Effective Prayer to San Cipriano to recover love

Effective Prayer to San Cipriano to recover love

Prayer to San Cipriano consists of a prayer that takes as a reference some requests and praises that seek to obtain spiritual, emotional and material benefits, learn more about it by reading the following article.

Prayer to Saint Cyprian

This prayer is dedicated to a person who in his beginnings was considered a magician in dark activities, later he converted to Christianity, called Tascio Cecilio Cipriano, he was the author of many important works for Christianity.

He was born around the third century in the Syrian region specifically in Carthage, North Africa, he received a basic education but his customs encouraged him to perform black magic that he later changed to Christian ideas. His life was somewhat complicated.

However, in his stage of Christian activities, he developed enormous pastoral and preaching skills where he served as a guide to many faithful, receiving the respect and pleasure of the Church, although he was persecuted and tortured, San Cipriano maintained his spiritual line until his death in the year 304. when he was beheaded along with his girlfriend.

The bones of both were taken to Rome, by some faithful who have followed them for a long time, later he was canonized by the Church and his saints are indicated on September 26 with his beloved Justina.

Since that date many faithful are followers and seek through various prayers to obtain services and spiritual, emotional and material benefits, let’s see some portions dedicated to Saint Cipriano, among them a prayer to Saint Cipriano to call me , and a prayer to Saint Cipriano for protection .

Prayers to Saint Cipriano and Saint Justina

The love between the two was deeply rooted between these two souls who were together until the day of their death, they were even killed in the same way, based on this relationship, a prayer to Saint Cipriano and Saint Justina  was elaborated for the love that you can adapt to your needs:

to despair

This  prayer to San Cipriano to despair dedicated to those who seek a way to despair someone and attract them to their hearts in a very special way:

“Your great power, oh, great Saint Cipriano, apostle of those of us who suffer for love, may your incomparable power do for me what I long for today. Do in the name of my devotion for your name, oh! Miraculous Saint of mine and of the needy, that (it is said the man of whom you want) turn to me, body and soul and that no one is for that person more than me.

“That he needs me and sees through my eyes and looks for me everywhere even though he knows I’m not there, that he despairs for me, for always being by my side and that he embraces the hope of being in my bed, at my table and in my dreams. O mighty apostle, who was a witch in your miracles and a saint in your holiness, do not abandon me now! Amen.”

prayer against spells

If you want to eliminate any work that has been done for evil and the negative actions that have alienated your partner, it is recommended to pray this prayer to Saint Cipriano so that the loved one returns and if an evil action has been carried out, we recommend the prayer to San Cipriano against all evil , which and in the name of God will take their strength towards negative energies to eliminate them, let’s see: 

“Revered saint of sorcerers, I invoke you so that my loved ones and myself may have protection from the evils of the world, from evil spells that evil beings place on those of us who live without evil, oh, venerated and most high, Saint Cyprian!”

“You, who flag miracles within spells and spells, I implore you now to protect me from so much envy and contempt from other beings that surround this land, to stop evil with your blessed power, to make me stand aside from so much injustice and of so much cursed sorcery.”

“Cover me with your trustworthy and pious mantle and I will be at your side, honoring your holiness, oh, venerated prodigy of those of us who suffer so many evils… so many misfortunes… against everything, defend my person and mine, with your righteous rod and with your protective ally, who is Justina, kind companion of your days and nights.”

“Oh, miraculous, I respect you and applaud you in my prayer, remove from my soul all the impurity that has been put on me, remove me and protect me forever, oh, most high, Saint Cipriano, I venerate you and I love you, do not leave me without your help , make me your protégé, forever and ever. Amen.” 

prayer for work

There are people who have difficulties to get some type of employment, daily sustenance today represents a situation related to the need of society, that is why this  prayer to Saint Cyprian works  if you have problems getting a job: 

“Most high and revered saint of the humble, of the work we need to be able to live, I beg you to send me a worthy proposal, so that I can maintain my home decently and I will thank you eternally, oh, blessed be!”

“To your praised Woman, companion of miracles, your beloved Justina, I also implore you for me, bless me and make my days happy and rejoicing and not hardships. I need sustenance to live, oh, beloved San Cipriano! I urgently need you to provide me with a job, for the bread of my children and for everything.”

