that humans can continue to live forever.

This prayer allows you to help the other person to dream permanently with that person you love, you seek to enter the thoughts in order to attract all the vital energies that allow you to promote thoughts towards that loved one, if you think you want to obtain this grace, we recommend this beautiful prayer, let’s see:

“From my heart full of love, I make a call to the powers of the first dimension, where the true light is found and it becomes light, in order to knock on the doors of your heart. And may that harmonious sound gently reach your senses, enter your soul without disturbing your life, just to reach you pleasantly and fill your heart with all my good wishes.”

“So that you only think of me, that you just can’t resist being far away and you always want to be by my side. The Angels with all their power and beauty with their love and power of seduction will be on my side and on yours (name of the person) said power will be immense and irresistible for you and in this way the Angels will keep you by my side with much strength, with lots of love.”

“The angels whisper my name in your ears, they will gently take your spirit and your heart in their hands, making you the most loving, affectionate, kind and receptive man of my presence with you, (Name of the person) you will only think of me always and in every place as part of your life, as if the magic were taking effect.”

“The Angels will be the ones sent to announce my name and in this way my image lives in you in your thoughts at every dawn and every night that are true like the blood that runs through your veins, like the air that enters your body every second. .”

“I wish that from this hour and from this moment, my beloved (Name of the person) your thoughts and all your wishes are only for me, that you only want to look at me, hug me, be by my side, with my lips that without me your life have no meaning or happiness. You will only pronounce my name, your senses will miss me, your tranquility will be alone by my side. Nothing will make sense unless I am by your side.”

“Anguish takes over you, if you are without me you will need me, you will yearn for me you will feel that you miss me, you will want to be close to me you will feel the sweet pain of love for me inside you penetrating your soul and your emotions, your fight will not make sense if your heart is already mine, the truth and the path are only by my side, only together will we achieve the joy and pleasure of being together, you will not have the strength to deny it because it is the superior energies that order it, it is your destiny. ”

“In this way I decree, predict and affirm that our love must be forever, in this way my guardian angel maintains and consumes it, you and I will be happy and what we have will be special for both of us.”

Prayer to Saint Mark of León

This prayer is made by many devotees of San Marcos de León who with his works could be beatified by the Church, people ask for favors in order to attract a stable and faithful partner to their side.

“Oh powerful Saint Marcos de León, you who listen to my pleas, I ask you to attract (Name of the person), I want him to turn around and look for me desperately and not have eyes for anyone other than me. Oh San Marcos de León breaks barriers and distances between his heart and mine, make him come back soon or call me immediately. ”

“Oh San Marcos de León with this prayer to dominate (name of your partner) I ask that this Man or Woman return with a lot of love to give me, that he cannot be anywhere without me, that he feels desperate to be by my side. side. Powerful San Marcos de León, make him call me and ask me for forgiveness, look for me and despair for me before the day ends.

For love to return immediately

This prayer is made in order to immediately attract that person who has left, it is based on a request to the angels, with the aim not only of physical return but also spiritual where love and trust are reaffirmed,

“Army of Angels, Archangels and Cherubs come to your aid so that my loved one returns to my side, I ask that with their power they unite me and (name of the person) again. Sanctified in your name all the love I have for (name of person). You are going to give yourself two blessings and you are going to put your mind blank and you are going to repeat.”

“By the power of the army of angels, archangels and cherubim I want him to return with his head down for leaving me, to be sorry for not giving me the love I deserve, to show him the way to my home so he can not leave me side never.”

This prayer can be complemented with this prayer, which also helps to immediately attract the partner, let’s see:

“Oh God who listens to my words and knows my desires, I ask you to put in my life the woman that I desire so much, I do not want adventures, I want love, like the one you give us. He listens to my words and brings to my bed a love that fills my life and my heart with blessing, that I feel your grace when he is with me.

“Oh God that you are on high and you see everything, listen to my pleas, give me as a man a woman / man with whom to share. I want your grace made flesh and bone by my side, I want a new reason to live, listen to my words Lord and bring me a partner. I want love and trusting in you I hope it arrives soon. Amen.”

