Learn all about The Coming of Christ and the Rapture of the Church here

Learn all about The Coming of Christ and the Rapture of the Church here

Many stories express that at the end of time two very important and significant events will arise for the life of man as they are, the coming of Christ and the rapture of the church. Learn more about the subject in this post.

The coming of Christ and the rapture of the church

The rapture and the second coming of Jesus Christ are comparative but separate occasions. Both include the arrival of Jesus. These are occasions that will have a part in the last days. Be that as it may, it is a bit critical to perceive the distinctions between one event and another. (See Article: Prayers for spiritual warfare )

To put it plainly, the rapture is the arrival of Christ on the white clouds to move all the devotees on earth before the season where the wrath of God is present. The second coming is the arrival of Christ on earth, to end the tribulation and defeat the antichrist and his abominable world domination.

The rapture and the second coming of Christ are often confused. Sometimes it is difficult to decide if a saying in Scripture is referring to the Rapture or is actually the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Be that as it may, when contemplating the scriptural prediction of the last days, it is essential to separate between these two.

The rapture is when Jesus Christ returns to take his congregation, we are referring then to everyone who has confessed the name of God and has believed that he will be saved. The rapture is pictured in 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 and 1 Corinthians 15:50-54. It is necessary to know that the devotees who have passed away will have their bodies restored, and together with those who are still alive, they will meet the Lord in the clouds and surround him.

The Bible says that these events will occur in a minute, in a matter of moments. The second coming is when Jesus Christ returns to defeat the antichrist, destroy what has not been planted by his and build his millennial kingdom. The Second Coming is portrayed in the book of Revelation 19: 11-16.

It is well to remember that in the season of the Ascension of Jesus Christ into heaven, when the Apostles and partisans rejoiced to see where the Lord had vanished into the mists, it happened that two Angels seemed to say: “Men of Galilee, what are you doing? doing taking a look? to heaven? This one who has been taken, this Jesus of Nazareth, will come as they have seen him go up to Heaven.” It is told in Acts.

To know how the Second Coming of Christ will be and how it will not be, we must carefully detail how the Ascension of Jesus Christ to Heaven was. How could they see it go up? With all the intensity of his pity, wonderful, bright and, climbing, to finally disappear in the clouds. For all this, the following question arises: By what method will it come?

The declaration of the Angels is clear and valid, the past declarations made by Jesus himself. Reacting to Caiaphas in the preliminary season before his passion and subsequent death, he said the following: “You will see the Son of Man sitting on the right side of Mighty God and overtaking the mists” (book of Matthew) .

He had recently declared it to his devoted servants: “At that time, the indication of the Son of Man will appear. You will see the Son of Man coming in the waves of paradise, with the Divine Power and the great Glory of him. He will send his angels, who will blow the trumpet and gather the choice of the four main sites of the world, from one apocalypse to the next” (See Article: Prayer of the blood of Christ )

In any case, there have been, there are and there will be many who will need to imitate Christ. Also, there is one specifically, the antichrist, who will make them accept that he is Christ. At that point, we must be wise, because Christ will be shining with all the intensity of his divinity, as the apostles saw him when they left.

Give us the opportunity to stand firm in you, were one of the things that his followers asked for. This being called the antichrist will take over the corporate will identity known as Christ and with the help of satan he will perform supernatural events and reflections, and deceive many, because he will display an incredible intensity of charm. Here is the description that Saint Paul gives us regarding this:

“At that time the man of evil will appear, an instrument of the powers of condemnation, the agitator who must rise up against all that bears the name of God or deserves consideration, coming to his royal position in the Temple of God and acting as God.

Of something if you are sure and it is that at the moment in which this law of sin is shown, with the intensity that satan keeps when destroying, he will perform wonders, signs and reflections in the creation of falsehoods. In addition, he will use each of the deceptions to create false followers and thus dominate them to perdition, since they did not grasp the worship of the truth that led them to salvation.

In this way they will judge each of the individuals who had no desire to make an inventory of the truth and those favored by sin will remain in malice, an expression recounted by Second Thessalonians.

In general, what to do? Following the advice of Holy Scripture, we must not be deceived. The realities about the second coming of Christ are exceptionally clear: Christ will come brilliantly and in an amazing and immediate manner, described by many as like lightning.

