Discover how the last supper of Jesus was with his apostles, here

Discover how the last supper of Jesus was with his apostles, here

The Last Supper or also called Santa Cena, is the denomination that is made to the conversation that Jesus Christ had with his apostles, before being submitted by his own sacrifice of the crucifixion.

story of the last supper

The last supper was the last night that Jesus Christ met to eat and share with his twelve apostles. In the event he was in charge of sharing bread and wine before his death, after his capture after finishing dinner.

For believers, this event is considered as that of the sacrament and the Eucharist. It is in this that species such as the body and blood of Jesus Christ are effected.

This fact is included in the narrative texts of the washing episodes, where Jesus Christ washed the feet of his apostles. Just after that, two prophecies that Jesus Christ had indicated at that time were fulfilled in just hours.

Among these, the betrayal that Judas carried out and also Peter’s constant denial of him. Similarly, the commandment of love was discussed, in addition to other phrases related to Jesus Christ that are not interpreted with the same frequency. It is just at that moment that the medieval theory of the two swords begins.

On the other hand, there are popular superstitions that are related to spilling salt, triskaidecaphobia, which develops an origin of the narrated text that comes from the gospel episodes. (See Article: The power of Prayer )

After the dinner was held, Jesus Christ and the remaining eleven apostles, since the apostle Judas did not participate, left the city of Jerusalem. So that after that the episodes that began with the passion, where the orchard of olives prayer and in turn the arrest took place.

According to the Bible

Before the realization of the Easter feast, Jesus Christ already knew that his time had come. He would already begin the process in which the son of God would pass from this world to the kingdom of his Father. Jesus Christ had loved his own until the end as only the son of God can love.

At the end of dinner, Jesus already knew that satan had landed in Judah through greed. Which gave him reason enough to be able to hand the master over to him. Jesus knew that his Father had given him all the required elements and was aware that he had left God and would go to God again.

Just as he saw what had come, Jesus got up from dinner and it was at that moment that he took off his cloak and took a towel. He later placed a little water in the basin and right there he took care of washing the feet of each one of his disciples.

After that, Simón Pedro arrived, together with Pedro and they ask literally Lord, do you wash the feet? After that Jesus says that they did not understand his actions now but they would understand soon. Peter took care to indicate that Jesus would never wash his feet and he with his enormous wisdom that if he did not allow himself to be washed by him, he could not be part of it.

Just at that moment, Simon Peter tells our Lord not only to wash his feet, but also his hands and his head. He replied that he would only wash his feet because he was all clean with the other apostles, however, they were not all clean.

Jesus said this because he knew perfectly well who would be the one to hand him over, and that person was the one who was not clean. After that he took the mantle from him and sat down at the table again, asking if they knew what he had done to them. Then order them to wash each other’s feet.

Well, Jesus would always perform acts that would become examples for each of them. At that time he indicated that the servant is not greater than his Lord nor is the envoy greater. It is just in this way that they will have the path of God blessed.

Jesus knew who he had chosen but nevertheless for the scriptures to be fulfilled, there is one who eats bread with whom he rose up against him, through betrayal. The son of God decided to tell them everything in order to give them another proof of his condition.

It is just at that moment that he indicates that one of them would hand him over, leaving the disciples mistrusting each other, except for one who was leaning on his chest. Which Jesus loved.

Simon Peter angrily asked who could be the one who would do that and Jesus told him with certainty that it would be the one who gave him wet bread, that is, Judas Iscariot. Right in the mouthful of bread, satan entered him and Jesus asked him to do what he would do quickly. However none understood it except for Judas.

Just at that moment, Jesus tells Judas to buy what he needs for the party or to give a portion to the poor. At that moment Judas decided to leave. And at that time Jesus said that now the son of man was glorified and God was glorified before them. (Be sure to read the interesting article on how many prophets wrote the Bible )

That is why God also glorifies himself. As Jesus told the Jews he would go to a place where his apostles could not go. And right there he gave them a new commandment, that as Jesus has loved them they love others. It is right there that he asked them to develop love to give because God is love.


The last supper is considered in this way because it was the last supper that Jesus was in, together with his disciples before the betrayal and arrest that led to his death. This event is reflected in the Synoptic Gospel texts of Matthew 26:17-30, Mark 14:12-26, and Luke 22:7-30.

This event goes beyond the last supper of Jesus, in addition it was considered the Passover meal. Among the most important moments that took place at the Last Supper is the commandment indicated by Jesus, with the aim of remembering what he would do for all of humanity.

In this he sheds his blood on the cross in order to settle our debt on earth for all our sins. Jesus predicted at that time every element that would make him suffer in search of achieving the salvation of humanity.

On the other hand, Jesus at the last supper made the institution of the new pact that made an ordinance for the church and in this way predict the way in which Peter denied it and in turn Judas Iscariot betrayed him and led him to death for the avarice. (See article: Prayer to succeed at work  )

This event brings about the fulfillment of the celebration of the Easter holidays that was reflected in the Old Testament. Easter is an important holiday for the Jewish people as it is considered holy. Well, the fact in which God allowed them to free themselves from the slavery of the Egyptian people is commemorated.


At the last supper with the apostles, Jesus was in charge of symbolizing through the association his sacrifice for saving the people through death, freeing us from sin through bread and wine.

He indicated that the kingdom of God did come for man, if they were capable of heartily repenting of their sins and took the bread giving thanks to break it and distribute it to his disciples and then say that it represented his body.

On the other hand, after having dinner, he took the cup of wine and shared it, establishing the pact that they were drinking his spilled blood. The actions and words carried out by Jesus during the supper with the unleavened bread and the cup of wine were echoed.

Because of the event in which he fed the 5,000. Well, Jesus said that he was the bread of life, whoever comes to him will never hunger. In addition, in whom He believes, he will not thirst. Jesus is the living bread who had the mission of descending to heaven.

If anyone eats that bread with faith, he will live forever, He indicated. Well, his bread was his meat, since he gives it for the good of all and liberation from sin. Those who eat his flesh and drink his blood have eternal life.

Jesus will receive everyone who does this action with faith. Because his flesh is the true food, and in turn his blood is truly drink according to John 6:35, 51, 54 and 55. What allows salvation to be achieved through the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ by us through his physical body.

On the other hand, Jesus at the Last Supper took care of teaching them the first elements that allow man forgiveness, together with the moment in which he decides to wash the feet of the disciples. (Also read about the article high-level intercessory prayer to ask for God’s mercy )

The last supper today is the sample of communion and in turn allows it to be shown that the death of Jesus became a typification, since it is the sample of the sacrifice of Easter. On the other hand, it is important to note that John indicated that the death of Jesus is considered a sacrifice similar to the one made on Easter, where his bones did not suffer any breakage. While Paul indicates that Jesus is considered the very center of Easter. It is important to note that the son of God is essentially the fulfillment of God’s law.

Previously, the Passover meal was considered a family celebration held by believers in our Lord. However, after what happened at the last supper, the apostles focused solely on Jesus and the beginning of his sacrifice for our sins.

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