Learn all about the Bible and marriage, a link for life

Learn all about the Bible and marriage, a link for life

The theme related to the Bible and marriage is made up of a unique relationship and elements that make it wonderful. This state requires constant dedication and perseverance, so that it works in harmony.

What does the Bible say about marriage?

The Bible and marriage is related to the children of God, we must develop love in all interpersonal relationships and marriage is the best example that reflects this spiritual obligation. Married couples must daily show how much they love each other and the commitment they have to each other.

It is important to note that the holy scriptures reflect very much the state of marriage. That is why the Bible deals with giving very good advice on marital relationships.

This state is so important to our Lord that even in some writings it is compared to the relationship that the church should have with marriage relationships. Since this is the union of two believers who will create more life brought and blessed by God.

christian marriage

For Christians, getting married in the church is the act of faith that responds to the will of God. It is the one that allows men and women to love each other in their own image. Marriage for Christians is defined as the intimate union that is carried out with the aim of sharing equally the one of the other throughout life.

The man and the woman unite in marriage with the aim of achieving a good that fills them mutually with fulfillment. Marital relationships have their origin in the will of God. Put at the time of creating man and woman, he allowed them to love and support each other. Giving the benefit of being able to be one flesh and create life with that union.

That is why marriage is considered an institutional and natural act that becomes a sacred union. In order to fulfill the wishes of the Lord in reference to the duty of the couple.

On the other hand, our Lord Jesus Christ took care to raise with his vocation the respect towards the love of the sacrament. Put the support and collaboration with the consent of surrender, which Christian spouses carry out. In addition to this, it was symbolized thanks to the surrender of Jesus Christ for all sins on the cross.

That is why it is necessary that the free consent of mutual surrender to marriage should be considered the essence of the act. Just as the religious ritual of bread and wine is carried out as a representation of the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

This act of love is considered the symbol of the presence of God in those who marry. It is a kind of rite in which both are married in faith through marriage. The presence of Christ in our being is concretized at the moment in which the marriage rite is carried out, just at the moment in which the spouses receive each other forever.

delivery of the sacrament

This is considered a public declaration of commitment between a man and a woman, which becomes an intimate act that takes place through the delivery of sacraments while alive thanks to Christ. To cover humanity, who are the real ministers who fulfill the sacrament.

The church also requires spouses to have the consent of authoritative witnesses.

The commitment that is made in the marriage ritual later becomes the lifestyle that the spouses develop. After that, some delivery and fidelity processes are carried out. This allows the spouses to become loved ones whose demands are heard and in turn understood.

Does it imply commitment?

That is why it is considered that marriage, like priestly activities, are called sacraments of services. It is their right to remain covered by God’s grace, under a path full of holiness towards him.

Through the union of a man and a woman, systems are generated that allow them, thanks to their belief in God, to generate children, typical of marriage. With the purpose of maintaining love and making proof of its purity. Thanks to the children, the married family is constituted and develops as a social family.

Among the most important elements of being married is the responsibility to love and respond for the new life that is brought into the world. That arise through marital relations. What allows his love to be part of the instruments that the almighty father constantly performs.

Christian family

When a man and a woman become spouses, they have the mission of being the living sacrament that develops permanently with the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

That is why they become part of the ministers of the domestic church, since they develop from the call of the bread and the word of God. Well, a life is shared with the son of God, in addition to the morning development with the spouse and later with his children.

The church considers that the Christian family is made up of spouses and children. This is a sacramental benefit. Well, you have the opportunity to give testimony and support to all the Christians who are in them. When it is necessary that the service and delivery and service be fulfilled.

related elements

At the moment in which it is decided to form a new experience with another person, the most important thing is that there is a psychological preparation of the couple with the intention that they meet all the requirements to form a good marriage. These requirements are as follows:

Spouse first, parents second

Verse 2:24 Genesis of the Bible indicates that God’s marriage needs materials related to leaving the parents on a physical level to start with a new relationship as primordial, in order to be carried out correctly. (Also read about the article high-level intercessory prayer to ask for God’s mercy )

It is necessary to understand that when the sacred matrimony is fulfilled, a new family begins. With this comes a new home that becomes our priority as humans.

Parents must continue to be loved and honored until the time of their death. However, it is necessary to understand that the new family needs freedom when making decisions that allows them to count on each other.

