How to pray for my unsaved husband to accept the Lord Jesus

How to pray for my unsaved husband to accept the Lord Jesus

How to pray for my unsaved husband has become a request from many women and they have been heard. Here we will teach you to pray for God to intercede and open the heart of her husband and become a man of Christian faith.

How to pray for my unsaved husband?

There are many women today who are in the way of the Lord and at the service of God, they have allowed Christ to live in them, but their husbands remain rebellious and refuse to accept this truth.

When we get married with the man we love and make our vows, we are assuming the spirituality of that person who joins his life to ours, however, on many occasions, they have not been honest from the heart, when then we begin to walk different paths When it comes to faith and spiritual life, our relationship can feel a bit uphill.

But the power of prayer will help us ask the Lord so that this whole situation changes for the better, making our husband accept life in Christ. The first thing we must do is avoid falling into arguments with our husband, this will only make him a more rebellious and reluctant person because human beings by nature always want to be right.

We cannot ignore the Word of God, the fight is not against the blood or against the flesh, that is, the fight is not against the person, in reality we must face a spiritual fight, because that must be prayed for the unconverted husband because he He has allowed himself to be led and confused by evil spirits, therefore, we must help him from love and spiritual struggle so that he can recognize his mistake.

We, his wives, are the best example of life and testimonies of our blessings, to show our husbands what it means to live in Christ, of course with the help of the Holy Spirit who guides us and puts his word in our hearts to help us lead in the best way and far from the conflict this spiritual battle.

We must love our incorrupt husbands more, we must be the best wives and mothers, our home is our sanctuary of love, in this way God will recognize his word in our actions and therefore, will listen more promptly to our request, instead if the service to God makes us careless women away from home our request will never be heard because we are not acting in the right way in the word of God.

When Christ lives in us we are more spiritual, more loving people and our husbands will see that positive change and will begin to understand that this is the way to go. When the Holy Spirit is working in us there is no way that it is not noticed.

So now aware of our role and acting from love and not from confrontation, we must then be aware that praying for the unconverted husband must be done persistently, God does not listen to those who ask without showing that they really want what they are asking for, because God’s timing is perfect and He will respond when He feels that you really want what you are asking for.

If you are not persistent in your request, he will listen to you, but his answer will not be the one you want to hear, because God always listens to us. We must be patient wives, through our prayer God will do his work in our beloved husband.

For the love of Christ and his sacrifice we must be the best wives and be persistent in prayer, remember that all the sacrifice of Christ on his Calvary on the Cross he also did for your husband. Remember that he is weak in his faith and is being attacked by evil spirits and this truth should give us the strength to help him and ask for his salvation. (See also: Holy Book of Christianity )

So strengthen your faith, pray daily for your husband’s conversion to life in Christ, your love for him will give you the strength not to lose heart and when your victory comes before the evil spirits that had your husband kidnapped, you will see how the Glory of God the Father is infinite and that everything will have been worth it.

In prayer, never forget that every tear, every sadness will be rewarded because God will reward your waiting, God will be present in your marriage, but remember that the first one raised must be you and through you, therefore, when praying for my husband unconverted you must ask for wisdom, God knows that you are in a difficult situation and he is always acting even if you can not even notice it.

In your prayer you must ask for the salvation of your husband, do not get hooked revealing everything he does outside the light of the Lord, it is not necessary to tell God everything he is not doing well, do not waste time in informing God of something that he already knows, then you must make strength in your prayer so that his ears hear, because his eyes see, that everything that clouds his mind disappears and loses strength, that the light dispels darkness .

Being in a position to pray for my unconverted husband, you must always ask God to keep you calm, remember that you are the one who works in your husband through the guidance and presence of the Holy Spirit, you must be careful how you speak and what you say. You say you cannot lose your calm because you are the peace of your home, that is why you must also ask for yourself so that this quality is always present in your word.

Always keep in mind in your prayer that God loves you, that he will never stop listening to you, that what you feel as a lack of response is God’s need to feel close to him, he is your refuge, your protection, your path and you will never be alone. 


Because I believed in you Lord Jesus Christ, I know that my home is saved

Eternal Father, Holy God, today I come before you my Lord to pray for my unsaved husband

To ask for your presence and your grace in the life of my beloved husband (please say the name)

I give you his life, I pray that you take him away from the path he has chosen

And make his heart be captivated by you

May your powerful love dazzle him with its light and dissipate the darkness that today keeps him in the dark, my Lord.