At the end try to imagine that person next to you, sharing every moment with you, try to keep faith, which is the way prayer exercises its power.

Prayer to make a man or woman fall in love

There are prayers and prayers that serve to attract and fall in love with another person, dedicated to various archangels, saints and virgins, they help in times when hope is lost to get a partner, however this one that we are going to describe next allows to give a light towards people who feel lonely and want to attract their better half.

This prayer is made to Santa Muerte to attract that impossible love and make her fall in love, let’s see:

“Oh Holy Death queen of feelings, descend your charm and your wisdom on the heart and mind of (the person’s name is said) so that he falls madly in love with me. You know his intentions and I want nothing more than to love him (a), make him come and feel attracted to me like a magnet.

“I feel your grace and I fervently ask you to make (Name of person) fall madly in love with me, to have no eyes for anyone and to take the first step to be with me. Oh archangel Chamuel, king of love, I offer you this light to guide your path towards her, I await you with open arms, thank you for so much so be it.”

Perform this prayer for 5 consecutive days and light a red candle and let it burn completely, the results will not wait.

Prayer to unite after a fight

There are many ways to make a person return after an argument or fight, however, prayer is one of the most powerful spiritual forces that allows filling the other person with kindness and open their mind to reflection to return with forgiveness and rebuild life together.

The happiness of any person is to try to maintain the relationship without adversity differences, although there will always be problems, it is inevitable to reach a point of discussion, however, by not being able to specify the solution, couples separate and personal pride, individuality and selfishness come to the fore.

In these cases it is advisable to perform this prayer in order to be happy again, for this the resource of prayer is used, and the one that we detail below is of great help.

With it we can heal, and at the same time recover the couple even if they meet another person, through it we can separate someone from the wrong person, prayer with great faith will always be effective if it is done from the heart and in a dedicated way. .

“Today I find myself before heaven to raise my words and these are heard and in the same way reciprocated. From the heart I wish that (name of the person) is never in contact with (name of the other person), that a terrible discord occurs between them and that this situation manages to separate them for the rest of their days.

“That they cannot have contact and if this happens, that it is not to consolidate any type of friendly bond, that friendship was broken forever. From this moment I wish that my request is heard and that from this moment everything I ask is embedded in your hearts, that everything materializes soon. Together they should not be, separated is better for each one and I want to witness this separation.”

“At this time I raise my plea to the highest and look forward to my request being fulfilled through the power of my faith. Amen.”

After a few days, the results will begin to be observed, the person will try to get closer to dialogue and start a life full of love and happiness.

Spirit of Despair

It consists of a feeling of anxiety that people have when they have a sentimental problem, despair, anguish and insecurity take over the person’s thoughts, limiting their daily activities, and leaving aside the elementary priorities that help to achieve well-being

It is important to have mastery and control over emotions, although it is inevitable to feel bad during a marital breakup, the energies that prayer gives us make that spirit of despair tend to disappear, this prayer helps improve mood by returning faith and people’s hope.

It is recommended to do it immediately after the first symptoms of sadness and depression begin to be felt, try to rise above the situation to be able to say the prayer, it is highly recommended to go to the nearest chapel or the parish church near your home. The sentence is as follows.

“Spirit of despair, you who know and know the desires of my heart and my thoughts, I call on you so that today you help me with my request, I want to despair (name of the person) so that he feels the enormous need to see me .”

“Spirit of despair I do not want to suffer anymore, I ask you that wherever this (name of the person) wants to see me again, to listen to me and hear from me. I make this prayer to you with devotion so that you do me the requested favor Oh spirit of despair listen to my pleas.

“I thank you in advance for the favor you grant me and I promise to pray for 7 more nights after I see the result. Thank you spirit of despair, so be it. Amen”

For the disunity of an impossible love

One of the ways that exist to make a person return is by encouraging disunity and discussion, sometimes it is observed that the person wants to start moving away little by little, so that hope is lost.

This situation is not considered bad, when you are certain that the loved one is doing things towards someone who does not correspond to him, at that moment it is important to intervene through this prayer, in addition to fracturing the other relationship, it opens the eyes of the desired person.