It should be felt that the marriage union begins to understand the same flesh, through conjugal unity through sex and emotional relationships. It is necessary that from the moment they begin with the union, the sexual acts that seek to develop a more extensive family are developed.

Of equal signature, marriage is a commitment of the husband and wife that must be carried out as a team. both must walk together and in harmony. Well, you start to give importance to what is important for your family and for you. It is at this moment when the processes that allow you to grow as a family at an economic and spiritual level begin.

It’s a forever commitment

It must be understood that the Bible states that the commitment assumed with spouses does not have the opportunity to end. Since marriage is forever.

Divorce is not part of the options that the church has with reference to the marriage union, it is required that they be together until death. Matthew in one of his writings indicates that Jesus admitted that Moses developed a divorce permit in man, after a hardness of heart.

On the other hand, it is necessary to avoid situations of abuse and infidelity, and if at any time such situations begin, drastic measures are required that bring the marriage to an end. However the original plan is for the marriage to unfold, with a man and a woman abiding by the marriage commandment until their deaths.

bring happiness

God allows that through the marriage union the man and the woman are happy and share important periods of life. In addition to them, it gives them the opportunity to procreate life and motivate them to guide that new being to be a good person.

It is God who guides us in choosing who we choose as a couple. It must be understood that through him blessings are generated that are given to us when we choose to respect his will.

It is necessary to keep in mind that when getting married one must do so with someone who brings joy to our hearts. May a closeness with God constantly develop with him. Since our Lord is our guide and main purpose. Together with the spouse, one must walk together, full of joy and love for others.

Unity in Jesus Christ

It should be known that the word spouse has the meaning of united by the yoke. This allows us to understand that it refers to the united maintenance team that is related to the oxen, which is placed so that they can plow in the same direction.

With this it is understood that when a couple submits to marriage they must understand that they will be united through all the senses. Especially the spiritual union that is the main and most vital for a marriage relationship.

It is positive to understand and open to love Jesus Christ, in turn that brings with it the obedience of Jesus. With the aim of living in harmony and in turn Jesus Christ is glorified in every sense of the word.

Submission to the Lord

When a correct and reciprocated marriage is made out of love, there is no fear of submitting to one another, since both beings are full of God’s love. In addition to this, there is an enormous faith and therefore confidence that our Lord guides them on the right path.

It is necessary that they submit to the will of God, because they are aware that our Heavenly Father is incapable of harming us, because he loves us enormously and what he wants is good for us.

On the other hand, it is necessary to marry a man who fears God and is full of the positive energies transmitted by the Holy Spirit. Since we know that every action and every word will be guided by our Lord.

That is why there will truly be no fear of submission, because God has given us a perfect love that does not allow us to feel any kind of fear.

Love like Jesus Christ

In Ephesians 5:25-26a it is said that husbands should love their wives, in the way that Jesus Christ loved the church and was given by her to make her holy.

The love that Jesus Christ has for the church is the best example of love that should be manifested by both spouses. Since Jesus Christ prepared to go to the cross with the intention of freeing each one of us from sin.

This act of our Lord was done with love. Human beings must put aside selfishness, in search of doing our own good before anyone around us.

That is why it is important for the Christian husband to open his heart to the love of Jesus Christ, in search of constantly favoring the spiritual well-being that his wife needs and allowing her to get closer to God and, in turn, to sanctification.

the correct order

Everything in this life has a much better function if the advice and instructions that God has created for us in marriage are followed. This allows for a true peace and harmony to exist that allows for a good order of leadership. (Be sure to read the interesting article on how many prophets wrote the Bible )

The husband is in charge of seeking God’s direction, seeking the best for his family and in turn for himself. It is necessary to maintain a healthy life full of prayer and constant study of the word of God.

It is also necessary for the woman to go to God, in search of wisdom for her and also for her husband. In addition to her, she must ask what is the best way to support everything that her husband does and collaborate so that her husband makes the correct decisions that lead to joy in our Heavenly Father.

encourage sexual intimacy

According to Proverbs 5:18-19, it should be enjoyed with the wife in a loving environment, in search of mutual satisfaction that is carried out with love and commitment, always thinking of each other.