“Open your heart to me and enlighten me with your power of Light, oh, magical saint, with the powers of a sorcerer and an apostle, bless me with your charity. Remove this gloom that closes my soul, give me your Light, please, I will be eternally grateful for you. Amen”.

Prayer to tie and fall in love with someone

When you get someone to like you and you think it may be the love of your life, you can use this prayer to Saint Cyprian to tie up a man several times a week in order to attract him to you, to be able to establish a sentimental relationship for the whole family. life and you will see that the power of San Cipriano will be present::

 “With your sacred power, oh, saint of my devotion, so that you love me, I ask you not to abandon me in my plea, I need you to bring me to (mention the name of the person) crawling to me, imploring on my knees to accept him, oh , San Cipriano, I need your help, please, do not leave me!”

“That he ask me for forgiveness a thousand times for the damage caused, that he cry inconsolably for me, oh, patron of the glorious saints, I implore you, have mercy on my pain, I am desperate, I want his arrival to me again, asking for forgiveness, let him fall madly in love again, please, miraculous saint, patron of the just and noble, give me your consolation”

“If another person is in his life, get him out of his way because he belongs to me, oh, my saint and of those who proclaim you in your glory, and if someone dared to take her in his arms, let him back down in his intention, because it is mine in body and soul…oh, Supreme shepherd and magician of whom we know your story, you are the one I trust to have her surrendered in my arms again… Don’t leave me alone, Saint Cipriano…please!

“I will pray for you eternally, when he returns to me, you will be proclaimed in my name and I will make everyone know you, your power, your love for the poor who suffer injustice, will be recognized, oh, glorious saint, I come to you in my desperation , grant me this person in you I trust, oh, Lord. Amen”

Prayer to strengthen feelings

Sometimes we feel that our partner may be marking distance, so we look for a way to keep him by our side, but if you have tried any method such as communication, passion and other tools, and it does not work for you, we recommend the following or ration to Saint Cyprian for protection:

“Oh, lord ally of the suffering and disconsolate, give me your power so that my sentimental relationship does not collapse, I implore you for mercy, I beg you Heavenly Father that you are in my prayers, make my love for (Mention the name of your partner), It continues to be maintained with the same strength as before and that nothing can make it change.”

“Revered Saint Cipriano, let no person approach the being I love, with libidinous purposes and intentions. I need you, Most High and glorious Father!… May you continue to love me as I love yours, that you cannot be without me for a second, as I do”

“Oh, blessed shepherd of lovers who love each other well, I beg you to contemplate my request, so as not to faint in my pain and my anxiety. Give me the certainty that it is only for me, that no one will touch his hair or kiss his hands and his mouth, because I could not bear it!

“Grant me the pleasure of falling in love with him/her more every day and that every minute that passes wants to feel my body and my soul above all things, oh, beloved Saint Cyprian, I beg you for mercy! May this prayer full of hope touch your heart and relieve the anxiety I have, for our love and perpetual happiness, I implore you, my lawyer, do not leave me without your merciful help, I hope so from you, Amen!”

To attract your ex

This prayer of San Cipriano to dominate allows to attract again that love that is gone for some reason:

“By the powers of Saint Cipriano and of the 3 souls that watch over Saint Cipriano (name of your ex) may he come right now behind me (say your name) may he come crawling and in love full of love, of desire to come back and ask me for forgiveness for lying and for asking me in courtship and immediately marriage.”

“San Cipriano grant me the immense power to make him forget and leave once and for all any woman who may be in his head and love me again and want to be by my side. Amen”

Prayer of thanks to San Cipriano

When little time is required but there is also a need to recover that love that for some reason moved away, left or abandoned the relationship, you can pray this prayer to San Cipriano for money,  immediately after praying to San Cipriano 

“I thank you Saint Cipriano for working on my behalf and I promise that from now on I will divulge your holy name in return for bringing him affectionate, in love, affectionate, dedicated, faithful and full of desire to my arms.”

It is recommended to do it for three consecutive days in the morning and before bed, especially if you want to seek someone’s attention, it is suggested to pray to San Cipriano so that he calls me, then place a white candle, place the thanks on a small sheet , at the end proclaiming his name.

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