I am your daughter who loves him and prays that he be saved in you my Lord.

May their ears open to your word, may the veil that is before their eyes fall and my God may see you.

I bless him, I show him the truth and may your will show the Holy Spirit, may he destroy all eagerness, all rebellion, all fear in believing in you, beloved and merciful Father.

Today I declare the Light in him, he has been rescued by you my Lord, Thank you. Amen.


As Christian women, we must recognize that assuming that the problems at home generated by living with our wicked husband is not fair to us, it is a bad approach that we are giving to the situation, because we are putting God and not man on trial.

We must then repent of that unfair thought for others and accept the presence of God in any situation. What we must do is strengthen ourselves in prayer to fill ourselves with faith and hope and start the path towards the solution and the spiritual battle that we must face.

If we feel pain and frustration, it is normal that we are allowed to mourn our losses, tears are also prayers heard by God, what we cannot do is keep on lamenting. Crying will alleviate the sorrow and after crying, we must inhale a breath of air and let that which makes us feel weak go away in a sigh, after a second breath we forgive and move on.

We cannot allow ourselves to remain in a state of bitterness and pain, that is what the enemy that stalks our marriage wants. It is very possible that we feel that we deserve to be loved and we take the position of waiting for our husbands to return love, not receiving it because he is being guided by darkness, we fall into the field of evil, we become bitter and frustrated and we can even see outside from home to someone who gives us love and that is none other than the evil one putting temptation.

If we profess love even when we do not receive it from him, the time will come when I turn his eyes, and reflect and see that even in his attitude we deliver love in attention, respect, fidelity, home in order and beloved children. It is God who must fight this battle of disobedience, not us.

Finally let’s review our hearts honestly, what is the lesson that God wants to teach us, we know that he loves us and that all this is only so that we make our faith and our dependence on his love and protection greater.

the word of god

When our marriage faces a situation like the one that brings us to this article, our husband is unconverted or worse, when they were united in holy matrimony his husband lived in Christ, but he stopped believing or lost his faith, for Of course there will be a difficulty in our union, then it will be a battle that we must wage.

Marriage is a creation of God, because God created man in his image and likeness to be the leader, the head of the family, the protector and caretaker, and I ask, is not all this God? and he also created woman so that man would not be alone, to help him, support him and accompany him, he created her as a giver of physical and spiritual life. (See also:  Christianity in Africa )

Being, then, marriage the perfect design of God so that on earth men and women live according to his plan, it is understandable that it is the target of all possible attacks from evil to destroy it, that is why we must be strong and fight against that dark force that wants to destroy our marriage, because by fighting against them we will be defending God’s perfect design.

We must then listen to the word of God in Psalm chapter 18 verses 28 to 30 “ You will light my lamp; The Lord my God will enlighten my darkness. With you I will disrupt armies, and with my God I will assault walls. As for God, his way is perfect, and the word of the LORD is refined.”

We find in his words his guide, the way and the protection to start the spiritual battle that is presented to us. Currently, evil finds all possible ways to destroy marriage, it puts in the false the possibility of dissolving a marriage, of leaving it if problems arise, when the Word of God tells us to fight, to overcome circumstances, that we are not alone in the battle, then why are we going to take the option to flee.

God joined us to our husband in an eternal pact, our life in the face of difficulties becomes strong in faith, it is possible that many times the situations generated by an unfaithful husband weaken us, because our life is full of disappointments but we must cling to the word even if we can’t see it.

What was said above can be found in the Book of Hebrews chapter 11 verse 1 to 3 “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Because by her the ancients obtained a good testimony. By faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of what was seen.

We wives must be patient and understand the word of God in Peter chapter 3 verse 5 “Because in other times those holy women who hoped in God also adorned themselves, being subject to their husbands” we must evangelize day by day through prayer because God tells us that it will shine before us so that it can be seen.

We are strong, blessed and if we remain united to our husband we will be saved because we will be responding to the word of God. The serene spirit of the woman will make her live prudently, becoming a longing for her husband, in this way we will be God’s instrument for the conversion of our husband.

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