Do you know what a church pastor is?

Do you know what a church pastor is? Learn all about these men of God, here

What is a church pastor? He is a person who guides the spirituality of a group of people, to teach them the word and purpose of God and make Christ live in their lives.

What is a church pastor?

A church pastor is a person chosen by God, the Lord Father Almighty through the Holy Spirit fills him with wisdom, love and authority to guide believers along the path of the word of God.

This person must accept the call of God, recognize it and be convinced that he has been called to be a pastor and to be able to lead the church if he is postulated and accepted. Thus, in order to guide the group of believers, this person chosen to be a pastor must go through two previous selections.

Church pastors have an immense responsibility, they are the ones who must lead the people of God on earth, they must make the church strong and great, take care that the flock does not get out of the way, teach the word, administer blessings and form more people so that they can recognize the call of God.

The work of the pastor is not easy at all, he must work with hundreds and thousands of people with different criteria, problems, as well as those unbelievers who must be converted so that they follow the path of God with their other brothers and prevent evil from making them their own. prey.


Not everyone can be a pastor, on many occasions it is said that a person who has a way with words and knows the word of God can be a pastor and this is not true, if we base only on those premises those who take the word of God, the church would be full of false pastors. As we indicated at the beginning, the first condition is that he must be a person chosen by God, is called by the Lord Almighty Father and on the conviction of the Holy Spirit accept this gift.

In addition to this, according to the word written in the Book of Timothy in its chapter 3, there are many other qualities that the person who longs for or wants to be a pastor or bishop as he is named in the Bible must also possess.

One of the first qualities is that he be blameless, however, we must be honest in saying that this is not just a condition or quality that the pastor must have, in the Bible all Christians are called to be blameless.

This means that God asks that the men who want to be bishops have to be irreproachable people, of irreproachable conduct. This condition in a pastor is fundamental since they are an example of a people.

It is possible that before the Law of man a pastor is unjustly accused of a crime, because evil has its strategies to harm, however, time and its actions will make it innocent before the eyes of man. In God’s words blameless means that he cannot be accused because he is a blameless person. His life is correct that he will always be acquitted of guilt.

He must be the husband of only one woman, always be sober, be a prudent person, decorous, welcoming, supportive and capable of teaching. Timothy 3:2. As he has to be a model of the herd, he must not be given to wine, avoid conflicts, be humble, never greedy, his profits must be obtained honestly. (See also: How many books does the Latin American Bible have ).

Being the head of the family, he must govern his house, that will be a good measure, since if he does not manage his house well, how is it possible that he can manage the church well? You must have your children in subjection honestly. He must have knowledge, he cannot be a neophyte, he must have a good testimony so that he is not discredited.


The pastor must not only have qualities to be able to be a pastor, but must also have special and well-developed abilities to fulfill the mission of the church. That is why the pastor must be a person who develops his capacity for attention, study, patience and understanding, in order to lead all his people to a safe place and be worthy of the Lord’s promises.

To teach

A pastor must have the ability to transmit the word of God in such a way that it is understood, the pastor is obliged to teach everyone in the church, so that all who attend it are able to recognize the path to follow, to know the purpose of God. However, not only the teaching of the word remains, the pastor must have the ability to identify that person who may be called and has not recognized God’s call.

To do this, he must be full of patience and understanding, he must have the ability to repeat as many times as necessary, so that the people who follow him really are studious and understand the word and not an interpreter of the Holy Bible.


You must have the ability to lead your flock to be their example and guide. Just as Moses guided the people of Israel through the desert, the shepherd must also be able to guide his people, they have a difficult task to fulfill and that is why the shepherds have to be people with special qualities and abilities.


You must have the ability to love your neighbors, without distinctions, without preferences, everyone must be loved and cared for equally. The shepherd is the presence of Jesus, therefore he must have the capacity to love with the same intensity and proportion. He must be able to make sacrifices out of love for his people, to forgive out of love.


Pastors are the recipients of all kinds of requests and advice, which is why they must be people who always stay sober, updated on information that can help guide a person. They must be good listeners in order to understand and comprehend what is requested of them.

But they must also be stealthy, prudent people since they must not divulge any queries. Their advice arises from the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, so they are guided by God, therefore, they are full of wisdom and much love.


Pastors must be loving people but they must also be people with a firm character, capable of correcting and reprimanding when necessary, but reprimanding without physical punishment and for this they must have a verb that corrects without harming, without causing their people to want to leave. .

pick up strays

Perhaps this is one of the most difficult actions that a pastor must undertake, because it is not easy to capture those unconverted people who are being guided by darkness and have never seen the heavenly light of God. For this, the pastor must have the ability to have a good testimony, because if he does not have a good testimony and has been discredited by others, these people will not have confidence in his word of his gospel.


The pastor of a Church must be able to heal spiritual wounds, people who have suffered in life will come to him, people who have been damaged, deceived and the pastor must have the ability to heal those wounds and try not to leave scars.


More than a capacity it has become a virtue, we cannot forget that the pastor is a human being and as a human he must cultivate the commandments, strengthen them and one of the commandments that is most difficult to fulfill is precisely that of forgiving. (See also: Prayer of Faith )

For this reason, shepherds should be recognized for their efforts to forgive their sheep that stray from the path, even when they have made every effort to prevent it from happening. If the pastor does not have the ability to forgive he will become a joyless person.


If you have been called by the Lord and you are fully convinced that being a pastor of a Church is your path, it is important that you read and take for granted the following advice that will allow you to be a beloved pastor, who will build a strong church.

You must pray permanently, you cannot let yourself be carried away by confidence and believe that you are sufficiently prepared to leave prayer in the background. You must always pray for yourself, asking for wisdom, you must pray for your church, so that it grows every day and is big and strong and God always feels joyful, pray for all the pastors who are responsible like you for guiding the people of God . Never stop praying.

Cultivate the ability to listen daily, you were called to serve God and the church accepted you. To learn we must be specialists in listening, listening to other churches, listening to their pastors, listening to your flock and your congregation.

You must be free in the verb, this does not mean that you are arrogant because you dominate the word. You must speak after listening, the Lord has given you a unique gift and few, but those words are not for you, you must communicate it and you must make yourself understood, that is when what you have heard will be really useful.

When beginning to be a pastor we must honor the elderly, they must always be listened to, they have something for us to learn, always remember that the Holy Spirit works through them. You must always be careful not to fear men, you must only fear God, it is likely that we do not always have the approval of everything we say, however, this should not stop you, you should always say what the Lord tells you, it is God the Father whom you must please.

You are unique among many, you are different from other pastors, they all have the same purpose, the same mission but they are not the same, so you should avoid comparing yourself with your peers, recognize your gifts and virtues. Always submit to being observed audited by other pastors, you cannot be your own judge since we are unable to see our own mistakes and sins, so it is necessary to allow ourselves to be reviewed and accountable to another pastor.

Love your church as Jesus loved her, you will sometimes feel bewilderment but you must be strong, God does not deliver burdens to those who cannot carry them, if it causes you anguish, deliver your burdens to the Lord, because you are called to carry the burden of others, you will have a difficult job but you have somewhere to carry your burdens.

How to recognize the call?

To know if you are really called to be a pastor you must be able to:

1. Meet the requirements outlined in the word of God (1 Timothy 3:1-13 and Titus 1:5-9)

2. Have a passion to evangelize and serve outside the pulpit

3. Being under authority and serving in the local church

4. Be a witness

5. Allow teaching

6. Have a fervent desire to exalt and glorify Christ.

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