For his part, the antichrist is not expected to do so. He will be in charge of doing extraordinary wonders, however, it cannot be exhibited since we have declared that Christ will come at the second coming of him. Consequently, of all this the Lord Jesus warns us:

“It will come when you need to see only one of the times of the Son of Man, but still you will not see it. At that moment they will let you know: he has arrived, he is here, he is there. He tries not to go, don’t run. You will see how in reality, like a flash of lightning, it shines at a point in the sky, so it will happen that the Son of Man, when his day comes, will be seen as a great brightness .. ” (Luke 17, 22-24)

Jesus clearly warns us all and clarifies much more how his second coming will be surprising:

“In the event that from now on someone lets you know: here or there is the Messiah, do not trust him. Since there will be false christs and false prophets, who will do great things and miracles to deceive, if possible, even God will choose. See I have warned you so far!”

Consequently, in the event that someone lets you know: it is in the desert. Try not to go. In case he declares: he is in a resigned place, do not trust him. In reality, when the Son of Man comes, he will be like a lightning bolt that starts from the east and tries to please the west” (Mt. 24, 23-28).


The signs before this great event occurs are clear, just at this time when there is so much vulnerability, humanity and the congregation are reaching peaks that show that everything is ready to go; at this time that God of the request of the congregation of him.

Just at that moment the world will stop lamenting and all suffering will cease, the anguish and tribulations are finished, for a kingdom full of happiness, harmony, serenity, congruence and endless love together with our dear friend the Lord Jesus Christ. (See Article: High level intercessory prayer to cover a house )

catholic involvement

Currently it follows that the current pope is prepared to transmit to each of the groups that follow him in the hands of the antichrist. A man who really believes that God realizes how to recognize that the entrance of the World Government is written in the Bible and that administration will be transmitted to the antichrist.

For his part, the pope is not considered by federations to be a just man, he has no idea how to observe that he is dragging each one of his followers towards condemnation itself, idolatry and making a course of destruction, asking for a world government to take control.

What does the Bible say about this?

In Revelation 13: 7-9 we can see that the antichrist “the Beast” was offered as a part to follow each of the clans and numerous groups of people, to take responsibility for the world. The antichrist received specialists all over the world, which is comparable to a world president, who will manage a world government.

The Antichrist

The Bible teaches that the antichrist would be available in the midst of incredible disaffection. From now on abandonment is in our midst, which infers that from now on we have another clearer signal.

The people who walked under the light of the Word of God, are currently walking under the orders of men, who do nothing else, however, give them lectures for profit, taking each of these groups to dry fields , without alarming them and warning them that we live in prophetic days and that Christ is not far away.

In 2 Thessalonians 2:3, we can see that the Bible warns us that no one should deceive us, since God’s judgment will not come rectified without first showing what we know as renunciation and subsequent restitution.

In this content of the Scriptures, we see that the Second Coming of Christ is declared, however, before that coming comes, the antichrist will be shown, who will ascend to God and the Lord will destroy him with the brightness of his Second Coming. This will occur towards the end of the 7 year Great Tribulation on earth.

In the event that the times of destruction are now in our midst, it implies that the landing of the antichrist is prepared, which implies that the takeoff of the congregation of Christ is also prepared. Negligence is any individual who practices something contrary to what the Word of God asks, this renunciation is not fundamental only within a meeting.

It may very well be caused even by the world, when false divine beings are praised or idolized, contrary to the sovereign God. His expansion warns us that in paradise, just as the eye of God is prepared to see the deviation that creation is having on earth, he will also see the glorious coming of God and the rise of the church of God. the.

false prophets

Jesus warned us that when the last occasions arrive, in the last time prophets will arise whose doctrine will be erroneous and invented and the heart whose God is not its lord will be deceived:

Keep in mind that a false Christ can also be an individual who is lying about Jesus, or who is doing it for the sake of Jesus Christ and doing so under the wrong judgment. From these lies, I think we have seen it excessively, and even numerous people who profess to be Jesus, where a large number of followers accept it.

These, remember that the content welcomes us “by chance someone said that here is the Christ” he will not be, he will accept “Matthew 24: 23-24, and also warns us about the double treatment that will come through false educators.

Tremors, famine and desolation

I think the issue is clearer, when Jesus warned that seasons of earthquakes, famines and diseases would come, he was referring exactly to what our eyes now see today in various countries. There are a lot of seismic tremors that torment different parts of the world, there is no doubt that the Lord spoke about the constant increase in earthquakes.

