Thinking positive attracts positive things in your life

Thinking positive attracts positive things in your life

The power of positive thinking is often underestimated, but there are a large number of tools and techniques that teach us how to attract the positive , based on thoughts. In this article we teach you that thinking positive attracts positive things , be sure to read these interesting techniques.

Thinking positive attracts positive things

There are many philosophies in which it is established that positive thinking attracts positive things, that is, it carries a special reward by virtue of the fact that good things will begin to happen in people’s lives. It is so much so that it is believed that facing life with an optimistic, happy and positive attitude is the fundamental principle thanks to which depression can be combated, although it is not an entirely easy process.

It is appropriate to mention that there are determining elements when generating a particular state of mind, such as chance, chance and destiny; however, when a person is characterized by having a productive personality, which adds and not subtracts, and which is totally positive in itself, it can be said almost as a quality that it is perfect to lead a satisfactory and full life.

It is not a true formula, but it is a great indication that generates well-being and more beneficial aspects for those who live happily, than for those who are based on the negative.

That is why when we decide to maintain a positive mentality, a slightly more constructive perception of things is provided, that is, we add a little more instead of subtracting, which obviously will attract better things to our lives.

Many people dedicated to the field of personal development have developed certain tricks that allow us to establish this habit and involve it day by day in our lives, in order to naturally dissolve obstacles and concerns based on learning.

Techniques that help you think positive

When it comes to achieving a positive mindset, the first thing to do is evaluate the types of thoughts that run through your mind; In this sense, it is pertinent to assume responsibility for one’s actions that are carried out here and now, as well as the first step to overcome barriers and establish real solutions to problems that arise in the future, is to become aware and fully aware of the current reality.

In this order of ideas, thinking positively or negatively is a decision that the person himself makes, it is something like choosing between good and evil, based either on his own experiences or on the experiences of third parties. For this reason, it is necessary to practice a behavior full of habits full of positive thoughts, to ensure that optimism takes control of our lives, and consequently live better and fully.

It should also be noted that thinking positive has a large number of advantages and positive aspects, since understanding that life is full of transformations will help us better deal with the changes that may occur along the way.

In addition to this, maintaining a positive thought is directly related to life expectancy, which can also be reflected in both physical and mental health; For this reason, thinking positive attracts positive things in the sense that interpersonal relationships are strengthened, be it with family and friends, in addition to being handled in a more fluid and natural way.

It is pertinent to mention that one of the best ways to start a life full of optimism, without a doubt, is to reflect and meditate frequently; for example, a great method to analyze one’s thoughts is writing. In this sense, it is a great idea to have a diary in which all those aspects that trigger positive or negative thoughts are written; In this way, a prior reflection can be made, which is a kind of therapy, which would serve to acquire the vitality that each one wishes for a better lifestyle.

There are various keys or strategies that can be applied to begin to have more positive thoughts in our lives, among which the following can be highlighted.

It should be noted that there is no magic formula to lead a perfect life, but there are some tricks that can help us improve our daily lifestyle and consequently attract better things; All this is because when we change our perception and focus the energy on the positive aspects, we attract everything that we think and drive away the so-called bad energies.

don’t generalize

The first principle on which the life of someone who wants to begin to live with greater optimism and positive aspects can be sustained is to never generalize, since the world is something much more complex than a yes or a no, than black or white, since life itself is made up of nuances and intermediate points.

In this order of ideas, it is always prudent to ask questions about things that happen, that is, to question everything; constructive criticism must be made regarding everything that surrounds us, since always or never are not very good companions to achieve learning.

It is also pertinent to add that the importance of language is really vital, and unfortunately it is very common to hear phrases such as “I always do everything wrong” or “I never get it right”. Now, if we evaluate such phrases carefully, we can notice that they do not adjust to reality, since they are always and never very definitive and general words, which are not usually absolute since there are intermediate points.

Appreciate and do not underestimate the good

It is a very common thing in people’s lives to highlight the bad things that happen to them and ignore the good or positive things. However, we must stop to think if good things really do not happen to us, since it is a statement that does not fit reality; If we ignore all those good situations that happen to us, we are taking away their true value, and if we focus only on the bad, we definitely lose focus on life.

