Mirror Hour 15:15: Meaning and Interpretation With Guardian Angels

Mirror Hour 15:15 Meaning and Interpretation With Guardian Angels

You are looking for the time on your digital watch or mobile phone and you come across the mirror time 3:15 p.m., this is a very important message, don’t ignore it! It is a combination of synchronicity carrying a celestial message, and having a relationship with your life. The guardian angels choose the mirror hours in order to address humans about the conjectures of their current or future life. Let’s see what 3:15 has in store for us.

Meaning of the mirror hour 3:15 p.m. with the guardian angels

Through the mirror hour 3:15 p.m., the guardian angels communicate the word love to you. If you are single, soon you will meet a person, and it is with whom you will share very strong feelings. If you are already in a relationship, they talk to you about sexuality, you will revive your intimate relationship and spice up your pleasure. 15 is a number indicating the protection of god, the angels provide you with support and defence against the misfortunes of life, you just have to invoke them. They also recommend that you go to a medium when you encounter confusion.

You are going through a period where questions and doubts surround you, and the only way out is good thinking. Take plenty of time to analyze and weigh the strengths and weaknesses of your decision. Arm yourself with willpower, and say to yourself “it is better to try than never to fail”. The practice of meditation by giving yourself time to talk to yourself is very essential in situations of uncertainty. This allows you to draw a final line on your doubts.

Which natural stone is linked to the mirror hour 3:15 p.m.?

The guardian angel who delivers your message bears the name of Ariel: a symbol of ingenuity, excellence and perfectionism. Under its guidance, your creative spirit awakens and draws inspiration from the wonders of nature. Clouded by evil spirits, Cherub Ariel purifies your thoughts.

The number 30 (15+15), in numerology, makes you appear in an excellent light: you illuminate with charisma and attract attention, and you experience the good people around you with your good mood. Demons revolve around you to deviate from the path of excellence. In order to hunt them, it is known that the benefits of natural stones include miracles. In order to know which natural stone corresponds to your current needs, it is advisable to carry out a lithotherapy test.

Angelic interpretation of the hour 3:15 p.m.

Ariel is the name of the angel who responds to the mirror hour 3:15 p.m. It has a duration of action of 20 minutes from 3:00 p.m. until 3:20 p.m. and the quest for perfection and excellence. Ariel lifts the veil on the mysteries of the earth globe and nature, which will increase your appreciation for the magnificence of divine creatures. When you are faced with a problem that puts pressure on you, the contemplation of nature, its sea, its blue sky, its fauna and its flora calms you incredibly and eliminates all your negative energies. You seem to find the best psychological therapy!

You constantly have a fertile imagination, a very intense sense of intuition and very ingenious ideas, in a word, you are a creative person. The source of your creativity is indeed the angel Ariel, he gives you the necessary gifts to mark success in the field of spirituality and the divinatory arts. In addition, it develops your maturity and makes you very wise, which leads the people around you to share their sorrows with you, because they really trust your sound advice.

Numerological meaning of the hour 3:15 p.m.

The mirror hour 3:15 p.m. has a numerological value of 30 because quite simply 15+15=30. The 30 enriches your personality through the sense of communication that you possess. It makes you a very explicit person, you have a good speech when you speak in public. Besides, you exude an elegance that makes you a very attractive being. It is one of your most precious assets since your sociability will open the doors to new opportunities and new challenges. How it solidifies your self-confidence, and it wows others.

It is undeniable that you show honesty and responsibility in the missions entrusted to you, but beware of a difficult period which is coming, it will raise questions in you which will harm you. You tend to see the bright side of things, and you are convinced that for every problem there is a solution. It is an optimal character for success in all areas of your life. The mirror hour 3:15 p.m. opens your eyes to a person who has not stopped loving you, you are thinking directly of them at the moment, because deep inside you already know it!

Interpretation of the mirror hour 3:15 p.m. with the tarot

The coinciding tarot card answers the mirror hour 3:15 p.m. is the devil. It is the fifteenth card of the Tarot de Marseille which illustrates a devil accompanied by two little men with a cord around their necks.

The devil symbolizes repressed energies, he awakens in you the desire for sexuality, pleasure, and magnetism. It is also a sign of anger and brutality. When this card appears in your draw, it signals a temptation. You have to exercise self-control, so as not to fall into the devil’s trap. Master your primary urges.

Arcane Positives

The devil’s blade is sometimes a bad omen, sometimes a good omen. It can be positive when the person succeeds in controlling his primary impulses and repressing them. In this case, it is a symbol of love and ardour between two partners, who are trying to spice up their sex life by exploring the world of pleasure. The arcana of the devil is also a bearer of success in the field of work, it lets you know that you will occupy positions of responsibility and authority, or you will dominate your colleagues. But be very careful in this test, do not fall into the nets of pride.

Negatives of the arcana

Among the negative points of the devil card, is the highlighting of demons who haunt you, and who exercise a certain authority over you, in order to manipulate you towards evil. When this card appears in your draw, it indicates that you will face situations where your flesh dominates your morale. This implies that sexuality will matter more than the feeling of love and that the agent will matter more than values ​​and principles. The devil also announces a sin, an error, the transgression of a rule etc. Pay attention to your actions, control yourself!

Summary and advice of the arcana

The devil’s blade indicates, in the affective domain, the major importance of sexuality between the two partners, which completely dominates reason. This leads to permanent disputes and also arouses fits of jealousy and mistrust. In the field of work, it means that your ambitions exceed your abilities. Be modest! Your quest to dominate others is not a good goal. In the financial field, the devil’s card seeks wealth at all costs, all means are good, even to the detriment of others. Never fall into this trap.

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