The investigators are offering overwhelming investigations for humanity, from different networks to inform the world of what is happening and will continue to happen, which in turn has a lot to do with the rapture of the church. Important data express that all this will have to happen before the two magnificent events awaited by humanity. (See Article: Night prayer psalm 4 )

Earthquakes worldwide

In the book of Matthew chapter 24 verse 7 we can discover some verses that inform us about the various wars that the world will have, and how the countries will try to demolish each other.

The Bible has warned us about these upcoming wars, some are part of today’s news and world news, this prediction warns us about the constant increase of them, in any case they may seem little, they are wars that are unleashing ruin at a financial and global level. .

Furthermore, as the prediction indicates, wars will continue to be part of our daily lives, until Christ comes to ask.


It is indescribable how wars are now part of our daily lives, there is not much to include, since in the event that we see the impulse news, we have seen that there are endless ailments that are spreading on the last planet , and antimicrobials or drugs, it seems that they are not making the vital impacts to combat these infections.

In the not too distant past they have been discussing the dark flu, Ebola taking more power, and particularly diseases, for example AIDS, which are wiping out large numbers of people around the world every day. It is worth mentioning that only the best known diseases are probably cited, without deciding the ones that never have a solution again.

The appetite from now on hits some regions in various nations, this will expand significantly more in various districts, carrying with it the prediction enacted years ago by Jesus for these occasions.

A lot of crops are being polluted in different corners of the world, dry seasons are reaching more places, or more are influencing their creation.

There are regions where downpours are destroying crops, being influenced by environmental change. Over the next two years, downpours and dry seasons will be a part of this prediction, as if there are dry seasons, crops die, and if there is excessive rainfall, they are also affected.

rise of science

The Bible shows us that at this point, science would increase in an amazing way. The news that accompanies it demonstrates the progress that science is having in our days and how man is linked to the occurrence and discovery of what was once difficult to accept.

Currently, this is a biblical satisfaction that many have ignored, however, one of the things that is raised in the Bible is that science will reach a great level where discoveries are remarkable to the world and humanity will be intrigued by such great discoveries. 

In addition, we must remember that this information about the coming of Christ and the rapture of the Church also refers to the learning that God extends in his Word.

The two predictions are spreading throughout the world. People of all ages, from now on know about the Bible, in some way or another, the study of God is spreading so then there are no excuses for lack of information on this subject.

In the book of Daniel 12: 4, the Bible warns that science will have a remarkable increase for the most recent days, known as the last days. Please note that the content of the scriptures discuss “until the season of the end”, which makes us believe that this period of the coming of Christ and the rapture of the Church has just begun.

The hearts of many will grow cold

Maliciousness has doubled as we have never seen before, this can be seen reflected in many nations, however, particularly in Mexico, since we have seen that in a part of its states, carelessness has greatly taken over some urban areas, where the security entities have executed several lives from right to left without thinking about anything.

Very soon, this cunning will continue to grow with a more prominent power in different parts of the world, since it is a biblical decree, however, we cannot blame God for this circumstance, since a similar coldness of man, of not perceiving God , is the one that will take over the world.

These days it is exceptionally difficult to extend assistance to an individual, as their hearts can often be fraught with corruption and cunning. That is the reason why this initial love is going cold on the planet, as a result of a similar mentality that man is taking.


What we least expected for this moment is that the UN association offers its help from now on, so that the world government rises and with it comes another world embezzlement.

Regardless of whether or not to trust these organizations, it is taken into account that from now on there are Protestant evangelicals who are now included in supporting this new world development. Interestingly, individuals of God must be aware of everything.

It is of interest to remind us that the time is drawing near, and today more than ever we must not underestimate the salvation of Christ. Recognizing him as the only and sufficient Savior of life is one of the best advice given so that when he returns for his church, he finds us all doing his blessed will.

It is time that you go praying for the life of your family, since the time of our departure draws closer every day. Believe me the Word of God is fulfilled in our eyes, and God is not the Father of lies to lie.

May these signs help you to submit more to God and to seek Him in Spirit and in Truth, so that when Christ snatches us away, you will also be part of that beatitude, and if you still do not know about Christ, this may also be your opportunity to recognize Him, and bend your knees asking for mercy for your life, and that of your family, do it, He is willing to forgive you if you ask with all your heart.

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