In this sense, another of the techniques that are usually used to attract positive thoughts is to be grateful for all the things that happen to us daily, that is, we must stop to reflect on the good that happens and what it generates in our lives. , all with the aim of always maintaining a positive approach and giving thanks because these events are part of our daily learning.

don’t assume

Now, another aspect that must be taken into account in order to have a positive mentality, and attract the best things into our lives, is to say no to assumptions, that is, to stop assuming or creating unconfirmed perceptions about certain events. . That is, in most cases, assumptions are unfounded, since they are based on perceptions that are personal and correspond to a single world view.

In addition to this, the assumptions are formulated based on information that is not verified and that generally produce certain misunderstandings, which should not have occurred. It should be noted that there is no one hundred percent effective and direct method that allows us to know that a supposition is really as it is being described to us, that is, there is no concrete way to confirm the truth or not of a supposition, since it is something very subjective and personal.

However, it is always convenient to ask the reason for everything, investigate and find out until you reach the main source of information.

Strike a balance

It is no secret to anyone that extremes do not generate anything good, because they inexorably lead to authoritarian assumptions; For this reason, the best option will always be to reach the midpoint of balance and consensus. It should be noted that mistakes made both by excess and by default are situations in which we should not fall, since both exaggeration and minimization of problems will unfortunately reduce our ability to deal with them in the best possible way.

Don’t assume the role of victim

Many people decide to play the victims and use this method as an easy, comfortable and quick measure to get out of their problems. This technique of victimization is something completely detrimental to people and their interests, since it is something that leads to irresponsibility, and it should not be like that since everyone must take responsibility for their actions and it is necessary to assume them both for good and for wrong.

To attract the best things into our lives, we need to be proactive and take responsibility for our actions; we also have to get rid of phrases such as I never have luck, or I can never get such a thing. Thinking in this way is extremely toxic and minimizes us, so it is not beneficial for anyone who wants to attract good things into their lives.

Say no to predictions

Another of the techniques or keys that positive people involve in their lives is about refusing predictions, since these are generally confusing and do not have a clear precision. This means that in any existing prediction, there is a large component of uncertainty, which leads to constant anxiety and that everything will go wrong, inevitably.

In this sense, it is extremely necessary that people remove predictions from their lives as a valid way of thinking, because they are not appropriate, accurate or true. It is pertinent to act based on real and accurate information, which can be contracted and why not, also refuted, but we cannot base ourselves on assumptions or advances of a future that is generally uncertain. Thus, based on the correct information, it is likely that our actions will be more consistent and effective.

Set limits on your own responsibility

It is extremely important to know that we must be proactive and take responsibility for our lives, but there must always be a certain limit. Therefore, we must bear in mind that there are a large number of variables that we cannot control unfortunately, which is why they get out of hand.

In this sense, we will always have a high level of guilt within us, as long as we continue to think that everything that happens to us is our exclusive responsibility, and it is even a little more toxic to believe that we can control everything around us, more it is a big mistake.

Obviously, we cannot control everything that happens to us, since many elements are out of our hands and do not depend on our own actions; And to handle this a bit more it would be appropriate to read the book called The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, authored by Stephen Covey, in which the Circle of Influence versus the Circle of Concern is alluded to.

In this regard, it should be noted that what is known as the Circle of concern is made up of all those things that cause us concern, while the Circle of influence is all those things about which we can actually do something.

Thus, it is said that a person is proactive when he remains focused on his circle of influence, that is, when he keeps all his focus on providing viable solutions to all those things on which he can truly act. On the contrary, it is impossible to be proactive when what he does is worry about those things that he cannot control, let alone solve.

In this order of ideas, it is not worth worrying about climate change, for example, since this is an element over which we have no control and consequently we cannot change; Instead, what needs to be done is to look for alternatives to make the storm, or the heat wave if it is, more bearable. A person can attract more positive things into his life when he can put aside unnecessary worries about what he cannot control, and focus only on what he can act on effectively.

Accept that not everything is perfect

Now, it is clear that positive thinking attracts positive things in our lives, and to achieve this state of optimism or happiness, another of the techniques that can be used for this purpose is to accept that not everything is perfect, that is, it is It is necessary to be fully aware that idealism and perfection do not exist, since problems and obstacles are necessary elements to get ahead in life.