God always wants the wife and husband to have a satisfying sex life for both of them. It is important to Him that the spouses be exclusive to each other throughout their lives.

The intimacy that takes place in marriage should fill whoever experiences it with joy and satisfaction. It is not correct that between the spouses there is some kind of shame, fear, much less some kind of show of force to carry out this act of love.

The sexual act is considered the best way to express all our love. It is also a sign of trust that you have towards your spouse. It allows you to generate appreciation for how God created us in his image and likeness.

stronger with God

It is well known that in the union there is strength and it is extremely necessary to understand that the best proof of this is a good marriage, full of stability, trust with each other and a lot of love.

Marriages that stand out for their unity are the perfect example to applaud individualism in this world. If both beings love and serve God, they will always count on his help to guide them in complex moments.

In addition to this, they will receive the necessary wisdom that allows them to make the right decisions and, in turn, the strength that allows them to overcome the most complex tests. The couple’s job is to support and encourage each other. It is this that alleviates the moments of temptation or difficulties that lead in a direction away from God.

be a team

According to Ecclesiastes 4:9-11, two people are better than one. This is because two get more fruit than one. In addition to that when one falls the other is there to lift him up and motivate him. If two lie down together, they will warm up.

For it to be a good marriage, it must work together and in turn set common goals that unite them and allow mutual effort. With the aim of fulfilling the goals and desires that God places in our hearts and in our minds.

Each must take care of the good of the other. In order to take care of him and help him in any problem. It must be understood that if one falls, the other will always be there to motivate and lift him, because he will be the one who helps heal the wounds caused in order to move forward.

start well

It is important to see and analyze how in the Old Testament it was mentioned that marriage needed a solid foundation that would generate significant happiness from its beginning to the end of their lives. (See Article: The power of Prayer )

God in his great wisdom is the one who encourages us to focus that the first year of marriage be precisely in marriage. This allows us to contribute together with the aim of creating a solid base to be completely happy.

Commitment and respect

It is important for husbands and wives to be understanding in their lives as spouses. Husbands should treat their wives with respect, because women are more delicate. They must also be aware that both have the inheritance of the gift of life.

In addition, you have to be aware that marriage is built every day, in search of strengthening the union. Respect and understanding is necessary between spouses. It is necessary that they understand each other and in turn appreciate their decisions.

You should look for ways to strengthen each weakness you have, because this allows you to be happy and in turn, all this collaborates with other parts of life. On the other hand it is necessary to develop a spiritual life.

fidelity and purity

For our Lord, the commitment of marriage is an act that has a lot of value and it is extremely necessary that we as his believing children see it in the same way.

Marriage is an act that is considered sacred and it is necessary that there is fidelity between husband and wife, this element has no point of negotiation, that is why it is necessary that the spouses be faithful to each other.

There should be no sexual immorality of any kind, no adultery, fornication, or even pornography. Every erroneous act in relation to the sexual act that contains some type of act that embarrasses or, in turn, manipulates your partner. These actions are  behaviors considered unacceptable.

Well, it is necessary that there is a pure shortening and full of respect between both

The power of love

According to Cantares 8.6-7 a, he indicates that the love for the other must be engraved and sealed in the heart. This heart must see and feel strengthened with love, handle passion as it is the grave, the burning fire of love is considered divine. They are feelings incapable of turning them off.

True love is considered powerful and eternal feelings. They have the commitment to always be close, united with each other, committed through thick and thin.

The mark of true love and marriage are embedded that have no condition to be removed. Since true love has the condition of lasting for a lifetime, it is an element capable of overcoming any type of storm.

They are also capable of overcoming diseases, shortages and disagreements that collaborate with strengthening it and not turning it off.

build wisely

It is necessary to have wisdom according to the sacred scriptures. For wisdom is considered the fear of the Lord, according to proverbs 1.7. And one of the best ways to build a good marriage is wisdom.

Well, this source that God gives us is the main one to develop a stable marriage. It is God who will collaborate with us to put an end to the differences that are considered necessary to improve the marriage and maintain a stable environment, full of peace. (See Article: The power of early morning prayer )

Is it a simple contract?

It is necessary to emphasize that the Bible speaks and highlights the seriousness of the marriage union. Well, couples united under marriage have sacred factors that remain and are reinforced through time, which allows that relationship to be carried forward every day.