The objective really is to make the desired person notice that he can realize the mistake he is making, as well as consider that he is in an unrequited place, for this purpose, prayer serves as a guide, energy and strength to notice that problem.

Let’s see how to do it, but you should always keep in mind that it is important to do it with a lot of faith, and if you are a devotee of San Judas Tadeo we recommend you entrust yourself to him, lighting two yellow candles and immediately begin the prayer.

“Glorious and powerful Saint Judas Tadeo, you who listen to my pleas and know my faith and my devotion for you, I ask you from my heart to listen to my strongest wish, I want to attract my love to my side, I want to have it with me quickly, in 24 hours. or less.”

“You with your wisdom, grace and power, soften the heart of my loved one (name of the person) and attract him to my life, I need him by my side and I trusted you that it will be so. Amen.”

If you have an image of San Judas Tadeo, place it next to the person you want to separate from the other and then wait for the candle to burn out completely, do not turn it off.

Prayer to tame

Sometimes it is observed that one of the components of the relationship is restless and avoids maintaining communication, contact and even intimacy with their partner, it may be the case that this person is looking at another or you enter or others, it is important to reassure and tame those feelings, so that you can allow yourself to focus your power of emotions on just one person.

By making this prayer, it will be possible to control the sentimental dynamics of the couple, preventing them from looking for an escape for having distorted feelings. Relationships between couples must be cultivated daily, unlike friendships, a couple establishes the maintenance of their relationship with gestures of love.

The prayer to tame allows you to calm those impure feelings full of sins that can enter the mind of the other person, you always have to observe and make corrections in the relationship, appreciate where you are failing and not depend so much on divine prayers, these they only represent one more variable to reinforce feelings.

“Now, at this exact moment I wish that (person’s name) come to me from wherever you are. That your thoughts are only for me, that in your concentration only I appear, so that you realize that you only need me in your life, so you must come to me immediately.”

“At this moment, (name of the person) bows down and without pride comes to me, come or call me in a desperate way to ask me to be by your side forever. By your infinite power God.”

Prayer that you never stop thinking about me

Also called a  prayer to think of me , it is made in order to keep a person thinking of the other for a long time, it also serves to calm negative thoughts that can even be unfounded, avoid jealousy and think reasonably, sometimes feelings avoid looking at things objectively.

“My entire devotion goes to you, I am doing all this for you my love. (Name of the person) you are my love, my person, my whole life, I love you, I love you with my heart, I love you with my life, I love you every second, I love you every moment, think of me a lot, like me I think of you, be as devoted to me as I am to you.”

“I want to always be with him and that he wants to be with me, that during the night he dreams of me, that during the day he just waits to feel my affection, my love, put his hands in his mind so that he cannot get me out of there, that never think of another person other than me, I want him to be with me, only with me, with no one else.”

“May all his goodness be for me, may his love be for me, may he only love me exclusively, may he love me until he can’t, may he always miss me, may he always need me, I wish he would miss me, my love, He wants to have me close, he calls me, he looks for me, he visits me, he just wants to know about me.”

“Thank you souls for listening to me, I promise that I will always love him, that my mind will not have room for anyone else, that I will only love him, that his heart will be safe in my hands, that he will not suffer again, that he will not cry again. , who will always find in me the answers to all his problems, who will love me with all the intensity of his heart.

“Look for me (Name of the person) look for me now, I order you to look for me, don’t be calm until you find me, at this precise moment (Name of the person) I order you to look for me, souls of purgatory order you to look for me. ”

“May he look for me in the sun and find me, may he look for me in the moon and find me, may he find me at night, may he dream of me, may he yearn for me, may he touch himself in my name and only in mine. May he look for me in the morning and bring me his love to have it in my hands.

“Blessed souls of purgatory, help, I love him, I want him for me, I wish him from the bottom of my heart that he looks only for me, to stay in his thoughts forever. That in your thoughts only come to me, that you can’t think of anyone but me. May your concentration only be dedicated to me, may I always be the love of your life, Amen.”

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