For this reason, a positive person knows how to accept that things do not always happen as expected, and this situation must be fully assumed. For this, it is necessary to put aside that need for perfection, and instead learn to be flexible in order to adapt to all the situations that life may present us with.

It is not worth wasting energy on negative emotions when we make a mistake, or when something does not go as expected, but instead we must analyze and reflect to see what can be done better next time. Valuable learning can be obtained from everything that happens, and whoever understands this achieves a higher level in life.

labels are unfair

All people make mistakes in their actions, it is something natural to the human species; but still, no one deserves to be permanently labeled for something he did at one point. In this sense, everyone is wrong and it is not fair to label for life for a mistake that has been made.

This is because the labels are characterized because they disqualify people, they are not constructive and they do not really get to the bottom of the matter; In addition to this, the labels tend to generalize in a single sense, and also show a single face of the person, which is not always the most reliable or the most correct.

For this reason, it is extremely necessary to judge the facts in the most objective way possible, that is, not to judge or label people since that is assertiveness. We know that it is not only what is said, but the way it is said and in this sense it is pertinent to be objective and precise when criticizing someone constructively, for the sake of labeling or judging him in a hurtful way, his Well honesty is a very important aspect of personality.

focus on the present

It is common to notice that people in general tend to anticipate events, imagining endless problems and situations that usually do not happen at any time, but only form a whirlwind in their minds. In addition, these tense situations often lead to anxiety, stress and unnecessary nerves, which can be avoided by keeping the focus only on the present and what can be controlled, but not on what is about to happen by emphasizing unfounded assumptions. some.

On many occasions, what we do is make problems seem much bigger than they really are, because we allow the subconscious to wander and go around without reaching a specific point.

In this sense, by keeping the focus on the present we will be able to minimize our worries to a large extent, for which mindfulness meditation can help, which helps to improve awareness to be more present in the moment, instead of focusing our attention to what is about to happen, which usually produces high levels of anxiety.

Surround yourself with positive people

Thinking positive attracts positive things to our lives, and it is incredible to notice the level of influence in this aspect that the people around us also have. In this sense, it is said that we are the average of the five people with whom we spend the most time, curiously; For this simple reason, it is extremely necessary to analyze our environment to see if the people around us bring positive things to our lives, or if what is achieved is the opposite.

Many times we are not able to identify the large number of people around us profaning countless complaints and transmitting negative energies; If we listen more carefully to the conversations later, we will be able to notice that there are more and more of these types of people, from whom it is appropriate to distance yourself to avoid infecting yourself with the same negativity.

For this reason, as we spend more time with people who have a positive and happy mental attitude, we will begin to think and act in a similar way, and remember that thinking positive attracts positive things in our lives, and we all want to be better and better. For this, it is appropriate to connect with people who make us feel good and with whom we are able to have a good time, since we must not underestimate the power of laughter, since it is one of the best therapies to combat stress.

The power of enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is, in short, something very contagious, and if it is combined with optimism, it forms a very powerful engine that allows us to make a difference in everything we do. This is considered to be such a strong and solid mental attitude, that it is also difficult to maintain and achieve, but it is something extremely powerful.

Thus, enthusiasm is very contagious, that is, an enthusiastic person radiates this energy and manages to infect all those around him; which generates a state of peace and tranquility. Here are four steps that would allow us to achieve a slightly more enthusiastic existence, namely:

  1. Find the good within yourself.
  2. Eliminate all kinds of self-pitying thoughts.
  3. Forget yourself and look for a person who needs us.
  4. See all tribulation as if it were a challenge to our abilities.

Now, enthusiasm and optimism make a difference, as mentioned above, and in this sense they allow us to achieve the following:

  • Always present the bright side to all those people who look at us and listen to us.
  • Think, work and hope that only the best will happen, since it is what we deserve in life.
  • Be enthusiastic about the success of our friends and family, as if it were ours.
  • Always look at others in a friendly manner, without prejudice of any kind.
  • Overcome the mistakes made in the past, and move towards the great achievements to come.
  • Spend the time improving themselves, so there will be no opportunity to criticize others.
  • Put aside unnecessary worries, anger and the presence of problems, if not focus on solutions.

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