The advice that the Bible as a sacred book exposes must be followed, since they are the ones that determine the success between husbands and wives.

What is the role of husband?

It is important to understand that the husband who loves his wife and in turn values ​​and develops her in harmony and admires the abilities and talents of his wife, will be blessed by God.

A good husband is one who listens to his wife’s opinions and pays her respect. It is also very important that she respect and value the opinions that she has in the family aspect, because she has the same value as him.

The husband should not impose his point of view, with the visualization that he is the head of the family. An example of this is when one of the most important servants of God named Abraham refused to follow the advice that his wise wife indicated due to family problems, God rebuked him asking him to listen to his voice, this in Genesis 21:9 -12.

His servant Abraham humbly agreed to God’s advice and after that he began to respect the voice of his wise wife. What caused that there was peace and unity in his family. Well, God gave her divine blessings thanks to her behavior.

What is the role of the wife?

The role that a woman must fulfill as a wife is related to the attributes that God made in her that allow her to have ideal conditions in the correct physical, mental and emotional aspect to lead a family.  (See article:  Prayer to succeed at work  )

Women have the ability to be the wise head and the love that the family needs. It is thanks to this that they are the main causes of a successful marriage.

In addition to this, they represent the stability and happiness that husbands require. She is just a woman with those exploited conditions that God deems to be praised, according to Proverbs 31:28-31.


It is important to mention that for some infidelity is not the same for others. Well, despite the fact that there is ambiguity in reference to this topic. The scriptures of the Bible contain strong elements with reference to the subject.

It is necessary to understand that at the moment in which the Bible speaks of adultery it is only related to the moment in which an infidelity is carried out when one is already in the marriage.

This is directly related to the fact that in ancient times there was no courtship that is carried out today. Despite this, the principles they maintain are extremely clear. And it is necessary in this way that they are respected, primarily by people who are married.

Infidelity is an unjustified act in any context

In the first part according to Hebrews 13:14 it is said that all people have to consider marriage as an extremely valuable aspect. This relates directly to the relationship that Jesus Christ has with the Bible according to Ephesians 5:22-26.

That is why it is considered that there can be no type of action related to adultery should not exist in any way, because it is a disrespect towards God, according to Exodus 20:14, and Deuteronomy 5:18.

On the other hand, sexual relations are a privileged action that should only be enjoyed when you are in marriage and should only be with the spouse you have according to 1 Corinthians 7:3. This is because when there are two people who are united in holy matrimony they become one person according to Genesis 2:24.

infidelity is a sin

The Bible indicates that infidelity is a sin, since in the second part of Hebrews 13:4 it is indicated that the husband and wife must be faithful to each other. Well, God will take care of punishing those who perform prohibited sexual acts and develop infidelity in marriage.

Adultery is considered a sin that is related to any other sin. Which in turn brings negative consequences in the relationship with God and in turn to the relationship with ourselves. Infidelity according to 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 is one of the main reasons that distances us from God.

It is important to understand that those who do evil are not really following the kingdom of God. This means that those who engage in forbidden sexual intercourse are idols. They are not respected by God. Nor those who perform acts of infidelity in their marriage. None of these people deserve to be part of the kingdom of God.

Lust is also infidelity

Some people consider that infidelity only covers sexual relations with people who are not your partner. Despite this, the Bible indicates that lust is considered adultery.

According to Matthew 5:27-28, Jesus Christ was speaking to his disciples when he indicated that Moses told them not to be unfaithful in their marriage. That is why he assured that if a man sees another woman with desire to have sexual relations, he already considers himself unfaithful at the heart level.

This implies that pornography is considered part of the sin, in addition to sexual games and any type of activity that is related to lust that is not carried out with your husband or wife, as it is infidelity.

Who is unfaithful is lacking in understanding

According to proverbs 6:32 it is said that those who commit adultery do not have a good understanding. What corrupts the soul of those who do it, the issues related to these are as follows:

  • Those men who are related to women of another man commit a real stupidity.
  • Adulterers are foolish.
  • Those who commit adultery have no understanding.
  • Men are reckless if they talk to other women.
  • He who commits adultery has no intelligence.
  • Those men who possess adultery are foolish people.
  • Men who sleep with other women are clumsy.

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