A Powerful Prayer for Cancer Patients

A Powerful Prayer for Cancer Patients

Cancer is a disease, as we all know, with often terminal consequences, patients who suffer from it often feel sad, afraid, so here you can find a way of relief by knowing the prayer for cancer patients.

Prayer for cancer patients

As we said before, the people who suffer from this disease that is so difficult for both the patients themselves and their families, through this article we will give a drop of relief to it.

It is no secret to anyone that this disease becomes a difficult burden to bear and sometimes we do not understand why God allows these things. However, he himself gives us strength through his hope, and the same faith in him, aside from the prayer for cancer patients . She also encourages us to move forward hopefully.

Heavenly Intercession of Saint Peregrine

There is a famous Saint who intercedes and heals people who suffer from cancer diseases of all kinds, his name is San Peregrino, of Italian origin from the 14th century. He suffered from the disease of cancer as he suffered from one of his legs which was cured by a miracle during his lifetime.

After the death of this Saint, he began to be known for his miracles among the sick of this fateful disease, miracles that through his intercession were overcome among some patients. Saint Peregrine is known as “the wonder maker”.

There is the healing prayer for cancer patients,  Saint Peregrine himself, by means of which this Saint is asked to cure this disease, making use of the suffering that he also suffered with that disease.

In it, Saint Peregrine is asked that through his intercession before God and the Virgin, grant us through prayer to ask for a sick person , the miracle requested for us or any family member who needs it.

Prayer for a terminally ill

Similarly, there is another prayer for cancer patients, specifically those in the terminal phase, for whom Saint Anthony Mary Claret is requested.

Also his intercession and that with a compassionate look he sees the patient afflicted by said disease. After the prayer for cancer patients to Saint Anthony Mary Claret, an Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory be prayed.

psalms for cancer patients

There are some Psalms in the Bible that are presented to us as a prayer for cancer patients . Among them we can mention some of them: Psalm 6, Psalm 31, Psalm 107, Psalm 50 among others that are true words of love for those difficult moments.

They are beautiful prayers that we raise to God in the difficult moments that these children of the Eternal Father are going through and that make their lives so difficult.

However, with these beautiful psalms for cancer patients, this disease becomes a little more bearable since God is our strength at all times and it is our trust in him that we must place to get out of any situation, since for God nothing is impossible. 

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