Holy bible catholic psalm 140 come hurry

Holy bible catholic psalm 140 come hurry

The Catholic Psalm 140 , is established in the Bible as a series of descriptions and Prayers that seek trust in God when there is a threat from evil, learn about this prayer by reading the following article.

psalm 140 catholic

It is a series of prayers and numbered prayers that help believers seek God’s trust in times of trouble, but especially when there is the presence of evil. can be done anytime, anywhere.

Plea against slanderers

“From the choirmaster. Psalm of David. Deliver me, Lord, from evil people, protect me from violent men, from those who only think of doing evil and cause discord all day. They sharpen their tongue like snakes, on their lips there is poison of vipers.

Defend me, Lord, from the hands of the wicked, protect me from the violent men who try to make me stumble and have spread a net before my feet, from the arrogant have hidden traps and snares for me, they have laid snares for me on the edge of the road. ”

“But I say to the Lord: You are my God, listen, Lord, the cry of my supplication, Lord, my Lord, my powerful help, cover my head at the moment of combat. Do not satisfy the desires of the evil one, nor let his projects be fulfilled, do not raise their heads those who besiege me and their slander envelops them.

“Let burning coals accumulate on them, let them fall into the depths and not be able to get up. Let slanderers not be safe on earth, and misfortune pursues the violent to death. I know that the Lord does justice to the humble and defends the rights of the poor. Yes, the righteous will give thanks to your Name and the good will live in your presence.

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