Explanation of the Our Father for Children and Activities

Explanation of the Our Father for Children and Activities

With the prayer of the Our Father Jesus teaches us to pray, since his own disciples were the ones who asked him to, in this article we will briefly explain the Our Father for children to teach the little ones the most beautiful prayer taught by Jesus himself . Jesus.

The Our Father for children

As we said in previous paragraphs, the very disciples who followed Jesus through his preaching and teachings once asked the Lord to teach them to pray. It is when Jesus himself teaches them the Our Father and encourages them to pray through it to God the Father.

The Our Father for children is a form of direct communication as its name says between God and children, they were special to Jesus himself, let us remember the moment when in ancient times they tried to separate them from Jesus and He said: “Let the children come to me, since theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven”.

Brief explanation of each phrase 

Below we will briefly explain each phrase of the Our Father for children, with the aim that they learn it and in turn are encouraged to pray it in a pleasant, interesting way every day of their lives and have Jesus present at all times.

The Our Father for children is a gift from Jesus himself for all children and Christians, this prayer is known by all, we can pray it at home, at school and even at Mass itself.

Our Father who art in heaven

Jesus reveals to us that God is our Father, if this had not happened like this, something similar would never have occurred to us or to anyone else. And we ask ourselves, where is God the Father apart from being in Heaven? This is considered a question that allows us to analyze the most unusual, innocent and beautiful nonsense of the innocence of children themselves.

  1. Hallowed be thy name

In this part of the prayer we glorify and bless our Father God, although we need more ourselves for him to be glorified since in this way he blesses us and helps us as our beloved Father.

  1. Let your kingdom come

Without voting or choosing, or fighting. Missionaries spend their whole lives on it. Announcing the Kingdom of God.

  1. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven

What ease for all humanity! It is as if we lived in heaven, there we do not need doctors, pharmacies, since here on earth the Saints also get sick and even die.

  1. Give us today our daily bread

Jesus always thinks of us. There are three requests for God and four for the benefit of people. However the bread is first; without food we cannot pray.

  1. Forgive our offenses as we also forgive those who offend us.

Here the teaching can be noticed funny “giving and giving, little bird flying”. With God the Father no one can. If we forgive, they forgive us, if not, forget it and change.

  1. Do not let us fall into temptation

In this content of the sentence, it should be understood that we ask our Heavenly Father for protection against all evil that may come from the devil and that makes us fall into unpleasant situations or, as its name says, into temptations that affect our daily lives.

  1. Deliver us from evil. Amen

The Our Father is also known as the “Lord’s Prayer” since Christ left it to us and through it we ask for the needs in the order that suits us. God always knows what is best for us.

With this prayer of the Our Father we speak with God the Father. We must try to put into practice the teachings contained in it and try to assimilate them. It is composed of an initial greeting and seven petitions.


Our Father who art in heaven. Previously it had been explained about this phrase, but not so explicit, this phrase of the prayer means that we have a direct encounter with the presence of God to adore, bless and love him.

Father! This adjective allows us to be recognized as his children and we feel the desire and obligation to act as such, imitating his teachings. Let us trust in God since He is our Father.

Saying Our Father reminds us of His promises to all of us through His love. God wanted to be the Father of all humanity and he is a faithful, loving and good Father who loves us too much. The phrase “Our Father” refers to the fact that he is mine, of Jesus and of the Christians.

“That you are in heaven”: Heaven is not a place, it is a way of being. God is always found in the people and hearts that believe in Him. He lives in us if we allow Him. God is beyond what we see and touch.

the seven petitions

Later we are before the presence of God, through our own heart, it is time to say seven blessings or requests.

The first are to glorify the Father, they are our desires of love for his Father above all things. The latter are to request help and grace from him.

In this case, giving a more specific dimension of the Our Father prayer in its parts, let’s continue with the phrase Hallowed be your name, it means that God be praised, sanctified throughout the world. This will depend on the attitude of each of us that we have in our daily lives.

We must manage to sanctify him since he is within us as well as for all the Christians who believe in him and those who still do not have or receive his grace. We must make humanity grateful to God’s love and this must be our goal and desire.

Likewise, we must ensure that his name is said in a holy way, so that it is blessed and not blasphemed. At all times our commitment must be to bless the sacred name of Jesus through our lives.

Previously the phrase “Thy kingdom come” had been mentioned, but now indicating in a more detailed way, this means that the Kingdom of God is referred to that we make it alive in our daily life, feel it in us to make it known before others and aside to make his Kingdom grow until He himself returns and arrives with his Kingdom finally on earth.

Christ first came to earth as we know in human form, being born in a humble way in a manger. He says his word that when it is time for his return to earth he will come as King and from that day he will reign over all mankind from that time.

It is good that we implant the desire to help for the Evangelization and conversion of all humanity. Make it known through apostolates at the level of all humanity. To be loved by all.

Daily in our prayers let us ask Jesus Christ himself that his Kingdom be established in our lives until the moment of his final coming and his Kingdom.

 Also this part of the prayer where it says “His will be done on earth as it is in heaven”, was mentioned in previous paragraphs, but not in such a specific way , this means that God seeks that we have salvation and achieve someday be with him.

Let us ask God that his will be close to our life for the salvation of all humanity. Let us pray so that the error is removed from the earth, that the truth is imposed, vice is finished and the virtues among men are finally achieved.

This way of mentioning “Give us this day our daily bread” the word “give us” refers to the fact that we address our Father with a unique confidence as when a son addresses his father.

When we say “our bread” we are not only referring to the bread of the soul but also to the spiritual bread, that is, the needs of the spirit. In the world it is necessary that Jesus of these two types of food, since humanity needs both and thus be able to be noble and humble and help those in need.

This of forgiving our offenses was also explained, but not in such a detailed way, this simply indicates that at some point we distance ourselves from the Father and it is necessary that we ask for forgiveness for it and at times when we offend other brothers. To be right with God our heart must be pure, clean, loving before others.

As we also forgive those who offend us. Mention was also made a few lines above this phrase, which indicates that we must forgive from the heart, if we forgive we must completely forget about the offense that they have done us, since otherwise forgiveness has no meaning. For this we need the love of the Holy Spirit and keep in mind that love is stronger than sin.

The part of do not lead us into temptation, is indicated precisely by the word temptation, it had also been mentioned previously, it means that it comes to us by consenting to sin, it is allowing the devil to direct our thoughts and attitudes and allowing him to do the wrong. In this part of the prayer we must ask God to keep us from taking the wrong path of sin. For this, the Holy Spirit helps us to refuse temptations.

The “deliver us from evil” is represented by Satan and sin. We must ask God to help us and protect us against the temptations and attitudes of the devil in our daily lives. Let us ask for the peace and grace that comes from Christ. And finally the word Amen. It means the affirmation of everything that is said throughout the sentence.

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