Prayer to the Powerful Arm of the Heart of Jesus

Prayer to the Powerful Arm of the Heart of Jesus

The Prayer to the Powerful Arm of the Heart of Jesus is a powerful prayer that is performed for the moments of greatest difficulty in a person, since there is nothing more powerful than God and there is nothing impossible for him. In the following article we will know how to make these kinds of sentences properly.

Prayer to the Mighty Arm

The Prayer to the Powerful Arm of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is one of the heavenly forces that helps to find and open the doors for new opportunities or for ways out of uncomfortable and harmful situations for a devout person. It is much more than a simple helping hand, it is a heavenly force that comes to you in your desperate help.

So we present this Prayer to the Powerful Arm of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to make his divine intervention to help him get out or overcome his burdens and redeem him from his burdens and sufferings. The sentence goes like this:

Oh Powerful Arm of my Jesus, before You many of us who come with all the faith of my soul to seek your comfort in the most difficult moments of life.

Do not forsake me my Jesus, may the doors that are opening in my path become your Powerful Arm the one that opens them to give me the peace of mind that I so long for.

(At this moment is when you are going to ask with great faith the 3 most difficult things that you want to obtain through your help and also to pray about 3 Our Fathers).

Deign, my Lord, to receive these pleas that my heart makes you, afflicted by the harsh blows of cruel destiny that have always defeated it in the human struggle. Since, if your divine Power does not intervene in my favor, I will succumb for lack of help. Powerful Arm of Jesus, help me, protect me, and assist me, grant me Heavenly Grace. So be it. Oh thank you Sweet Jesus. Thank you mighty arm of Jesus, I trust in you.

At this time, the 3 Our Fathers and Glory be prayed. This prayer begins on a Friday, and must be prayed for at least 15 days in a row with all the faith of the heart. It is always advisable to send the prayer to those who need it.

Prayer to the Mighty Arm for Three Requests

You must practice this very unique prayer when you are going through needs or emergencies that are usually very difficult to fulfill on your own. The prayer is as follows:

Powerful Arm of Jesus , on this day I come before you with all my faith because You are my support and you are also my guide at all times, who comes to open doors and windows, exits and paths when I really need it; That is why I want to put, Blessed Son of God, about 3 humble requests:

  • Please grant me (Say the First Petition), from the bottom of my heart I ask you;
  • Please grant me (Say the Second Request), with Christian faith I ask you
  • Please grant me (Say the Third Request), for mercy I ask you

Receive these pleas, oh Worthy Lord Jesus, for I make them to you with all my afflicted heart, mind and soul, be charitable and intervene with your Mighty Arm on my behalf; so that by your Grace I get up and not faint.

…And Jesus answered, saying to them: Have faith in God. Truly I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, “Get down and throw yourself into the sea,” and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will come to pass, it will be granted to him. That is why I tell you that whatever you pray and ask for, believe that you have already received it, and it will be granted to you… (Mark 11:22-24).

Prayer for Difficult Causes

As has already been mentioned at the beginning, the powerful arm is not just a simple helping hand, it is a real force that makes the most difficult possible. So you can get to check it by practicing this kind of prayer. The prayer is as follows:

Powerful Arm of Jesus in you I seek support and relief in my pressing situation I appeal to your kind will so that you do not forsake me so that you build and clear the good paths and help me get out quickly and unharmed from the bad roads give me your Powerful Arm to get out from the pit that suffocates me, from the sea that drowns me because I anxiously seek peace and tranquility and I know that in this difficult situation I can only find it by your side; don’t let me succumb to the shadows and take me to your blessed light, Amen.

Prayer to the Powerful Arm of Holy Death

This kind of prayer should be dedicated in a very supportive way to the protection of a person who is very dear to him so that he can get out of all his problems. The sentence goes as follows:

Most Worthy Powerful Arm of Holy Death, I come to you in a request made with a kind heart because I seek to alleviate my sorrows and that of (At this moment he is going to name the person) whom I appreciate as much as myself; my Christian soul sees no rest, because I assume her sufferings as my own and for that fraternal love that I have for her I ask you for comfort and strength to overcome her situation, that you take her out of her agony and open the door to her redemption, Powerful Arm. Amen.

As you have come to observe, the Prayer to the Powerful Arm of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is to ask for his heavenly help. It is not a kind of physical strength but rather spiritual. A kind of metaphor of the importance of having a faithful hand in which you can always trust and move forward.

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