Short prayer to sleep and rest in peace

Sleep prayer.  It is very helpful to those people who for several days find it difficult to fall asleep, worries and adversities sometimes bring insomnia to the surface, with this prayer you will be able to sleep calmly and in peace.

sleep prayer

The prayer that helps to fall asleep at night is addressed to anyone who wants to spend the whole night resting and sleeping soundly, the commendation to God so that calming the mind is important, that’s why we tell you how to do it. It is a prayer to sleep soundly also a prayer to sleep in peace

Prayer to God to sleep well and in peace

“My Lord, I will always place my faith in you, as I well know, you are my great shepherd, and without you I would be lost, because in your name and honor, I will lack nothing. Tonight, you will be by my side, invade my mind with your feelings of tranquility, so that thoughts of evil do not come into it, in this way, I will never doubt your presence, because it is the only source of peace that keeps me safe.”

“I ask you, my Lord, that tonight your serenity be my main aspect, that my home be protected by your brotherhood of angels, that your infinite power expel far all evil that lurks me, all threat that hides in the shadows. , or that it be divided between the clarity, disappear completely, in your name Lord Jesus.”

“Blessed Lord, I beg you to encourage my spirit, give my body energy and vitality, and motivation to live. Tonight, in your arms I lie down, all my anguish rests on your altar and I agree to dream of you, of peace. I thank you for paying attention in my moment of prayer. In the name of the Savior Jesus we make this prayer. Amen.”

If what you want is to fall asleep soon, we suggest the following  prayer to God to sleep and very short prayer to sleep well  :

“Now that the flash of light goes out, we implore you, Creator: with your fatherly mercy, keep us under the light of your love. May our hearts dream of you: that in the dream, they can feel you.

“O Father, hear our prayers, hear us through Jesus, Our Lord, who reigns forever in your glory, with you and the Spirit of Love. Amen”

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